Norfolk: Great Yarmouth


Voting Registers - Poll 1795

The poll for one member to serve in Parliament for the Borough of Great Yarmouth, taken on 29th May 1795 and published by I. D. Downes. The transcription includes :- Voters names, Occupations, Residences & some relationships.

Most of the places of residence are in Norfolk or Suffolk but a number of people are seen to be living elsewhere. The notes section will help to identify the location of some of these.

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]



P      O      L      L


A Member to serve in Parliament,





County of Norfolk;

Taken on FRIDAY the 29th of MAY, 1795,


William Taylor, Esq. Mayor.




Alphabetically Digested.




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A Member of Parliament, &c.

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.H.A.
ABSOLON DavidDraperYarmouth
Adkin ThomasMerchant ditto
Aldridge JohnBricklayer ditto
Aldridge HenryMariner ditto
Aldred JamesCooper ditto
Allen ThomasRopemakerLondon
Allured John, jun.UpholsterYarmouth
Ames WilliamW. WeaverNorwich 
Ames Thomas KempisTwisterer ditto 
Ames HenryLabourerYarmouth 
Ames JosephW. WeaverNorwich 
Andrews ZachariahCaulkerYarmouth
Arrold John WoolbyLabourer ditto
Armstrong HenryCarpenter ditto
Armstrong JohnShipwright ditto
Arnold RobertGent.London
Arnold Aldous CharlesMerchantLowestoft
Artis JohnGent.Ipswich
Ashley JamesCordwainerYarmouth
Audley HenryBook-keeper ditto

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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.H.A.
Audley Henry, jun.VictuallerYarmouth 
Audley ThomasRopemaker ditto
Austrin HenryShipwright ditto 
Ayers RobertRopemaker ditto
Ayers WilliamHusbandmanOrmesby 
Bacon WilliamShipwrightWoolwich 
Bacon John dittoChatham
Bacon Thomas dittoRotherhithe 
Bacon RichardPrinterNorwich
Baker Richard, D. D. ----Cawston 
Baker Rich. jun. B. A. ---- ditto 
Baker ThomasClerkYarmouth
Balls JohnCarpenter ditto
Balls JohnMariner ditto 
Banks JamesHairdresserLondon
Banks ThomasPulleymakerYarmouth
Banks Thomas, jun. ditto ditto
Barcham WilliamMariner ditto 
Barchard JohnGent. ditto
Barber SamuelMariner ditto 
Barber Samuel, jun. ditto ditto 
Barker SamuelMerchant ditto 
Barnby Joseph NeechMariner ditto
Barnby John ditto ditto
Barnes BenjaminGrocer ditto
Barnes HenryShipwright ditto
Barrell JohnCordwainer ditto 
Barron JamesCaulker ditto
Barrow SamuelGardenerRunham

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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.H.A.
Barrow HenryHusbandmanRunham 
Bartram ThomasDraperSouth Repps 
Baley William, jun.GrocerCarleton Colville 
Bayly JosephCordwainerYarmouth 
Bayly Joseph, jun. ditto ditto
Bayly James Martin ditto ditto 
Baxfield RichardCabinetmakerNorwich 
Beckett ThomasShipwrightYarmouth
Benbroke BenjaminTwinespinner ditto 
Bell George ditto ditto
Bell SamuelGent. ditto 
Bell RobertSchoolmasterGorleston
Bell John BarkerBrewerSouth Town 
Berry ThomasBakerYarmouth
Besant JohnMarinerLondon 
Bird ThomasGent.Gorleston
Bishop JohnCaulkerYarmouth
Bishop JohnMarinerPortsmouth
Black JosephCaulkerYarmouth
Bly SamuelMariner ditto
Blundell JohnRopemaker ditto 
Boardman Richard M.Baker ditto 
Bollchen HenryBook-keeper ditto
Boldra FrancisBrazier ditto
Boldra RaninghamSchoolmasterHardley
Bonifant BenjaminSailmakerYarmouth
Bonifant WilliamYeomanSouth Town 
Booth ThomasMarinerYarmouth 
Boulting HenryRopemakerLondon
Bowen RobertMerchantNorwich 
Bowen JohnVictuallerYarmouth
Bowles HenryLabourer ditto

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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.H.A.
Bowles EdwardLabourerYarmouth
Bowles John ditto ditto
Bowles Thomas ditto ditto
Bowles WilliamRopemaker ditto
Bowles James ditto ditto
Bowles RobertTwinespinner ditto
Bowles SamuelRopemaker ditto
Bowles Samuel, jun.Mariner ditto
Bowles BernardIronmonger ditto
Brabant HenryCaulker ditto 
Brabant JohnShipwright ditto 
Bracey JayUpholster ditto
Bracey JohnMariner ditto 
Bracey ThomasRopemakerChatham
Bracey Robert ditto ditto
Brazell James, jun.MarinerYarmouth 
Brady WilliamGlazier ditto 
Bray JohnBaker ditto 
Brame ThomasGent.Lynn [Note 7] 
Brand MayesGrocerYarmouth 
Bream SamuelGent. ditto
Bream Samuel, jun.Cabinetmaker ditto 
Brewer JohnCarpenter ditto
Brewer William, jun.PulleymakerRotherhithe 
Brightman WilliamMarinerYarmouth 
Browes JohnFishmonger ditto
Browes ThomasMariner ditto 
Browes John ditto ditto 
Brooks William ditto ditto
Brooks WilsonCordwainer ditto
Brooks ThomasVintner ditto
Browne WilliamTwinespinner ditto

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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.H.A.
Browne WilliamBricklayerBeccles
Browne Edmund ditto ditto
Browne JosephShipwrightYarmouth
Browne ThomasCaulker ditto
Browne ThomasRopemaker ditto
Browne JosephCordwainer ditto
Browne JosephMariner ditto
Browne Benjamin ditto ditto
Browne WilliamCarpenter ditto
Browne BenjaminShipwrightDeptford
Brown JohnPoultererYarmouth
Brown JohnUpholster ditto 
Browne RobertMerchantColtishall 
Browne HenryCordwainerYarmouth 
Browne WilliamMariner ditto 
Browne William ditto ditto 
Browne SamuelYeoman ditto 
Browne Henry DrakeHairdresser ditto 
Burton Robert FerrierGent. ditto
Burton JohnFarmerBurlington (Burlingham?)[Note 5] 
Burroughs Peter dittoAldeby 
Bull JamesPulleymakerYarmouth 
Bussey NicholasWaterman ditto
Bussey JamesMariner ditto
Calver SamuelPulleymakerYarmouth
Cambell JohnShipwrightLondon
Capps WilliamRopemakerYarmouth 
Challis JohnMariner ditto
Child RichardSailmaker ditto

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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.H.A.
Child Richard, jun.LabourerYarmouth
Child RobertShipwrightLondon
Child JohnWhitesmithYarmouth
Christmas ThomasMariner ditto
Chappell WilliamBook-keeper ditto 
Cheeper Anthony ditto ditto 
Cheeper IsaacKeelman ditto 
Clayton Thomas LeathGent. ditto
Clarke CharlesCordwainer ditto
Clayton Samuel, jun.Grocer ditto 
Clarke JohnMariner ditto 
Clifton John Thomas ditto ditto 
Clifton RobertShipmaster ditto 
Coble JohnShipwrightChatham
Cocoa FrancisRopemakerLondon
Cocoa William dittoYarmouth
Cockell Lawrence ditto ditto 
Colby DoverMerchant ditto
Colby JamesWatchmakerCaister
Colby JohnSailmakerYarmouth
Cole BenjaminHaberdasherNorwich
Cole WilliamGent.Loddon 
Colman JohnMarinerYarmouth
Colman John ClarkeCordwainerNorwich 
Colman James Parr ditto ditto 
Colman MorrisBrazierWinterton 
Cooke WilliamShipwrightYarmouth
Cooke IsaacMariner ditto
Cooke ThomasShipwright ditto
Cooke Thomas, jun.TaylorGorleston
Cook WilliamMarinerCromer 
Cook RichardTaylor ditto 

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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.H.A.
Cooper JohnMarinerYarmouth
Cooper John, jun.Taylor ditto
Cooper Thomas, Esq. ----North Walsham 
Cooper JohnShipwrightYarmouth 
Corp CharlesPulleymaker ditto 
Cory RobertGent. ditto
Costerton BenjaminWater-Bailiff ditto
Cotman JohnClerkStanton
Cotman Joseph dittoOulton
Coultwas WrightTwinespinnerYarmouth
Coultwas Samuel ditto ditto
Coultwas Samuel, jun.HempdresserPortsea
Couzens CharlesCordwainerThrigby 
Couzens James dittoNorwich 
Cowell JohnShipwrightYarmouth
Cowell IsaacPulleymakerLondon 
Cowell ThomasMarinerYarmouth 
Crabtree EdwardShipwright ditto 
Craggy WilliamHempdresserPortsea
Craggy Clary, jun.CaulkerYarmouth
Crisp SamuelCabinetmakerLondon
Crockett WilliamGlazierYarmouth
Cross GeorgeCaulker ditto
Cross Robert ditto ditto
Crosskill HenryStonemasonSouth Town 
Crow JamesMarinerYarmouth
Crowforth JohnWatermanNorwich 
Crowforth John, jun. ditto ditto 
Cubitt EdmundCaulkerYarmouth
Cubitt Edmund, jun.ShipwrightDeptford
Cufaude JohnGent.Halesworth
Cully JohnHairdresserNorwich 

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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.H.A.
Curtis Josiah.PerukemakerYarmouth 
Curtis Josiah, jun.Bellman ditto
Curtis GeorgePulleymaker ditto
Curtis RobertCordwainer ditto 
Cushing James M. jun.ShipwrightDeptford
Custins RichardLeathersellerLondon 
Custins ThomasGent.Yarmouth 
Cutting William, Esq. ----Norwich
Cutting LeonardGent.North Repps
Cutlove SamuelHairdresserLondon
Dade ThomasMerchantYarmouth
Dade Charles RobertClerk ditto
Daines ChristopherSailmaker ditto 
Dakin George SoanesBrazier ditto 
Dakin WilliamBaker ditto
Dalling RobertMariner ditto
Dale John SmithHairdresserNorwich
Daniel WilliamGent.London
Daniel JohnGrocerYarmouth 
Davie Allison, jun.Mariner ditto
Davie Manby ditto ditto 
Davie William ditto ditto 
Davis ThomasCordwainerLondon
Davis John JeffersonSailmaker ditto 
Davy JamesShipwrightYarmouth
Dawson ThomasGent.Gorleston
Dawson WilliamCordwainerYarmouth
Dawson JamesTaylorLudham 
Dearham JosephRopemakerYarmouth

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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.H.A.
Denny WilliamMarinerYarmouth 
Diboll JohnShipwright ditto
Dixon JamesLabourerDeptford
Dobson JohnYeomanBanningham 
Dobson Joseph SayersGent.Norwich 
Doe ThomasBakerYarmouth 
Doggett JamesCooper ditto
Douglas JamesSailmakerLondon
Drake PhilipCordwainer ditto 
Drake JohnGent.Yarmouth 
Drury William AmosYeoman ditto
Drury EdmundRopemaker ditto
Drury JosephShipwrightChatham
Dunn RobertLimeburnerYarmouth
Durrant AndrewRopemaker ditto
Durrant WilliamMariner ditto
Durrant Richard ditto ditto
Durrant SimonGrocerKelsale
Durrant RobertRopemakerChatham
Durant WilliamHatterNorwich 
Dye RobertShipbuilderYarmouth 
Dye Robert, jun.Caulker ditto
Dye William ditto ditto 
Dye ThomasVictualler ditto 
Eastmure BenjaminBoatmanYarmouth
Edgeman Cornelius ditto ditto
Edgeman NathanielGlazier ditto 
Edgeman Nath. jun.Ropemaker ditto 
Edwards RobertShipwright ditto

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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.H.A.
Eggett GeorgeCordwainerYarmouth 
Eggleton JacobSawyer ditto
Eldridge JohnCooper ditto
Eldridge William Nath.Vintner ditto
Eldridge JohnVictualler ditto 
Ellis BenjaminGaoler ditto
Ellis ThomasPerukemaker ditto
Ellis John AbigailButcher ditto
Ellis JohnMerchantCley 
Ellet JamesCabinetmakerYarmouth
Emes WilliamSerjeant at Mace ditto
Emes William, jun.Mariner ditto
Evans WilliamBoatman ditto
Farrer SamuelGrocerLowestoft 
Faulk JohnMarinerGorleston
Fell OwnerGent.Harwich 
Fell RobertPulleymakerIpswich 
Fell Joseph, jun. dittoLondon 
Fenn RobertGrocerYarmouth 
Ferrier RichardDraper ditto
Ferrier John ditto ditto
Ferrier Robert, jun.FarmerHemesby (Hemsby)
Fielding Benjamin, Esq. ----Yarmouth
Fill WilliamMariner ditto 
Fish John, Esq. ---- ditto
Fish NathanielVictuallerEpping
Fisher William, Esq. ----Browston Hall [Note 9]
Fisher James, jun. Esq. ----Yarmouth

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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.H.A.
Fisher JohnMerchantYarmouth
Flatman RobertGardener ditto
Fleming HarrisCarpenterLondon
Fowler Thomas, Esq. ----Hobland Hall [near Bradwell] 
Fowler WilliamFarmerBelton 
Fowler John ditto ditto 
Fox FrancisMarinerPortsmouth
Fox ThomasHempdresserYarmouth 
Freeman ThomasBrazierNorwich 
Fryer JohnPulleymakerWells 
Fuller JohnFarmerRaveningham
Fuller EdwardWatermanYarmouth
Fuller SamuelBarber ditto
Fuller ThomasBakerNorth Walsham 
Fuller WilliamMillerBuxton 
Fuller RichardBakerBulchamp [Note 8] 
Furrance JacobCabinetmakerLondon
Garwood ThomasGlazierYarmouth 
Garwood Tho. Fryer ditto ditto
Gibson WilliamMariner ditto 
Giles WilliamBoatman ditto
Giles GeorgeShipwright ditto
Giles NathanielRopemaker ditto
Giles William, jun.Twinespinner ditto 
Gillings JohnShipwright ditto
Gillings RobertTwinespinnerLowestoft
Gillings DanielRopemakerYarmouth 
Gillett ThomasSailmaker ditto 
Goddard HoseaRopemaker ditto 

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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.H.A.
Godfrey StephenMerchantYarmouth
Godfrey SamuelCooper ditto 
Godfrey ThomasFarmerWenhaston
Gooch, Sir Tho. Esq. ----Benacre (Hall)
Gooch William, Esq. ---- ditto
Gooch Henry, Esq. ----London 
Gooch Henry, jun.MarinerYarmouth 
Gooch WilliamClerkFelsham
Gooch JohnBrokerLondon 
Gooch JamesMerchantEccles 
Gooch ManningFarmerQuidenham 
Goodson NicholasLabourerYarmouth
Goodram JohnCabinetmakerNorwich
Goodwin JohnCaulkerYarmouth 
Goodwin JasperTwinespinnerSouthwold 
Goskar ThomasGlazierLynn [Note 7] 
Goskar Thomas, jun. ditto ditto 
Grave GeorgeSailmakerYarmouth
Grave William ditto ditto 
Grapes Jonathan ditto ditto
Greenwood JamesCordwainerLondon
Greenwood ErasmusCabinetmakerNorwich
Green WilliamRopemakerYarmouth
Groome JohnMariner ditto 
Grudgefield PhilipButcher ditto 
Gunton SimonCooper ditto
Gurney JohnCordwainer ditto
Hall EdwardShipwrightDeptford
Hall WilliamMarinerYarmouth 

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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.H.A.
Hall StephenTwinespinnerYarmouth 
Hare Jacob, jun. ditto ditto
Hare Joseph ditto ditto
Harley RobertWatchmakerBury St. Edm(unds).
Harley RichardBook-keeperYarmouth
Harley Cornelius G.Gent. ditto 
Harley JohnMariner ditto
Harridance DurrantCordwainer ditto 
Harridance Richard dittoLondon 
Harpley JamesPipemakerYarmouth 
Hastings JosephShipwright ditto 
Hastings HenryKeelman ditto 
Hastings Henry, jun.Caulker ditto 
Haw JosephRopemaker ditto
Haw DalielMariner ditto 
Hazell Benjamin, jun. ditto ditto
Head RichardRopemakerWoolwich
Herring BenjaminPulleymakerYarmouth
Hobart WilliamGrocer ditto 
Hodskinson RandallCarpenter ditto
Hook DanielMariner ditto
Hook Nicholas ditto ditto 
Hooper WilliamShipwright ditto 
Holmes RobertSailmakerLondon
Horn Joseph PeacheyMarinerYarmouth
Houghton HenryShipwright ditto
Houghton Henry, jun.Caulker ditto
Houghton RichardLabourerLondon
Howard JamesRopemaker ditto
Howard WilliamBrazierYarmouth
Howard William, jun.Baker ditto
Howes ThomasCarpenter ditto

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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.H.A.
Howes Thomas, jun.CarpenterYarmouth
Howes WilliamGrocerBeccles
Howes Thomas dittoYarmouth 
Howes SamuelMariner ditto 
Hubbard ThomasPorter Mercht. ditto 
Hunter WilliamCarpenter ditto
Hurst SamuelDraperLondon
Hurnard RobertYeomanYarmouth 
Hurry ThomasGent. ditto 
Hurry Thomas, jun.Merchant ditto 
Hurry Samuel ditto ditto 
Hurry William ditto ditto 
Hurry Ives dittoLondon 
Hurry Wm.(son of John)MarinerYarmouth 
Hurry JamesGrocer ditto 
Hurry GeorgeMerchant ditto 
Hurry Edmund Cobb ditto ditto 
Hyde WilliamRopemaker ditto
Jackson JohnMarinerYarmouth 
Jarred William Sands ditto ditto
Jay Thomas ditto ditto 
Ibrooke JohnGrocerLowestoft 
Jenkinson HenryTwinespinnerYarmouth 
Jenkinson RichardCoalheaver ditto 
Jewell EdmundMariner ditto 
Jex JamesTwinespinner ditto 
Jex EdwardRopemaker ditto 
Ingram CharlesSailmaker ditto
Ingram Charles, jun.Waterman ditto

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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.H.A.
Ingram LoveSailmakerYarmouth
Ingram John TowlerHotpresserNorwich 
Jones GeorgeShipwrightYarmouth
Jones WilliamSailmaker ditto 
Johnson JobCarpenter ditto
Johnson ThomasShipwrightLowestoft
Jordan Charles dittoYarmouth
Ives JohnMariner ditto
Kemp JohnUpholsterYarmouth
Kemp WilliamLabourer ditto
Kerrich Thomas, Esq. ----Geldestone (Geldeston)
Kerridge JohnHairdresserYarmouth
Kett ThomasTwinespinner ditto 
King SamuelBaker ditto
King Samuel, jun. ditto ditto
King Joseph ditto ditto 
King SamuelBrazier ditto 
King Samuel, jun. ditto ditto 
Knights NathanielRopemaker ditto 
Lacon, Sir Edmund, Knt. ----Yarmouth
Lake ThomasCordwainer ditto 
Lammas Leonard dittoLondon
Lamb JohnHairdresserYarmouth 
Lancaster ThomasShipwright ditto
Lancaster JosephGrocer ditto
Lancaster JohnShipwrightDeptford
Lancaster Wm. NortonMerchantLondon

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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.H.A.
Lane BenjaminGrocerYarmouth 
Larkman WilliamKeelmanNorwich
Laston ThomasMarinerIpswich 
Laws James, jun.Book-keeperYarmouth 
Lee JohnCooper ditto 
Leggett CharlesMarinerGorleston 
Leggett RobertShipwrightDeptford 
Lessey MatthewFarmerBodham 
Lessey RobertHusbandmanSouth Town 
Lessey Samuel dittoBodham 
Lessey JohnCooperYarmouth
Lessey John, jun.Shipwright ditto
Lessey AmbroseLabourer ditto 
Lessey SamuelYeomanGorleston 
Lettis WilliamPerukemakerLondon
Lettis ThomasRopemakerYarmouth 
Lettis John ditto ditto 
Lewis SamuelLeathercutter ditto
Lewis WilliamMariner ditto
Lewis NathanielCordwainer ditto 
Lindley JohnSchoolmaster ditto
Lines William, jun.Mariner ditto 
Linstead William ditto ditto 
Looes WilliamGent. ditto
Lone RichardCarpenter ditto 
Lonsdale RichardGlazier ditto 
Love JohnClerk ditto
Lovewell JamesShipwright ditto 
Luson Hewling, Esq. ----Sheerness
Lumley JacobMarinerIpswich 
Lynch FrancisLabourerYarmouth
Lyon CharlesRopemaker ditto 

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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.H.A.
Mackarel JohnHairdresserCley 
McNish HughShipwrightLondon
Maddison WilliamCordwainerYarmouth
Mallett SleyMariner ditto
Manclarke Austin Palg.Gent.Rockland
Manning JohnCooperLondon
Manning Thomas ditto ditto
Manning William, Esq. ----Ormesby 
Manning WilliamLabourerLowestoft 
Manning Samuel Brooks ditto ditto 
Manning ThomasCarter ditto 
Mann ThomasGrocerYarmouth 
Manser JamesMariner ditto
Martin ThomasClerkNorwich
Martin JohnMarinerDeptford 
Martin ThomasButcherYarmouth
Martin Thomas, jun.Ropemaker ditto 
Martin NathanielButcher ditto 
Martyn JamesBoatbuilder ditto 
Martin HezekiahShipwright ditto
Martin Hezekiah, jun. ditto ditto
Martin MichaelMariner ditto
Marshall JohnLabourerSouth Walsham
Mason AbrahamGrocerLynn [Note 7] 
Mason WilliamBasketmakerIpswich 
Mason Thomas dittoNorwich 
Mash JohnGent.Yarmouth
Matthews AnthonyTwinespinnerPortsea
Mayes WilliamGrocerYarmouth 

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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.H.A.
Meadows JamesPostillionNorwich
Meadows ThomasMarinerYarmouth 
Meadows Robert ditto ditto 
Merryment JohnCordwainer ditto
Meeke JohnMerchant ditto 
Mickleburgh RobertGlazier ditto 
Mickleburgh PaulBoatmanGorleston
Miller RichardMerchantYarmouth
Miller JohnRopemaker ditto
Miller ThomasCordwainer ditto 
Miller Thomas, jun. ditto ditto
Miller JamesCooper ditto 
Miller WilliamMarinerSouth Town 
Miller William, jun. ditto ditto 
Miles JamesSailmakerYarmouth
Mills SimonShipwright ditto
Mills John ditto ditto 
Mills Anthony dittoChatham
Mitchell WilliamFarmerSouth Walsham 
Morley JosephPilotGorleston
Morley ValentineCaulkerYarmouth
Morley William ditto ditto
Morling DanielGrocer ditto 
Morse John, Esq. ----Norwich
Morris NathanielTwinespinnerYarmouth 
Moore SamuelPulleymakerLondon
Moore JohnMerchantYarmouth 
Moon JohnWaterman ditto
Morgan Eli WilliamGrocer ditto
Moxon Samuel BarkerFarmerWeybread 
Moyse RainhamGent.Yarmouth
Mullender EmanuelMariner ditto

[Page] 21

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.H.A.
Mullender NoahPulleymakerLondon 
Munday WilliamGrocerYarmouth 
Nailor Thomas, jun.ShipwrightYarmouth
Neale John, jun.Whitesmith ditto 
Neave RobertShipwrightDeptford
Neave John LewisGent.London
Neslen WilliamGlazierLowestoft 
Neslen William, jun. dittoBungay 
Newton NathanielMarinerYarmouth 
Newell ThomasCaulker ditto
Nichols JamesShipwright ditto
Nichols ThomasBoatbuilderAldeborough 
Nicol JohnBrazierYarmouth
Nicholson Nath. jun.Cordwainer ditto 
Norfor WilliamRopemaker ditto 
Norfor John ditto ditto 
Norton JohnPulleymaker ditto
Norton JamesBrewer ditto 
Norton WilliamGrocer ditto
Norton ThomasMillwright ditto
Norton JohnBrewer ditto 
Norton HenryMariner ditto 
Norton William, jun.Bricklayer ditto 
Oakes JohnGrocerYarmouth 
Oliver BenjaminSailmakerPortsmouth
Oliver ThomasCordwainerYarmouth 

[Page] 22

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.H.A.
Oliver JohnMarinerLondon
Ottey John dittoYarmouth
Paget SamuelTwinespinnerYarmouth
Page RobertRopemaker ditto
Page Philip ditto ditto 
Palmer Wm. DanbyMerchant ditto
Palmer Wm. Danby, jun. ditto ditto
Palmer Nathaniel ditto ditto 
Palmer JohnRopemaker ditto
Palmer SamuelMariner ditto
Palmer JamesRopemakerBrumpton (Brampton?)
Palmer WilliamGent.Yarmouth 
Palmer WilliamMerchant ditto 
Palmer ThomasShipmaster ditto 
Palmer Thomas, jun.Mariner ditto 
Palmer JamesSurgeon ditto 
Palmer John, (son of
W. D. Palmer, dec.)
Merchant ditto 
Palmer NathanielShipbuilder ditto 
Palgrave William, Esq. ---- ditto 
Palgrave William, jun.Merchant ditto 
Palgrave HenrySailmaker ditto 
Parkinson JohnBrazierLondon
Pattman JephunnehShipwrightLimehouse 
Paul ThomasMerchantNorwich 
Paul BennettPulleymakerYarmouth
Peake EdmundCarpenterLowestoft 
Peartree OwenLabourerYarmouth
Pegg ChristopherMet Office ditto

[Page] 23

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.H.A.
Pennett SamuelRopemakerYarmouth 
Pickers ThomasCordwainer ditto 
Pickers JohnTwinespinner ditto 
Pickers ThomasShipwright ditto
Pidgeon Nicholas ditto ditto
Pinson WilliamLabourerSt. Marg(aret's).

Pinson Henry ditto ditto
Pinson CharlesYeomanSpexhall 
Pitt RichardParish ClerkYarmouth
Pitt JohnMariner ditto
Pitt JamesGent. ditto
Pitt JohnMariner ditto
Plowman Robert ditto ditto 
Plowman John Godbold ditto ditto 
Pope GeorgeShipwrightDeptford
Porter Thomas ditto ditto
Postle GeorgeSailmakerWoolwich
Postle SamuelMarinerLynn [Note 7] 
Power JohnShipwrightDeptford
Preston Jacob, Esq. ----Yarmouth
Preston IsaacShipbuilderSouth Town
Preston John dittoYarmouth
Preston GeorgeGent. ditto
Preston JacobMariner ditto
Pull WilliamCordwainer ditto
Purdy WilliamCaulker ditto
Quinton BenjaminVictuallerYarmouth
Quinton HenryShipwright ditto

[Page] 24

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.H.A.
Quinton JohnShipwrightYarmouth
Quinton Robert ditto ditto
Ramey John, Esq. ----Martham
Ranney ThomasFootmanRunham
Ransome ThomasMarinerYarmouth
Randall WilliamCoalheaver ditto 
Rant JohnKeelman ditto 
Rayer FrancisPulleymaker ditto 
Reeve JohnShipwright ditto
Reynolds John, Esq. ---- ditto
Reynolds Fran. RiddellGent. ditto
Richardson ThomasCooper ditto
Riddelsdell WilliamKeelman ditto
Robson JohnGent.Thorp(e)
Robkins JamesBakerYarmouth 
Robinson JohnCarpenter ditto 
Rockwood John BrowneGrocer ditto
Rodwell RichardMariner ditto 
Rogers James dittoOverstrand 
Rogers AnthonyCaulkerYarmouth
Rose WilliamRopemaker ditto
Rounce William ditto ditto
Rust BenjaminGrocerCromer 
Sadd SamuelCordwainererYarmouth
Salmon JohnRopemaker ditto
Sallows JohnCabinetmaker ditto 

[Page] 25

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.H.A.
Sandford JamesShipwrightYarmouth
Sancroft James, jun.Surgeon ditto
Savage WilliamRopemaker ditto
Savage William, jun. ditto ditto
Savory ThomasWatermanNorwich
Sayers JohnPulleymakerYarmouth
Sayers JamesGent. ditto 
Scott JohnMariner ditto
Scott AnthonyLabourer ditto 
Scott GoldMariner ditto 
Seaman JohnSexton ditto
Seaman WilliamUpholster ditto 
Searum RobertPulleymaker ditto
Searum EdmundBook-keeper ditto 
Sewell JohnShopkeeper ditto 
Shipster RobertGent.Woolwich
Shearing ZachariahShipwrightYarmouth
Shelly JohnMerchant ditto 
Shepherd JohnPulleymaker ditto 
Shivers Robert, jun.Twinespinner ditto 
Shreeve GeorgeBrazierNorwich
Simpson GeorgeFarmerUbbestone [Ubbeston] 
Simpson LombeCarpenterYarmouth
Silvers JohnMarinerGorleston
Simonds Robert, jun. dittoYarmouth
Slapp CharlesBreechesmakerLondon 
Sloman JamesRopemakerYarmouth 
Sloman James, jun. ditto ditto 
Sloman CharlesBaker ditto
Sloman JamesShipwright ditto
Smith SimonMerchant ditto
Smith William, jun.Mariner ditto

[Page] 26

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.H.A.
Smith JohnMarinerYarmouth
Smith SamuelCorn-meter ditto
Smith ThomasLabourer ditto
Smith GeorgeMariner ditto
Smith Thomas dittoLowestoft
Smith SaulWatermanBungay
Smith William ditto ditto
Smith SamuelSerj. at MaceYarmouth
Smith WilliamMariner ditto
Smith John ditto ditto
Smith James ditto ditto
Smith ThomasVintnerWoolwich
Smith WilliamMarinerLondon
Smith JamesCarpenter ditto
Smith WilliamW. WeaverNorwich 
Smith MarkHempdresserYarmouth 
Smith RobertWeaverNorwich 
Smith William ditto ditto 
Smith William, jun. ditto ditto 
Smith GeorgeBrazierAylsham 
Smith Abednego Eldr.StonemasonIpswich 
Smiter SimonShipwrightYarmouth
Smiter EdmundCaulker ditto
Smiter John ditto ditto 
Soanes WilliamTwinespinner ditto
Southgate Samuel dittoNorwich
Sowells ThomasCoach PainterYarmouth
Spanton ChristopherGent. ditto 
Spanton SamuelWhitesmith ditto 
Spanton BenjaminCordwainer ditto 
Spicer BenjaminMariner ditto 
Spilman IsaacGrocer ditto 

[Page] 27

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.H.A.
Spilman JohnRopemakerYarmouth
Spilman NathanielEngraver ditto
Spilman JohnRopemakerLondon
Spurgeon John, Esq.Town-ClerkYarmouth
Spurgeon John GroveClerkMelton
Spurgeon Christopher dittoHarpley
Spurgeon Richard dittoYarmouth
Stacey PhilipVictualler ditto 
Stamp TimothyCooper ditto
Staff LeonardShipwrightChatham
Staff LeonardCordwainerYarmouth 
Staff JamesMariner ditto
Stagg WilliamCarpenter ditto
Stagg JohnGrocer ditto 
Starr ThomasBrazierBeccles 
Steward WilliamShipmasterYarmouth
Steward WilliamGent. ditto 
Steward TimothyMerchant ditto 
Steward Samuel CustinsShipwright ditto
Steward ThomasMariner ditto
Stimpson JohnRopemakerIpswich
Stolady WilliamCarpenterYarmouth
Stone IsaacShipwright ditto
Story JohnCooper ditto
Story WilliamCordwainer ditto
Story JohnMarinerDeptford
Story JohnWoolcomberNorwich 
Story GeorgeShipwrightDeptford 
Stodart Joseph dittoYarmouth 
Stodart Joseph, jun.Cooper ditto 
Sunstead Daniel, jun.GrocerNorwich 
Symonds James, Esq. ----Yarmouth

[Page] 28

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.H.A.
Symonds JonathanMerchantYarmouth
Symonds John ditto ditto
Symonds John, jun. ditto ditto
Symonds ThomasMariner ditto 
Symonds James dittoWinterton 
Symonds NathanielGlazierYarmouth 
Swanborough WilliamSailmaker ditto
Swanborough John DixPilot ditto 
Taylor W. Esq. Mayor ----Yarmouth
Taylor William, jun.Surgeon ditto
Taylor ChristopherClerkOrmesby
Taylor JohnShipwrightYarmouth
Taylor Francis dittoLowestoft
Thompson Thomas, jun.CaulkerYarmouth
Thompson JamesMariner ditto
Thompson WilliamShipwright ditto
Thompson JamesMariner ditto
Thompson WilliamGent.Woolwich
Thompson Henry D.SurgeonAcle 
Thompson BenjaminShipmasterYarmouth 
Thompson JamesRopemaker ditto 
Thomas JosephShipwrightBlackwall
Thomas Joseph ditto ditto
Thorndick William dittoYarmouth
Tolver Samuel, Esq. ---- ditto
Tolver EdmundGent. ditto
Tooley WilliamCaulker ditto
Todd JamesPilot ditto 
Townley SamuelRopemaker ditto 

[Page] 29

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.H.A.
Tripp Charles FranksCaulkerYarmouth
Turner Richard, B. D. ---- ditto
Turner FrancisSurgeon ditto
Turner Thomas, jun.FarmerMetfield
Underwood MatthewWatermanYarmouth
Varley JohnRopemaker ditto
Varley JohnHempdresserPortsea
Varsarn Robert StewardMarinerLondon
Wade Robert RiceCooperNorth Walsham 
Wade Edmund Rice dittoAylsham 
Walker PeterBoatbuilderYarmouth 
Walker AmbrosePulleymaker ditto 
Wallbank ThomasSailmakerLondon 
Ward RobertRopemakerWoolwich
Ward WilliamShipwrightDeptford
Ward George dittoBlackwall
Ward JohnCaulkerYarmouth 
Ward SamuelRopemakerLondon 
Watson John, Esq. ----Yarmouth
Watson ThomasPiermaster ditto
Watson EdwardKeelmanNorwich
Watson JohnW. Weaver ditto
Watson PickeringGloverNeatstead (Neatishead)
Watson WilliamFarmerBelaugh
Watson BenjaminSailmakerYarmouth
Watson SamuelBakerNorwich 

[Page] 30

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.H.A.
Waters BenjaminCooperYarmouth
Waters WilliamShipwright ditto
Waters JohnCarter ditto
Watling DavidMariner ditto
Weeds Samuel ditto ditto
West RobertLabourer ditto 
West Stephen, jun.CarpenterLondon
Whitton TimothyCorn-meterYarmouth
Whiley RichardShipwright ditto 
White Robert GostlingGent.Halesworth
Wicksteed Edward dittoStockton
Wigg HenryGlazierLoddon
Wigg John ditto ditto
Wigg SamuelButcherChedgrave
Williams WilliamGent.Yarmouth
Williams John HanburyMerchant ditto
Wilson JohnRopemaker ditto
Winn JohnHairdresserBury St. Edm(unds). 
Winn Francis dittoLondon 
Winn George dittoBeccles
Winn RobertCarpenterYarmouth
Woolmer RobertGent. ditto
Woolner EdwardPulleymaker ditto
Woolverton SamuelCabinetmakerNorwich
Woolverton ThomasMarinerDeptford
Woolverton WilliamHairdresser ditto
Woolstone JosephTaylorYarmouth 
Woolsey SamuelShipwright ditto
Worship John, Esq. ----Runham
Wotton Mark MundsPulleymakerYarmouth
Wright Henry WardSailmakerDeptford
Wright RobertMarinerYarmouth 

[Page] 31

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.H.A.
Wright ThomasShipmasterYarmouth 
Wright RichardMarinerLowestoft 
Wright SamuelBakerYarmouth 
Yaxley WilliamShipwrightYarmouth
Yetts AndrewMariner ditto 
Yetts JohnCaulker ditto 
Youngs WilliamShipwrightDeptford



F I N I S.

[End of Poll Book]


  • 1. Some variation will be found in the names of the places in the book. Standard place names are given in brackets () following where necessary so that places are found with a search.
  • 2. Name spelling varied and below are some alternatives which are to be found in the other Great Yarmouth Poll Books which may refer to the same families :- Cocoa/Coker, Coltwas/Coultwas, Cousens/Couzens, Eastmore/Eastmure, Edgeman/Hedgeman, Emes/Emms, Grapes/Grape, Harridance/Harridence, Harrold/Arrold, Haws/Hawes, Herron/Herring, Lettice/Lettis, Meek/Meeke, Merryman/Merryment, More/Moore, Riddlesdell/Riddelsdell, Sammon/Salmon and Stolady/Stollady.
  • 3. Under the heading "Occupations" a "----" indicates a blank in the printed poll book.
  • 4. The column headed "H" indicates voting for "Howe" and that headed "A" = "Anson".
  • 5. Burlington was assumed to be Burlingham? based on the entries for John Burton of Burlingham in other Yarmouth polls of 1777, 1790 and 1796.
  • 6. Many places outside Norfolk had seafaring connections through trade and shipbuilding. Some of those given as residences are listed below together with the Chapman county codes in "[]" in which they lay in 1795 :- Blackwall [LND], Chatham [KEN], Deptford [KEN], Epping [ESS], Harwich [ESS], Limehouse [LND], London [LND], Portsea [HAM], Portsmouth [HAM], Rotherhithe [LND], Sheerness [KEN] and Woolwich [KEN].
  • 7. "Lynn" could be King's Lynn, South Lynn or West Lynn?
  • 8. "Bulchamp" (or Bulcamp) could refer to the hamlet near Blythburgh in Suffolk. This was where a "House of Industry" for Blything Hundred in Suffolk had been established in 1766. There is also a Belchamp in Essex?
  • 9. Browston Hall is near Belton in Suffolk.

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