Norfolk: Voting Registers


Poll for Wayland Hundred 1768

A copy of the poll for the knights of the shire for the county of Norfolk, taken at Norwich, March 23, 1768 for South(sic) Wayland Hundred. [Printed by J.Crouse]

Wayland Hundred

This contains the following parishes where voters resided. The names in brackets "()" are alternative spellings as used in the original poll book.


-   (Breccles)
Little Ellingham
Rockland St Peter
Saham Toney
-   (Saham Tony)
Stow Bedon

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Residence.Place of Freehold.Occupiers
[Page 145]
Baker JohnAshillJonathan Gardiner
Buscall EdmundAshillHenry Garner
Gardiner JonathanAshill---
Gateley RichardCrimplesham, Clac.--- Webb
Oldfield EdmundAshill---
Percival WilliamAshill---
Poll EdwardCarleton (Rode), Dep.William Elden
Ripper FrancisLarling, Shrop.Widow Napkin
Stebbing WilliamN(orth). Pickenham, S. Gr.---
Tompson [Thompson] JohnAshill---
Whaites Tho. jun. Cl.AshillRectory
[Page 146]
Foyster JohnBunwell, Dep.Mary Royall
Taylor Philip [+Reginald] Ryley, Esq;Breccles (Breckles)John Foster
Amyas [Ames] FrancisCarbrooke---
Clements HenryOvingtonGeorge Funnel
Dack WilliamOvingtonThomas Callow
Feverall [Feverell] ThomasCarbrooke---
Fuller JohnCarbrookeFrancis Edwards
Grief JonathanCastonJonathan Smith
Hammond ThomasGristonStephen Tawell
Haycock JohnCarbrooke---
Robinson EdmundCarbrooke---
Stagg Nathaniel [DF=Shipdham]CarbrookeStephen Stagg
Thomas George, Clerk[-]Whinburgh, Mit.Rectory
Watson WilliamCarbrooke---Watson, &c.
Womack HenryCarbrookeHenry Clements
Carter JohnCastonEdmund Pitts
Cater RichardCaston---
Durrant ThomasCaston---
Ellis JohnCastonJohn Howes
Fisher John [DR=Eastring]Weeting, Grim.Robert Grimmer
Hardy WilliamCaston---
Howes JohnStow Bedon---
Leech Philip, ClerkRockland St PeterRectory
Smith JonathanCaston---
Springall ThomasRockland St Peter--- Kennington
Twells John, ClerkCastonRectory
Walker JohnCastonJohn Palmer
Ellingham Little.  
Bond Thomas, ClerkLittle EllinghamRectory
Brunton [Plumpton?] RichardLittle Ellingham---
Leech WilliamLittle Ellingham---
Norton HenryLittle Ellingham---
Palmer ThomasLittle EllinghamNathaniel Hawkes
Borret[t] John, ClerkGristonVicarage
Gage WilliamGriston---
Hardy MichaelCarbrookeJames Hale
Lobb William, ClerkMoulton St Michael, Dep.Rectory
[Page 147]
Machin WilliamGriston---
Rice ChristopherGriston---
De_Grey THO[mas], Esq;Merton---
Gilman JohnLittle EllinghamWilliam Eagle
Houghton HenryStow BedonThomas Garwood
Dunn [Donn] EdwardOvington---
Eldred JohnSaham ToneyWilliam Eldred
Minns JohnCarbrookeFrancis Hicks
Ward Lawrence [Laurence]Ovington---
Ward WilliamAshillJames Holmes
Wright WilliamOvington---
Rockland St Peter.  
Collyer [Culyer] JohnRockland St Peter---
Crispe SimeonRockland St Peter---
Locke WilliamRockland St PeterThomas Crispe
Nunn JohnRockland St Peter---
Pitts JohnRockland St Peter---
Springall ThomasRockland St Peter---
Wyard DanielRockland St Peter---
Saham Tony.  
Boughen HughWattonJohn Rayner, &c.
Clarke EdwardSaham (Toney)Stephen Williams, &c.
Cooke WilliamSaham (Toney)---
Clough William, ClerkScarning, Laun.Matthew Skerret
Eldred WilliamSaham (Toney)---
Francis SamuelShipdham, Mit.James Mindham
Hunt SamuelSaham (Toney)---
Parrat [Parrot] Charles, ClerkSaham (Toney)Rectory
Vincent DanielSaham (Toney)---
Willimot Bell
[Bell Willemott]
Saham (Toney)Thomas Curtis
Wright WilliamSaham (Toney)---
Wyard [Wiar] SimonSaham (Toney)---
Bodney JohnDeopham, Fore.John Nixon
Stow Bedon.  
Eagle JohnCastonThomas Large
Legget [Leggatt] WilliamStow Bedon---
[Page 148]
Potter JosephThompsonThomas George, &c.
Webster WilliamCastonJoshua Hooke
Bale JohnThompson---
Bale WilliamThompson---
Barker MatthewThompsonJohn Parker
Bokenham [Buckenham] WilliamThompson---
Eldred HenryNecton, S. Gr.George Judd
Levitt ThomasTottingtonEdmund Buscall
Osborne HenryThompsonJohn Wright
Turner WilliamGreat Ellingham, Shrop.Robert Houchin
Knopwood Robert, Esq;ThrextonClement Wace
Wace ClementCarbrookeJames Harvey
West RobertTottington---
Brett JohnWatton---
Buxton RobertDiss, DissCarleton Sursham
Catton JohnShipdham, Mit.John Baldwin
Crockley EdwardLittle EllinghamJohn Browne
Dewing WilliamCawston, S. Erp.John Back
Fletcher HenryEast Harling, Guilt.--- Chasteney
Greene Thomas [Francis]Watton---
Harvey EdwardWattonRobert Swallow
Hicks Francis [DF=Caston]Watton---
Hicks GeorgeOld Buckenham, Shrop.John Claxton
Hicks Thomas [DF=Watton]CastonRichard Cater
Lincolne ThomasWatton---
Lucas JosephEast Harling, Guilt.John Pooley
Machin FrancisWattonJohn Robinson
Pigge Thomas, ClerkWattonVicarage
Robinson JohnScarning, Laun.Henry Johnson
Scott Peter, ClerkThompsonTythes
Scott Thomas, ClerkWattonJohn Ward
Spurrel[l] JohnOvingtonEdward Oldfield
Swallow RobertBarningham, N. Erp.--- Bayfield
Thompson [Tompson] JamesCarbrookeJohn Horstead
Youngs ThomasWattonJohn Rayner


  • 1. The list of the Hundred abbreviations is on the main 1768 Poll Book (Crouse) page.
  • 2. W. Chase also published this list of voters. This has enabled a comparison between the two. The differences are as follows:-
    • Many surnames were spelt as they sounded. Crouse seems to have added an "e" to the end of many names such as "Browne"/"Longe". For many both spellings have been included.
    • Some entries have the Surnames and Christian names transposed.
    • There are also both incorrect Christian names and surnames.
    • Some people are in one book but not the other as indicated.
    • The alternatives from Chase are enclosed in square brackets - "[]" as indicated below :-
      • "[-]" means information differs from Chase.
      • "[+]" means preceding information was not in Chase.
      • "[DF="place"]" indicates a place of freehold in Chase which is different to that here.
      • "[DR="place"]" indicates a place of residence in Chase which is different to that here.
      • "[xyz]" eg. "[Cl.]" or "[Esq;]" indicates additional or different text in Chase.


  • 1. In the transcription of the Poll Book the modern spelling of place names has been added in brackets "()" to many of the entries so that a search will find them.

Wayland Hundred is followed in the Poll book by Counties - Cambridgeshire to Northumberland.

See also the main Voting page and the main 1768 Poll Book (Crouse) page.

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