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Help and advice for Passengers to Australia on the Agincourt

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Passengers to Australia on the Agincourt

Transcription kindly provided by Rosemary Oram.

The Agincourt landed her passengers at Port Jackson, Australia on Saturday 7 October, 1848. Some of the place names are misspelt on the original list but are easily recognised.

Surname Forenames Age Occupation/Status From
ARCHER Catherine 1 Child Calais,France
  Frederick 3 Child Calais,France
  Frederick 29 Whitesmith Nottingham, Notts
  Jane 5 Child Calais,France
  Mary 28 nil Ednum, Lei
BANNISTER James 43 lacemaker Cosby, Lei
  James 19 lacemaker Calais, France
  Maria 44 nil Melbourne, Dby
  Samuel 21 lacemaker Calais, France
BRADBURY Sarah 42 nil Chilwell, Notts
  William 39 lacemaker/gardener Radford, Notts
BRANSON Ada 9 child Stableford, Notts
  Anna 4 child Calais, France
  Frederick 6 child Stableford, Notts
  Miriam 29 nil Stableford, Notts
  William 40 lacemaker Gunthorpe, Notts
BROMHEAD Jane 24 nil Leicester, Lei
  John 24 lacemaker/hairdresser Nottingham, Notts
  Joseph 45 machinesmith Eastleck, Notts
  Sarah 2 child Calais, France
  Sarah 45 nil Harnold, Notts
  Sarah 24 dressmaker Nottingham, Notts
BROWNE Andrew 33 lacemaker Papplewich, Notts
  Elizabeth 7 child Calais, France
  Emily inf child Calais, France
  Emma 2 child Calais, France
  John 12 child Nottingham, Notts
  Lydia 34 nil Trumangar, Notts
  ---- 5 child Calais, France
  Mary 26 nil Mansfield, Notts
  Mary Jane 10 child Nottingham, Notts
  Sarah 5 child Calais, France
  William 32 machine fitter Ilchester, Dby
BROWNLOW Emma 27 nil Calais, France
  George inf child born on voyage
  John 3 child Calais, France
  Mary 5 child Calais, France
  William 27 lacemaker Calais, France
CROFTS Charles 29 lacemaker Basford, Notts
  Jane 28 nil Nottingham, Notts
  Thomas 9 child Nottingham, Notts
DAVIS Anne 41 nil Nottingham, Notts
  Harriet 4 child Nottingham, Notts
  John 13 child Nottingham, Notts
  Joseph 40 frameworker/gardener Nottingham, Notts
  ---- 9 child Nottingham, Notts
  Mary Ann 16 nursemaid Nottingham, Notts
DUCK Charles 3 child Calais, France
  Elizabeth 34 nil Radford, Notts
  George 15 machinesmith Calais, France
  Henry 1 child Calais, France
  Mary Ann 5 child Calais, France
  Samuel 11 child Radford, Notts
  Thomas 38 lacemaker Radford, Notts
  Thomas 7 child Calais, France
  Walter 9 child Radford, Notts
FOSTER Alfred 11 child Nottingham, Notts
  Charles 18 lacemaker Loughborough, Lei
  Frances 20 milliner Loughborough, Lei
  Francis 2 child Calais, France
  Frederick 14 child Nottingham, Notts
  George 10 child Nottingham, Notts
  Harriet 7 child Calais, France
  Henry 4 child Calais, France
  James 38 lacemaker Leicester, Lei
  John 16 child Nottingham, Notts
  Mary Ann 39 nil London, Mdx
GASCOIGNE Ellen 30 nil Wedgebury, Staff
  Maria 2 child Calais, France
  Thomas 6 child Calais, France
  William 33 machinesmith Nottingham, Notts
  William 10 child Leicester, Lei
HAYWOOD Joseph 46 miner Pentbridge, Dby
  Mary Ann 15 nursemaid Lenton, Notts
  Sarah 38 nil Pentbridge, Dby
HOMAN Anne 43 nil Ebston, Cornwall
  Edwin Matthew 7 child Carrington North, Lon
  Emily Anne 10 child Nottingham, Notts
  Thomas 45 lacemaker Tudbury, Staffs
HUSBAND Eliza 10 child Barisford, Notts
  Laura 35 nil Barisford, Notts
  Richard 35 lacemaker Wollaston, Notts
JOHNSON Cornelius 11 child Nottingham, Notts
  Phoebe 25 nil Douay, France
  Thomas 35 enginesmith Loughborough,Lei
  Thomas 9 child Nottingham, Notts
  Washington 7 child Braisford, Notts
KEMSHALL Alfred 17 lacemaker Radford, Notts
  Angelina 10 child Radford, Notts
  Benjamin 40 lacemaker Nottingham, Notts
  Benjamin 15 lacemaker Radford, Notts
  Helen 7 child Calais, France
  Julia 13 nursemaid Radford, Notts
  Mary 37 nil Billboradean, Notts
  Matilda 5 child Calais, France
  Rose 12 child Radford, Notts
LOWE Alfred 9 child Calais, France
  Anne 4 child Calais, France
  Eliza 35 nil Dover, Kent
  Emily 2 child Calais, France
  Oliver 33 lacemaker Whitwick, Lei
MOON Anne 31 nil Deal, Kent
  Henry 13 child Nottingham, Notts
  John 30 lacemaker/agr lab Deal, Kent
  Lucy 11 child Calais, France
  Thomas 1 child Calais, France
NICHOLLS John 14 child Halifax, Yorkshire
  Joshua 13 child Manchester, Lancs
  Mary Anne 40 nil Manchester, Lancs
  Mary Anne 18 nursemaid Manchester, Lancs
  Sarah Anne 19 houseservant Leeds, Yorkshire
  William 41 blacksmith Leeds, Yorkshire
  ------ 10 child Manchester, Lancs
NUTT Caroline 7 child Barnstaple, Devon
  Caroline 42 nil Tiverton, Devon
  Edward 14 smith Barnstaple, Devon
  George 21 tinplate worker Barnstaple, Devon
  James 41 blacksmith Somerton, Som
  John 10 child Barnstaple, Devon
  Mary Anne 10 nursemaid Barnstaple, Devon
  Sarah 19 milliner Barnstaple, Devon
PEDDER Bridget 23 nil Selbridge, Kildare
  James 22 smith Dundalk, Louth
  Mary Anne 1 child Calais, France
PEET Jane 23 nil Aberdeen, Sct
  Thomas 23 lacemaker Nottingham, Notts
PETTIT Josephine 40 nil Calais, France
  Thomas 38 wheelwright Dover, Kent
POTTER Anne 23 nil Nottingham, Notts
  Anne 28 nil Nottingham, Notts
  Charles 23 laceweaver Nottingham, Notts
  Maria 5 child Calais, France
  Thomas inf child Calais, France
  William 30 lacemaker Wimeswold, Lei
POWELL Elizabeth inf child Boulogne, France
  James 2 child Calais, France
  John 23 lacemaker Loughborough, Lei
  Maria 23 nil Loughborough, Lei
ROBINSON John 8 child Nottingham, Notts
  Mary Anne 28 nil Askham, Notts
  Mary Anne 3 child Calais, France
  Richard 32 lacemaker/lab Askham, Notts
ROE Emmanuel 6 child Radford, Notts
  Janet 36 nil Berwick on Tweed,
  Joseph 10 child Radford, Notts
  Joseph 36 smith London
  William 14 lacemaker Radford, Notts
SAYWELL Elias 13 child Radford, Notts
  Fanny 3 child Calais, France
  George 37 lacemaker Radford, Notts
  George 6 child Basseville, France
  Isabella 37 -- Wicklow, Ireland
  Isabella inf child Calais, France
  Jasper 25 smith Radford, Notts
  Johanna 26 nil Flanders, Belgium
  Mary 18 lacemaker Radford, Notts
  Rosanna 16 dressmaker Radford, Notts
  Sarah Anne 17 lacemaker Radford, Notts
  Thomas 11 child Radford, Notts
  William 3 child Calais, France
SERGEANT Esther 43 ---- Nottingham, Notts
  Mary Ann 18 houseservant Radford, Notts
  Sarah 16 ---- Radford, Notts
  William 43 lab/lacemaker Newsted, Notts
  William 10 child Radford, Notts
SHAW James 40 sawyer/lacemaker Belper, Dby
  James 8 child Calais, France
  Jane Sarah inf child Calais, France
  Mary 4 child Calais, France
  Sarah 40 ---- Walton, Lei
  Thomas 13 child New Baysford, Notts
  William 19 lacemaker Calais, France
SHORE Adelaide 32 --- Calais, France
  John 29 lacemaker Baysford, Notts
  Selina inf child Calais, France
SMITH Edmund 13 child Calais, France
  Fanny 10 child Calais, France
  Hannah 43 --- Dover, Kent
  Lucy 4 child Calais, France
  Thomas 15 tanner Calais, France
  William 44 lacemaker Reddington, Notts
  William 8 child Calais, France
STEVENS Charles 7 child Calais, France
  Edward 11 child New Linton, Notts
  Eliza 32 ---- Mt Sorrel, Lei
  Eliza Anne 9 child New Linton, Notts
  Louisa 2 child Calais, France
  Samuel 38 lacemaker Radford, Notts
TAYLOR ----- ---- widow ----
  Elizabeth 39 nil Leicester, Lei
  Elizabeth 18 houseservant Calais, France
  Emma 3 child Calais, France
  Harriet 8 child Calais, France
  John 39 lacemaker Appleby, Westmoreland
  Mary Ann 16 houseservant Calais, France
  Susannah 6 child Calais, France
TAYLOR Mary 41 dressmaker(widow) Ticknell, Dby
  Fanny 18 dressmaker Coventry, War
  William 11 child Nottingham, Notts
WAINWRIGHT John 37 smith Nottingham.Notts
  Lucy 36 wife Radford,Notts
WALKER William 44 Blacksmith Market Marborough
  Mary 32 wife Calais, France
  William 13 child Calais, France
  Mary 8 child Calais, France
  Henry 5 child Calais, France
  Thomas 2 child Calais, France
WAND John 40 lacemaker Nottingham, Notts
  Eliza 40 wife York
  Eliza 13 child Calais, France
  John 11 child Calais, France
  Sarah 9 child Calais, France
  James 3 child Calais, France
  Fanny 1 child Calais, France
WARD William 28 lacemaker Nottingham, Notts
  Elizabeth 24 wife Staffordshire
  Anne 3 child Calais, France
  Emma -- infant Calais, France
WEST Robert 37 lacemaker Deal, Kent
  Anne 25 wife Stapleford, Notts
  Robert 3 child Calais, France
  Frances -- infant born on board
WHEWILL William 25 lacemaker Loughborough, Lei
  Caroline 25 wife Deal, Kent
  Joseph 3 child Calais, France
WHEWILL Joseph 50 lacemaker Clifton, Som
  Mary 46 wife Loughborough, Lei
  Mary Anne 23 lacemaker Calais, France
  Thomas 20 lacemaker Calais, France
WOOD Thomas 28 lacemaker Nottingham, Notts
  Emma 22 wife London
WOODFORTH James 33 lacemaker Quordon, Leics
  Elizabeth 33 wife Quordon, Leics
  John 8 child Calais, France
  James 5 child Calais, France
  Elizabeth 4 child Calais, France
COOPER Elizabeth 44 nurse Nottingham, Notts
HOUGHTON Eliza 36 nurse Nottingham, Notts
OLDFIELD Mary Anne 18 servant Chesterfield
PEDDER Mary 22 ----- Dunkirk

Taken from "The Lacemakers of Calais" published by The Australian Society of the Lacemakers of Calais, edited by Gillian Kelly with Gillian Kelly's permission. Some of the place names are misspelt on the original list but are easily recognised. Anyone with relatives on this List can contact Gillian who is researching the lacemakers of Calais in Britain, France and Australia. Her address is:

Gillian Kelly The Australian Society of the Lacemakers of Calais PO Box 1277 Queanbeyan, NSW Australia 2620 E-Mail: gillkell[at][dot]au