Norfolk: Wood Dalling


William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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WOOD-DALLING, a scattered village and parish, including CRABGATE and TYBY, from 3 to 4 miles N. by W. of Reepham, has 560 inhabitants, and 2443A. 2R. 35P. of land, lying partly in a fertile dale, from which it was anciently called Dallinga. It was long held by the Dalling family, one of whom built the hall, (now a farm-house,) about 1582.

W.E.L. Bulwer, Esq., and Lady Suffield, are now owners of most of the parish. The former has the quit-rents, and the latter the arbitrary fines of the manors of Wood-Dalling, Monceaux, and Halwood-Noijons. The former is sole lord of Crabgate, which lies in his manor of Heydon Hall.

The Church (St. Andrew) is a large fabric, containing several inscriptions and brasses to the Bulwers. The vicarage, valued in the King's Book at £8. 8s. 4d., is consolidated with the rectory of Swannington. (See page 357 [which is the entry for Swannington].) The patronage, with 110 acres of land, and the rectorial tithes, belong to Trinity Hall, Cambridge. The latter were commuted, in 1839, for £379. 19s. 11d. per annum, and are now held on lease, by the Rev. S. Pitman. The vicarial glebe is 56A. 1R. 38P., now let for £90. The vicar has also a yearly modus of £38. 9s. 6¾d.

Here is an Independent, and also a Primitive Methodist chapel.

The poor have a yearly rent charge of £6. 10s., left by Edward Bulwer, in 1658, out of land called Blooms.

         Burton    John               bricklayer
         Bussens   James              baker and victualler, Jolly Farmers
         Frostick  Christopher        shoemaker
         Hill      John               wheelwright
         Hook      James              gentleman
         Payne     Mary Ann           academy
         Pegg      Robert             blacksmith
         Reynolds  Matthew            grocer
         Shepherd  Wm.                vict. Plough
         Staines   Abel               grocer and draper
         Webb      Rev Wm. Holloway   curate
         Wilson    Robert             blacksmith
         Barber    James              Gay       Wm., Tyby
         Brownsell Wm.                Howlett   Benj,
         Burgess   Thomas             Keeler    Robert
         Burton    John               Kemp      John
         Bussens   James              Lacy      Sarah, Hall
         Clarke    George             Palmer    John
         Cotterell John, Crabgate     Pumfrey   Samuel
         Curson    John Roberts       Norton    Hamnd.
         Elmer     Ths., Tyby         Sexton    Wm.
         Fisher    Anthony,           Underwood Chs. (& cattle dlr)
                     (cattle dealer)  Vout      Richard
                                      Watts     Sophia

CARRIERS to Norwich, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday

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