Norfolk: Great Yarmouth


Voting Registers - Poll 1812

The poll for two members to serve in Parliament for the Borough of Great Yarmouth, taken on the 6th of October 1812 and published by J. Keymer. The transcription includes :- Voters names, Occupations, Residences & some relationships.

Most of the places of residence are in Norfolk or Suffolk but a number of people are seen to be living elsewhere. The notes section will help to identify the location of some of these.

The original had "Surname, Christian-name(s), Occupation, Residence" separated by commas but all in the one column. The last two columns ie. "Occupation" and "Residence" have been separated from the peoples names to create three columns here. A few entries have "residence,county" and these have been reproduced as printed.

[Transcription copyright © Mike Bristow]




Members of Parliament,








THE 6th DAY of OCTOBER, 1812.







Mayor and Returning-Officer.






There were 740 Voters. Those Persons whose Names are
distinguished by an Asterisk (*), polled twice.

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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.L.W.L.
ABSOLON, Davidparish clerkYarmouth
Abigail, SamuelMariner ditto.

Aldred, JamesMariner ditto.
Aldridge, Johnbricklayer ditto.
Aldridge, Henrymast-maker ditto.
Aldridge, Henrymariner ditto.  
Ames, Robertmariner ditto.  
Ames, WilliamweaverNorwich

Ames, DanielcordwainerYarmouth

Andrews, Philipcaulker ditto.

Andrews, Zachariah ditto. ditto.

Armiger, Marmadukemariner ditto.  
Armiger, Marmaduke, Jun.mariner ditto.  
Atkins, Johnmariner ditto.  
Atkinson, Charlesgent.Napton (Knapton)

Atkinson, HenryclerkBacton

Atkinson, Thomas Esq.East Ruston

Audley, Henrybook-keeperYarmouth
Audley, Henry, Jun.tailor ditto.
Austrin, HenryshipwrightSouthtown

Ayers, Robertrope-makerYarmouth
Ayers, Robert, Jun.rope-maker ditto.


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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.L.W.L.
Bacon, WilliamcordwainerYarmouth

Baker, ThomasclerkRollesby  
Bailey, James MartincordwainerYarmouth
Bailey, Joseph, Jun. ditto. ditto.
Balls, Jamesmariner ditto.

Balls, Johncarpenter ditto.

Balls, John, Jun.mariner ditto.

Baltis, John M.shipwright ditto.
Banbrook, Benjaminrope-maker ditto.  
Barber, Williamship-master ditto.

Barber, Johnrope-maker ditto.
Barber, Samuelmerchant ditto.
Barber, Thomasmariner ditto.
Barker, Samuelclerk ditto.
Barker, John Esq. ditto.
Barnby, W. H.liquor-merchant ditto.

Barnby, Samuelgent. ditto.
Barnes, Williamshipwright ditto.

Barnes, Henry ditto. ditto.
Barnes, Johnblock-maker ditto.

Barrell, SamuelgardenerRunham

Barrell, JohncordwainerYarmouth

Barrow, HenrylabourerRunham

Barrow, JohnlabourerStokesby

Barrow, WilliamcaulkerYarmouth
Barth, WilliammerchantSouthtown
Barton, Jamessail-makerYarmouth
Bass, Robert Esq.Chaston Hall
Bateman, Thomasgent.Yarmouth

Bateman, Georgesurgeon ditto.

Baxfield, J.cabinet-makerNorwich
Baxfield, Richard ditto. ditto.

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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.L.W.L.
Baxfield, RobertgrocerNorwich
Bayes, Williamstone-masonYarmouth

Beaumont, E.shipwrightYarmouth

Beaumont, Thomas ditto. ditto.
Beckett, Thomas ditto. ditto.
Beckett, Charles A.caulker ditto.
Beckett, Jamesboat-builder ditto.
Beckett, Jamescaulker ditto.
Beckett, Williambaker ditto.

Beckett, Williamcaulker ditto.
Beavers, Robertshipwright ditto.
Bell, John M.merchant ditto.
Bell, ChristopherCapt. R. N. ----  
Berry, Robert Esq.Yarmouth  
Berry, Thomasblock-maker ditto.
Berry, Thomasbaker ditto.

Berry, Thomasrope-maker ditto.
Bird, Edwardgent.Lowestoft  
Bird, R.tin-plate-workerYarmouth
Blyth, JohnbutcherSouthrepps

Boardman, R. M.merchantYarmouth  
Boldra, FrancisbrazierLowestoft

Boldra, R.schoolmaster ditto.
Boldra, BarchamcordwainerYarmouth
Bolton, Samuel [Note 6]waterman ditto.   
Bollchen, Henrygent. ditto.  
Bond, Thomasshipwright ditto.

Bonnifant, Williamfisherman ditto.  
Borton, Williamcordwainer ditto.

Boulter, Jamesgent.Ditchingham  
Bowles, SamuelmarinerYarmouth

Bowles, Samuel ditto. ditto.  
Bowles, SamuelfishermanYarmouth
Bowles, Samuelrope-maker ditto.  

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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.L.W.L.
Bowles, Samuelrope-makerYarmouth
Bowles, Barnardbook-keeper ditto.
Bowles, Jamesrope-maker ditto.  
Bowles, Robert ditto. ditto.
Bowles, Williamvictualler ditto.  
Bowles, Thomascarter ditto.
Bowles, Stephenlabourer ditto.
Bowles, Edward ditto. ditto.  
Bowles, Thomas ditto. ditto.
Bowles, Thomasrope-maker ditto. 

Bowles, Williamferryman ditto.

Bowles, Edwardmariner ditto.  
Bowles, Johnfisherman ditto.  
Boyce, Danielbaker ditto.

Brabant, Johnshipwright ditto.

Brabant, Henrycaulker ditto.  
Bracey, James Esq. ditto.  
Brady, Williamglazier ditto.

Brandford, Womack Wm.farmer ----

Bream, Samuelgent.Yarmouth
Brewer, Johncarpenter ditto.

Bristow, Thomasmariner ditto.

Brooks, Wilsongent. ditto.

Brooks, Wilsoncarpenter ditto.
Brooks, Williammariner ditto.
Brown, John R.grocer ditto.

Brown, Williamcarpenter ditto.
Brown, RobertgrocerLowestoft  
Brown, EdmundbricklayerBeccles

Brown, William ditto. ditto.

Brown, Paulinmariner ditto.


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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.L.W.L.
Brown, ThomascaulkerYarmouth

Brown, Josephcordwainer ditto.
Brown, Robert Ives Esq.Norwich
Brown, Johngent.Yarmouth

Bull, Jamesblock-maker ditto.
Burkett, Charlesplumber ditto.
Burman, J.cabinet-maker ditto.
Burroughs, Petergent.Aldby (Aldeby)

Burroughs, Williamtailor ditto.

Burroughs, Jameslabourer ditto.

Burton, R. B.marinerYarmouth
Burton, Williamglazier ditto.

Burton, J.farmerSouth Burlingham

Burton, Robert ditto. ditto.

Buston, J.T.cordwainerYarmouth

Campbell, JohnshipwrightYarmouth
Capp, Williamgardener ditto.
Carr, Danielcordwainer ditto.

Carr, Josephrope-maker ditto.
Carter, William ditto. ditto. 

Carter, John ditto. ditto.
Carter, Meshechmariner ditto.  
Cattell, WilliammarinerGorleston

Challis, JohnshipwrightYarmouth

Child, Johnwhitesmith ditto.
Child, Richardsail-maker ditto.  
Chittleburgh, James ditto. ditto.  
Clabon, GeorgefarmerThrandiston

Clabon, Johngent.London

Clark, John ShellygrocerYarmouth


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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.L.W.L.
Clayton, Samuelgent.Yarmouth  
Clench, Johnmariner ditto.  
Clifton, Robert ditto. ditto.
Clifton, Robert ditto. ditto.
Clowes, Thomas Esq.Caister
Cobb, Jamesgent.Yarmouth

Coble, Jamesgent. ditto.

Cockell, Lawrencerope-maker ditto.  
Cockell, John L.shipwright ditto.  
Colby, Williamgent. ditto.  
Colman, Edmundblock-maker ditto.

Colman, James P.cordwainerNorwich

Colman, ThomasbrazierYarmouth

Colman, Johnplumber ditto.
Conyers, Edmundship-master ditto.

Cook, RicharddraperCromer

Cook, WilliamshipwrightNorwich

Cook, Thomas ditto.Gorleston

Cooker, Samuelrope-makerYarmouth  
Cooker, William ditto. ditto.  
Cooper, ThomasmarinerLowestoft
Cooper, W.block-makerYarmouth  
Cooper, Johnshipwright ditto.
Cooper, Johntailor ditto.  
Corp, Charlesblock-maker ditto.
Cory, Robert Esq. ditto.
Cory, Robert Esq. Jun. [sic] ditto.  
Cory, Edwardgent.Halvergate
Costerton, J. F.merchantYarmouth  
Costerton, Charlesgent. ditto.  
Coultwas, S. J. D.shipwright ditto.

Coultwas, Samuelrope-maker ditto.
Cousens, JamescordwainerNorwich  
Cousens, John Majorboot-maker ditto.  
Cowell, Thomasgent.Yarmouth

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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.L.W.L.
Cowell, JohnwhitesmithYarmouth
Cozens, Jamescabinet-makerSunstead (Sustead?)  
Cozens, William ditto.Yarmouth  
Crabtree, Edwardgent. ditto.
Craggy, Johnmast-maker ditto.
Crane, Williamrope-maker ditto.  
Crickmay, Edwardblock-maker ditto.
Crickmay, Samuel, T.tailor ditto.
Crisp, Johnbrazier ditto.

Cross, Georgecaulker ditto.

Cross, Robert ditto. ditto.

Cross, Robert ditto. ditto.
Cross, Robert, Jun. ditto. ditto.
Cross, George ditto. ditto.
Crosskill, Henrystone-mason ditto.

Crowforth, Johnwaterman ditto.

Cubitt, Robertglazier ditto.
Curtis, Josiahbell-man ditto.

Curtis, Robertcordwainer ditto.
Curtis, Josephcarpenter ditto.
Daines, WilliamshipwrightLondon
Dale, John S.hair-dresserNorwich
Daniel, Johngent.Yarmouth
Daniel, Johngrocer ditto.

Davie, Allisongent. ditto.

Davie, Allison, Jun.ship-master ditto.
Davie, Williammariner ditto.
Davis, Georgeblock-maker ditto.

Dawson, William, Sen.cordwainer ditto.

Dixon, Joseph, Jun.toyman ditto.

Doe, ThomasbakerNorwich

Douglas, JohnshipwrightYarmouth
Douglas, John W. ditto. ditto.


[Page] 8

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.L.W.L.
Douglas, T.ship-builderYarmouth

Drury, Josephshipwright ditto.
Drury, Williamblock-maker ditto.

Duffield, Georgegrocer ditto.  
Dunn, Robertkeelman ditto.  
Durant, SimongrocerYoxford  
Durant, Henryrope-makerYarmouth
Dye, Robertcaulker ditto.
Dye, William ditto. ditto.

Dye, William, Jun.teacher ditto.

Dye, Robertbookbinder ditto.

Dye, Henrycaulker ditto.  
Eastmure, B.marinerYarmouth

Eastmure, B. Jun. ditto. ditto.
Eastmure, Josephjoiner ditto.  
Eggett, Georgecordwainer ditto.

Eldridge, John, Sen.gent. ditto.

Eldridge, Richard D.mariner ditto.

Eldridge, Robinsoncooper ditto.
Eller, Josephcarpenter ditto.
* Eller, Josephcarpenter ditto.
Ellett, James, Sen.cabinet-maker ditto.
Ellet, Williamcarpenter ditto.  
Elliott, Jamesmast-maker ditto.
Ellis, Williamshipwright ditto.

Ellis, Thomaspostlad ditto.
Ellis, Thomashair-dresser ditto.
Ellis, Johnvictualler ditto.
Ellis, Benjamingent. ditto.
Ellys, Thomascabinet-makerBeccles

Emes, Henrybook-keeperYarmouth
Errington, Georgemerchant ditto.  

[Page] 9

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.L.W.L.
Evans, T. B.cordwainerYarmouth

Everard, FrancismarinerSouthwold

Farrer, John, Sen.grocerLowestoft

Farrer, John, Jun.grocer ditto.
Farrer, SamuelbakerYarmouth

Fenn, Robertgrocer ditto.

Fenn, Robert, Jun.gent. ditto.

Ferrier, Johngent. ditto.
Ferrier, Richarddraper ditto.
Fielding, Benjamin Esq. ditto.  
Fish, Johngent. ditto.

Fish, Danielmariner ditto.
Fish, Simon ditto. ditto.

Fish, Johncabinet-maker ditto.
Fisher, John Esq. ditto.

Fisher, John Goategent. ditto.

Fisher, CharlesclerkOvington, Essex

Fisher, William Esq.Yarmouth

Fisher, James Esq. ditto.
Fisher, Thorntonbook-keeper ditto.
Fitt, Johnshipwright ditto.
Fleming, Harrisgent. ditto.
Folk, Johnmillwright ditto.

Foreman, Johncaulker ditto.
Forster, Pexallgent. ditto.
Forster, Ralphshipwright ditto.

Fox, Thomasrope-maker ditto.
Francis, Thomasgent.Tittington (Fritton?)

French, JamesgrocerYarmouth 
Frosdick, Mosescaulker ditto.
Frosdick, Thomasshipwright ditto.

Fulcher, Williamsail-maker ditto.

Fulcher, James ditto. ditto.


[Page] 10

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.L.W.L.
Fuller, ThomasbakerN(orth). Walsham

Fuller, Williammiller ditto.

Fuller, Samuelrope-makerYarmouth

Fuller, Edwardpipe-makerLondon  
Fuller, JohnfarmerRaveningham  
Garwood, T. F.glazierYarmouth
Garwood, Johnironmonger ditto.

Garwood, Thomas, Sen.gent. ditto.  
Gedge, JohnCaptain, R. N. ditto.

George, Curtisshipwright ditto.

George, Thomas ditto. ditto.  
Gilby, Johnsail-maker ditto.
Giles, Williamrope-maker ditto.

Giles, Charlesmerchant ditto.
Giles, George ditto. ditto.
Gillett, Thomassail-maker ditto.
Gillings, Danielrope-maker ditto.  
Gillings, Danieltwine-spinner ditto.
Gillings, D. Jun.mariner ditto.

Gimmingham, Robertgent. ditto.

Gladden, Thomasrope-maker ditto.
Glasspoole, Henrybrazier ditto.
Goddard, H. Senrope-maker ditto.
Gooch, Sir Thomas Bart.Benacre (Hall) 

Gooch, RichardRev. ditto. 

Gooch, Henrygent.London  
Goodens, Johncaulker ditto.

Goodens, John ditto. ditto.

Goodram, JohngrocerNorwich

Goodson, N.lime-burnerYarmouth


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Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.L.W.L.
Goodwin, JaspertwinespinnerSouthwould (Southwold)
Goodwin, J. Jun. ditto. ditto.
Gourlay, David A.toyman ditto.

Grapes, Jonathansail-maker ditto.
Grave, William, Jun. ditto. ditto.
Gray, Thomasbrazier ditto.
Gray, Rogermariner ditto.

Green, Williamrope-maker ditto.

Greenwood, E.cabt.-makerNorwich

Groom, JohnmarinerYarmouth

Grudgefield, Philipbutcher ditto.  
Gunton, Simoncooper ditto.

Hall, Stephenrope-makerYarmouth
Hancock, Williamshipwright ditto.
Harpley, Cornelius Gurlinggent. ditto.

Harman, Johnsail-makerNorwich
Harmer, Henrygent. ditto.
Harpley, E.pipe-makerYarmouth

Harpley, Georgemariner ditto.

Harridance, Durrantcordwainer ditto.
Harvey, J.light-house keeperLowestoft

Harvey, JacobcarpenterYarmouth  
Hastings, Henrywaterman ditto.
Hastings, Johnlabourer ditto.

Hastings, Williamblock-maker ditto.
Hastings, Henrycaulker ditto.

Hawke, Henrymillwright ditto.
Hearne, A.mariner ditto.  
High, Roberttwine-spinner ditto.

Hodskinson, Randallcarpenter ditto.

Holland, George, Sen.mariner ditto.


[Page] 12

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.L.W.L.
Holland, JohnmarinerYarmouth

Holt, George Wellsgent. ditto.
Hook, Robertplumber ditto.  
Hook, Thomasmiller ditto.  
Hooper, Williamshipwright ditto.
Houghton, Henry, Jun.caulker ditto.  
Houghton, Richardshipwright ditto.  
Houghton, Henry ditto.Gorleston  
Houghton, P.boat-builderNorwich 
Houston, A.marinerYarmouth

Howes, Williamgrocer ditto.

Howes, Thomascarpenter ditto.

Howes, John ditto. ditto.

Howes, T. W.gent. ditto.
Howes, E. W.marinerYarmouth

Howlett, Samuel ditto. ditto.

Howlett, Robertshipwright ditto.

Hubbard, Danielrope-maker ditto.

Hunt, Nathanielmariner ditto.
Hunt, Thomasshipwright ditto.

Hurst, Samueldraper ditto.
Jackson, JohnlabourerYarmouth  
Jefferson, Johnmariner ditto.

Jenkinson, Richardwaterman ditto.

Jenney, Williammerchant ditto.  
Jenkerson, Williamrope-maker ditto.

Jenkerson, Henry ditto. ditto.

Jewell, Edmundmariner ditto.

Jex, Jamesgent. ditto. 

Jex, Edwardrope-maker ditto.

Jex, Williamshipwright ditto.  
Johnson, Samuel ditto. ditto.

Johnson, Robert S.grocer ditto.

Johnson, Jobcabinet-maker ditto.  

[Page] 13

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.L.W.L.
Johnson, ThomasbuilderLowestoft
Ingram, CharleswatermanYarmouth  
Ingram, Williamsail-maker ditto.
Ingram, Love ditto. ditto.
Ives, Francisshipwright ditto.

Ives, Johnmariner ditto.
Kemp, WilliambakerYarmouth

Kent, Johngent. ditto.
Kettle, Henryshipwright ditto. 
King, Thomasgaoler ditto.

King, Samuelbaker ditto.
King, Joseph ditto. ditto.
King, JohnpilotGorleston

Lacon, Sir Edmund Knt. Mayor ----

Lacon, E. K. Esq.Yarmouth

Lake, Thomasgent.Southtown

Lamb, Johnhair-dresserYarmouth  
Lane, Benjamingent. ditto.  
Lane, Thomasmariner ditto.

Language, Robetr [sic - Robert]shoe-maker ditto.
Larke, JohnpilotGorleston  
Larkman, B.gent.Norwich

Lawrence, W.plumberYarmouth

Laws, Jamesmerchant ditto.
Lee, Johncooper ditto.

Leggett, C.marinerGorleston

Leggett, J.victuallerYarmouth  
Lessey, SamuelcarrierHolt  
Lessey, R.shipwrightGorleston  

[Page] 14

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.L.W.L.
Lessey, R.carterGorleston  
Lessey, SamuelgrocerYarmouth  
Lettis, Johngent. ditto.
Lettis, Thomasrope-maker ditto.  
Lettis, T. Jun. ditto. ditto.
Lewis, Samuelgent. ditto.

Linch, Francisfisherman ditto.  
Linder, Walker, W.gent. ditto.
Lomb, Johnbrazier ditto.
London, Nathanielcaulker ditto.  
Lone, Richardcarpenter ditto.
Lonsdale, Richardglazier ditto.

Lonsdale, R. S.book-keeper ditto.

Looes, Williamgent. ditto.
Love, Johnclerk ditto.  
Love, E. M.clerkSomerleyton  
Love, W.cabinet makerYarmouth
Lowewell, Jamesship-builder ditto.
Lubbock, Robertshipwright ditto.
Lubbock, John ditto. ditto.
Mack, IsaacshipwrightYarmouth
Mackarell, Johnhair-dresserCley

Maddison, W.cordwainerYarmouth

Mallett, Josephshipwright ditto.
* Mallett, Joseph ditto. ditto.
Mann, WilliampilotGorleston  
Mann, WilliamshipwrightYarmouth
Manclarke, Austin, P.gent.Pulham
Manning, SamuelcarterLowestoft

Manning, Thomas ditto. ditto.
Manser, JamesmarinerYarmouth


[Page] 15

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.L.W.L.
Marshall, J.husbandmanS(outh). Walsham

Martin, MichaelmarinerYarmouth

Martin, Thomasgrocer ditto.
Martin, Nathanielbutcher ditto.
Martin, Hezekiahshipwright ditto.

Martyn, James ditto. ditto.
Mason, Williambasket-maker ditto.
Mayes, Williamchandler ditto.  
Mickleburgh, PaulpilotGorleston

Miles, Jamessail-makerYarmouth

Miller, Johnrope-maker ditto.

Miller, W. Jun.marinerSouthtown

Miller, JamescooperYarmouth
Miller, Thomasbaker ditto. 
Millican, Williamshipwright ditto.
Mills, John ditto. ditto.

Mitchell, Williamgent.S(outh). Walsham
Mitchell, JohntailorYarmouth
Moon, Johnwaterman ditto.  
Moor, Robertmariner ditto.

Morgan, E. W.grocer ditto.
Morley, JosephpilotGorleston

Morley, WilliamcaulkerYarmouth
Morley, Valentine ditto. ditto.
Morling, Danielgrocer ditto.  
Morris, R. W.farmerWinkfield
Morse, George Esq.Norwich

Morse, T. Jun. Esq.Blundeston
Morse, John Esq.Norwich

Morse, John Southgent.Burton Turf [sic Note 5]
Moss, ThomasmarinerYarmouth
Moxom, Johngent.London  
Naylor, ThomasshipwrightYarmouth

Neale, Johnwhitesmith ditto.


[Page] 16

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.L.W.L.
Neale, Francissail-makerYarmouth

Neale, Williammariner ditto.

Neave, Josephrope-maker ditto.
Neslen, Williamgrocer ditto.

Nessland, Williamglazier ditto.
Newton, Nathanielmariner ditto.
Newton, Nathaniel ditto. ditto.
Newton, Freemanshipwright ditto.  
Nicholls, James ditto. ditto.

Nicholls, Jamescabinet-maker ditto.

Nichols, Williamblock-maker ditto.
Nicholson, N.cordwainerYarmouth  
Nightingale, Johnblacksmith ditto.

Norfor, Williamrope-maker ditto.

Norgate, Georgeshipwright ditto.
Norton, Johnmast-maker ditto.

Norton, Robertshipwright ditto.

Oliver, ThomascordwainerYarmouth

Orfeur, AbtielLieut. R. N. ditto.

Ottey, Williamgent. ditto.
Page, ThomasmarinerYarmouth

Page, William Sagonclerk ditto.

Page, Thomas, G.pipe-maker ditto.  
Page, Robertwatch-maker ditto.  
Page, Robertvictualler ditto.
Palgrave, Henryblock-maker ditto.

Palgrave, Henry ditto. ditto.

Palmer, J. D. Esq. ditto.

Palmer, Ambroseship-builder ditto.

Palmer, Thomas Jun.mariner ditto.

Palmer, W. D.merchant ditto.


[Page] 17

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.L.W.L.
Palmer, W. D. Jun.merchantYarmouth

Palmer, George D.merchant ditto.

Palmer, Samuelgent.Loddon

Palmer, Jamesrope-makerYarmouth

Palmer, Thomas, Sen.gent. ditto.

Palmer, James Hurrygent. ditto.

Palmer, Johngrocer ditto.

Palmer, Johnrope-maker ditto.
Pattman, J.shipwrightBlackwall  
Paul, SamuelprinterBungay

Paul, RobertboatwrightColtishall
Paul, Bennettblock-makerYarmouth
Paul, Bennett, Jun. ditto. ditto.  
Peacock, Johnrope-maker ditto.

Peartree, Owencorn-meter ditto.
Peck, Johnshipwright ditto.

Pennett, Samuelmariner ditto.

Penny, Josephpilot ditto.  
Pickers, Thomaschapel-clerk ditto.

Pickers, Thomasgent.Ingham

Pinson, CharlesfarmerSpexhall
Pinson, Charles, Jun. ditto. ditto.
Pitt, Thomasgent.Southtown
Pitt, Jamesgent.Yarmouth
Pitt, Johngent. ditto.

Plowman, John Godboldmariner ditto.

Plummer, Williamrope-maker ditto.
Preston, Jacob Esq. ditto.

Preston, Isaac, Jun. Esq. ditto.

Preston, Edmund Esq. ditto.

Preston, IsaacbuilderSouthtown
Preston, GeorgestationerYarmouth
Priest, JohnLieut. R. N. ditto.

Prior, William S.shipwright ditto.  

[Page] 18

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.L.W.L.
Purdy, SamuelshipwrightYarmouth
Purdy, Williamcaulker ditto.
Quinton, JohnshipwrightYarmouth  
Quinton, Johnmariner ditto.
Ranney, John F.attorneyYarmouth

Ranney, Thomasgroom ditto.
Ransome, Robertshoe-maker ditto.  
Rant, Johnwaterman ditto.
Read, Jamesshipwright ditto.
Reynolds, Francis R. Esq. ditto.

Rising, Williamshipwright ditto.

Rivett, JamespilotGorleston

Rivett, P.shipwrightLondon
Rogers, JamesmarinerOverstrand

Rogers, AnthonycaulkerYarmouth
Rooke, ThomascordwainerBodham

Rounce, W.twine-spinnerYarmouth
Rounce, ThomaspainterLowestoft

Royal, GeorgemarinerYarmouth

Rumer, Thomasshipwright ditto.

Runniff, Nicholas ditto. ditto.

Rust, JamesfarmerCromer

Rust, Benjamingrocer ditto.
Rust, Benjamin, Jun.grocer ditto.

Salmon, JosephmarinerGorleston

Salmon, Johnrope-makerYarmouth
Salmon, Joseph C.twine-spinner ditto.

Sancroft, Edwardcarpenter ditto.


[Page] 19

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.L.W.L.
Sancroft, JameschemistYarmouth

Sancroft, James, Jun. ditto. ditto.

Savage, Robertrope-maker ditto.
Savage, William ditto. ditto.
Scott, Gouldwaterman ditto.  
Scott, Philipmariner ditto.
Seaman, Williamauctioneer ditto.

Seaman, Johngent. ditto.

Seaman, Francisgent.N(orth). Walsham

Searum, R.block-makerYarmouth
Searum, Robert, Jun. ditto. ditto.

Shardelow, Samuelmariner ditto.

Shardelow, J. H. ditto. ditto.  
Shearing, Zachariahshipwright ditto.
Shepherd, Johnmast-maker ditto.
Sherlock, Henrymariner ditto.
Sherrington, Benjaminironmonger ditto.
Shivers, Robertrope-maker ditto.
Shreeve, T. G.gent.Norwich  
Shreeve, Henryboot-makerYarmouth

Simpson, Williamshoe-maker ditto.
Simpson, William, H.brazier ditto.
Simpson, L.joiner ditto.
Simpson, William, J.cordwainer ditto.
Simpson, J. B. ditto. ditto.
Simpson, G.liquor-merchantHalesworth
Sinclair, H. M.gent.Yarmouth  
Skoyles, Benjamingrocer ditto.
Sloman, Jamesrope-maker ditto.
Sloman, Charlesbaker ditto.
Sloman, Charlesprinter ditto.

Sloman, Henryshipwright ditto.

Smallpage, Williamshipwright ditto.
Smiter, Edmondcaulker ditto.  
Smiter, Jonathan ditto. ditto.  

[Page] 20

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.L.W.L.
Smiter, JohncaulkerYarmouth

Smiter, Simonshipwright ditto.
Smith, Marktwine-spinner ditto.
Smith, Samuelmayor's officer ditto.
Smith, Samuelcordwainer ditto.
Smith, Thomasmariner ditto.

Smith, Johncaulker ditto.

Smith, Simonmerchant ditto.

Smith, Georgebrazier ditto.

Smith, J. Esq.S. Lincoln Militia ditto.

Smith, R.worstead-weaverNorwich
Smith, W. Jun.cotton-weaver ditto.
Smith, William ditto. ditto.
Smith, W. Jun.marinerYarmouth

Smith, Samuelcorn-meter ditto.
Smith, WilliambrazierAylesham (Aylsham)

Smith, ThomaspilotLowestoft

Smith, Robertmariner ditto.

Smith, Williamfisherman ditto.

Smith, T. Sen.yeomanYarmouth

Smith, Thomas, Jun.joiner ditto.

Smith, Josephrope-maker ditto.

Smith, JamespilotLowestoft 
Smith, Charlesgent.London 
Smith, SaulwatermanYarmouth  
Smowton, Williamrope-maker ditto.

Soulsby, Johncaulker ditto.
Sowells, Thomaspainter ditto.
Spalding, H.farmerHigh Wisset(t)

Spanton, B.cordwainerYarmouth
Spanton, Christophergent. ditto.
Sparshall, T.rope-makerLowestoft
Spelman, WilliamgrocerYarmouth

Spelman, Nathanielengraver ditto.

Spelman, IsaacfarmerAlburgh


[Page] 21

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.L.W.L.
Spellman, Johnrope-makerYarmouth  
Spicer, Benjaminmariner ditto.

Spicer, Samuel ditto. ditto.

Spicer, Josephgardener ditto.

Spurgeon, John G.clerkLowestoft

Spurgeon, Richard ditto.Caister
Spurgeon, ChristopherclerkHarpley
Stacey, Philipsail-makerYarmouth
Staff, Leonardcordwainer ditto.

Staff, Jamesmariner ditto.

Stagg, J. Jun.brazier ditto.

Stagg, Johnschool-master ditto.

Stanford, JosephglazierHalesworth
Stevenson, S.twine-spinnerYarmouth

Stoddart, Josephcooper ditto.  
Stollady, W.house-carpenter ditto.
Stone, W.ship-masterGorleston
Stone, Isaacship-builderYarmouth
Storey, Richardshipwright ditto.  
Storey, Johnbeadle ditto.

Storey, Clementmariner ditto.
Sunstead, Danielgrocer ditto.  
Swallow, Johnmast-maker ditto.
Swanbrow, W.sail-maker ditto.

Symonds, Johngent. ditto.
Symonds, James Esq.Ormesby  
Symonds, Charles Esq. ditto.  
Symonds, JamesclerkCaister  
Symonds, JamesmarinerWinterton

Symonds, Robert ditto.Yarmouth

Taylor, ChristopherclerkOrmesby
Taylor, WilliamsurgeonYarmouth

Taylor, Johnshipwright ditto.

[Page] 22

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.L.W.L.
Taylor, JamescarpenterYarmouth
Thirkettle, Robert B.baker ditto.
Thirkettle, N. P.cabinet-maker ditto.
Thirkettle, John C.mariner ditto.
Thomas, Josephshipwright ditto.
Thompson, Johnmariner ditto.  
Thompson, James ditto. ditto.
Thornton, ThomasfarmerHemsby  
Thorpe, W.twine-spinnerYarmouth
Thorpe, Robertrope-makerGorleston  
Tillmouth, B.sail-makerLowestoft  
Todd, JohnmarinerYarmouth
Todd, Charlesshipwright ditto.

Todd, Jamesyeoman ditto.
Tolver, Samuelgent. ditto.

Tolver, Edmund ditto. ditto.
Tompson, Thomascaulker ditto.

Townley, Samuelrope-maker ditto.
Townley, Thomasmariner ditto.

Trotter, Samuelcaulker ditto.
Tuck, Charlesboat-builder ditto.
Turner, Rev. Richard  B. D. ditto.

Turner, Rev. Joseph R.  D. D.Dean of Norwich

Turner, Charles R.attorneyLondon

Turner, JosephcaulkerYarmouth
Turner, Thomaslabourer ditto.
Vansarn, R. S.marinerGorleston
Veale, R.mast-makerYarmouth
Vincent, William, G.mariner ditto.


[Page] 23

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.L.W.L.
Underwood, M.watermanYarmouth

Wade, Edmund R.gent.Aylesham (Aylsham)

Ward, GeorgevictuallerYarmouth
Ward, Johncaulker ditto.

Warren, Roberthair-dresser ditto.
Warrent, Williambrazier ditto.
Waters, Johnmariner ditto.  
Watson, John,  Esq. town-clerk ditto.

Watson, Fisher  Esq. ditto.

Watson, JohntailorNorwich

Watson, J.shipwrightYarmouth
Watson, Benjamingent. ditto.
Watson, E., Jun.watermanNorwich
Watson, Thomasgent.Yarmouth

Webster, J.marinerH. M. S. Solebay

Welch, J.rope-makerYarmouth
Welch, Henry ditto. ditto.
Wells, Thomasshipwright ditto.
West, Williamdraper ditto.
White, Jamesmariner ditto.  
Wigg, JohnglazierLoddon

Wigg, SamuelbutcherChedgrave

Williams, J. H. Esq.Yarmouth
Wilson, Georgecordwainer ditto.

Winn, Charlescarpenter ditto.

Winn, Georgehair-dresserBeccles 

Woodhouse, R.rope-makerYarmouth

Woodhouse, J.glazier ditto.

Woodhouse, Johntwine-spinnerPortsmouth

Woodhouse, W.hemp-dresserPortsea


[Page] 24

Freemen's Names.Occupations.Residence.L.W.L.
Woolner, Edwardmast-makerYarmouth

Woolsey, Samuelshipwright ditto.

Woolverton, E.cabinet-makerNorwich  
Wotton, Mark M.gent.Pakefield  
Wright, Samuelgent.Yarmouth
Yetts, AndrewmerchantYarmouth

Yetts, Johncaulker ditto.

Yetts, John, Jun.caulker ditto.

Youell, Edwardbook-keeper ditto.

Young, Johnchaise-driver ditto.

Youngman, Thomasshipwright ditto.



F I N I S.

[End of Poll Book]


  • 1. Some variation will be found in the names of the places in the book. Standard place names are given in brackets () following where necessary so that places are found with a search.
  • 2. Name spelling varied and below are some alternatives which are to be found in the other Great Yarmouth Poll Books which may refer to the same families :- Banbroke/Banbrook, Barrell/Barrow, Barrell/Barrett, Bayes/Bays, Bonnifant/Bonifant, Brabant/Brable, Cockell/Cockle, Durant/Durrant, Ellett/Ellet, Ferrier/Farrier, Goodson/Goatson, Harpley/Harley?, Jenkerson/Jenkinson, Jenney/Jenny, Linch/Lynch, Lone/Loan, Mackarell/Mackarel, Nessland/Neslen, Runniff/Runnafor, Sherlock/Sharlock, Spelman/Spilman, Stoddart/Stoddard, Stollady/Stolady, Tillmouth/Tilmay?, Vansarn/Stewardvanson, Warrent/Warren, Woodhouse/Wodehouse.
  • 3. Under the heading "Occupations" or "Residence" a "----" indicates a blank in the printed poll book.
  • 4. Many places outside Norfolk had seafaring connections through trade and shipbuilding. Some of those given as residences are listed below together with the Chapman county codes in "[]" in which they lay in 1812 :- Blackwall [LND], London [LND], Portsea [HAM] and Portsmouth [HAM].
  • 5. In 1796 Poll an entry reads "Morse, John South Esq.,Barton Turf". The same name is noted in the Churchwardens' rates for Barton Turf in 1793-4.
  • 6. No Votes were printed for this entry.

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