Norfolk: Poor Law


(Unions, Incorporations and Workhouses)

The relief of the Poor after the Dissolution of the Monastries was covered by Poor Law Acts in the reign of Elizabeth I in 1601. Further Acts followed in the next 250 years. Villages could build poorhouses (from 1732) and this was done in some parishes. These local Incorporations are indicated by "-I" in their names.

Gilbert's Act 1782 Unions

Gilbert's Act 1782 enabled parishes to group together forming a union (which are listed later) to build workhouses. These are indicated by "-GU" in the name.

Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834

This replaced the parish basis of poor relief. Poor Law Unions were brought in with Boards of Guardians. A number of Incorporations chose not to join the new Unions although some did in later years.

List of Towns & Parishes A - Z

Places - A Pre 1834 Post 1834
Acle Acle-GU Blofield
Acre, South   Swaffham
Acre, West   Freebridge Lynn
Alburgh   Depwade
Alby   Aylsham
Aldborough Aldb-GU Erpingham
Aldeby Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Alderford   St Faith's
Alethorpe   Walsingham
Alpington Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Anmer   Docking
Antingham   Erpingham
Places - A Pre 1834 Post 1834
Arminghall   Henstead
(Ashby with Oby)
Fleg-I Fleggs
Ashby St Mary Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Ashill WkHse Swaffham
Ashmanhaugh Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Ashwellthorpe   Depwade
Ashwicken   Freebridge Lynn
Aslacton   Depwade
Attleborough   Wayland
Attlebridge   St Faith's
Aylmerton Aldb-GU Erpingham
Aylsham WkHse Aylsham
Places - B Pre 1834 Post 1834
Babingley   Freebridge Lynn
Baconsthorpe   Erpingham
Bacton Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Bagthorpe   Docking
Bale   Walsingham
Banham (to 1902)
Banham (from 1902)
WkHse Guiltcross
Banningham Oult-GU Aylsham
Barford Fore-I Forehoe
Barmer   Docking
Barney   Walsingham
Barnham Broom Fore-I Forehoe
Barningham Town(or Winter)   Erpingham
Barningham, North   Erpingham
Barningham, Little   Aylsham
Barsham, East   Walsingham
Barsham, West   Walsingham
Barsham, North   Walsingham
Barton Bendish   Downham
Barton Turf Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Barwick   Docking
(Repps with Bastwick)
Bawburgh Fore-I Forehoe
Bawdeswell Bawd-GU Mitford and Launditch
Bawsey   Freebridge Lynn
Bayfield   Erpingham
Beckham, East Aldb-GU Erpingham
Beckham, West   Erpingham
Bedingham Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Beechamwell   Swaffham
Beeston cum Bittering
(Beeston next Mileham)
MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Beeston St Andrew   St Faith's
Beeston St Lawrence Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Beeston Regis Aldb-GU Erpingham
Beetley MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Beighton Acle-GU Blofield
Belaugh   Aylsham
Bergh Apton Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Bessingham   Erpingham
Besthorpe  Wayland
Bexwell   Downham
Billingford (near Diss)   Depwade
Billingford (near East Dereham) Bawd-GU Mitford and Launditch
Billockby Fleg-I Fleggs
Bilney, East MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Bilney, West   Freebridge Lynn
Binham   Walsingham
Bintry or Bintree Bawd-GU Mitford and Launditch
Bircham, Great   Docking
Bircham Newton   Docking
Bircham Tofts   Docking
Bittering Parva (Little Bittering) MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Bixley   Henstead
Blakeney   Walsingham
Blickling Oult-GU Aylsham
Places - B Pre 1834 Post 1834
Blofield   Blofield
Blo Norton (to 1902)
Blo Norton (from 1902)
Bodham   Erpingham
Bodney   Swaffham
Booton Boot-GU St Faith's
Boughton   Downham
Bowthorpe Fore-I Forehoe
Bracon Ash   Henstead
Bradenham, East   Swaffham
Bradenham, West   Swaffham
Bradfield Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Braydeston   Blofield
Bramerton   Henstead
Brampton Buxt-I Aylsham
Brancaster   Docking
Brandiston and Guton Boot-GU St Faith's
Brandon Parva Fore-I Forehoe
Breckles   Wayland
Bressingham (to 1902)
Bressingham (1902+)
WkHse Guiltcross
Brettenham   Thetford
Bridgham (to 1902)
Bridgham (from 1902)
Briningham   Walsingham
Brinton Brin-GU
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Brisley MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Briston WkHse Erpingham
Brockdish   Depwade
Brooke Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Broome Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Broomhill (Weeting
Broomsthorpe   Docking
Brumstead Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Brundall   Blofield
Buckenham Ferry Acle-GU Blofield
Buckenham, New(-1902)
Buckenham, New(1902+)
WkHse Guiltcross
Buckenham, Old(-1902)
Buckenham, Old(1902+)
WkHse Guiltcross
Buckenham Tofts   Swaffham
Bunwell WkHse Depwade
Burgh next Aylsham Buxt-I Aylsham
Burgh St Margaret
& St Mary
Fleg-I Fleggs
Burgh Parva
(see Melton Constable)
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Burgh St Peter Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Burlingham St Andrew Acle-GU Blofield
Burlingham St Edmund Acle-GU Blofield
Burlingham St Peter Acle-GU Blofield
Burnham Deepdale   Docking
Burnham Norton   Docking
Burnham Overy   Docking
Burnham Sutton
-cum-Burnham Ulph
Burnham Thorpe   Docking
Burnham Westgate
Burston   Depwade
Buxton Buxt-I Aylsham
Bylaugh Bawd-GU Mitford and Launditch
Places - C Pre 1834 Post 1834
Caister-on-Sea Fleg-I Fleggs
Caistor St Edmund or
Caistor next Norwich
Caldecote   Swaffham
Calthorpe   Aylsham
Cantley Acle-GU Blofield
Carbrooke   Wayland
Carleton, East   Henstead
Carleton Forehoe Fore-I Forehoe
Carleton Rode WkHse Depwade
Carleton St Peter Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Castle Acre   Freebridge Lynn
Castle Rising WkHse Freebridge Lynn
Caston   Wayland
Catfield Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Catton Stfa-GU St Faith's
Catton St Luke (1915+)   St Faith's
Cawston WkHse Aylsham
Central Wingland   Holbeach
Chedgrave Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Choseley   Docking
(from 1866)
Claxton Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Clenchwarton   Wisbech
Cley-next-the-Sea WkHse Erpingham
Clippesby Fleg-I Fleggs
Places - C Pre 1834 Post 1834
Cockley Cley   Swaffham
Cockthorpe   Walsingham
Colby Oult-GU Aylsham
Colkirk MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Colney   Henstead
Coltishall Stfa-GU Aylsham
Colton Fore-I Forehoe
Colveston   Swaffham
Congham   Freebridge Lynn
Corpusty   Aylsham
Costessey Fore-I Forehoe
Coston Fore-I Forehoe
Cranwich   Thetford
Cranworth MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Creake, North   Docking
Creake, South   Docking
Cressingham, Great   Swaffham
Cressingham, Little   Swaffham
Crimplesham   Downham
Cringleford   Henstead
Cromer Aldb-GU Erpingham
Crostwick Stfa-GU St Faith's
Crostwight Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Crownthorpe Fore-I Forehoe
Croxton (near Fakenham)
(Fulmodeston with Croxton)
Croxton (near Thetford)   Thetford
Places - D Pre 1834 Post 1834
Denton   Depwade
Denver WkHse Downham
Deopham Fore-I Forehoe
Dereham, East WkHse Mitford and Launditch
Dereham, West   Downham
Dersingham WkHse Docking
Dickleburgh WkHse Depwade
Didlington   Swaffham
Dilham Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Dillington (part
  of East Dereham)
  Mitford and Launditch
Diss WkHse Depwade (1838 on)
Places - D Pre 1834 Post 1834
Ditchingham Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Docking   Docking
Downham Market WkHse Downham
Downham, West (1896+)   Downham
Drayton Stfa-GU St Faith's
Dunham, Great MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Dunham, Little MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Dunston   Henstead
Dunton cum Doughton   Walsingham
Places - E Pre 1834 Post 1834
Earlham Norw-I
(to 1863)
(from 1863)
Earsham   Depwade
East Barsham   Walsingham
East Beckham Aldb-GU Erpingham
East Bilney MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
East Bradenham   Swaffham
East Carleton   Henstead
East Dereham WkHse Mitford and Launditch
East Harling (to 1902)
East Harling (from 1902)
East Lexham MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
East Raynham   Walsingham
East Rudham   Docking
East Ruston Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
East Somerton Fleg-I Fleggs
East Tuddenham MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
East Walton   Freebridge Lynn
Places - E Pre 1834 Post 1834
East Winch   Freebridge Lynn
East Wretham   Thetford
Easton Fore-I Forehoe
Eaton Norw-I
(to 1863)
(from 1863)
Eccles-by-the-Sea Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Eccles (to 1902)
Eccles (from 1902)
Edgefield WkHse Erpingham
Edingthorpe Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Egmere   Walsingham
Ellingham Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Ellingham, Great WkHse Wayland
Ellingham, Little   Wayland
Elmham, North MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Elsing   Mitford and Launditch
Emneth   Wisbech
Erpingham Oult-GU Aylsham
Places - F Pre 1834 Post 1834
Fakenham WkHse Walsingham
Felbrigg Aldb-GU Erpingham
Felmingham Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Felthorpe Stfa-GU St Faith's
Feltwell Anchor   Thetford
(from 1866)
Feltwell St Mary & St Nicholas   Thetford
Fersfield (to 1902)
Fersfield (from 1902)
Field Dalling   Walsingham
Filby Fleg-I Fleggs
Fincham   Downham
Fishley Acle-GU Blofield
Flitcham cum Appleton   Freebridge Lynn
Flordon   Henstead
Fordham   Downham
Forncett St Mary   Depwade
Places - F Pre 1834 Post 1834
Forncett St Peter   Depwade
Foulden   Swaffham
Foulsham WkHse Aylsham
Foxley Bawd-GU Mitford and Launditch
Framingham Earl   Henstead
Framingham Pigot   Henstead
Fransham, Great MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Fransham, Little MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Freethorpe Acle-GU Blofield
Frenze   Depwade
Frettenham   St Faith's
Fring   Docking
Fritton   Depwade
Fulmodeston with Croxton   Walsingham
Fundenhall   Depwade
Places - G Pre 1834 Post 1834
Garboldisham (to 1902)
Garboldisham (from 1902)
WkHse Guiltcross
Garveston MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Gasthorpe (to 1902)
Gasthorpe (from 1902)
Gateley MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Gayton   Freebridge Lynn
Gayton Thorpe   Freebridge Lynn
Gaywood   Freebridge Lynn
Geldeston Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Gillingham All Saints Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Gillingham St Mary Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Gimingham Gim-GU Erpingham
Gissing   Depwade
Glandford   Erpingham
Godwick   Mitford and Launditch
Gooderstone   Swaffham
Gorleston (to 1891)
Gorleston (from 1891)

Mutf-I (SFK)
Yarmouth, Great
Great Bircham   Docking
Places - G Pre 1834 Post 1834
Great Cressingham   Swaffham
Great Dunham MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Great Ellingham WkHse Wayland
Great Fransham MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Great Hautbois   Aylsham
Great Massingham   Freebridge Lynn
Great Melton   Henstead
Great Ringstead   Docking
Great Ryburgh   Walsingham
Great Snarehill   Thetford
(after 1858)
Great Snoring   Walsingham
Great Walsingham WkHse Walsingham
Great Witchingham WkHse St Faith's
Great Yarmouth GtYa-I Yarmouth, Great
Gresham Aldb-GU Erpingham
Gressenhall MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Grimston   Freebridge Lynn
Griston   Wayland
Guestwick   Aylsham
Guist   Mitford and Launditch
Gunthorpe   Walsingham
Gunton   Erpingham
Places - H Pre 1834 Post 1834
Hackford (near Reepham) Hack-GU Aylsham
Hackford (near Wymondham) Fore-I Forehoe
Haddiscoe Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Hainford Stfa-GU St Faith's
Hales Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Halvergate Acle-GU Blofield
Hanworth   Erpingham
Happisburgh Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Hapton   Depwade
Hardingham MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Hardley Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Hardwick   Depwade
Hargham   Wayland
Harleston   Depwade
Harling, East (to 1902)
Harling, East (from 1902)
Harling, West (to 1902)
Harling, West (from 1902)
Harpley   Freebridge Lynn
Hassingham Acle-GU Blofield
Hautbois, Great   Aylsham
Hautbois, Little
(Lammas with Little Hautbois)
Haveringland   St Faith's
Heacham   Docking
Heckingham Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Hedenham Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Heigham Norw-I
(to 1863)
(from 1863)
Helhoughton   Walsingham
Hellesdon (part-see also Norwich)   St Faith's
Hellesdon Hamlet (see also St Faith's Union) Norw-I
(to 1863)
(from 1863)
Hellington Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Hemblington   Blofield
Hempnall   Depwade
Hempstead near Stalham Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Hempstead by Holt   Erpingham
Hempton   Walsingham
Hemsby Fleg-I Fleggs
(Stokesby with Herringby)
Fleg-I Fleggs
Places - H Pre 1834 Post 1834
Hethel   Henstead
Hethersett   Henstead
Hevingham Buxt-I Aylsham
Heydon WkHse Aylsham
Hickling Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Hilborough   Swaffham
Hilgay WkHse Downham
Hillington   Freebridge Lynn
Hindolveston WkHse Aylsham
Hindringham   Walsingham
Hingham Fore-I Forehoe
Hockering MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Hockham   Wayland
Hockwold cum Wilton WkHse Thetford
Hoe MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Holkham WkHse Walsingham
Holme Hale   Swaffham
Holme next Runcton   Downham
Holme-next-the-Sea   Docking
Holt WkHse Erpingham
Holverston   Henstead
Honing Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Honingham   St Faith's
Horning   Smallburgh
(from 1869)
Horningtoft MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Horsey Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Horsford Stfa-GU St Faith's
Horsham St Faith Stfa-GU St Faith's
Horstead with Stanninghall Stfa-GU St Faith's
Houghton New
  (New Houghton)
Houghton St Giles
(Houghton in the Hole)
Houghton-on-the-Hill   Swaffham
Hoveton St John Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Hoveton St Peter Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Howe Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
with Barrett-Ringstead
(or Ringstead Parva)
Hunstanton, New (1904+)   Docking
Hunworth   Erpingham
Places - I Pre 1834 Post 1834
Ickburgh   Swaffham
Illington   Wayland
Ingham Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Ingoldisthorpe   Docking
Ingworth   Aylsham
Places - I Pre 1834 Post 1834
Intwood   Henstead
Irmingland   Aylsham
Irstead Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Islington   Wisbech
Itteringham Oult-GU Aylsham
Places - K Pre 1834 Post 1834
Kelling   Erpingham
Kempston MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Kenninghall (to 1902)
Kenninghall (from 1902)
WkHse Guiltcross
Kerdiston Hack-GU Aylsham
Keswick   Henstead
Ketteringham   Henstead
Kettlestone   Walsingham
Places - K Pre 1834 Post 1834
Kilverstone   Thetford
Kimberley Fore-I Forehoe
King's Lynn - St Margaret KLyn-I King's Lynn
King's Lynn - All Saints KLyn-I King's Lynn
Kirby Bedon   Henstead
Kirby Cane Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Kirstead Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Knapton Gim-GU Erpingham
Places - L Pre 1834 Post 1834
Lakenham Norw-I
(to 1863)
(from 1863)
Lammas with Little Hautbois   Aylsham
Langford   Swaffham
Langham   Walsingham
Langley Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
(part of Dickleburgh)
Larling   Wayland
Lessingham Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Letheringsett   Erpingham
Letton MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Lexham, East MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Lexham, West MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Leziate   Freebridge Lynn
Limpenhoe Acle-GU Blofield
Lingwood Acle-GU Blofield
Litcham MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Little Barningham   Aylsham
Little Bittering MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Little Cressingham   Swaffham
Places - L Pre 1834 Post 1834
Little Dunham MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Little Ellingham   Wayland
Little Fransham MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Little Massingham   Freebridge Lynn
Little Melton   Henstead
Little Ryburgh   Walsingham
Little Snarehill   Thetford
(after 1858)
Little Snoring   Walsingham
Little Walsingham WkHse Walsingham
Little Witchingham   St Faith's
Loddon Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Longham MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Lopham, North(-1902)
Lopham, North(1902+)
WkHse Guiltcross
Lopham, South(-1902)
Lopham, South(1902+)
WkHse Guiltcross
Ludham Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Lynford   Thetford
Lyng Bawd-GU Mitford and Launditch
Lynn, North   King's Lynn
Lynn, South (All Saints) KLyn-I King's Lynn
Lynn, West (Old Lynn)   King's Lynn
Places - M Pre 1834 Post 1834
Mannington   Aylsham
Marham   Downham
Markshall   Henstead
Marlingford Fore-I Forehoe
Marsham Buxt-I Aylsham
Marshland St James (1935+)   Wisbech
Martham Fleg-I Fleggs
Massingham, Great   Freebridge Lynn
Massingham, Little or Parva   Freebridge Lynn
Matlaske   Erpingham
Mattishall MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Mattishall Burgh MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Mautby Fleg-I Fleggs
Melton Constable
  with Burgh Parva
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Melton, Great   Henstead
Melton, Little   Henstead
Mendham (see Note 3)   Depwade (NFK)
Hoxne (SFK)
Places - M Pre 1834 Post 1834
Merton   Wayland
Methwold   Thetford
Metton   Erpingham
Middleton   Freebridge Lynn
Mileham MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Mintlyn   Freebridge Lynn
Morley St Botolph Fore-I Forehoe
Morley St Peter Fore-I Forehoe
Morningthorpe   Depwade
Morston   Walsingham
Morton-on-the-Hill   St Faith's
Moulton St Michael(Great)   Depwade
Moulton St Mary Acle-GU Blofield
Mulbarton   Henstead
Mundesley Gim-GU Erpingham
Mundford   Thetford
Mundham Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Places - N Pre 1834 Post 1834
Narborough   Swaffham
Narford   Swaffham
Neatishead Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Necton WkHse Swaffham
Needham   Depwade
New Buckenham(-1902)
New Buckenham(1902+)
WkHse Guiltcross
New Hunstanton (1904+)   Docking
Newton-by-Castle-Acre   Swaffham
Newton St Faiths Stfa-GU St Faith's
Newton Flotman   Henstead
Newton, West   Freebridge Lynn
Nordelph(1909+)   Wisbech
North Barningham   Erpingham
North Barsham   Walsingham
North Creake   Docking
Places - N Pre 1834 Post 1834
North Elmham MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
North Lopham(-1902)
North Lopham(1902+)
North Lynn   King's Lynn
North Pickenham WkHse Swaffham
North Runcton   Freebridge Lynn
North Tuddenham MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
North Walsham WkHse Erpingham
North Wootton   Freebridge Lynn
Northrepps Gim-GU Erpingham
Northwold WkHse Thetford
Norton Subcourse Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Norwich Norw-I
(to 1863)
(from 1863)
Places - O Pre 1834 Post 1834
Oby (Ashby with Oby) Fleg-I Fleggs
Old Buckenham(-1902)
Old Buckenham(1902+)
Ormesby St Margaret Fleg-I Fleggs
Ormesby St Michael Fleg-I Fleggs
Oulton Oult-GU Aylsham
Outwell   Wisbech
Places - O Pre 1834 Post 1834
Overstrand Gim-GU Erpingham
Ovington   Wayland
Oxborough   Swaffham
Oxnead Buxt-I Aylsham
Oxwick MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Places - P Pre 1834 Post 1834
Palgrave Parva
Sea Palling Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Panxworth Acle-GU Blofield
Paston Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Pattesley MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Pensthorpe   Walsingham
Pentney   Freebridge Lynn
Pickenham, North WkHse Swaffham
Pickenham, South   Swaffham
Places - P Pre 1834 Post 1834
Plumstead   Erpingham
Plumstead, Great   Blofield
Plumstead, Little   Blofield
Pockthorpe (part of Norwich) Norw-I
(to 1863)
(from 1863)
Poringland, Great (or East)   Henstead
Poringland, Little (or West)   Henstead
Postwick   Blofield
Potter Heigham Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Pudding Norton   Walsingham
Pulham Market   Depwade
Pulham St Mary the Virgin   Depwade
Places - Q Pre 1834 Post 1834
Quarles   Walsingham
Places - Q Pre 1834 Post 1834
Quidenham (to 1902)
Quidenham (from 1902)
Places - R Pre 1834 Post 1834
Rackheath Stfa-GU St Faith's
Raynham, East   Walsingham
Raynham, South   Walsingham
Raynham, West   Walsingham
Ranworth Acle-GU Blofield
Raveningham Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Redenhall WkHse Depwade
Redmere   Thetford
(from 1864)
(from 1866)
Reedham WkHse
Reepham Hack-GU Aylsham
Repps with Bastwick Fleg-I Fleggs
Reymerston MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Riddlesworth (to 1902)
Riddlesworth (from 1902)
Ridlington Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Ringland   St Faith's
Ringstead, Great   Docking
Ringstead Parva (Hunstanton
with Barrett-Ringstead)
Rockland All Saints   Wayland
Places - R Pre 1834 Post 1834
Rockland St Andrew   Wayland
Rockland St Mary   Henstead
Rockland St Peter   Wayland
Rollesby Fleg-I Fleggs
Roudham   Wayland
Rougham MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Roughton   Erpingham
Roxham   Downham
Roydon(near Diss)(-1902)
Roydon(near Diss)(1902+)
Roydon (near King's Lynn)   Freebridge Lynn
Rudham, East   Docking
Rudham, West   Docking
Runcton, North   Freebridge Lynn
Runcton, South   Downham
Runhall Fore-I Forehoe
Runham Fleg-I Fleggs
Runham Vauxhall (1894+)   Fleggs
Runton, East & West Aldb-GU Erpingham
Rushall   Depwade
Rushford   Thetford
Ruston, East Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Ryburgh, Great   Walsingham
Ryburgh, Little   Walsingham
Ryston   Downham
Places - S Pre 1834 Post 1834
Saham Toney   Swaffham
Salhouse Stfa-GU St Faith's
Salle WkHse Aylsham
Salthouse   Erpingham
Sandringham   Freebridge Lynn
Santon   Thetford
Saxlingham   Walsingham
Saxlingham Thorpe   Henstead
Saxlingham Nethergate   Henstead
Saxthorpe   Aylsham
Scarning MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Sco Ruston Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Scole   Depwade
Scottow   Aylsham
Scoulton   Wayland
Scratby Fleg-I Fleggs
Sculthorpe   Walsingham
Sedgeford   Docking
Seething Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Setchey Magna   Freebridge Lynn
Sharrington   Walsingham
Shelfanger (to 1902)
Shelfanger (from 1902)
WkHse Guiltcross
Shelton   Depwade
Shereford   Walsingham
Shernborne   Docking
Sheringham Aldb-GU Erpingham
Shimpling   Depwade
Shingham   Swaffham
Shipdham MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Shotesham All Saints   Henstead
Shotesham St Mary
  & St Martin
Shouldham   Downham
Shouldham Thorpe   Downham
Shropham   Wayland
Sidestrand   Erpingham
Sisland Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Skeyton Buxt-I Aylsham
Sloley Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Smallburgh Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Snarehill, Great & Little   Thetford
(after 1858)
Snetterton   Wayland
Snettisham   Docking
Snoring, Great   Walsingham
Snoring, Little   Walsingham
Somerton, East Fleg-I Fleggs
Somerton, West Fleg-I Fleggs
South Acre   Swaffham
South Creake   Docking
South Lopham(-1902)
South Lopham(1902+)
Places - S Pre 1834 Post 1834
South Lynn - All Saints KLyn-I King's Lynn
South Pickenham   Swaffham
South Raynham   Walsingham
South Runcton   Downham
South Walsham   Blofield
South Wootton   Freebridge Lynn
Southburgh MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Southery   Downham
Southrepps Gim-GU Erpingham
Southwood Acle-GU Blofield
Sparham Bawd-GU Mitford and Launditch
Spixworth Stfa-GU St Faith's
Sporle-with-Palgrave WkHse Swaffham
Sprowston Stfa-GU St Faith's
Stalham Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Stanfield MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Stanford   Swaffham
Stanhoe   Docking
Stanninghall (Horstead
with Stanninghall)
Stfa-GU St Faith's
Starston   Depwade
Stibbard   Walsingham
Stiffkey   Walsingham
Stockton Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Stody   Erpingham
Stoke Ferry   Downham
Stoke Holy Cross   Henstead
Stokesby with Herringby Fleg-I Fleggs
Stow Bardolph   Downham
Stow Bedon   Wayland
Stradsett   Downham
Stratton St Mary   Depwade
Stratton St Michael   Depwade
Stratton Strawless Buxt-I Aylsham
Strumpshaw   Blofield
Sturston   Thetford
Suffield   Erpingham
(part of Docking)
Surlingham   Henstead
Sustead   Erpingham
Sutton Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Swaffham WkHse Swaffham
Swafield Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Swainsthorpe   Henstead
Swannington   St Faith's
Swanton Abbott Buxt-I Aylsham
Swanton Morley MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Swanton Novers   Walsingham
Swardeston   Henstead
Syderstone   Docking
Places - T Pre 1834 Post 1834
Tacolneston   Depwade
Tasburgh   Depwade
Tatterford   Walsingham
Tattersett   Walsingham
Taverham Stfa-GU St Faith's
Terrington St Clement   Wisbech
Terrington St John   Wisbech
Testerton   Walsingham
Tharston   Depwade
Thelveton   Depwade
Themelthorpe   Aylsham
Thetford St Cuthbert WkHse Thetford
Thetford St Mary WkHse Thetford
Thetford St Peter WkHse Thetford
Thompson   Wayland
Thornage   Erpingham
Thornham   Docking
Thorpe Abbotts   Depwade
Thorpe Hamlet
(part of Norwich)
Thorpe Market   Erpingham
Thorpe-next-Haddiscoe Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Thorpe St Andrew or
Thorpe next Norwich
Thorpe Parva   Depwade
(Wallington cum Thorpland)
Threxton   Swaffham
Thrigby Fleg-I Fleggs
Thurgarton   Erpingham
Thurlton Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Thurne Fleg-I Fleggs
Thurning   Aylsham
Places - T Pre 1834 Post 1834
Thursford   Walsingham
Thurton Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Thuxton MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Thwaite All Saints   Aylsham
Thwaite St Mary Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Tibenham WkHse Depwade
Tilney All Saints   Wisbech
Tilney-cum-Islington   Wisbech
Tilney St Lawrence   Wisbech
Titchwell   Docking
Tittleshall-cum-Godwick MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Tivetshall St Margaret   Depwade
Tivetshall St Mary   Depwade
Toftrees   Walsingham
Toft Monks Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Tofts, West   Thetford
Topcroft Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Tottenhill   Downham
Tottington   Wayland
Trimingham Gim-GU Erpingham
Trowse Millgate Norw-I
(to 1863)
(from 1863)
Trowse Newton   Henstead
Trunch Gim-GU Erpingham
Tuddenham, East MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Tuddenham, North MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Tunstall Acle-GU Blofield
Tunstead Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Tuttington   Aylsham
Twyford   Mitford and Launditch
Places - U Pre 1834 Post 1834
Upton Acle-GU Blofield
Places - U Pre 1834 Post 1834
Upwell   Wisbech
Places - W Pre 1834 Post 1834
Wacton   Depwade
Walcott Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Wallington cum Thorpland   Downham
Walpole St Andrew   Wisbech
Walpole St Peter   Wisbech
Walsham, North WkHse Erpingham
(to Mar 1884)
(from 1884)
Walsham, South   Blofield
Walsingham, Great WkHse Walsingham
Walsingham, Little WkHse Walsingham
Walsoken   Wisbech
Walton, East   Freebridge Lynn
Walton, West   Wisbech
Warham All Saints WkHse Walsingham
Warham St Mary WkHse Walsingham
Waterden   Docking
Watlington   Downham
Watton   Wayland
Waxham Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Weasenham All Saints(Upper) MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Weasenham St Peter(Lower) MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Weeting All Saints
Welborne Fore-I Forehoe
Wellingham MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Wells-next-the-Sea WkHse Walsingham
Welney (see Note 2)   Downham
Welney, West
(Created Sept 1895)
Wendling MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Wereham   Downham
West Acre   Freebridge Lynn
West Barsham   Walsingham
West Beckham   Erpingham
West Bilney   Freebridge Lynn
West Bradenham   Swaffham
West Dereham   Downham
West Downham(1896+)   Downham
West Harling (to 1902)
West Harling (from 1902)
West Lexham MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
West Lynn (Old Lynn)   King's Lynn
West Newton   Freebridge Lynn
West Raynham   Walsingham
West Rudham   Docking
West Somerton Fleg-I Fleggs
West Tofts   Thetford
West Walton   Wisbech
West Welney
(Created Sept 1895)
West Winch   Freebridge Lynn
West Wretham   Thetford
Westfield MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Weston Longville   St Faith's
Places - W Pre 1834 Post 1834
Westwick Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Weybourne   Erpingham
Wheatacre All Saints Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Whinburgh MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Whissonsett MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Whitlingham   Henstead
Whittington (1874 on)   Thetford
Whitwell Hack-GU Aylsham
Wickhampton Acle-GU Blofield
Wicklewood Fore-I Forehoe
Wickmere   Aylsham
Wiggenhall St German   Downham
Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalen   Downham
Wiggenhall St Mary the Virgin   Downham
Wiggenhall St Peter   Downham
Wighton WkHse Walsingham
Wilby (to 1902)
Wilby (from 1902)
(Hockwold cum Wilton)
Wimbotsham   Downham
Winch, East   Freebridge Lynn
Winch, West   Freebridge Lynn
Winfarthing (to 1902)
Winfarthing (from 1902)
WkHse Guiltcross
Winterton Fleg-I Fleggs
Witchingham, Great WkHse St Faith's
Witchingham, Little   St Faith's
Witton (near Blofield)   Blofield
Witton (near North Walsham) Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Wiveton   Walsingham
Wolferton   Freebridge Lynn
Wolterton   Aylsham
Wood Dalling   Aylsham
Wood Norton   Aylsham
Woodbastwick Acle-GU Blofield
Woodrising MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Woodton Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering
Wootton, North   Freebridge Lynn
Wootton, South   Freebridge Lynn
Wormegay   Downham
Worstead Tuns-I
(to 1869)
(from 1869)
Worthing MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Wortwell   Depwade
Wramplingham Fore-I Forehoe
Wreningham   Henstead
Wretham, East   Thetford
Wretham, West   Thetford
Wretton   Downham
Wroxham   St Faith's
Wymondham Fore-I Forehoe
Places - Y Pre 1834 Post 1834
Yarmouth, Great GtYa-I Yarmouth, Great
Yaxham MitL-I Mitford and Launditch
Places - Y Pre 1834 Post 1834
Yelverton Lodd-I Loddon and Clavering

In the table above for each place -

  • The column headed "Pre 1834" refers to the relevant "Gilbert Union" or "Incorporation" or "Parish Workhouse" with links to additional information.
  • The column headed "Post 1834" gives the new "Union" joined or old "Incorporation" which the place stayed with (or joined in some cases eg. Bylaugh)
Gilbert Union (GU)
(House of Industry location)
Acle (Acle) Acle-GU
Aldborough (Upper Sheringham) Aldb-GU
Bawdeswell (Bawdeswell) Bawd-GU
Booton (Booton) Boot-GU
Brinton (Brinton) Brin-GU
Buxton (to 1806) (Buxton) Buxt-GU
Gimingham (Gimingham) Gim-GU
Hackford (Reepham) Hack-GU
Oulton (Oulton) Oult-GU
St Faith's (Horsham St Faith's) Stfa-GU
Name of Incorporation (I)
(House of Industry location)
Buxton (from 1806) (Buxton) Buxt-I
East and West Flegg (Rollesby) Fleg-I
Forehoe (Wicklewood) Fore-I
Loddon and Clavering (Heckingham) Lodd-I
King's Lynn (King's Lynn) KLyn-I
Mitford and Launditch
Mutford and Lothingland (SFK)
(Oulton in Suffolk)
Norwich (Norwich) Norw-I
Tunstead & Happing (Smallburgh) Tuns-I
Great Yarmouth (Great Yarmouth) GtYa-I




  • 1. Houses of Industry was the term used before 1834 and then most of them became known as Union Workhouses even though some maintained their Incorporation status. Some places are listed twice eg. "West Acre" is also under "Acre, West" for completeness and searching purposes.
  • 2. Welney (created as a separate parish in 1862 from Upwell) was situated partly in Norfolk and partly in Cambridgeshire until Sept 1895 but all under the Downham Union. The Cambridgeshire part was then transferred to Norfolk and became the parish of "West Welney". In some directories "West Welney" is found described under Welney.
  • 3. People from Mendham might be found in the wrong Unions records. Some may even have ended up in the Suffolk unions of Hoxne (which lists the full history including the split for poor law purposes) or Hartismere when they should have gone to Depwade or vice-versa.

See also the Workhouses before 1834 page and the Post 1834 Unions page

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