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Gt Yarmouth's Seventh Haven
Gt Yarmouth Web Publishers (GYWP)
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General Works

(No author)
In, around, and all about Yarmouth: a new guide book.
[Great Yarmouth: Burton, 1859]
(No author)
Nall's shilling Yarmouth guide, 11th ed.
[Great Yarmouth: George Nall, 1866]
(No author)
Views of Yarmouth.
(No author)
Yarmouth illustrated: historical and descriptive, art, commerce, and trade.
Druery, John Henry
Historical and topographical notices of Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, and its environs, including the parishes and hamlets of the half Hundred of Lothingland in Suffolk.
Nall, John Greaves
Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft: the archaeology, natural history, etc of the district; a history of the East Coast herring fishery; and an etymological and comparative glossary of the dialect of East Anglia.
Palmer, Charles John
The perlustration of Great Yarmouth, with Gorleston and Southtown.

Palmer's Perlustration is online.

Specific Works

Cory, Robert
A narrative of the Grand Festival at Yarmouth on Tuesday, the 19th of April, 1814: with an appendix containing copies of all the handbills which were published on the occasion, a list of the subscribers and an account of expenditure. Contains illustrations by J.S. Cotman.
[Yarmouth, Keymer, 1814]
Hedges, Alfred Alexander Charles
Tolhouse & No. 4 South Quay.
Hornsey, Brian
Ninety Years of Cinema in Great Yarmouth.
[ISBN 1873969171, 1993]
Palmer, Frederick Danby
The Tolhouse at Great Yarmouth.
[Great Yarmouth: J. Buckle, 1884]
Stafford, Eric (Hedges, A.A.C. (Ed))
For those in peril: Gt Yarmouth Sailors' Home.
[Great Yarmouth: Maritime Museum for East Anglia, 1971]
Tooke, Colin
The rows of Great Yarmouth: the origin and development, location, number and names of the narrow streets, known locally as 'rows', that were unique to the town of Great Yarmouth for 900 years.
The Rows of Gt Yarmouth
See the description in the previous entry.

Pictorial Collections

(No author)
Great Yarmouth, Videorecording: a compilation of video from the East Anglian Film Archive showing Great Yarmouth and Gorleston from the 1920s to 1956. (1 cassette, 43 min., VHS).
Allard, Peter and Watson, Parry
Maritime Great Yarmouth: A Portrait in Photographs and Old Postcards (vol 1).
[ISBN 1857700821, 1995]
Martin, Paul and Haworth-Booth, Mark
A Yarmouth holiday, with photographs.
Temple, Clifford Richard
Great Yarmouth & Gorleston: a pictorial history.
Teun, Michael
Great Yarmouth in old Photographs.
[ISBN 075090755X, 1995]
Teun, Michael
Great Yarmouth in Old Photographs: A Second Selection.
[ISBN 0750911549, 1996]
Tooke, Colin
Great Yarmouth.
[Archive Photographs Series, ISBN 0-7524-0329-X, 1995]
Tooke, Colin
Great Yarmouth, a Second Collection.
[Chalford, The Archive Photographs Series, 1996]
Vincent, L. and Denham, C. (Editor)
Great Yarmouth. Volume 1: A Portrait in Old Picture Postcards.
[ISBN 1870708563, 1990]
Vincent, L. and Benz, S.A. (Editor)
Great Yarmouth.
Volume 2: A Second Portrait in Old Picture Postcards.
[ISBN 1857700341, 1992]


Barker, Terry
Transport in Great Yarmouth.
Volume 1: Electric Tramways, 1902-18.
Volume 2: Electric Tramways and Early Omnibuses, 1919-33.
[Vol 1: ISBN 0950688908, 1980]
[Vol 2: ISBN 0950688916, 1983]
Garrod, Trevor (Ed.)
First 150 Years of the Norwich-Reedham-Yarmouth Railway.
[ISBN 0950946516, 1994]

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