Norfolk: Great Yarmouth


Census: 1803

Great Yarmouth is one of the few places in the county for which a census before 1841 containing names survives.

This 1803 Norfolk Record Office document [with the reference MF/RO 103/3] covers a number of pages, the start of each being indicated by [Page xx] in the text.

The following is actually described as a Military List but is much more than that. To find all those males between the ages of 15 and 60 a list was drawn up which in addition to them also included some males above 60 and a number of singlewomen and widows. The ages, marital status and other information was also recorded in most cases.

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

Surname Index

The following surnames are contained in the document. The numbers following each are the Page numbers (in Schedule 8) which contain one or more occurences of the name. Note that a number of the same people appear in more than one table. Where there is a letter eg. "B" this refers to the various Tables as follows:-

Table A   =
Table B   =
Table C   =
Table D   =
Table E   =
Table F   =
Remarks Column
Schedule 1
Schedule 2
Schedule 3
Schedule 4
Schedule 8
Totals at end
Name Index
Agnew (3,C)
Allen (5,7,11,C)
Alpe (11,C)
Amos (2)
Anderson (6)
Andrews (7)
Arnold (2,D)
Ashford (1,C)
Atchieson (4)
Ayres (5,10,C,F)
Baily (11,C)
Baker (10)
Balls (7)
Bane?/Bare? (10)
Banks (5)
Banyard (10)
Barber (3,5,11)
Barker (8,10,11)
Barnes (6)
Barnett (1)
Barney (A)
Barrett (1,3,4,A,D)
Barry (11)
Basingwast (10,C)
Bateman (11)
Baxfield (3)
Beart (2)
Benifield (6)
Bennett (6,B)
Bensley (3,C)
Berry (4,12)
Beverly (10,C)
Biacey (11)
Bickers (11)
Billiman (9)
Bishop (5,6)
Black (11,C)
Bloom (6)
Bloomfield (3)
Boldra (2)
Bonett (7)
Bonner (4)
Borett (12)
Bostwright (10)
Boulter (2,4,B)
Brabon (5)
Bracy (10)
Bream (1)
Breeze (3)
Brewer (1)
Brewin (1)
Bristow (4,5)
Brock (4,5,8)
Broughton (6,C)
Brown (12)
Browne (4)
Bulby (2)
Bull (3)
Bully (3,6)
Bunnie (7)
Bur (8)
Burgess (5)
Burridge (7)
Burroughs (2,3)
Butcher (5,6)
Callow (8,C)
Calthorpe (12)
Cannon (2)
Capon (2,D)
Carr (2)
Carter (4)
Catton (9)
Cavenham (7)
Chapman (9)
Child (12)
Christmas (9,C)
Clarke (11,C)
Clements (4)
Clifton (9)
Cloughton (1)
Cockran (6)
Collins (6)
Colls (10,C)
Colman (1,3,10,C)
Conyers (8,9)
Cook (1,2,5,7,9,11)
Cooper (5,7,10,12)
Copeman (10)
Cordran (10)
Cory (1)
Cotton (9)
Cow (6)
Cozins (6)
Cracknell (11,C)
Craggy (9,C)
Craske (10,C,F)
Crickmay (5)
Crisp (7)
Cross (11)
Crow (3,11,C)
Cubitt (1,4)
Cunningham (4,8)
Dade (1)
Dady (1)
Dakin (10,C)
Darking (9)
Davis (6)
Davy (9,C)
Daws (7)
Dawson (7)
Deane (6)
Devereux (3)
Dick (2)
Ditcham (2)
Dorking (9)
Dowson (2,A)
Draper (11)
Druery (C)
Druirey (11)
Duncan (2)
Durrant (3,6)
Dyble (6,9)
Dye (3,8)
Eastmure (4)
Ebbage (1,C)
Ebbs (3,C)
Edington (12)
Elder (4,7,C)
England (9)
Evans (7)
Fan (7)
Farman (8)
Fish (1)
Fisher (1,12,D)
Flaxman (11)
Fleet (6)
Fleming (2,C)
Flight (5)
Flirk (11)
Forbes (7)
Forster (10,C)
Fowler (12)
Francis (4)
Fulcher (3,9)
Fuller (1,6)
Gall (5)
Garwood (7,8)
Gayfer (6)
Gayford (5)
Gazely (2)
George (3)
Gidney (7,8)
Gilby (2)
Giles (9,11,C)
Gilham (8,11,C)
Girling (10,C)
Gladden (2,C)
Golding (5)
Gooch (1,12)
Graves (4)
Gray (5)
Green (8)
Greenwood (12)
Gunthorpe (1)
Gunton (3)
Gyfor (6)
Gyton (4)
Hall (3,5,6,C)
Hammond (9)
Hancock (12)
Hankman (11)
Hardingham (4)
Harper (8)
Harris (3,8,9,12)
Hart (10)
Harvey (2)
Harvy (4)
Hasloke (10)
Hastings (3)
Haw (7)
Hayward (2)
Hearn (9)
Herrison (5)
Hewitt (6,10,C)
Hewson (12)
High (6,9)
Higham (11,C)
Hill (3,8)
Hockwell (4)
Hogarth (10)
Holbrough (11,C)
Honor (7)
Howard (5,12)
Howell (2,11)
Howes (3,6)
Howlett (5,7)
Hubbard (4,C)
Hudson (5)
Humfray (3)
Humphey (1)
Hurry (10)
Husband (11)
Ingram (8)
Irwin (4)
Jay (1,C)
Jermy (4)
Jingle (10)
Johnson (1,2,4)
Jones (4,D)
Juby (5,9,C)
Kelsey (7)
Kendall (11,C)
King (11)
Knights (3)
Lake (8)
Lamb (4)
Last (6,C)
Lawrence (2)
Laws (11)
Layton (1)
Lebber (8)
Lenein?/Linein? (6)
Lermy (5)
Lillistone (8)
Lincoln (12)
Linikan (6)
Littleboy (10)
Lone (6)
Lovewell (9)
Lowes (7)
Lubbock (8)
Lucas (1)
Luere?/Lucre? (10)
Mack (2)
Maddison (2)
Mallett (7,C)
Manlove (10)
Manship (8)
Mapes (5)
Maranby (4)
Marfreco (7)
Martin (10,11)
Mendham (10)
Metcalf (6)
Miller (2,11,C)
Mingay (1,D)
Moon (5)
Moore (1,7,C)
More (12)
Morgan (3)
Nelson (8)
Nightingall (10)
Nix (1)
Nolloth (3,C)
Norman (11)
Norton (6)
Orfeur (1)
Osborn (1,C)
Ottey (2)
Page (4,5,10,C)
Painter (8)
Palgrave (1)
Palmer (10,C)
Panton (1)
Parsons (3)
Pave (9)
Pell (4)
Perr (5,C)
Pigatt (3)
Pigeon (3)
Pill (6)
Pillar (6)
Pitcher (9)
Plummer (2,5,C)
Porter (11)
Pratt (4,7,C)
Presant (10,A,C)
Preston (6,F)
Priestly (3)
Pycraft (7,9)
Ranger (9)
Ranney (1,G)
Read (3,4)
Reeve (10)
Riches (2,9)
Riddelsdall (9)
Riddlesdale (11)
Ridge (1)
Roach (4)
Roe (11,C)
Rogers (10)
Rolfe (7,A)
Roll (2)
Rose (11)
Ross (8)
Royal (12)
Rump (10,C)
Rushbrook (12)
Russel (7,8)
Ruxby (10,C)
Rye (3)
Sallow (8)
Sanford (3)
Saward (4)
Scudder (2)
Seals (10)
Seaman (7,C)
Sharman (1,7)
Sharmin (11)
Sharpe (4)
Shepherd (7)
Shipp (7)
Shreeve (1)
Simmonds (4,D)
Sinclare (9)
Skinner (8)
Skipper (4,A)
Slikel (12)
Sloman (9,C)
Smiter (9)
Smith (1,2,5,6,7,8,10,11,C)
Smithson (5)
Spalding (1)
Spanton (7,11,C)
Spilman (10)
Staff (4)
Stammard (C)
Stannard (10)
Stark (12)
Starling (12)
Steel (10,11,C)
Stephenson (2)
Stoddart (12,A)
Stollady (12)
Stone (4)
Symonds (1,12)
Tailor (C)
Taylor (2,11,A,C)
Thomas (2,11)
Thompson (7,8,A)
Tilney (6)
Tink (4)
Toll (8)
Tribe (2)
Truman (10)
Turner (7)
Valey (7)
Vincent (9)
Wakeman (3)
Ward (8,10,C)
Waters (9,11,C)
Watson (1)
Watts (1,4,8)
West (10)
Wetherill (8)
Whiley (10)
Whitacre (2)
Wickham (3,8)
Wicksteed (1)
Willierell? (10)
Wilson (3,4,D)
Winne (7)
Wodehouse (1,C)
Woodcock (3)
Woodhouse (3)
Woodrow (5)
Woods (5)
Woodward (2,A)
Woolby (4)
Woollery (1)
Woolmer (2)
Woolverton (1,C)
Wright (2,4,9,C)
Wynne (1)
Yaxley (9,10)
? (12)

Street Index

Alm House Row (6,7)
Barkers Row (9)
Colls' Row (9)
Colmans Row (8)
Dene Side (11,12)
Dene Side Ostend Row (4)
Elephant and Castle Row (5)
Excise Officer Row (5,6)
Fieldings Row (6)
Girlings Row (8,9)
Half Post Row (8)
King Street (10,11)
Market Place (9,10)
Post Office Row (7,8)
Quay Ostend Row (3,4)
South Row (9)
Unknown? (1,2,3)
Wicksteads Row (6)

The Census

The original document has been contracted to make the display easier to view. The following changes have been made.

  • In the column headed "Age of Children" :-
    • The letter "U" means "Under" and the number following means years.
    • "See A" followed by a number refers to "Age Column Notes" section.
  • In the column headed "Remarks" a number refers to the "Remarks Column Notes" section following the main document.

This census contains the following information :-


Schedule 1

[Table A]
Proprietors' Names
Young Cattle
and Colts
& Goats
Abigail Barney------2--
Henry Dowson------2-2
Robt Woodward------41-
Jno Skipper------1-1
Jno Barrett----18----
Chas Rolfe-3----1-1
Martin Thompson------3-5
Wm Presant6--20--1-2
Wm Taylor------1-1
Jno Stoddart------2-1
[Table A
Quarters of
Quarters of
Quarters of
Beans & Pease
Quarters of
Loads of
Loads of
Sacks of
Flour or
Quarters of
other meal
Sacks of
Quarters of
Abigail Barney----------1
Henry Dowson-5--1------
Robt Woodward-----------
Jno Skipper3----------
Jno Barrett-----------
Chas Rolfe----1.5------
Martin Thompson----1------
Wm Presant-----------
Wm Taylor-----------
Jno Stoddart-----------


Schedule 2

[Table B]

Persons appointed for the removal of Cattle, Waggons, Horses and Live Stock as well as to take charge of the Dead Stock.
John Boulter
John Bennett


Schedule 3

[Table C]

.... showing the no of persons between the ages of 15 and sixty willing to serve with Arms

Infantry [* =see notes]
Wm Ebbage
Richd Osborn
Wm Woolverton
Thos Ashford
Jas Wodehouse
Saml Moore
Edwd Jay
Thos Smith
Jno Gladden
Josh Tailor [*]
Thos Fleming
Richd Miller [*]
Wm Ebbs
Benjn Crow
Wm Bensley
Rt Hall
Wm Nolloth
Abraham Nolloth
Wm Pratt
Wm Page
Josh Elder
Chas Plummer
Edmd Juby
Peter Perr
Jno Plummer
Robt Broughton
Josh Mallett
Benjn Spanton
Jno Seaman
John Callow
Whiskard Davy
Wm Wright
Jas Sloman
Andrew Craggy [*]
Jas Christmas
Jno B. Palmer
Robt Stammard [*]
Wm Steel
Robt Ayers [*]
Pescall Forster
Thos Rump
Edmd Girling
Geo Dakin
Henry Basingwast
Harry Beverly
Robt Craske
Chas Hewitt
Edwd Ward
Jno Higham
Josh Baily
Jno Holbrough
Wm Cracknell
Wm Giles
Geo Giles Junr
Chas Smith
Chas Crow
Wm Miller
Geo Huddard [*]
Saml Allen
Wm Roe
Jas Druery[*]
Jno Gilham[*]
Jas Black
Saml Clarke
Philip Alpe

The Cavalry
Alex Agnew
Wm Last
Wm Presant
Thos Ruxby
Everald Colls
Matthew Colman
Thos Kendall
Mark Waters
Wm Taylor
66 on foot

The persons whose names are inserted as willing to serve in Infantry would all want to be supplied with Arms and Accoutrements not having any such themselves.

The persons whose names are set down as Cavalry are all Members of the Troop of Yarmouth Yeomanry and serve therein.

Notes on Infantry and Cavalry

  • Jas Druery and Jno Gilham have their surnames transposed in the main table.
  • The following all have Junr appended to their names in the main table :-
    • Andrew Craggy, Josh Mallett, Richd Miller, Wm Pratt
  • Josh Tailors name is spelt "Taylor" in main table.
  • Robt Stammard is called Stannard in main table.
  • Robt Ayers is called Ayres in main table.
  • Following are listed as Infantry in main table but not here.
    • Samuel Banyard (P10), Thomas Martin (P10), Joseph Taylor Junior (P2)
  • Geo Huddard is spelt Husband in main table.


Schedule 4

[Table D]
James Mingay11-2--
Thomas Arnold------
Jno Capon------
Henry Simmonds------
Walter Jones------
Jno Barrett---2--
Jno Barrett Junr------
Richd Wilson---2--
Wm Fisher------


Schedule No 5

In the second North Midd there are no Persons proper to be appointed Guides, as there are not any respectable Carters or such like Persons who have a knowledge of the Roads.


Schedule No 6

There are not in the Second North Midd any Waggons or Tilted Carts, nor are there any persons who will undertake to Provide any such save such only as have undertaken to remove themselves, for which purpose they reserve what Carts et they have nor are there any Persons capable of engaging to supply the articles of Provision et mentioned in the above Heads.


Schedule 7

There are no Millers in the 2d North Midd


Schedule 8

[Table E]

N.B. Robert Ayers and Robert Craske the only two bakers in the Second North Midd, being volunteers as Infantry are not willing to undertake the Supply of any of the Articles mentioned in this Schedule.

How many
Age of
[Page 1]      
Chas Smith34Victualler4U 10--
Hannah Wicksteed--Schoolmistress15 Boarders
2 Teachers
2 Maids
Sarah Johnson--Fruiterer----
Mary Fuller18Spinster----
James Mingay56Victualler1 Daughter18Pioneer1
James Ebbage55Shoemaker7U 14-Lame
-- Ebbage--Wife of Do----
William Ebbage17Son of Do--Infantry-
William Layton41Victualler3U 13--
Samuel Gooch72Cordwainer---2
-- Gooch70Wife of Do---2
Matthew Gunthorpe35Gent---22
-- Gunthorpe32Wife of Do----
Revd George Lucas35Clerk----
Thos Cloughton77} Servants to----
Susanna Brewer63} James----
Susanna Brewer23} Symonds----
Richard Osborn24} Esqr--Infantry-
Revd John Humphrey32Clerk2U 5--
Hester Humphey36Wife----
William Woolverton33Victualler--Infantry23
-- Woolverton32Wife----
Abigail Ranney70Widow---24
Margaret Dade30Spinster }---25
William Cubitt50Coachman }---25
Joseph Barrett60Gardiner }---25
3 Maid Servants83, 60, 40}---25
Thomas Ridge45Surgeon4U 16-26
-- Ridge        X44Wife of----
2 Maid Servants25, 23-----
William Nix12Servant to Do----
Susanna Barnett42Wife of Saml
in West Indies
8U 10--
Eleonora Barnett27Widow----
Elizabeth Woollery36Spinster----
Thomas Ashford34Servant to Susa
1U 8Infantry3
-- Ashford40Wife of Thos----
Sarah Cook20} Servts to----
Hannah Brewin14} S Barnett----
Samuel Bream Junr47Cabinetmaker---4
Thomas Shreeve19} Apprentices----
John Fish18} of Do----
Wyatt Wynne17}----
Robert Cory54Gentleman5 Dau25,22,18,17,15--
Esther Cory50Wife3 SonsWm & 2 U 7-5
John Watson--Esquire----
Nathaniel Symonds47Glazier and
Mary Symonds41Spinster----
Jane Symonds40Do----
James Wodehouse19} Apprentices--Infantry-
John Dady15} of Do--Do-
Elizabeth Spalding30Maid servant to Do----
Samuel Moore45Whitesmith6U 15Infantry7
Mary Moore40Wife of Do----
Eliza Panton22Servant of Do----
Sophia Fisher43Spinster----
William Smith         X62HallkeeperHannah
George Palgrave
Abigail Smith62Wife of Do----
Jane Watts24Servant to Do----
Maria Sharman23Inmate----
Martha Palgrave45Widow6U 13--
Edwd Jay24Tailor--Infantry-
Thomas Colman42Mariner5U 13--
Mary Colman40Wife----
Thomas Orfeur37Mariner5U 15-9
Ruth Orfeur35Wife of Do----
[Page 2]      
Ruth Maddison67Widow Inmate----
Thomas Riches47Cordwainer---10
Ann Riches49Wife of Do----
Elizabeth Howell34Wife of Valentine2U 6-11
Sarah Whitacre27Singlewoman----
Jane Cook17Servant to Do----
Richard Stephenson35Mariner2U5--
Susanna Stephenson34Wife of Do----
Mary Mack25Servant to Do----
Robt Woolmer94Gentleman----
Thomas Smith23Joiner--Infantry-
Thomas Arnold52----Pioneer-
John Boldra73Coalmeter----
Ann Thomas72Widow----
Ann Roll65Servant to Do----
Henry Dowson46Carter2 Dau25,24-27
Ann Dowson53Wife of Do---12
Deborah Gilby70Widow---12
Thomas Burroughs82Gentleman---12
Hannah Burroughs68Wife of Do----
John Gladden30Grocer1 Dau11mInfantry13
Ann Gladden26Wife of Do----
Robt Woodward52Carter---28
Mary Woodward49Wife of Do----
John Woodward22-----
Susan Carr70Widow----
Joseph Taylor48Victualler1 Dau21Infantry14
Jane Taylor51Wife of Do----
Joseph Taylor Junior18Apprentice--Infantry-
Rachael Boulter40Spinster----
Mary Wright29Do----
Sarah Ditcham29Do----
Samuel Johnson67Coalheaver---15
Ann Johnson66Wife of Do----
Daniel Tribe70Permit writer2 Dau12,9-4
Sarah Lawrence46Widow----
Ann Amos24Spinster---16
Thomas Gazely30Pressgang11 Year--
Elizabeth Gazely--Wife of Do----
William Amos2Child----
Thomas Fleming25Grocer--Infantry17
Sarah Fleming68Widow----
John Scudder--Guard to
Telh Coach
24 and 2--
Elizabeth Scudder30Wife of Do----
Maria Fleming28Spinster----
James Hayward70Gentleman---12
Rachael Hayward38Spinster----
Alice Plummer28Servant to Do----
Hellen Beart6Inmate Do----
Sarah Riches20Servant to Rd Miller----
Richard Miller62Wine Merchant---14
Richard Miller Junr26Gentleman--Infantry-
James Cannon72Bookkeeper----
Ann Cannon62Wife of Do----
Robert Harvey33Joiner----
Sarah his Wife34------
John Capon47Butcher211 and 2Pioneer-
John Ottey25Mariner---18
Elizabeth his Wife24-----
William Dick44Customhouse officer39,7,2--
Eliza his Wife35------
Mary Dick85Widow----
Ann Bulby20Servant to Do----
Francis Duncan62Inmate Do----
[Page 3]      
Ann Crow50Widow3 Dau19,14,5--
Robert Dye34Caulker----
Robert Priestly68Labourer----
Mary George45Widow----
Joseph Fulcher36Mariner3U 5--
Sarah his Wife32-----
Alexander Agnew34Tailor312,4,2-YC
Mary his Wife33-----
William Ebbs21} Apprentice to Do--Infantry-
Benjamin Crow17} Apprentice to Do--Infantry-
Ann Pigatt25Servant to Do----
William Bloomfield38Mariner37,4,1--
Margaret his Wife33-----
Samuel Barber37Bookkeeper----
-- Barber--Wife of Do----
Charlotte Parsons15Inmate----
Richard Morgan38Mariner25,3-9
Margaret his Wife33-----
Elizabeth Morgan80Widow----
Thomas Burroughs38Mariner15,3-9
Eliza Burroughs40-----
Eliza Howes56Widow----
Susanna Read21Do12--
John Bully30Mariner36,3,1-9
Ann his Wife30-----
William Bensley57-1 Dau14Infantry-
Mary Wilson70Widow----
William Durrant-------
George Harris36Mariner2U 3--
Ann his Wife30-----
Susanna Woodhouse17Servant to Do----
Samuel Gunton41MarinerSaml,Thos,Jams21,17,13-20
Esther his Wife42-3 Dau22,9,7--
Sarah Hill80Widow----
Elizabeth Hall }
Sarah Breeze }
Margaret Hastings }
Servants of
Revd J: Humfray
--- Quay Ostend Row ---      
William Barrett65Victualler18-29
Martha Barrett48-----
Robert Hall48Labourer2 Dau13,7Infantry-
Mary his Wife48-----
George Wakeman21Exciseman----
Patience Rye63Widow----
William Woodcock65Labourer---12
Hannah his Wife60-----
James Sanford36Mariner58,11,5,3,2-21
Eliza Pigeon20Servant to Do----
Eliza Sanford38Wife of Do----
Thomas Colman25-----
Mary Knights34Widow18--
William Wickham39Mariner410,7,5,2--
Mary his Wife39-----
William Devereux24Shipwright11Sea
Ann his Wife24-----
Joseph Baxfield25Shipwright22,1Sea
Maria his Wife24-----
James Bull33--58,7,5,3,1--
Lydia his Wife31------
William Nolloth49Shoemaker314,9,7Infantry-
Amy his Wife46------
Abraham Nolloth21Son of Do--Infantry-
[Page 4]      
--- Quay Ostend
Row continued ---
John Roach30Mariner----
Mary his Wife26-----
William Pratt46Coalmeter1 Dau, 1 Son16 and 12-12
Elizabeth his Wife45-----
William Pratt Junr19Son of Do--Infantry-
Henry Simmonds46Chimney sweeper5U 12Pioneer-
Ann his Wife35-----
James Hubbard14Apprentice Do----
Richard Carter13Apprentice Do----
William Page34Gardener410,9,7,5Infantry-
Elizabeth his Wife44-----
Rachel Saward64Widow----
Mary Sharpe75Do----
John Boulter60Shipmaster2 Dau24,20Stock Driver-
Mary his Wife60-----
--- Dene Side Ostend Row ---      
-- Wright-------
John Skipper23Miller---30
Sarah his Wife26-----
Sarah Watts60-----
Walter Jones52-15Pioneer-
Sarah Tink48Widow----
-- Woolby60Widow----
John Lamb-------
John Barrett53-212,7Pioneer31
Sarah his Wife46-----
John Barrett16Son of Do--Pioneer-
Eliza Cunningham32-4U 13--
Mary Harvy42Widow----
Philip Gyton54----12
Mary his Wife60-----
Benjamin Eastmure-------
Ann Hardingham22-----
Amy Atchieson77Widow---32
William Stone-------
William Staff-------
Mary Jermy
Mary Francis
60 }
60 }
William Johnson45Customhouse Officer519,13,11,8,6-34
Elizabeth his Wife44-----
Benjamin Browne49Labourer210,8--
Ann his Wife47-----
Ann Read53Widow1 Dau21--
M. Hockwell-------
Valentine Clements-------
Joseph Elder25Joiner23,1Infantry-
Margaret his Wife25-----
Sarah Irwin60Widow----
John Harvy48Keelman116-35
Ann his Wife40-----
Richard Wilson51-4 Dau, 1 Son19,15,12,6
Son 9
Elizabeth his Wife48-----
John Maranby22Mariner---9
Thomas Graves32Mariner26,2--
Mary his Wife28-----
Thomas Pell43Mariner2 Dau15,10--
Elizabeth his Wife36-----
John Cubitt30Mariner----
Isabella Berry69Widow----
Catherine Brock22Spinster----
Harriot Brock21Spinster----
Sarah Read23Spinster----
Nathaniel Bristow56Mariner114-9
Elizabeth his Wife56-----
Robert Bonner28-----
Elizabeth his Wife28-----
[Page 5]      
--- Elephant and Castle Row ---      
John Ayres53Baker5 DauU 19--
Mary his Wife35-----
John Allen21Mariner12-37
Eleanor his Wife21-----
Jacob Bristow45Chelsea Pensioner5 Dau19,12,7,6,4--
Rachel his Wife45-----
Joseph Woodrow37Quaker---38
Susanna his Wife37-----
John Cooper77-----
Mary his Wife40-----
Thomas Mapes60-5Note A1-39
Mary his Wife68-----
-- Bishop40Widow----
Thomas Flight29Mariner17-9
Charlotte his Wife53-----
Sarah Page45Wife of Samuel---40
William Gray--Mariner---37
-- Lermy-------
John Smith32Mariner29,7Sea Fencible-
Elizabeth his Wife31-----
Thomas Hall29Mariner26,4-9
Ann his Wife30-----
William Bristow38Mariner614,12,9,5,2,1-9
Susanna his Wife32-----
Thomas Crickmay47Mariner214,12--
Mary his Wife37-----
Ann Smithson18Servant to Do----
Rachel Crickmay48Widow613,11
-- Moon-------
-- Cook-------
Thomas Banks38-510,8,5,4,1Sea Fencible-
Mary Ann his Wife29-----
-- Hall-------
Judith Brabon61Widow---16
--- Excise Officer Row ---------
Philis Plummer54WidowDau17--
Charles Plummer16her son--Infantry-
Robert Herrison47-----
Robert Herrison Junr19Apprentice----
John Gall53Mariner4U 14--
Ann Gall29-----
Mary Barber44Widow419,14,13,8--
Mary Burgess89-----
John Brock40Mariner---45
Mary his Wife40-----
Margaret Hudson22Servant to Do----
Edmd Juby47-418,9,7,3Infantry-
Elizabeth his Wife38-----
Peter Perr24---Infantry-
John Plummer25---Do-
Ann Woods44Widow2 Dau, 1 Son22,21,14--
John Gayford25-12--
Ann his Wife26-----
John Howlett30Mariner---9
Ann his Wife24-----
Philadelphia Butcher70-----
Ann Howard70-----
John Golding------9
Eleanor his Wife34-311,9,4--
Francis Butcher28-----
[Page 6]      
John Bloom40--515,13,10,7,5-33
Eliz his Wife48-----
John Howes22Mariner----
Joseph Lenein?/Linein?20-1 Son, 1 Dau2,1-33
Elizabeth his Wife26-----
John Gayfer65Coalheaver----
William Anderson55-----
Sarah his Wife25-----
William Davis------41
Sarah his Wife38-416,12,8,3--
Elizabeth Barnes65Widow----
John Benifield--Mariner1 Son, 1 Dau7,5-9
Mary Cow25Servant to Do----
--- Fieldings Row ---      
William Last27----YC
Elizth his Wife24-----
Robert Cockran73----12
Persis Lone50-----
Stephen Hewitt55-2 Dau20,1--
Mary his Wife55-----
Frederick Tilney26Mariner1 Son, 1 Dau4,1--
Ann his Wife27-----
John Bennett55-213,5Driver-
Abigail his Wife45-----
Metcalf ---------
Stephen Deane28-Stephen18--
Ann his Wife27-----
James Collins--MarinerJames and Eliza2,1--
Mary his Wife28-----
Jacob Pillar57-Elizth and Jacob11,8-43
Margaret his Wife55-----
-- Cozins-------
Robt Broughton40-215,1Infantry-
Elizth his Wife37-----
William Hall30---Sea Fencible-
Mary his Wife28-----
Sarah Fuller70Widow----
--- Wicksteads Row ---      
Robt Smith49Labourer----
John Fleet46Mariner----
Susanna his Wife39-----
John Norton-----Sea Fencible-
Mary his Wife28-----
Robert Gyfor15Mariner----
Thomas Butcher39Do----
-- Butcher33Wife of Do----
John Durrant60Mariner----
Ann his Wife60-----
Elizth Preston28-----
Elizabeth Dyble18-----
Ann Bishop50Widow2 Dau15,10--
--- Alm House Row ---      
Richard Bully63Mariner1 Dau, 1 Son18,16-9
Mary Bully61Wife of Do----
John Pill28Mariner4 Dau9,8,4,2-9
Catherine his Wife30-----
Isaac Pillar22-Sarah0.5 year--
Judith his Wife26-----
Robert High59---Sea Fencible-
Henry Linikan30-----
[Page 7]      
William Gidney54Mariner124-9
Elizth his Wife54-----
James Mallett60-----
Elizth his Wife64-----
Joseph Mallett Junr16---Infantry-
Elizth Andrews29Widow16--
Charles Elder65-120--
Ruth Burridge64-----
Mary Sharman19-----
Elizth Marfreco66-----
Martha Daws60-----
Rachel Forbes60-----
Benjamin Spanton47-512,8,5,3,1Infantry-
Mary his Wife47-----
Mary Allen79-----
Ann Fan69-----
William Bunnie55----12
Elizth Thompson22-----
Caroline Valey28Widow510,7,5,4,6--
William Dawson54----33
Elizabeth his Wife64-----
Willm Dawson23Mariner----
Elizth Turner47-----
Elizth Haw35Widow48,2,4,1--
Thos Cavenham--Mariner----
Martha his Wife30-----
Philip Pratt63-122--
Margaret his Wife58-----
Elizth Shepherd19-----
Mary Ann Smith20-----
Elizth Shipp37-111--
Henry Honor40----33
Sarah his Wife30-----
--- Post Office Row ---      
Rachel Howlett40Widow2Note A2-46
John Cooper58-224,19-33
Mary his Wife60-----
Thomas Seaman43Postmaster614,6,11,5,2,1--
Deborah his Wife33-----
Mary Garwood
Maria Evans
John Bonett
22 }
22 }
30 }
Servants to Do1
Susan his Wife23-----
Charles Rolfe37Carter---44
Ann his Wife34-----
Earnd Crisp30Carter----
Ann his Wife31-----
-- Russel-------
Joseph Turner37-2 Sons6,5-33
Mary Ann his Wife42-----
Joseph Lowes------16
Diana Winne60-----
Thomas Cook32-217,16-9
Mary his Wife30-----
John Seaman41-615,12,10,9,8,3Infantry-
Margaret his Wife33-----
Mary Balls20Servant to Do----
Mary Moore32-48,6,4,2--
Ama?/Anna? Pycraft20Servant to Do----
Elizth Kelsey36Servant to Do----
[Page 8]      
Martin Thompson30Carter611,6,8,4,3,1-19
Elizabeth his Wife30-----
William Harris18Servantman----
Henry Toll28Quaker34,3,1--
Elizabeth his Wife28Servant to Do----
Elizabeth Harper23-----
--- Colmans Row ---      
William Nelson---313,15,6--
Priscilla his Wife39-----
Abraham Wetherill--Mariner512,8,6,2,1-9
Elizabeth his Wife38-----
Sarah Green41Widow2 Sons12,1--
John Lake--Mariner2 Sons12,10-9
Hannah his Wife50-----
Mary Ingram35-215,9--
Mary Lebber76-----
Susan Russel77-----
John Smith58-----
Hannah his Wife42-----
William Gilham--Sawyer----
Hannah his Wife34-----
John Callow38-212,7Infantry-
Ann his Wife36-----
William Sallow--Mariner---9
Sarah his Wife50-----
Willm Cunningham--Mariner---9
Sarah his Wife25-----
Michael Ross--Mariner---9
Hannah his Wife31-----
John Manship--Mariner11.5-9
Maria his Wife24-----
Robert Farman23-11--
Maria his Wife30-----
John Garwood--Mariner122-9
Sarah his Wife43-----
Elizth Wickham57Widow223,18--
Sarah Brock15-----
Matthew Hill32----42
Elizabeth his Wife32-----
Samuel Barker36Kings Pilot613,10,8,5,3,1--
Elizth his Wife36-----
--- Half Post Row ---      
Jas. Conyers--Mariner17-9
Susanna his Wife29-----
Samuel Dye--Mariner511,13,6,1-51
Sarah his Wife45-----
John Lubbock24-11--
Rebecca his Wife25-----
Edwd Painter28----16
--- Girlings Row ---      
Wm Watts--Mariner6Wm 14,15
Jermina his Wife33-----
Edwd Ward22-Edwd1 yrSea Fencible-
Elizabeth his Wife23-----
John Lillistone30----12
Mary his Wife27-----
Elizth Skinner35-111--
John Gidney44-516,17,15,9,5-47
Elizth his Wife44-----
Samuel Bur--Mariner520,12,9,7,5-54
[Page 9]      
William Fulcher30-----Lame
Susan his Wife24-----
James England28Carter11--
Susan his Wife26-----
John Billiman26Carter----
Mary his Wife34-11--
--- Colls' Row ---      
George Cook--Pressgang514,12,10,8,6--
Jane his Wife40-----
Sarah Catton55-----
Susan Pitcher24-----
Sophia Cotton25-----
George Giles-------
John Dorking50-----
Ann his Wife50-417,14,12,7--
--- No Barkers Row      
John Clifton--Customhouse Officer410,8,4,1--
Lydia his Wife37-----
Henry Vincent45----12
Eleanor his Wife44-35,2,1--
Robert Chapman36Carter15--
Elizabeth his Wife40-----
Eleanor Smiter75-----
-- Darking--Mariner---9
Edmd Juby37-59,7,5,3,3m-9
Mary his Wife37-----
John Pave27Mariner---9
Sarah Waters20-----
Elizabeth Conyers74-----
Wiskard Davy36-37,11,2Infantry-
Mary Ann his Wife33-----
Elizth Lovewell23Servt to Do----
William Wright24---Infantry-
Elizth his Wife24-----
James Sloman46---Infantry-
John Dyble52-316,12,6--
Susanna his Wife45-----
John Riches--Mariner---9
Mary his Wife62-----
Mary High61-----
John Yaxley------42
Charlotte his Wife46-212,10--
Stephen Hearn45-112-55
Mary his Wife43-----
Thomas Ranger22-----
Mary his Wife28-12--
Clary Craggy---324,22,16--
Sarah his Wife58-----
Andrew Craggy Junr20---Infantry-
Elizth Pycraft42Widow211,7--
--- South Row ---      
William Riddelsdall56Keelman----
Sarah his Wife60-----
George Harris------41
Mary his Wife20-12--
Elizth Sinclare64-----
--- Market Place ---      
James Hammond36-----
James Christmas38---Infantry-
Ann his Wife28-----
[Page 10]      
-- Mendham60-----
-- Willierell?------53
John B. Palmer22Grocer--Infantry56
Eleanor his Wife22-----
Thomas Martin23---Infantry-
Robert Stannard16---Do-
Thos Luere?/Lucre?14---Drummer-
Henry Copeman28Pensioner---29
Mary Ann his Wife25-----
William Hart25Upholsterer---58
John Hart23-----
Samuel Smith18-----
Ann Littleboy26-----
William Steel44-211,3Infantry-
Mary his Wife38-----
Robert Ayres49Victualler214,9Infantry59
Mary his Wife48------
--- King Street ---      
William Presant--Butcher413,7,3,1-60
Susanna his Wife43-----
Sarah Yaxley20Servant to Do----
David Hogarth27Tailor110--
Elizth his Wife37-----
Sarah Seals17Servt to Do----
John Cordran16Apprentice to Do----
Ann Smith57-----
Martha Hasloke27-----
Pescall Forster40Gent--Infantry-
Thomas Rump32Victualler22,1Do-
Mary his Wife30-----
Elizth Jingle17Servt to Do----
Thomas Ruxby--Liquor Mercht---61
Ann his Wife48-----
S. West and
L. Bostwright
to Do
Edmund Girling36-47,2,2,1Infantry62
Elizth his Wife36-----
Sarah Page30Servt to Do----
George Dakin54-310,8,7Infantry63
Rose his Wife48-----
Henry Basingwast18Apprentice to Do--Infantry-
Susanna Whiley18Servt to Do----
Caroline Hurry58Widow----
Elizth Reeve38-----
-- Baker38-----
Everald Colls30Wine Merchant---64
Maria his Wife23-----
Sarah Truman24Servt to Do----
Elizth Cooper--Servt to Do----
John Spilman12-----
Matthew Colman40----YC
Mary his Wife40-----
Harry Beverly17Apprentice to Do--Infantry-
Martha Nightingall22Servt to Do----
Robert Craske27Baker34,2,1Infantry57
Mary his Wife24----57
Charles Hewitt16Apprentice to Do--Infantry-
Saml Banyard64Schoolmaster130Do-
Elizth his Wife66-----
Saml Barker Esqr60-1See A3--
Robert Bane?/Bare?25Servt to Do----
Mary Manlove68Servt to Do----
Ann Bracy27Servt to Do----
Francis Rogers27Servt to Do----
Edwd Ward16Apprentice to Do--Infantry-
[Page 11]      
John Higham28Plumber25,3Infantry50
Mary his Wife26-----
John Norman14Apprentice to Do--Drummer-
Martha Laws20Servant to Do----
Joseph Baily39---Infantry-
Ann his Wife33-----
John Holbrough42-714,11,7,9,4,2,1Infantry-
Persis his Wife40-----
William Cracknell39Victualler16Infantry-
Elizabeth his Wife44-----
Mary King22Servant to Do----
William Giles45-219,16Infantry-
Christian his Wife52-----
George Giles Junr17---Infantry-
William Smith65-225,17--
Elizabeth his Wife60-----
Charles Smith Junr19---Rifle Corps-
Hannah Bickers25Servant to Do----
Ann Crow25Servant to Do----
Thomas Kendall------YC
Maria his Wife23-----
Ann Cross23-----
Charles Crow40-117Infantry-
Maria his Wife38-----
William Miller20Apprentice to Do--Infantry-
George W. Riddlesdale--Capt N. Militia----
Sarah Ann his Wife25-----
George Husband26---Infantry-
Johannah Cook26-----
Hannah Cook20-----
Susan Allen56-119--
Samuel Allen21---Infantry-
William Roe35---Do-
Ann his Wife38-117--
Letitia Porter21Servant to Do----
James Gilham16Apprentice to Do--Infantry-
George Hankman12Do----
Mark Waters--Merchant---Cav
John Druirey25---Infantry-
James Black22---Do-
Elizabeth his Wife22-----
Mary Ann Black19-12 days--
Samuel Clarke15---Infantry-
William Thomas15-----
Mary Martin15-----
--- Market ---      
William Taylor---35,3,2-49
Mary his Wife25-----
Philip Alpe23---Infantry-
Mary Barker30Servant to Do----
Hannah Barker32Servant to Do----
William Steel13Apprentice----
Thomas Bateman45Surgeon517,16,14,10,8--
Elizabeth his Wife40-----
Esther Sharmin24Servant to Do----
Mary Flaxman22Servant to Do----
--- Dene Side ---      
Susan Barber60-----
Susan Rose21-----
Mary Biacey63-----
Christopher Spanton70-215,13--
Ann his Wife55-----
Rachel Miller23Servant to Do----
Edward Howell66-----
Susan his Wife70-----
Mary Flirk20-----
Elizth Barry58-----
Sarah Draper77-----
[Page 12]      
Ann Royal70-----
Mary Borett88-----
Elizth Fisher56-----
-- Calthorpe72-----
Mary Berry20Servant to Do----
Elizabeth Gooch46-----
Philis Rushbrook40-----
Susan Cooper58-----
Hannah Slikel23-----
Ann Lincoln22-----
Ann Hewson25-----
Susan Harris44-----
Miss Sarah Fowler57-----
Tabitha Fowler55-----
Mary Howard24Servant to Do----
Elizabeth Edington29-----
Francis Brown20-24,2--
William Greenwood-------
Elizabeth ---------
Edward Greenwood27Carter----
Samuel Starling48-112--
Mary his Wife30-----
John Stoddart60Coachmaker112--
Sarah his Wife60-----
Sarah More19Servant to Do----
James Child40Coachmaker---48
William Fisher61Charity School227,17Pioneer-
-- Hancock--Butcher----
William Stollady62------
Rebecca his Wife62-----
? Symonds35Widow----
? ?5?-----
James Stark--Kings Pilote----
Elizabeth his Wife30-----

Remarks Column Notes

  • [Table G]
  • YC = Yarmouth Cavalry
  • Cav = Cavalry
  • 1.   2 axes 2 shovels Stocks of beer from 20-30 barrells
  • 2. Remove Themselves
  • 3. Rather Infirm
  • 4. Very Infirm
  • 5. William Infirm
  • 6.   7 or 8 tons Lead
  • 7.   3 Tons Iron
  • 8. George at sea
  • 9. At Sea
  • 10. Has one leg only
  • 11. Husband waiter at Angell
  • 12. Infirm
  • 13. Small stock grocery
  • 14. Small stock spirits and beer
  • 15. Infirm and lame
  • 16. Blind
  • 17. A small stock of grocery
  • 18. London Trader
  • 19.   3 Horses 3 Carts 2 Wiskeys and 4 Tons Hay
  • 20. All at Sea
  • 21. Up the Baltic
  • 22. Commands an Excise Cutter
  • 23. Stock of wine spirits and beer
  • 24. Coach and 2 Horses remove herself
  • 25. Servants of Abigail Ranney
  • 26. Will assist as Surgeon
  • 27. Has 2 Horses 2 Carts 3 Tons of
    hay and small quantity oats
  • 28. Has 4 Horses and a Waggon
  • 29. Small stock of Liquors and beer
  • 30.   1 Mill 1 Cart About ?8 of Wheat
  • 31.   2 Shovels and has 18 Pigs
  • 32. Lame and blind
  • 33. Lame
  • 34. William aged 19 has Fits
  • 35. Child lame
  • 36.   2 Shovels
  • 37. Customhouse Cutter
  • 38. Will not be any thing
  • 39. Edwd a son at Sea
  • 40. Husband at Sea
  • 41. Norfolk Militia
  • 42. Cripple
  • 43. Hunter Cutter
  • 44.   1 Horse 1 Cart 3 Cows and 5cwt Hay
  • 45. Absent
  • 46. Wm Infirm
  • 47. Militia
  • 48. Coach and Horses and would remove himself
  • 49. Cavalry 1 Horse 1 cart
  • 50. has about a Ton of Lead
  • 51. Joseph at Sea with his father
  • 52. At Sea Wm Blind
  • 53. Nothing
  • 54. Man of War
  • 55. Discharged for a Wound
  • 56. Large stock of cheese and grocery
  • 57. Bake 20 Sacks of Bread p[er] week about 30 sacks corn
  • 58. Stock of Upholstery goods?
  • 59. About 8 barrels and 3 Butts of beer and 20 gal spirits
  • 60. Cavalry Horse 2 Carts 20 Sheep and some bullocks
  • 61. Yarmh Cavalry large stock of Spirits and porter
  • 62. Small stock of Grocery and haberdashery
  • 63. Small stock of tin &c
  • 64. Yarmh Cavalry large stock of Liquors

Age Column Notes

  • 1. Geoe 10, Saml 8, Sarah 20, Lydia 16
  • 2. Rachel 19 Wm 18
  • 3. Revd Saml 25

Particulars and Number of the Returns of all Persons dwelling in the Second North Midd, within the Parish of Gt Yarmouth in the County of Norfolk.

[Table F]

16 & 60
Males from
10 to 16 and
above 60
No 2
No 4
No 5
Capable of
Bearing Arms
Capable of
Incapable of
F-Note 1F-Note 2F-Note 3F-Note 4
Incapable of
Bearing Arms
or infirm
from Age &c
Capable of
Engagements as
Volunteers &c
Aliens or
--Boys 143 }
Girls 138 }
Children or Infants
under 10 years

Table F Notes

  • 1.   -- To take care of all old People &Waggons &c
  • 2.   9 To be Pioneers
  • 3.   2 To be Guides
  • 4.   1125 Total amount of Persons of all descriptions.

Edmd Preston Superindt
20 Aug 1803


[End of Census Document]


  • The documents include many printed forms which list in detail the government regulations on the anti-invasion preparations.
  • A similar list of invasion (by Napolean and France) instructions exists for Aylsham.

See also the Great Yarmouth parish page and the main Census page

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