Norfolk: Great Yarmouth


Voting Registers - Poll 1790

The poll for two members to serve in Parliament for the Borough of Great Yarmouth, taken on Friday 18th June 1790 and published by I. D. Downes and March. The transcription includes :- Voters names, Occupations, Residences & some relationships.

Most of the places of residence are in Norfolk or Suffolk but a number of people are seen to be living elsewhere. The notes section will help to identify the location of some of these.

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]

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P      O      L      L




P A R L I A M E N T,

For the BURGH of

G R E A T  Y A R M O U T H,


County of NORFOLK;

Taken on FRIDAY the 18th of JUNE, 1790,












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E R R A T A.

For Carter Mosech, Jun. Ropemaker, Yarmouth, B. read MESECH, &c.

For Iues William, Mariner, Yarmouth, T. and S. read, IVES, &c.

For Knights Nathaniel, Ropemaker, Yarmouth, S. read T. and S.

For Kerrick Thomas, Esq. Geldestone, T. and B. read, KERRICH, &c.

For Mackarel, Hempdresser, Yarmouth, T. and S. read, Mackarel John, HAIR-DRESSER, &c.

For Stodart Joseph, Jun. Shipwright, Yarmouth, T. and S. read, Stodart Joseph, SEN. &c.

For Stodart Joseph, Jun. Shipwright, Yarmouth, T. and S. Italic, read Stodart, &c, COOPER, and dele * for double Vote. ---viz. Voted only once.

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P      O      L      L



For the BURGH of

G R E A T  Y A R M O U T H,

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.T.B.S.
ADKIN Thomas ----Yarmouth

Adkin Tho. jun.Merchant ditto
Adair William, Esq. ----Lincoln's-Inn
Aldred JamesCooperYarmouth
Aldridge JohnBricklayer ditto

Allured JohnUpholster ditto  
Ames WilliamWeaverNorwich

Ames Thomas KempisTwisterer ditto

Ames JosephWeaver ditto

Ames HenryLabourer ditto 
Arminger MarmadukeMarinerYarmouth
Armstrong HenryMillwright ditto
Arnold Aldous CharlesGent.Lowestoft 

* Arnold Aldous CharlesGent. ditto 

Ashley JamesCordwainerYarmouth

Athill EdwardMerchant ditto

Audley Henry, sen.Book-keeper ditto
Audley Henry, jun.Victualler ditto
Ayers ThomasShipwright ditto

Ayers RobertRopemaker ditto


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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.T.B.S.
Bacon JohnShipwrightYarmouth

Bacon William, sen. ditto ditto

Baker JohnMerchant ditto

Baker Rev. John, jun. ---- ditto
Baker ThomasGent. ditto
Baldry RanninghamSchoolmasterLowestoft

Balls JohnCarpenterYarmouth
Banks Thomas, sen.Pulleymaker ditto

Banks Thomas, jun. ditto ditto

Barber Samuel, sen.Mariner ditto

Barber Samuel, jun. ditto ditto

Barnby John ditto ditto

Barrell JohnCordwainer ditto

Barrett EdwardWeaverNorwich

Barrow HenryFarmerRunham

Bateman ThomasSurgeonOrmesby

Bartram ThomasShopkeeperSouth Repps

Baxfield RichardCabinetmakerNorwich 
Bayley Joseph, sen.CordwainerYarmouth

Bayley Joseph, jun. ditto ditto

Beckett ThomasShipwright ditto
Beckett Thomas, jun. ditto ditto
Bell JohnGent. ditto

Bell CarseyMariner ditto

Bell John BarkerMerchantSouth Town

Bell William PattingHairdresserYarmouth 
Bell SamuelGent.Yarmouth

Benting Robert, sen. ditto ditto


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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.T.B.S.
Benting Robert, jun.FarmerCaistor

Bickerton JobGent.Yarmouth

Bird Thomas dittoGorlestone 
Bishop JohnCaulkerYarmouth

Bishop SamuelLabourer ditto
Bishop SamuelMariner ditto  
Black JosephCaulker ditto

Blundell FrancisMariner ditto

Blundell JohnRopemaker ditto
Boardman Richard M.Baker ditto 
Bokenham JoshuaBook-keeper ditto

Bolchen HenryBook-keeperNorwich

Bonifant WilliamGrocer ditto

Bonifant BenjaminSailmaker ditto
Bottson MatthewMarinerLowestoft 
Boulter James dittoGreenwich

Bowen JohnVictuallerYarmouth
Bowen RobertMerchantNorwich

Bowles Thomas, jun.Mariner ditto

Bowles Samuel, jun. ditto ditto

Bowles JohnTwinespinner ditto

Bowles BernardIronmonger ditto
Bowles SamuelMariner ditto

Bowles EdwardLabourer ditto

Bowles SamuelRopemaker ditto
Bowles WilliamMariner ditto

Bowles RobertRopemaker ditto

Bowles JohnMariner ditto
Bowles HenryRopemaker ditto

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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.T.B.S.
Bowles SamuelRopemaker ditto

Brabant HenryCaulker ditto
Brabant JohnShipwright ditto
+ Brett George ditto ditto

Bracey JayGent. ditto

Bracey ThomasRopemaker ditto

Brazell James, jun.Mariner ditto 
Bream Samuel, sen.Cabinetmaker ditto
Bream Samuel, jun. ditto ditto
Brightman WilliamMarinerYarmouth

Brightman HenryCorn-meter ditto
Browes JohnFisherman ditto

Brown JohnGent.Ludham
Brown RobertMerchantColtishall
Brown WilliamRopemakerNorwich

Brown ThomasFishermanYarmouth

Brown John RockwoodGrocer ditto
Brown SamuelTaylor ditto
Browne WilliamGent. ditto

Brown WilliamMariner ditto

Brown John, sen.Upholster ditto

Brown JosephMariner ditto 
Brown WilliamRopemaker ditto

Brown WilliamCarpenter ditto
Brown WilliamMariner ditto

Brown WilliamBricklayerBeccles 
Brown JohnChandlerYarmouth

Browne HenryCordwainerYarmouth

Browne RobertMariner ditto

Browne JosephCordwainer ditto
Browne HenryMariner ditto

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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.T.B.S.
Bullman ThomasLabourerYarmouth

Brooks WilsonCordwainer ditto

Burton JohnFarmerN(orth). Burlingham

Burgess JamesShipwrightYarmouth
Burton Robert FerrierGent. ditto

Bussey JamesMariner ditto
Bussey PhilipKeelman ditto

Carter Mosech, jun.MarinerYarmouth 
Cattermoul ThomasW. MerchantNorwich

Cates JohnGlazierFakenham
Chandler Charles, jun.MerchantYarmouth

Chaplain Henry dittoBlakeney
Chapman John, sen.CooperYarmouth

Chapman JohnShipwright ditto
Cheeper IsaacCordwainer ditto

Cheeper AnthonyMerchant ditto

Child RichardSailmaker ditto

Clabon JohnFarmerHoxne

Clabon GeorgeCurrierYarmouth
Clarke RobertPerukemakerWoodbridge 
Clarke WilliamCaulkerYarmouth
Clarke William ditto ditto
Clayton Thomas LeathGent. ditto

Clayton SamuelGrocer ditto

Clifton RobertMariner ditto

Clifton WilliamTwinespinner ditto

Cobb EdmundMerchant ditto 
Cockle JohnMariner ditto

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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.T.B.S.
Cockle LawrenceRopemakerYarmouth
Cocoa Francis dittoIpswich

Cocoa William dittoYarmouth

Colby DoverMerchant ditto

Colby NathanielGent. ditto

Colby JohnSailmaker ditto  
Cole WilliamGent.Loddon

Cole BenjaminHaberdasherNorwich

Coleman John SpoonerMarinerYarmouth

Colman John ClarkeCordwainerNorwich

Colman MorrisBrazier ditto

Cooke WilliamShipwrightYarmouth  
Cooke IsaacRopemaker ditto

Cooke Thomas, sen.Shipwright ditto
Cooke Thomas, jun. dittoGorlestone
Cooper Thomas, Esq. ----North Walsham
Cooper JohnMarinerYarmouth

Corp CharlesPulleymaker ditto

Cory RobertGent. ditto
Costerton Benjamin ditto ditto

Cotman JohnClerk ditto
Coultwas Samuel, sen.Twinespinner ditto

Cousens JamesCordwainerNorwich

Cowell JohnShipwrightYarmouth
Cowell IsaacPulleymaker ditto

Crabtree EdwardGent. ditto

Craggy WilliamHemp-dresser ditto

Crane JohnShipwright ditto

Crawfoot JohnWaterman ditto

Crockett WilliamGlazierYarmouth

Cross GeorgeCaulker ditto

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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.T.B.S.
Cross RobertCaulkerYarmouth

Cubitt Edmund ditto ditto

Cubitt EdmundShipwright ditto
Cubitt Edmund, jun. ditto ditto
Cubitt Robert, sen.Cooper ditto
Cullingford WilliamMariner ditto

Cullingford RuebenCooper ditto
Cully JohnPerukemakerNewt. Flatman
(Newton Flotman)
Curtis Josiah, sen. dittoYarmouth

Curtis Josiah, jun.Bellman ditto
Curtis RobertCordwainer ditto
Cushing James Mil. jun.Shipwright ditto

Custins ThomasMariner ditto

Custins CharlesCordwainerTrigby (Thrigby) 
Cutting William, Esq.MerchantNorwich

Daines ChristopherSailmakerYarmouth

Dakin George SoanesBrazier ditto

Dakin WilliamBaker ditto

Dale RichardHairdresserNorwich
Dale Thomas Smith ditto ditto

Dale John Smith ditto ditto

Daniel JohnGrocerYarmouth

Davie Allison, jun.Shipmaster ditto
Davey JamesShipwright ditto
Dawson JamesGent. ditto

Dawson WilliamCordwainer ditto

Dawson ThomasGent.Gorlestone


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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.T.B.S.
Dawson JamesTaylorLudham

Dawson WilliamCordwainerYarmouth

Day ChristmasRopemaker ditto

Day WatlingMariner ditto
Dayle James ditto ditto
Daynes RobertHatterNorwich

Dearham JosephRopemakerYarmouth

Dick WilliamGrocer ditto

Dixon JosephCordwainer ditto

* Dixon Joseph ditto ditto

Dobson JosephShipbuilder ditto
Dobson JohnTaylorNorwich

Downing ThomasGrocerWalsh(am). le Wil(lows).
Dowson BenjaminGent.Burgh Castle

Dowson Ben. Utting dittoGeldestone 
Drury EdmundRopemakerYarmouth
Drury EdmundShipwright ditto

Drury EdmundRopemakerYarmouth
Durant WilliamHatterNorwich 
Durant EdmundMarinerYarmouth

Durant HenryRopemaker ditto

Dyble JohnShipwright ditto
Dye FrancisMariner ditto

Dye Robert, sen.Caulker ditto 
Dye Robert, jun. ditto ditto
Dye ThomasMariner ditto
Dye GeorgeBrazier ditto
Dye WilliamCaulker ditto


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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.T.B.S.
Eastmure BenjaminMarinerYarmouth
Edwards RobertShipwright ditto

Eggleton JacobSawyer ditto

* Eggleton Jacob ditto ditto

Eldridge Wm. Nath.Vintner ditto

Eldridge JohnCordwainer ditto 

Eldridge John, sen.Cooper ditto

Eldridge John, jun. ditto ditto
Ellis ThomasGent.Cambridge
Ellis ThomasHairdresserYarmouth
Ellis John AbigailHackney-man ditto
* Ellis John AbigailYoeman [sic Yeoman] ditto
Ellis JohnMerchantCley
Ellis BenjaminSerj(eant). at MaceYarmouth
Ellis ThomasHairdresser ditto
Ellot JamesCabinetmaker ditto
Ellys ThomasGent. ditto
Ellys Robert dittoSouth Repps

Emes WilliamPerukemakerYarmouth

Errington George, sen.Ropemaker ditto

Errington George, jun. ditto ditto

Evans WilliamBoat-man ditto

Farrlie GilbertGent.Harwich

Farrer SamuelTwinespinnerLowestoft

Faulk JohnMarinerYarmouth

Fell JosephPulleymakerIpswich

Fell OwnerGent.Harwich


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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.T.B.S.
Fell WilliamMerchantNorwich

Fell RobertPulleymakerIpswich

Fenn RobertGrocerYarmouth

Ferrier Robert, sen.FarmerHemsby

Ferrier Robert, jun. ditto ditto

Ferrier RichardDraperYarmouth

Ferrier John, jun. ditto ditto

Fielding Benjamin, Esq. ---- ditto

Fish John, Esq. ---- ditto

Fish NathanielFarmerGorlestone

Fish SimonMarinerYarmouth

Fish John ditto ditto 
Fish Daniel ditto ditto
Fish George ditto ditto

Fish Simon ditto ditto

Fisher Wm. jun. Esq. ---- ditto

Fisher James, jun. Esq. ---- ditto

Fisher JohnMerchant ditto

Fitt WilliamBlacksmith ditto

Flatman Robert, sen.Gardener ditto

Flemming HarrisCarpenter ditto
Forster PexallPrinterIpswich

Fowler ThomasSailmakerYarmouth

Fox ThomasTwinespinner ditto

Francis RobertGrocerDiss

Freeman ThomasBrazierNorwich

Fuller JohnCordwainerYarmouth

Fuller RichardBakerNorwich

Fuller SamuelPerukemakerYarmouth


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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.T.B.S.
Garwood ThomasGlazierYarmouth
Garwood Thos. Fryer ditto ditto 
Garwood JamesMerchant ditto
Gibbs JohnHosier ditto
Giles NathanielMariner ditto

Giles William, jun.Twinespinner ditto

Giles WilliamMariner ditto

Gillet ThomasSailmaker ditto

Gillet WilliamCorn-meter ditto

Gillet RobertRopemakerLowestoft

Gillings Thomas dittoYarmouth
Gillings Daniel ditto ditto

Goddard Hosea ditto ditto
Godfrey StephenMerchant ditto
Godfrey ThomasFarmerWenniston (Wenhaston)
Godfrey SamuelCooperYarmouth

Gooch Henry, Esq. ----Colchester

Gooch Henry, jun.MarinerYarmouth

Gooch JamesFarmerQuiddenham (Quidenham)

Goodram John, jun.CabinetmakerYarmouth
* Goodram John, jun. ditto ditto
Goodson NicholasLabourer ditto
Goodwin JasperTwinespinnerSouthwould (Southwold)
Goodwin JohnCaulkerYarmouth

Goskar WilliamCompass-maker ditto

Gowen WilliamRopemaker ditto
Gowen WilliamMariner ditto
Grapes JonathanSailmaker ditto
Grave WilliamSailmakerYarmouth

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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.T.B.S.
Grave GeorgeSailmakerYarmouth
Green RobertMariner ditto

Greenwood JamesCordwainer ditto 
Grudgefield Philip S.Butcher ditto

Grudgefield JohnsonMariner ditto
Gurney JohnCordwainer ditto
Hall WilliamMarinerYarmouth

Hare Jacob ditto ditto

Harley RichardBaker ditto

Harley GurlingGent. ditto

Harman JohnSailmaker ditto
Harpley JamesPipemaker ditto 
Harridance DurrantCordwainer ditto

Hastings HenryWaterman ditto

Hastings Josehp [sic Joseph]Shipwright ditto
Haw JosephRopemaker ditto

Hedgeman NathanielGlazier ditto
Hedgeman CorneliusShipwright ditto

Herring BenjaminPulleymaker ditto
Hobart WilliamGrocer ditto
Hodskinson RandallCarpenter ditto

Hook Daniel, sen.Pilot ditto

Hook Daniel, jun.Mariner ditto

Hook JohnGrocer ditto

Hooper WilliamShipwrightSouth Town

Houghton Henry dittoYarmouth

Howard WilliamBrazierYarmouth

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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.T.B.S.
Howes WilliamGrocerBeccles 

Howes Thomas dittoYarmouth

Howes Thomas, sen.Carpenter ditto

Howes Thomas, jun. dittoYarmouth

Hubbard ThomasGent. ditto  
Hurry Thomas, sen. ditto ditto

Hurry Thomas, jun. ditto ditto 
Hurry WilliamMerchant ditto 
Hurry GeorgeGent. ditto 
Hurry Samuel ditto ditto 
Hurry James ditto ditto 
Ibrooke JohnGrocerLowestoft

Ingram LoveSailmakerYarmouth  
Ingram Charles, sen. ditto ditto

Ingram Charles, jun.Mariner ditto

Ingram John TowlerHotpresserNorwich

Ives John, Esq. ----Yarmouth
Jacks ThomasLabourer ditto
* Jacks Thomas ditto ditto
Jarred William SandsSchoolmaster ditto
Jex JamesRopemaker ditto

Jex Edward ditto ditto

Jinkenson RichardMariner ditto 
Jinkenson HenryRopemaker ditto

Johnson MatthewMariner ditto

* Johnson Matthew ditto ditto

Johnson JobJoiner ditto

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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.T.B.S.
Johnson ThomasShipwrightLowestoft

Johnson WilliamSailmakerYarmouth

Jones William ditto ditto

Jones GeorgeShipwright ditto
Jues WilliamMarinerYarmouth
Kemp JohnUpholsterYarmouth  
Kemp WilliamCooper ditto

Kerrich Thomas, Esq. ----Geldestone (Geldeston)

Kerridge JohnMerchantYarmouth
Kerridge JohnPerukemaker ditto

Kett ThomasRopemaker ditto

Kett MatthewMariner ditto

Kett WilliamSailmaker ditto

King SamuelBrazier ditto

King JosephBaker ditto

Knights NathanielGent.Burgh Castle

Knights NathanielRopemakerYarmouth
Knights SamuelBrazierHolt 
Lacey SamuelFarmerCaistor
Lamb JohnHairdresserYarmouth
Lammas LeonardSawyer ditto
Lane BenjaminGrocer ditto

Lancaster JamesShip-builder ditto
Lancaster John, jun.Shipwright ditto
Lasting ThomasMarinerIpswich


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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.T.B.S.
Lee JohnLabourerYarmouth 
Leggett CharlesMarinerGorlestone
Lessey SamuelHusbandmanCaistor

Lessey MatthewFarmerBoddam (Bodham)

Lessey RobertHusbandmanHerrington

Lessey John, jun.CooperYarmouth

Lessey AmbroseLabourer ditto
Lessey JohnCooperGorlestone

Lettis ThomasRopemakerYarmouth

Lettis John ditto ditto

Lewis SamuelLeathercutter ditto
Lewis Samuel DrakeCordwainer ditto
Lewis IsaacMusic-master ditto
Lewis NathanielCordwainer ditto

Lines WilliamFishermanCromer

Lindley JohnCoach-makerYarmouth
Linder DanielCarter ditto
Ling RichardMariner ditto

Looes WilliamGrocerN(orth). Elmham
Lone RichardMariner ditto

Lone RichardCarpenter ditto

Lonsdale RichardGlazier ditto 
Love JohnClerkSomerleyton
Loveday JamesShipwrightYarmouth

Lynch FrancisMariner ditto
Lyon JohnRopemaker ditto

Lyon CharlesMariner ditto

Mackarel JohnHairdresserYarmouth

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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.T.B.S.
Maddison WilliamCordwainerYarmouth

Mallett SleyMarinerGresson
Manclarke Austin Palg.Gent.Yarmouth
Mann ThomasGrocer ditto

Manning William, Esq. ----Ormesby St. M.

Manning JohnM. D.Norwich 
Manning Thomas, sen.TwinespinnerLowestoft

Manning ThomasCarter ditto

Manning William ditto ditto

Manning Samuel Brooks ditto ditto

Marsh JohnGent.Yarmouth
Marshall JohnFarmerS(outh). Walsham
Martin JohnMarinerYarmouth

Martin Thomas, Esq. ---- ditto
Martin Thomas, jun.ClerkColkirk
Martin HezekiahShipwrightYarmouth

Martin Thomas, sen.ButcherYarmouth
Martin Thomas, jun.Ropemaker ditto
Martyn JamesBoat-builder ditto
Mauley WilliamCaulker ditto
Mauley Valentine ditto ditto
Mayhew ThomasMariner ditto 
Meadows Thomas ditto ditto

Meadows ThomasCooper ditto

Meeke JohnMerchant ditto

Merrymen JohnCordwainer ditto
Mickleburgh RobertPlumber ditto

Miles RichardWeaver ditto

Miller RichardJoiner ditto
Miller Thomas, sen.Cordwainer ditto

Miller Thomas, jun. ditto ditto


[Page] 19

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.T.B.S.
Miller JamesCooperYarmouth

Mills AnthonyShipwright ditto

Mills John ditto ditto

Mitchell WilliamFarmerS(outh). Walsham 
Moon JohnKeelmanYarmouth

Moon ThomasLabourer ditto
Moore JohnMerchant ditto
Morgan Eli WilliamGrocer ditto
Morley JosephPilotGorlestone

Morris NathanielTwinespinnerYarmouth

Moss ThomasMariner ditto

Moss SamuelBarber ditto

Moss Samuel ditto ditto
Neslon WilliamGlazierLowestoft

Newell ThomasCaulkerYarmouth

Newton NathanielMariner ditto

Nicholls James ditto ditto

Nicholls JamesCarpenter ditto
Nicholson Nath. jun.Cordwainer ditto
* Nicholson Nath. jun. ditto ditto
Nicholson ThomasShipwrightLowestoft
Norfor WilliamRopemakerYarmouth
Norfor RobertGent. ditto
Norfor BenjaminMariner ditto
Norfor John, jun.Ropemaker ditto
Norfor JohnTwinespinner ditto

Norton JamesBrewer ditto  
Norton WilliamBricklayer ditto


[Page] 20

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.T.B.S.
Norton ThomasMillwrightYarmouth

Norton JohnPulleymaker ditto

Norton WilliamShipwright ditto

Olley GeorgeBrazierNorwich

Oliver ThomasCordwainerYarmouth

Oliver JohnMariner ditto
Ottey JohnShipmaster ditto
Page RobertRopemaker ditto

Pagett SamuelTwinespinnerYarmouth

Palgrave HenrySailmaker ditto

Palmer WilliamMerchant ditto

Palmer John ditto ditto

Palmer JamesRopemaker ditto

Palmer NathanielMerchant ditto

Palmer Nathaniel, jun. ditto ditto

Palmer John, jun.Mariner ditto

Palmer ThomasMerchant ditto

Palmer Nathaniel, jun.Shipwright ditto

Palmer JohnRopemaker ditto
Parker RobertLabourer ditto
Paston WilliamMariner ditto
Paul John DawsonGent.Mettingham 
Paul Robert dittoStarston 
Paul ThomasMerchantNorwich 
Paul BennetMarinerYarmouth


[Page] 21

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.T.B.S.
Peartree JosiahCompass-makerYarmouth

* Peartree Josiah ditto ditto

Peartree OwenWorstead-weaver ditto
Pegg ChristopherMete-Office ditto
Pettinger William, sen.Sailmaker ditto

Pettinger William, jun.Vintner ditto

Phinn ThomasShipwright ditto
Pickers ThomasCordwainer ditto

Pickers ThomasShipwright ditto
Pickers JohnBleachman ditto

Pideon NicholasShipwright ditto

Pinson CharlesFarmerSpaxhall (Spexhall)

Pinson William dittoSt. M(argaret's).

Pinson HenryHusbandman ditto  
Pinson HenryLabourerSpaxhall (Spexhall)

Pitt JamesGent.South Town

Pitt John dittoYarmouth
Pitt RichardParish Clerk ditto
Plowman RobertMariner ditto

Pope GeorgeShipwright ditto

Potts Wardle ditto ditto
Preston JacobShip-builder ditto

Preston Jacob, Esq.Gent. ditto

Preston IsaacShip-builderSouth Town
Purdy WilliamCaulkerYarmouth
Quinton Henry, sen.Shipwright ditto

Quinton JohnShipwright ditto

Quinton BenjaminMariner ditto


[Page] 22

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.T.B.S.
Rainer ChristopherRopemakerYarmouth
Ramey John, Esq. ---- ditto

Ramey John, jun. Esq. ----Martham

Read ThomasShipwrightYarmouth

Read JohnMariner ditto

Rear FrancisPulleymaker ditto

Reynolds John, Esq. ---- ditto

Richardson ThomasCooper ditto

Riddlesdale WilliamKeelman ditto
Ringer JohnMariner ditto
Rivett JohnWatchmakerEye
Robkins JamesBakerYarmouth

Rogers JamesMarinerOverstrand

Rogers Olley ditto ditto

Robson John, sen.Gent.Thorp(e)

Robson John, jun.PulleymakerYarmouth

Rose WilliamShipwright ditto
Rounce WilliamRopemaker ditto

Rust BenjaminShopkeeperCromer

Rye WilliamSurgeonYarmouth

Sadd SamuelCordwainererYarmouth

Salmon JohnRopemaker ditto

Sancroft James, jun.Surgeon ditto  
Savage William, sen.Twinespinner ditto

Savage William, jun. ditto ditto


[Page] 23

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.T.B.S.
Savory ThomasWatermanNorwich

Sayers JohnMerchantYarmouth

Sayers JohnPulleymaker ditto
Sayers ChristopherGent. ditto

Sayers James ditto ditto

Scott PhilipMerchant ditto
Scott AnthonyKeelman ditto
Scott AnthonyLabourer ditto
Scratton ThomasMerchant ditto

Seaman WilliamUpholster ditto
Seaman FrancisGrocer ditto
Seaman JohnBaker ditto
Searum EdmundBook-keeper ditto

Searum RobertPulleymaker ditto

Sewell JohnCabinetmaker ditto  
Shelly JohnMerchant ditto

Simpson LombeJoiner ditto
Simpson WilliamCarpenter ditto

Sinclair Henry MinnsBook-keeper ditto 
Sloman James, sen.Ropemaker ditto
Sloman James, jun. ditto ditto
Sloman JohnBlacksmith ditto

Sloman CharlesBaker ditto
Smiter EdmundCaulker ditto
Smiter John ditto ditto
Smiter SimonShipwright ditto
Smith William, jun.Mariner ditto
Smith SamuelCorn-meter ditto  
Smith WilliamFisherman ditto

Smith RobertCordwainerLowestoft
Smith SamuelSerj(eant). at MaceYarmouth


[Page] 24

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.T.B.S.
Smith WilliamWorstead-weaverNorwich

Smith GeorgeBrazierAylsham
Smith ThomasMarinerLowestoft
Smith George dittoYarmouth

Smith Thomas ditto ditto

Smith Thomas, sen.Twinespinner ditto

Smyth JamesMariner ditto

Sowell EdmundSailmaker ditto

Southgate SamuelTwinespinner ditto

Southgate WilliamTaylor ditto
Spanton SamuelWhitesmith ditto

Spanton ChristopherGent. ditto

Spanton Benjamin, sen.Shipwright ditto
Spanton Benjamin, jun.Cordwainer ditto

Spicer BenjaminMariner ditto

Spilman SamuelCurrier ditto
Spilman NathanielEngraverYarmouth

Spilman JohnRopemaker ditto
Spilman IsaacGrocer ditto 
Spurgeon John, Esq. ---- ditto

Spurgeon John GroveClerkMelton

Spurgeon ChristopherA. B.Harpley

Spurgeon RichardA. B.Yarmouth

Stacey PhilipSailmaker ditto

Stacey William, sen.Cooper ditto

Stacey SamuelMariner ditto 
Staff LeonardCordwainerYarmouth

Staff JamesMariner ditto
Staff William ditto ditto

Stagg JohnGrocer ditto
Stamp TimothyCooper ditto


[Page] 25

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.T.B.S.
Stanton RobertCordwainerYarmouth

Stanton MichaelTailor ditto
Starr ThomasBrazierBeccles

Steward TimothyGent.Yarmouth

Steward William ditto ditto

Steward Timothy, jun.Shipmaster ditto 
Steward WilliamShipmasterYarmouth
Stodart Joseph, jun.Shipwright ditto
* Stodart Joseph, jun. ditto ditto
+ Stodart JosiahShipwright ditto

Stoliday WilliamCarpenter ditto
Story JohnCooper ditto

Storey SamuelClerkNorwich
Storey JohnWool-comber ditto

Symonds James, Esq. ----Yarmouth
Symonds JonathanMerchant ditto

Symonds Nathaniel, sen. ditto ditto
Symonds Nathaniel, jun.Glazier ditto
Symonds John, sen.Merchant ditto

Symonds John, jun. ditto ditto

Taylor William Esq. Mayor ----Yarmouth

Taylor Anthony, Esq. ----Gorlestone

Taylor ChristopherClerkOrmesby

Taylor FrancisShipwrightLowestoft
Thirkettle RobertPulleymakerYarmouth

Thompson WilliamShipwright ditto
Thompson BenjaminShipmaster ditto

Thompson R. SeagoeMariner ditto


[Page] 26

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.T.B.S.
Thompson JamesMerchantYarmouth

Thompson WilliamShipwright ditto

Thompson H. DowsonSurgeon ditto

Todd JamesMariner ditto

Todd CharlesShipwright ditto

Tolver S., Esq. Mayor ---- ditto

Tolver EdmundGent. ditto
Tooley WilliamCaulker ditto

Townley SamuelRopemaker ditto
Tripp Charles FranksCaulker ditto
Trotter William, sen.Mariner ditto

Turner James Esq. ---- ditto

Turner RichardClerk ditto

Turner FrancisSurgeon ditto

Varsarn R. StewardMarinerYarmouth

Varley JohnTwinespinner ditto

Underwood MatthewKeelman ditto

Wade Edmund RiceCooperBlickling
Wade Robert Rice dittoNorth Walsham

Walker JamesMerchantYarmouth 
Walker AmbrosePulleymaker ditto

Ward John, sen.CaulkerYarmouth
Ward John, jun.Shipwright ditto
Ward George ditto ditto
Warmington RobertGent. ditto
Waters JohnCarter ditto

Waters BenjaminCooperYarmouth


[Page] 27

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.T.B.S.
Watson BenjaminSailmakerYarmouth

Watson ThomasShipmaster ditto
Watson EdwardKeelmanNorwich
Watson John, Esq. ----Yarmouth

Watson WilliamFarmerBelaugh
Weeds SamuelmarinerYarmouth

Welch JohnBleachman ditto

Welch WilliamMariner ditto
Whiley RichardShipwright ditto

White ThomasCordwainer ditto

White JamesMariner ditto

* White James ditto ditto

Wickstead Edward ditto ditto

Wickstead EdwardGent. ditto

Wigg HenryGlazierLoddon
Wiley JohnBoat-manGorlestone  
Williams WilliamGent.Yarmouth

Williams J. Hanbury ditto ditto
Williams Robert ditto ditto 
Wilson JohnTwinespinnerLowestoft

Winn FrancisHairdresserLondon

Woolmer RobertGent.Yarmouth

Woolsey SamuelShipwright ditto

Woolstone JosephTaylor ditto

Woolverton ThomasShipwright ditto
Wooton Mark MundsPulleymaker ditto

Wright RobertMarinerSouth Town

Wright SamuelGent.Yarmouth

Wright Thomas ditto ditto


[Page] 28

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.T.B.S.
Yetts JohnCaulkerYarmouth
Yetts AndrewShipmaster ditto


* Arnold Aldous CharlesGent.Lowestoft 

+ Brett GeorgeShipwrightYarmouth

* Dixon JosephCordwainer ditto

* Eggleton JacobSawyer ditto

* Ellis John AbigailYoeman [sic - Yeoman] ditto
* Goodram John, jun.Cabinetmaker ditto
* Jacks ThomasLabourer ditto
* Johnson MatthewMariner ditto

* Nicholson Nathaniel, jun.Cordwainer ditto
* Peartree JosiahCompass-maker ditto

+ Stodart JosiahShipwright ditto

* White JamesMariner ditto




NOTE. Those marked * voted twice.

        Those marked + are not Freemen.

F I N I S.

[End of Poll Book]


  • 1. Some variation will be found in the names of the places in the book. Standard place names are given in brackets () following where necessary so that places are found with a search.
  • 2. Name spelling varied and below are some alternatives which are to be found in the other Great Yarmouth Poll Books which may refer to the same families :- Bayley/Bayly, Bolchen/Bollchen, Cocoa/Coker, Cockle/Cockell, Cousens/Couzens, Dyble/Diboll, Ellot/Ellet, Ellys/Ellis, Flemming/Fleming, Gillet/Gillett, Hedgeman/Edgeman, Jinkenson/Jenkinson, Lasting/Laston, Loveday/Lovewell, Marsh/Mash, Mauley/Morley, Merrymen/Merryment, Neslon/Neslen, Nicholls/Nichols, Pagett/Paget, Pigeon/Pidgeon, Rear/Rayer, Riddlesdale/Riddelsdell, Stoliday/Stolady, Wickstead/Wicksteed, Wooten/Wotton
  • 3. Under the heading "Occupations" a "----" indicates a blank in the printed poll book.
  • 4. The columns headed "T", "B" and "S" indicate votes for the candidates "Townshend", "Beaufoy" and "Sandys" respectively.
  • 5. Many places outside Norfolk had seafaring connections through trade and shipbuilding. Some of those given as residences are listed below together with the Chapman county codes in "[]" in which they lay in 1790 :- Greenwich [KEN] and Harwich [ESS]

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