Norfolk: Great Yarmouth


Voting Registers - Poll 1754

The poll for two members to serve in Parliament for the Borough of Great Yarmouth, taken on 18th April 1754 and published by Richard Fuller & William Browne. The transcription includes :- Voters names, Occupations, Residences & some relationships. Members of Great Yarmouth Corporation are also noted (see later). These were all Freemen of the Borough and 896 voted.

Most of the places of residence are in Norfolk or Suffolk but a number of people are seen to be living elsewhere. The notes section will help to identify the location of some of these.

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]



P      O      L      L

For members of PARLIAMENT,

For the B  U  R  G  H of

Great    Yarmouth,

In the COUNTY of Norfolk.

Taken the 18th of April, 1754.

Alphabetically Digested.

C  A  N  D  I  D  A  T  E  S,

  The Honble Sir EDWARD WALPOLE, Knt. of the Bath.





Printed in the Year MDCCLIV.


The Poll at the last Election of MEMBERS of PARLIAMENT, for the Burgh of GREAT YARMOUTH, is sent to the Press at the unanimous Request of all the Electors who voted for their TOWNSMEN. These Gentlemen, tho' not desirous of continuing the Heats and Resentments inseparable from such Contests; yet could not, consistent with Gratitude or Justice, refute this Publication. The weighty Engagements and Promises which the Gentlemen on one Side were enabled to offer to their Friends, have, no doubt, before this, or will at least, in a short time, be amply fulfilled to them: It behoves therefore the other Side to perform what they undertook to theirs; and by invariably countenancing and assisting them in their respective Trades and Professions, make them amends, by the only means in their Power, for the shining Advantages they forfeited by their Honest and Disinterested Attachment to their Cause. As this cannot be effected without a List to refer to; it becomes necessary to make it as publick as possible; and no one surely can censure, or complain at, the doing this; since at the same time that it will serve as an Index, to point out who are entitled to, and will be humbly contented with the Good-will, and Support of those amongst whom they live, and are known; it will also exhibit the ambitious Claimants of Court Favours, at one View, to the Eye of those who have the Power of conferring the dearly purchased



Rewards; and their Names, at least, in Print, may now and then, in the long Interval of Elections, serve to keep up some sort of Rememberance of them in the Minds of those, whom more Employments may not permit to cultivate any Knowledge of them besides.

As it appears that three Persons on the Poll of Mr. FULLER and Mr. BROWNE, by some Mistake voted twice; their second Votes are omitted in the List: The Editor not having any Right to take that Liberty with the Poll of Sir EDWARD WALPOLE and Mr. TOWNSHEND, theirs is printed exactly as it stands on the original Books.

Those Names distinguished in a particular Character are such as engaged themselves to vote for Mr. FULLER; and strict Care has been taken to put down none in this manner, but who absolutely promised Him, or his Friends; the Proofs of which can be produc'd: A Number greatly more than sufficient to have turn'd the Election in favour of both the losing Candidates.



Yarmouth POLL


NAMES.TradeP. of Abode.W.T.F.B.
ABBON Rob. Esq; Ald(erman).

Adkin Thomas, C. C.Merchant   

Aldred Ja.Mariner 

Allbird JohnMariner   

Allcock ThomasMaster   

Ames Jos.BrasierLondon

Ames Jos.Master 

Ames Jos.HotpresserNorwich  

Ames Jos. jun. his SonWeaverNorwich  

Ames HenryFisherm(an's). Hosp(ital). 

Ames Ja.Mariner 

Ames Hen. jun. his BrotherLabourer  

Antell JohnKeelman   

Archer MartinMasonNorwich  

Armstrong Sam.Shipwright   

Arnold AldousMerchantLowestoff

Arnold SimonRopemaker  

Arrold John WoolbyMariner   

Artis Reverend Tho.

Ashley JohnRopemaker   

[Page] 6      
Ashley Jos. } hisMariner   

Ashley John, jun. } SonsMariner   

Atkins JohnLabourer   

Audley Hen.Ropemaker 

Auger ThomasBrasierIpswich

Auger Jos.Mariner 

Bacon WilliamShipwright 

Bacon Phil.Labourer   

Baker Richard, Alderman

Baker Jos.Blockmaker 

Baker John, his SonMerchant 

Baker ThomasShipwright   

Baldra BarchamCustom OfficerLowestoff

Baldwin Jos.Sexton 
Balls Sam.Shipwright 

Balls FrancisMaster 

Balls Ben. his BrotherMaster 

Balls Ben.Mariner 

Balls JohnBlockmaker   

Banyard EdmundCooper 

Barber JohnGrocer   

Barcham Jos.
Toft Mo(nks).

[Page] 7      
Barcham Barth. } hisBlacksmithToft Mo(nks).

Barcham John } Sons
Toft Mo(nks).

Barcham JohnJoynerBeccles  

Barker RobertBrewerLowestoff

Barker Wm. Bell, his Son

Qu. Barlow John

Barlow ThomasRopemaker 

Barnby JohnCustom Officer 

Barnby John, jun. his SonMariner 

Barret PeterWeaverNorwich  

Barret Edward, his BrotherWeaverNorwich  

Barret Randal jun.Maltster 

Batchelor Edmund
Rotterda(m). [Holland]

Bateman PurvisBarber 

Baxfield EdwardMarin(er). Smack 

Bayley Ben.Barber   

Bean JohnPilot   

Beart Jonas

Bell JohnFarmerGorleston 

Bell Robert, his BrotherExcisemanRamsley

Bell WilliamMaster   

Bell BenjaminJoynerNorwich

Bell BryanCooper   

Bell Ben. his BrotherCooper   

[Page] 8      
Belson WilliamWheelwright   

Bensley Jos.Workhouse   

Benting ThomasMeeter 

Benting T. jun. } hisCarpenter   

Benting Robert } SonsSalesman   

Best EdmundCarter   

Best Edmund, jun. his SonCarter   

Best TobiasMariner 

Bird Robert, C. C.Hatter   

Bird Samuel

Bishop ThomasBakerLowestoff

Bishop Simon his SonMarinerLowestoff

Bishop Jos.Ropemaker 

Bishop Edm. his BrotherFogger & Cart(er). 
Bishop SamuelCarter   

Bishop Charles, juniorMaster 

Black SamuelShipwright   

Blowers FrancisSurgeonLondon  

Blundel ErringtonRopemaker   

Bly RichardRopemaker   

Blyth Robert
E(ast). Beckh(am).  

Boldra NicholasMaster  

[Page] 9      
Boldra WilliamMaster   

Qu. Bone Huston

Booth ThomasShip Carpenter   

Borret BalyGentlemanBungay  

Bowles RobertHorse Grenadi(er).London

Bowles Rob. jun } hisWatchmakerLondon

Bowles Josh. } SonsCordwainerNorwich  

Bowles ThomasCordwainer 

Bowles Henry, his SonRopemaker   

Bowles SamuelRopemaker 

Bowles Sam. jun. his SonRopemaker 

Boyce Jas.Carpenter   

Bracey William

Bracey Wm. jun. his SonUpholsterer   

Bradcock Nathaniel
Dallingho(e) [SFK]

Brand ThomasBaker 

Breame SamuelJoyner 
Brewster CharlesGrocerLondon  

Bridgwell Jos.Silversmith 

Bridgwell Sam. his BrotherHatter 

Britton HenryBakerWells

Brooke ThomasCooperHalesworth (SFK)  

[Page] 10      
Brooke Is.Compassmaker   

Brook Ri.

Browes Ri.CooperDownha(m).  

Browne Wm. Esq; Alderm(an).Surgeon 

Browne John } hisGrocerNorwich

Browne Hen. } BrothersCustom Officer 

Browne Hen. jun. } hisSurgeonNorwich

Browne John jun. } SonsMerchantNorwich


Browne Wm. jun. his SonMerchant   

Browne Tho. Broth(er). to Wm.Merchant   

Browne JohnBrewerColtishall

Browne Tho. } his

Browne Jos. } Sons

Browne John }
N(orth). Walsh(am).

Browne HenryMarinerGorleston

Browne William his Son

Browne CharlesBrasier 

Browne John

Browne JohnKeelman 

Browne JohnCaulker 

Browne JohnRopemaker   

[Page] 11      
Browne Henry, his BrotherTaylor 

Browne HenryMariner   

Browne Jos.

Browne Jos.

Browne Jos.Gardiner   

Browne RobertLabourer   

Browne ThomasTanner 

Browne ThomasShip Carpenter 

Browne WilliamMariner 

Browne WilliamMariner   

Browne WilliamKeelman   

Bull WilliamBakerNorton

Barrel CharlesSurgeonGorleston

Burroughes MilesFarmerAldeby

Burroughes Mil. jun. his SonHusbandmanAldeby

Burroughs PeterCustom OfficerLondon

Burton John, Esq;Cofferer's OfficeLondon

Burton Wm. M.D. his Bro(ther).

Burton JohnCustom Officer 

Burton J. jun. C. C. his SonJoyner 

Bussey GeorgeCorn-buyerNorwich  

[Page] 12      
Bussey Nichol. } hisKeelman   

Bussey Philip } Broth(er).Keelman   

Bussey JamesMariner 

Butcher Wm. Esq; MAYORMerchant 
Butler MichaelMariner   

Buttolph Ja.CarpenterBeccles  

Buxton ThomasMarinerGorleston  

Callow JohnMariner 

Carr JohnBricklayer   

Carsey JohnMaster   

Carter MeshacRopemaker   

Castell RdwardGentlemanOby  

Cates John

Cates Thomas, his Son

Chambers JohnBlockmakerLondon 

Chapman JohnCooper   

Chapman Thop. his BrotherShipwright   

Chilverhouse JohnCompassmaker 

Chrispe Edmund

Church WilliamRopemaker   

Church LaidinCarpenter   

[Page] 13      
Clabon JohnCarpenter   

Clarke JohnCl. to Lon. Trad. 

Clarke BenjaminShoemaker 

Clarke RobertBlockmaker 

Clifton WilliamHaven 

Clifton Abel } hisSalt Officer 

Clifton Tho. } BrothersMaster 

Clifton Wm. jun. his SonMaster 

Clifton Sam. Brother to Wm.Gunner at Fort 

Clifton GabrielBaker 

Clifton WilliamRopemaker   

Clifton Alexan. his NephewShipwright   

Clipperton JohnMariner 

Coaker WilliamBlockmaker   

Cobb Jos.Shipwright 

Cobb EdmundBrewer 

Cobb JohnCustom Officer 

Cockle JohnMaster 

Colby Dover, C. C.

Colby Samuel, his NephewSurgeon 

Colby John } hisRopemaker   

Colby Ja. } BrothersFarmerLudham  

[Page] 14      
Colby Nathaniel, juniorMaster 

Colby JohnPilot   

Cole EdwardWatchmakerLondon  

Cole BenjaminBaker 
Cook JohnHalfpay OfficerPlaistow

Cooke BenjaminBrewer   

Cooke ThomasCustom Officer 

Cooke ThomasShipwright 

Cooke WilliamMariner   

Cooper Thomas, Esq;
N(orth). Walsh(am).

Cooper John, his Son
N(orth). Walsh(am).

Cooper John, Neph. to Tho.

Cooper HenryMaster 

Cooper HenryMaster   

Cooper John, his BrotherPipemaker   

Cooper RobertMeeter   

Copping RobertBakerWangfor(d).  

Coppock WilliamSailmakerLondon

Cornwall JohnGlazier 

Corterton SamuelShipwright 

Cotman Jos. Esq; Alderm(an).

Cotman Jn. Esq; Ald(erman). his Br(other).Merchant   

[Page] 15      
Cousens ChristopherCordwainerNorwich  

Cousens CharlesAlehouse-keep(er). 

Cousens Cha. jun. } his

Cousens James }WeaverNorwich

Cousens John } SonsWeaverNorwich

Cousin ChristopherAttorney   

Creak ThomasBrasier   

Creak Robert, his BrotherLabourer   

Croskill HenryShipwright   

Cross JohnRopemaker   

Cross Roberts [sic]Shipwright   

Crowforth JohnMariner   

Cubit JohnMasterMundesley

Cubit SimonCooperLondon  

Cubit Robert

Cully JohnCordwainer 

Cullyer William

Cullyer RobertCooperLowestoff

Culpeck RobertCarpenter 

Curtis JosiahBarber 

Cushing ThomasMaster   

Custins SamuelMariner 

[Page] 16      
Custins Roberts, his BrotherBaker   

Custins EdmundShipwright   

Cutting Jos,Attorney   

Cutting Wm. his BrotherManufacturerNorwich  

Cutting ChristopherMarinerWells

Dade WilliamShipwright 

Daines ChristopherSailmaker   

Dakin GeorgeBrasier   

Dakin James, his BrotherRopemakerLowestoff  

Dalling JamesBlockmaker   

Daniel WilliamBarberHomersfi(eld).  

Daniel Richard, his Broth(er).Meeter 

Davy ThomasMaster 

Davy William, his BrotherSailmaker 

Dawson James, C. C.Merchant   

Dawson RobertMasonNorwich  

Dearham SimeonRopemaker   

Debbieg HughBarber   

Devall John

Devall Thomas, his Brother

Dixon James

[Page] 17      
Dixon Jam. jun. } his

Dixon Samuel } Sons

Dobson Jos.Master 

Dobson Jonn [sic] } his

Dobson Nat. } BrothersCustom Officer 

Dobson JohnMariner 

Dobson JohnCooperNorwich  

Downing NathanielTannerBungay

Dowson Henry GibsonRopemaker  

Drake SamuelMerchant 
Drake Adam, his BrotherMaster   

Draper SamuelBlockmaker  

Draper Thomas GoskarBarber 

Duck RobertGlazier   

Dunn Christopher

Dunn JohnMariner 

Durrant WilliamMariner   

Durrant WilliamHatterNorwich

Dye HenryFerryman   

Dye Robert, his Brother

Dye GeorgeBrasier   

Dyke NicholasMaster   

[Page] 18      
Eastmore BenjaminRopemaker 
Edmunds SamuelGlazierNorwich  

Edmunds Hen. his BrotherMarinerHarwich (Essex)

Edwards ThomasCooper 

Eldridge JohnCooper 

Eldridge Tho. his BrotherCooper 

Ellis Richard
N(orth). Repps

Ellis Rev. John, his Son
N(orth). Repps

Ellys Tho. Esq; Alderm(an).

Ellys Robert, his BrotherGardiner 
Ellys Thomas, his NephewAttorney  

Emms WilliamMariner 

England Edmund

Eagle RichardCarter   

Errington SamuelRopemaker 

Errington Geo. } hisRopemaker 

Errington Jos. } SonsSalesman 

Errington HenryBlockmaker   

Evans ThomasTaylor   

Faltrick JohnMariner 

Farrington JamesShopkeeperLondon

[Page] 19      
Farrow JohnCooperLondon

Farrow Samuel, his BrotherRopemakerLowestoff  

Faulk RobertMariner  

Faulk JohnMaster  

Faulk Jos,Mariner  

Faulk JohnMariner 

Fell WilliamCornbuyerNorwich  

Fell John, his BrotherCornbuyerNorwich  

Fell SamuelMaster  

Ferrier Robert, Esq; Ald(erman).Attorney 

Ferrier JohnGrocer 
Fielding GeorgeCustom OfficerWoodbri(dge). (SFK)

Fish NathanielMaster 

Fish John, his BrotherBoatman 

Fisher JohnMerchant 

Fisher John, jun. } hisMerchant 

Fisher William } SonsMerchant   

Fisher JamesMariner 

Flaxman Robert

Fleming James

Foreman Samuel, juniorMariner   

Forster Pexall, C. C.Custom Officer 

Forster Teney, his Son

Fowle J. Esq; RECORDER

[Page] 20      
Fowler JohnMerchant  

Fox Nicholas

Frary JohnGlazier   

Frary EdmundMariner 

Frary RobertMariner 

Freeman HenryPorter at Wrest.   


Fuller WilliamBaker   

Fuller Sam. } hisBarber   

Fuller John } BrothersBaker   

Futter FrancisCarpenter   

Gardiner JohnRopemakerNorwich

Gardiner JohnCooper 

Garney GodfreyAnchorsmith 

Gaze SamuelCornbuyerNorwich

Gaze Sam. jun. his SonCornbuyerNorwich

Gelieu GeorgeJoynerCambridg(e)

George ThomasGardinerHorstead  

Gibbs WilliamRopemaker   

Gibbs John, his BrotherCordmakerNorwich

Giffett WilliamExisemanCambrid(ge).

Giles RichardRopemaker 

[Page] 21      
Giles Charles } his

Giles William } Sons

Gillett ThomasMariner   

Gillings DanielRopemaker   

Gimingham Robert, C. C.Brewer 

Glover John

Goddle PacyJoynerLondon  

Godfrey TimothyCooper  

Godfrey Stephen, his SonCooper  

Godfrey SamuelCarpenter 

Golder WilliamLabourer   

Gooch Sir Thomas, Bart.
Benacre (SFK)

Gooch HenryBlockmaker 

Gooch JohnCooper   

Goodson WilliamMariner 

Goodwin John, C. C.Grocer   

Goodwin Jo. jun. } hisMaster   

Goodwin George } Sons

Goskar ThomasCompassmakerLynn

Goskar Tho. jun. } hisGlazierLynn

Goskar Samuel } SonsCarpenterEuston  

Goskar WilliamCompassmaker 

Gowing RichardCooper   

Gowing John, his SonBaker   

[Page] 22      
Gray Anthony CooperMaster 

Greene ThomasMeeter   

Greene SamuelSchoolmaster 

Greene Samuel JuniorBaker 

Greene RobertSmack 

Greene SamuelMarinerHull

Grice JohnMariner   

Grice Samuel, his BrotherTaylor 

Griggs GeorgeRopemaker   

Grimstone ThomasRopemakerLondon  

Grudgefield William

Grudgefield W. ju. } h(is)Mariner 

Grudgefield Johns. } Sons

Grudgefield JohnLabourer   

Le Grys CharlesMerchant   

Hagon Richard

Hagon John, his SonMaster 

Hall AaronMariner   

Hambling CharlesMealmanBungay

Hannor JamesCustom Officer 

Harbourd ThomasSailmaker 

[Page] 23      
Hardingham Jos.GrocerNorwich

Harley RichardBaker   

Harmer SamuelCutlerNorwich

Harmer Sam. jun. his SonAttorneyNorwich

Harmer ThomasAttorney 

Harridence RichardShoemaker 

Harridence Ri, jun. his Son

Harris JohnMasterLondon  

Harwick JohnHotpresserNorwich  

Haw WilliamRopemaker 

Haw William jun. his SonCordwainer 

Hawes JohnGardinerNorwich  

Hawes Jos.

Hayam JohnRopemaker 

Heach ThomasBaker  

Hearne JohnShipwright 

Helmes ThomasCarpenter   

Hembling StephenJoyner 

Henzell PaulMaster   

Herring William

Herring BenjaminCustom Officer 

Herring Benj. jun. his SonBlockmaker 

[Page] 24      
Herring Nat. Son of Wm.Custom Officer 

High JohnDrummer 

Hodge EdmundLabourer   

Holmes JamesMarinerLondon

Hooke WilliamSurgeon  

Hooke Wm. jun. his SonSurg(eon). to a Reg. 

Hookes DanielMariner 

Howard WilliamHusbandmanWoolterton

Howard John } hisTaylorIteringh. (Itteringham)

Howard Robt. } Broth(ers).HusbandmanRoughton

Howard WilliamCordwainerN(orth). Walsh(am).

Howard Robert, his Broth(er).MarinerSalthouse

Howard WilliamBrasierNorwich  

Howes WilliamMaster   

Howes ThomasJoyner   

Howes JohnBeadleman   

Howes Thomas, his Broth(er).Ropemaker 

Howes Robert

Hoxon Thomas

Hurnard RobertCorn-buyer  

Hurnard WilliamGentlemanThurn(e)  

Hurry ThomasMaster 

[Page] 25      
Hurry Tho. jun. } hisMaster 

Hurry Gabriel }Custom Officer 

Hurry John }Grocer 

Hurry Samuel } SonsMaster 

Hurst WilkinDrummer 

Huss WilliamMeeter   

Jackson RobertHosier 

Qu. Jackson Barret, his Bro(ther).

James BenjaminMast. of WorkhWapping

James Benj. jun. his SonBlockmakerLondon

Jarvis WilliamTidesman  

Jarvis RobertCorn-buyer   

Jarvis RobertCarter   

Jennis ThomasBaker 

Jennis Tho. jun. his SonBaker   

Jenkinson RichardButcher   

Jenkinson Henry, his Bro(ther).Ropemaker   

Jermy Jeremiah

Jermy John, his Brother

Jex JamesKeelman   

Ingram CharlesSailmaker 

[Page] 26      
Ingram JohnRopemaker   

Ingram CharlesCooper 

Johnson ThomasCustom Officer 

Johnson Tho. jun } hisMasterLynn

Johnson Mat. }Mariner 

Johnson Samuel } SonsMariner 

Jolly SamuelCustom OfficerLondon

Jolly Sam. jun. his SonCorn-buyerGeldeston
Jolly BenjaminBaker   

Jolly WilliamMeter 
Jolly WilliamMariner 

Ives JohnMerchant 

Ives John, jun. his SonMerchant 

Ives JohnMaster 

Kerridge JohnLinnen-draper   

Kerridge SamuelBarber   

Kett WilliamSailmaker   

Kett Thomas, his BrotherRopemaker 

Killett Sam. Esq; Alderm(an).Merchant 

King ThomasBaker 

Kipping LowenShipwright   

[Page] 27      
Kittridge JohnSurgeon 

Knight Benjamin, Esq;

Knott JamesMariner   

Lammas LeonardSawyer   

Lancaster Robert, C. C.Shipwright 

Lane Benjamin, C. C.Glasier 

Lane Ben. jun. his SonGrocer 

Lefabuer CharlesCooperNorwich  

Leggitt JohnMariner   

Leggitt Jo. jun. } hisMariner   

Leggitt Robert } SonsMariner   

Lessey JohnCooperGorleston  

Lessey NathanielCooper 

Lessey SamuelHusbandmanHempsted (Hempstead)

Lessey Mat. his BrotherHusbandmanWood-dal (Wood Dalling)

Lettice ThomasRopemaker 

Lettice WilliamRopemaker 

Lewis WilliamMaster   

Lewis RichardMast. of Ch. Sc.   

Lewis SamuelShoemaker 

Liffin RobertMaster 

[Page] 28      
Linder George

Linkley ChristopherMaster 

Lombe Samuel

Lone SpencerMaster   

Lone Thomas, his BrotherMaster   

Lonsdale JamesTavern-keeper 

Lonsdale James, jun. his SonMariner 

Love Barry Brightin, Esq;

Love John, Esq;

Luson Robert, Esq;

Luson Samuel, his SonAttorney 

Luson Hewling, Esq;

Lynch FrancisMariner   

Mackerell BenjaminApothecaryCley

Manby John, jun.Glazier 

Manclarke Thomas, C. C.Brewer  

Manclarke Colm. C. C. } hisLimeburner  

Manclarke Roger }Brewer 

Manclarke Tho. jun. }Attorney 

Manclarke John } Sons
Caius Col(lege).

Manclarke Ri. Bro(ther). to Tho.TinmanLynn

[Page] 29      
Manning WilliamMerchant 

Manning Wm. jun. his SonMerchant 

Manning Tho. Bro(ther). to Wm.Merchant 

Manning ThomasJoyner 

Manning Wm. } hisBasketmaker 

Manning John } SonsJoyner 

Manning SamuelWhitesmith 

Manning Thomas

Margeram SamuelGentlemanThurton 

Margeram John, his Broth(er).BakerLondon

Marsden ThomasBasketmaket   

Marshall JamesJoyner   

Marshall Robert, his Broth(er).ShopkeeperAcle  

Martin Tho. Esq; Alderm(an).Merchant 

Martin John Jones

Martins RobertMaster  

Martins SamuelShip-CarpenterLondon

Mash John, C. C.Cooper 

Mash Jo. jun. his Son, C.C.Surgeon 

Mason David, C. C.Merchant   

Mason ThomasSailmaker   

Mason James, his BrotherSailmaker  

[Page] 30      
Masters MarkSailmaker 

Masters Peter } hisBridewell Keep(er). 

Masters Jacob } Broth(er).Grocer 

Mayhew ThomasMasonColchester (ESS)

Mayhew Tho. jun. his SonMason   

Meadowes RobertMariner   

Meadowes ThomasMariner 

Meeke Jos. CawstonMaster   

Meeke John his BrotherMaster  

Meen SampsonPublican   

Merriman JohnCordwainer   

Middleton ThomasCooper   

Miles JohnCooperLowestoff  

Miles William } hisMariner   

Miles Thomas } Broth(er).Mariner   

Miles RichardCordwainer   

Miller RichardBarber   

Miller John, his NephewMariner   

Miller Tho. his BrotherCordw(ainer) & Drum 

Milles Tho. Esq; Alderm(an).Attorney 

Milles GeorgeMariner 

Minns RobertCarpenter   

[Page] 31      
Minns Robert

Mitchell JohnFishermanScarboro(ugh). (YKS)

Moon JohnFisher. Hospit. 

Moon Robert, his SonKeelman   

Moore SamuelRopemaker 

Moore Thomasin the GuardsLondon

Morley JohnMasterLondon 

Morley John, jun. his SonSailmakerLondon 

Morris JohnMerchant 
Morris NathanielRopemaker 

Morris ThomasMason 

Morse FrancisLinnen-draper 

Morse Francis, jun. his SonLinnen-draper 

Morse JohnMerchant 

Morsse SamuelBarberGorleston  

Moulton SamuelBarber 

Moulton John, his SonCarpenter   

Moxon WilliamJoynerLondon  

Moyse Richard, AldermanBaker 

Moyse Rainham, his Son

Nall MeddowShipwright 

Neave JohnJoyner   

Neave JohnWorkhouse 

[Page] 32      
Neave BenjaminCooper 

Neave CawstonSleamakerNorwich

Neave Peter, his BrotherCordwainer 

Nicholls William, juniorMaster   
Nicholson Thomas

Nicholson Wm. his Neph(ew).Shipwright   

Nicholson NathanielCarpenter 

Qu. Nicholson ThomasPainterLondon  

Nightingale JohnMariner 

Norfor JohnRopemaker 

Norfor JamesRopemaker 

Norfor JohnRopemaker 

Norfor JohnRopemaker 

Norfor EdwardRopemaker 

Norfor PeterRopemaker 

Norton WilliamShipwright 

Nunn Jonathan

Nunn William

Nutter JamesTaylor 

Nutter James, jun. his SonShipwright 

Oliver JohnMariner   

Padnall ThomasBurgh St. Peter [sic]   

[Page] 33      
Pagett SamuelRopemaker 

Pain Is.Mariner 

Palmer William DanbyShipwright   

Palmer Josh, juniorShipwright   

Parson Francis, C. C.Hosier, &c.   

Partridge RobertMerchantNorwich

Pashby JamesMariner   

Pashby John, his BrotherMariner   

Paterson JohnMerchant   

Pattenger WilliamSailmaker 

Paul Thomas, junior

Pay JohnSailmakerLondon

Peartree JohnWeaverNorwich  

Peartree Jos. his NephewCompassmaker   

Peartree WilliamWeaverNorwich

Peele William

Pinnock RobertRigger 

Pinson Charles

Pinson Henry
} St.

Pinson Samuel
} Marg.

Pinson William

Pitt ThomasGlazier 

Plowman GeorgePublican 

Plowman RobertMariner 

[Page] 34      
Pope GeorgePublican 

Pope Georgequ. the same 

Porter Richard, C. C.Custom Officer 

Postle Stephen

Postle BowdenBrasier   

Postle WilliamMariner   

Postle James

Preston Is. Esq; STEWARD

Preston JohnHusbandmanRollesby

Preston John, jun. } hisHusbandmanRollesby

Preston Is. } SonsLabourer 

Pue WilliamAttorneyLondon  

Ramey Jos. C. C.Custom Officer 

Ramey Jos. ju. his Son, C. C.Surgeon 

Ramey John, C. C.Attorney   

Randall JohnCordwainerNorwich

Reeve Thomas, C. C.Anchorsmith 

Reynolds JamesLabourer   

Riches GeorgeShipwright   

Rivett TobiasMeeter 

Rivett Tobias, jun, his SonExcise OfficerN. Leach.

[Page] 35      
Rivett JohnCooper 

Robinson WilliamMariner   

Robinson JohnCooper   

Robinson Jemmy CrispinRopemaker 

Robkins PhilipBaker   

Robson JohnBlockmaker   

Rockwood BrowneMariner 

Roper GeorgeRopemaker 

Rose GeorgeMaster 

Rounce ThomasFisherm(an). Hosp. 

Rounce Philip, his Son

Rudd John
E(ast). Ruston

Russell HenryMusician   

Rycraft RobertKeelman   

Savage CharlesMariner 

Savery ThomasShipwright   

Saul Francis, juniorMaster  

Saul Samuel, his BrotherMariner   

Sayers ChristopherBlockmaker   

Sayers Milleson, } hisMariner   

Sayers John } Bro(ther).Blockmaker   

[Page] 36      
Sayers Francis

Sayers Is.Mariner   

Scot MichaelMaster   

Scot RobertCooperLondon

Scot AnthonyKeelman 

Scurry BenjaminClerk of Chapel   

Scurry Flight, his SonMariner   

Seagoe RichardMaster 

Seales FrancisLinnen-draper 

Seaman Francis, C. C.

Seaman Francis, jun. his SonMaster   

Settle John

Shaw EdmundCordwainer 

Sheals JohnCustom Officer 

Sherman WilliamLabourer   

Sherrington WilliamTinman 

Shilley SamuelCustom OfficerPakefield (SFK)

Shippee JohnMarinerSteers, Y.  

Shoemaker JohnMariner 

Skurriel Benjamin

Slapp BenjaminJoyner 

Slapp John, his SonWeaverBawdsw(ell).  

[Page] 37      
Slater William
Chatham (Kent)

Sley JamesMaster 

Sloman JohnMariner   

Smith TiteMerchantDenton

Smith Aldred

Smith RichardWorkhouse   

Smith Rich, jun. } hisMaster 
Smith Robert } SonsCordwainerLowestoff  

Smith JohnMariner   

Smith WilliamMariner   

Smith GeorgeMariner 

Smith ThomasRopemaker   

Smith JohnBrasierNorwich  

Smith WilliamShoemakerNorwich

Smith-Dale ThomasBarberLoddon  

Smith-Dale Ja. his Broth(er).BarberBury

Smithson James, jun.AttorneyMonksW.  

Snook EdwardMaster   

Spanton JohnShipwright   

Spanton SamuelShipwright 

Spanton John } hisMaster   

Spanton Benj. } Broth(er).Shipwright   

[Page] 38      
Spanton BenjaminBaker 

Spanton Jos. his SonCustom Officer 

Sparrow Samuel

Spence ThomasMariner 

Spencer WilliamBaker 

Spencer Wm. jun. his SonMariner 

Spendlove RichardMaster 

Spicer SamuelMariner   

Spicer Sam. jun. } hisMariner   

Spicer Benjamin } SonsShipwright   

Spicer Richard, his Neph.Mariner   

Spicer SimonCooperLowestoff

Spilman James, Esq;Bank DirectorLondon

Spilman Is.Sailmaker 

Spilman Wm. his BrotherCustom OfficerLowestoff

Spilman Ja. their NephewSailmaker 

Spilman Robert

Spilman ZaccheusMariner   

Spilman Nat. his BrotherWeaverNorwich

Spilman WhalesSailmakerLynn

Spilman NathanielMariner 

Spilman ThomasSadlerN. Wash. (North Walsham?)

[Page] 39      
Spilman JohnRopemaker   

Spore HenryFarmerRunhall  

Spurgeon Richard, C. C.Custom Officer 

Spurgeon Robert, his Bro.Custom Officer 

Stacey WilliamCooper 

Staff LeonardAlehouse-keep(er). 

Staff JohnMariner 

Staff WilliamMariner 

Stamp JohnSmack 

Stannard JohnRopemaker   

Stanton HenryCordwainer 

Stanton Robert, his SonCordwainer   

Starr JonathanCooper 

Steele SamuelMaster   

Steward TimothyMaster   

Steward Tim. jun. his SonMariner   

Steward ThomasShipwright   

Stimpson PeterMeter  

Stimpson Jos.Master   

Stocker ChristopherShipwright 

Stockwell JohnMarinerHarwich (ESS)

Stokes WilliamRopemaker 

[Page] 40      
Storey Samuel, A. B.
Caius Col(lege).  

Storey Robert, juniorMarinerWells

Strangleman WilliamCooperPulham

Suggett WilliamMaster   

Suggett Wm. jun. his SonMariner   

Swanborough JohnMariner 

Symonds Cotton, Esq;

Symonds NathanielLimeburner   

Symonds Nat. jun. his SonRopemaker   

Symonds NathanielGlazier   

Tate BenjaminPattin-maker 

Tate Ben. jun. his SonSailmaker   

Taylor BraceyAttorney   

Taylor AnthonyMerchant   

Taylor WilliamGrocer   

Taylor Geo. } hisGrocerLondon 

Taylor John } Broth(er).Grocer   

Taylor AndrewMaster   

Taylor AnthonyBarber 

Taylor Richard, his Broth(er).
Ellow (Ellough, SFK)  

Thompson Robert, C. C.Salesman 

[Page] 41      
Thompson R. jun. his SonSalesman 

Thompson JamesMaster 

Thomson Ja. jun. his SonMaster 

Thompson JohnCaulker   

Thompson WilliamSailmaker 

Thompson MatthewShipwright 

Thompson William

Thompson LarkinBrewer's Serva(nt).   

Thorp ThomasPainter   

Todd CharlesShip-carpenter   

Todd JamesMariner   

Tolver RobertMeeter   

Tompkin IsraelShipwright   

Tompkin Is. jun. } h(is).Mariner 

Tompkin Alexan. } SonsMariner 

Townshend Hon. George
Cranmar [sic] (*)


Townshend Hon. Rog. } Bro(ther).

Townshend Hon. Geo. } Unc-

Townshend Hon. Hor. } les

Trendle Jos.

Trotter WilliamMariner   

[Page] 42      
Trotter Harmer, his Bro(ther).Sawyer   

Tuck Jos.Brewer 

Turner Thomas, Esq;

Turner Reverend Francis

Turner JohnBakerNorwich

Turner PeterMariner 

Wade Rice RobertCooperN(orth). Walsh(am).  

Wakeman Giles, Esq; Ald(erman).Surgeon   

Wakeman Brightin, C. C.Merchant   

Wale GeorgeCustom Officer 

Wale John, his BrotherInn-keeperLittlebury (N.W. ESS)

Wale John, jun. his SonWatchmakerNorwich

Wale Richard } Bro(ther). toCarter 

Wale William } Geo.Carter   

Wale SamuelCustom Officer 

Wale Sam. jun. his SonDesignerLondon

Waller WilliamMariner 

Wallis John, AldermanIronmonger 

WALPOLE Hon. Sir. EDW. }
Knight of the Bath }


[Page] 43      
Walpole Right Honour. }
Horatio, his Uncle }


Walpole Hor. jun. } his

Walpole Richard } Sons

Walsingham EdwardCooperNorwich

Ward Geo. Esq; Alderm(an).

Ward ThomasMaster 

Ward James, Esq; Alder(man).Custom Officer 

Ward Samuel

Warnes JohnRopemakerLondon

Warnes Tho. his BrotherRopemaker   

Waters BenoniKeelman   

Waters Is.Mariner 

Watson JohnMerchant  

Watson Robert

Watson Robert

Watson Robertqu. the same 

Watson Thomas

Watson ThomasWatchmaker  

Watson Edward, his Bro(ther).Keelmen [sic]Norwich

Watson ThomasKeelman   

Watson WilliamWorkhouse   

[Page] 44      
Weeds RogerKeelman   

Welsh WilliamMariner 

Welsh JohnBleecher   

Whiley RichardMaster   

White Robert, C. C.Surgeon   

White Thomas

Whitton Thomas, C. C.Brasier  

Whitton And. } hisBrasier 

Whitton John } Broth(er).AttorneyLondon

Wilcock Edward, C. C.Custom Officer 

Wilcock Edw. jun. his SonMaster 

Wilcock RichardMariner   

Williams JamesMariner 

Wilson WilliamBakerNorwich

Wilson Thomas } hisSurgeonHarleston  

Wilson Theoph. } Bro(ther).DyerNorwich

Wilson EdwardMariner 

Wilson Robert, jun.Mariner   

Qu. Wilson EnochMariner 
Wilson Samuel

Wilson AdamMariner 

Winn EdmundShipwright   

Winn John, his SonShipwright   

Winn SampsonParish Clerk 
[Page] 45      
Winn George, his BrotherWorkhouse 

Winn George, his SonShipwright 

Winn JohnTavern-keeper   

Winn John, jun. his SonMariner   

Winn JeremyMariner   

Winn GeorgeBarber   

Witchingham JohnBaker   

Witchingham Greg.BakerNorwich  

Woods RobertBakerLowestoff  

Woolmer RobertAttorney 

Woolner EdwardBaker   

Worship William, jun.Attorney 

Wray Jos.

Wright John, C. C.Cooper 

Wright JohnLinnen-draper 

Wright Samuel, his SonGrocer 

Wright StephenMasterN(orth). Shields

Wright Mark

Wright MilesBlockmaker   

Wright Samuel

Youngs JohnShipwright   

Youngs EdmundMariner 

F   I   N   I   S.    



[End of Poll Book]

The publishers (being the losing candidates) wanted the public to know the 112 people who had "Broken their Promises". If this had not happened then they would have been elected as illustrated below.

CandidateVotesVotes as


Corporation of Great Yarmouth

This consisted of at this time :- The Mayor (William Butcher), Recorder (J. Fowle), Steward (Isaac Preston), Sub-steward, Aldermen (of whom 15 voted) and 36 Common Councillors (marked "C. C." in the poll).


Those who voted were :- Robert ABBON, Richard BAKER, Browne Wm. BROWNE, Jos. COTMAN, Jn. COTMAN, Thomas ELLYS (Ellis), Robert FERRIER, Samuel KILLET, Thomas MARTIN, Thomas MILLES, Richard MOYSE, Giles WAKEMAN, John WALLIS, George WARD and James WARD.


  • 1. Some variation will be found in the names of the places in the book. Standard place names are given in brackets () following where necessary so that places are found with a search.
  • 2. Ald. = Alderman, C. C. = "Common Councilmen or Councillors"
  • 3. "Lowestoff" = Lowestoft in Suffolk.
  • 4. There are places called Carlton and Carlton Colville in Suffolk and four Carlton's in Norfolk.
  • 5. "Ramsley/Ramsey" may be Ramsey in Essex?.
  • 6. Under "Padnell" the place of residence has been put in the occupation column in the original.
  • 7. The meaning of "Qu" in the text is unknown.
  • 8. "N. Leach" may be "North Leech" near Morpeth, "Northleach" in Gloucestershire or where?.
  • 9. "St. Marg." may be "Lowestoft" in Suffolk?
  • 10. Hon. George Townshend was also of Raynham Hall in Norfolk. The "Cranmar" against his name is where?
  • 11. Many places outside Norfolk had seafaring connections through trade and shipbuilding. Some of those given as residences are listed below together with the Chapman county codes in "[]" in which they lay in 1754 :- Colchester [ESS], Deptford [KEN], Harwich [ESS], London [LND], Newcastle [NBL], Plaistow [ESS], Wapping [MDX].

Other Yarmouth Polls

Given below are the dates for the other Polls up to 25th July 1837 with links to further transcriptions. For later ones follow the link to Great Yarmouth voting page. Note that where more than one printer published the poll then the date is followed by their name.


See also the main Voting pageGreat Yarmouth Voting page and the Great Yarmouth parish page.

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