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White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk 1845

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WOODTON, a pleasant village, 10 miles S. by E. of Norwich, and 5 miles N.W. by N. of Bungay, has in its parish 567 souls, and 2,112 acres of fertile land, belonging to several proprietors, -- the largest of whom are Rt. Fellowes, and John Winn Gooch, Esqrs. The latter has a pleasant seat here, called Woodton Place ; but the Hall, which was long a seat of the Suckling family, was pulled down a few years ago.

The CHURCH (All Saints,) is a neat structure, and among its monuments is the marble effigy of Anne, wife of Robt. Suckling, Esq., who died in 1653.

The rectory, valued in K.B. at £6 13s. 4d., is in the gift of the Rev. S. M. Suckling, and the incumbency of the Rev. Richd. Waldegrave Packer, M.A. The tithes were commuted in 1841 for £615 per annum, and the glebe is 26A.

The Town Lands, which have been vested from an early period, for the repairs of the church, &c., consist of 10A. 1R. 29P., in Brooke, let for £12; and 26A. 3R. 8P., in Woodton, let for £20. The latter was received in exchange at the enclosure in 1814.

Here is a Wesleyan Chapel, built in 1836. In 1705, Henry Moyse left, for the relief of the poor of Woodton, a house, barn, stable, and 20A. of land, at Ellingham, now let for £30 a year, which is distributed in bread and money at the church. The poor have also two yearly rent-charges, viz:-- 6s. left by Nicholas Wilton, in 1665; and 10s. left by one Bardwell, out of land at Geldeston.


 Alburgh     John            butcher
 Balding     Jas.            bricklayer
 Cole        James           beer seller
 Gooch       James           blacksmith
 Gooch       J. W., Esq.     Woodton Place
 Harvey      Jas.            saddler
 Leeder      Robert, jun.    corn miller
 Lynes       John            shoemaker
 Millett     Ham.            wheelwright
 Packer      Rev.R.W., M.A.  Rectory
 Roe         Robt.           gent.
 Smith       Isaac           schoolmaster
 Smith       John            shopkeeper
 Yallop      Wm.             shopkeeper


 Cunningham  John
 Everett     Arthur
 Franklin    Wm.
 Goose       Cornls.
 Leeder      Robt.
 Pierson     Robt.
 Roe         Robt.
 Thompson    John
 Warmoll     John

CARRIERS pass daily to Norwich, Bungay, &c.

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