White's Directory of Nottinghamshire, 1853



Boughton parish, two miles north-east of Ollerton, is a small scattered village situated at the foot of Cockin Hill, a steep acclivity, which forms the east side of the parish, and the boundary of the South Clay division, separating it from the parish of Laxton. On the west is an extensive tract of very light forest land, called the Brecks. About thirty acres of hop ground extend from the south-west at the foot of Cockin Hill, towards Ollerton, of which, a few years ago, there were twice the number of acres in hop grounds. The parish contains 398 inhabitants and 1,348a 1r 15p of land, including 135 acres of commons and 49½ acres in woods, of the rateable value of £1,209 18s 5d. The Earl of Scarborough is lord of the manor (holding a court at Michaelmas), and owner of the whole except 384 acres. John Doncaster, gent, of Ollerton, owns and occupies about 112 acres, and several others are owners. The River Mann intersects the parish, over which, in 1812, a bridge was erected by subscription, previous to which the ford was often dangerous. On the bank of the river is a deep cavity in the rock of red sandstone, called Robin Hood's Cave, near which is New England, a district of about 50 acres, enclosed from the forest many years ago, lying betwixt Walesby and Pearlthorpe, but in Ollerton township.

The parish was of the fee of Roger de Busli, and was anciently called Bucheton, and was held by a family of its own name. Aeliz de Bucton gave part of the land and the advowson of the church to the priory of Blyth. It afterwards passed to the Markhams. The church is a humble building, with a turret belfry, and is a perpetual curacy annexed to the vicarage of Kneesall. The Collegiate Church of Southwell are patrons and improprietors, under whom the Earl of Scarborough is lessee for the tithes, which have been commuted. The General Baptists have a neat chapel here, built in 1826. In 1791, Squire Markham left £12 10s to the poor of the parish, now vested in the Retford Savings Bank. Mrs Eliz. Alvey, a native of this place, is in her 89th year of age, and is very active.

[Transcribed by Clive Henly]