White's Directory of Nottinghamshire, 1853


Granby and Sutton

A Description of the Parish

Granby is a well-built village overlooking the delightful vale of Belvoir, 4 miles south-east of Bingham, and near the borders of Leicestershire. It is remarkable for giving the title of Marquis to the Duke of Rutland, whose ancestor, Sir John Manners, purchased the estate of Lord Viscount Savage, to who, it had been granted by Henry VII, after the attainder Henry Lord Lovel, whose unhappy and mysterious fate will be noticed under the heading of East Stoke. After the Conquest, Granby and Sutton were of the fee of the Lords D'Ayncourt, and continued their principal seat till the reign of Henry VI, when their sole heiress married Lord Lovel.

The parish includes the hamlet of Sutton, and contains 515 inhabitants, and 2,236 acres of land, which has generally a fertile soil, and is noted for several excellent limestone quarries. The commons were enclosed in 1794, when land was allotted as a commutation of all the tithes of the parish, most of which belongs to the Duke of Rutland, who is lord of the manor, impropriator, and patron of the vicarage, which is valued in the King's books at £6 3s 6d, (now £123), and is enjoyed by the Rev. John Bradshaw. The glebe consists of 75 acres. Elizabeth Blagden and Matthew Hall have also estates here, and there are in the parish several small freeholders.

The church, dedicated to All Saints, has a tower and five bells. In the village there is a small Methodist chapel, and the parish school. The master teaches 24 free scholars for £27 a year, of which £17 5s is given by the Duke of Rutland, and the remainder is raised by subscription. The Rev. John Bradshaw and the churchwardens pay 20s yearly, as interest of £25 left in 1816, 1821 and 1824, by Matthew, William and henry Hall, to the poor of Granby and Sutton, and those of the latter hamlet have 8s yearly, as the interest of £10, left in 1767 by William Newberry. In 1776, Thomas Harrison left £100 to the poor of Granby, but it was lost by the insolvency of his namesake.

Sutton hamlet is one mile east of Granby, containing 152 inhabitants and 858 acres of strong clay land.

[Transcribed by Clive Henly]