"Lenton Parish takes its name from its situation upon the Len or Leen, and lies in the vale of that river, near its confluence with the Trent, on the west side of the park and meadows of Nottingham, betwixt them and the parishes of Beeston, Wollaton and Radford, except its detached member called Bestwood Park, which is distant 5 miles north from any other part of the parish. Lenton contains 2,610 acres of rich sandy land, rated at the county rate to £6,957. Gregory Gregory Esq. of Harlaxton Hall is the principal owner and lord of the manor, but Jno. Wright Esq., Lord Middleton and Henry Smith Esq. have estates here. 112 acres of the beautiful park belonging to Lord Middleton is in this parish, within which stands the handsome park gate on the Derby Road. Lenton has, however, felt the manufacturing impulse of its neighbouring town, Nottingham, having increased its population five times over during the last fifty years; for we find that in 1801 it amounted to only 893 souls, which in 1851 had swelled to 5,590 living in 1,069 houses, which includes the new villages of New Lenton and Hyson Green, which latter is principally in Radford Parish, being situated on the common land, 154 acres, which was enclosed in 1796, and divided betwixt the two parishes, though that portion alloted to Lenton is completely surrounded by the land and buildings of Radford. Lenton is a large, handsome village, 1½ miles west of Nottingham, consisting principally of beautiful villas with gardens and shrubberies, and neat cottages. Two annual fairs, granted by Henry I and Charles II, are held here on the Wednesday in Whit-week, and on November 11th, for horses, horned cattle and hogs."
[WHITE's "Directory of Nottinghamshire," 1853]


Archives & Libraries

The Library at Nottingham will prove useful in your research.

There is a Radford Lenton Library just west of downtown Nottingham, at the intersection of Radford and Wollaton Roads. It has a Local History Section you might find interesting. It was funded by the Carnegie Trust in 1922.



  • The parish was in the Lenton sub-district of the Radford Registration District.
  • In June, 1880, this parish was reassigned to the Nottingham South West sub-district of the Nottingham Registration District.
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  • The table below gives census piece numbers, where known:
Piece No.
1841 H.O. 107 / 858
1851 H.O. 107 / 2129 & 2130
1861 R.G. 9 / 2447 thru 2449
1871 R.G. 10 / 3499 & 3500
1891 R.G. 12 / 2681 & 2682
1901 R.G. 13 / 3164

Church History

  • A Cluniac priory was established here in 1105.
  • An old church, standing on the site of St. Anthony's Hospital in the Priory courtyard, was taken down in 1844.
  • The Anglican parish church is dedicated to the Holy and Undivided Trinity.
  • The church was consecrated in October, 1842.
  • The church was restored in 1879 and again in 1894.
  • The church seats 660.
  • There is a photograph of Holy Trinity Church on Geo-graph, taken in November, 2008.
  • Richard CROFT has a photograph of Holy Trinity Church on Geo-graph, taken in April, 2010.
  • The church has a website, but there was no history information at last check.

Church Records

  • The Anglican parish register dates from 1540 and is in good conditions.
  • The church was in the rural deanery of Southwell.
  • The Nottinghamshire Archives holds the registers for Lenton Holy Trinity; cmb for the period 1598 - 1900 on microfilm.
  • In 2005 thieves stole the current parish registers from the church.
  • The General Baptist chapel in Church Street was built in 1857.
  • The Wesleyan Methodist chapel in Church Street was built in 1882 in the Gothic style.
  • The Primitive Methodist chapel in Abbey Street was built in 1882 in the Pointed style.
  • There is a Polish Roman Catholic Church in Sherwood Rise.
  • Richard CROFT has a photograph of the Sikh Temple on Geo-graph, taken in April, 2010.

Civil Registration

  • Civil Registration began in July, 1837.
  • The parish was in the Lenton sub-district of the Radford Registration District.
  • In June, 1880, this parish was reassigned to the Nottingham South West sub-district of the Nottingham Registration District.

Description & Travel

This parish and small town lies on the banks of the River Leen, 1.5 miles south-west of Nottingham. The parish covers just over 5,075 acres.

You can learn more about Lenton by reading the Lenton Times magazine.

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Historical Geography

You can see the administrative areas in which Lenton has been placed at times in the past. Select one to see a link to a map of that particular area.



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You can see maps centred on OS grid reference SK555395 (Lat/Lon: 52.95002, -1.175421), Lenton which are provided by:


Military History

  • The Nottingham and Notts Crimean and Indian Mutiny Veteran's Association operated here. Their task was to obtain pensions and increase of pensions for those entitled. They had their own burial ground here.
  • 63 men from Lenton served in the South African Campaign (Boer War), of whom 7 died. They are memorialized in the parish church.
  • There is a photograph of the War Memorial on Geo-graph, taken in November, 2008. This memorial was erected by the inhabitants of Lenton in 1919. The memorial was unveiled on 29 May 1920.

Military Records

  • Richard CROFT has a photograph of the War Memorial plaque on Geo-graph, taken in April, 2010.
  • And Andrew ABBOTT has a photograph of the War Memorial on Geo-graph, taken in June, 2010.
  • Here are the men listed on the churchyard War Memorial:
  1. William Edward Adams
  2. Leonard Victor Allen
  3. Archibald John Allgood
  4. Lawrence Allport
  5. Herbert Allsopp
  6. James Andrews
  7. Sydney Frank Arrowsmith
  8. Harry Attenborough
  9. Neville Oliver John Attewell
  10. Leslie George Attewell
  11. William Stevenitt Bacon
  12. Arthur Charles Bailey
  13. Frank Bakewell
  14. Albert Ball
  15. Edwin John Leslie Barker
  16. James Francis Bassett
  17. Alfred Neville Bates
  18. Frederick William Beighton
  19. John Bernard George Penter Patrick Augustus Berridge
  20. John William Berrington
  21. Claude Bilbie
  22. Harold Henry Bird
  23. Henry William Blackwell
  24. Thomas Wallace Blackwell
  25. Joseph Percy Blythe
  26. Fred Bonnett
  27. James Bonser
  28. Charles Norman Brown
  29. Harry Brown
  30. James Brown
  31. Alfred Henry Bryan
  32. John Henry Burton
  33. Douglas Arthur Buxton
  34. Enoch Bywater
  35. John Calvert
  36. Henry Cartwright
  37. Frederick Cass
  38. Samuel Edward Cass
  39. George Herbert Casterton
  40. Samuel Edwin Chaplin
  41. Arthur James Cheetham
  42. Arthur William Cheetham
  43. Harold George Cheetham
  44. Joseph Chell
  45. George Clarke
  46. Joseph Clarke
  47. Walter Ernest Clayton
  48. Alfred Clements
  49. Horace Cocking
  50. Robert Archibald Colley
  51. Ernest Comery
  52. George Coombes
  53. Joseph Coombes
  54. Frederick George Cooper
  55. Ronald Richard Nelson Cooper
  56. Claude Cope
  57. George Cope
  58. John Robert Copeland
  59. Thomas Cosgrove
  60. Cecil Frank Quick Costin
  61. George Henry Samuel Cox
  62. Charles William Crawley
  63. Edward Cresswell
  64. Dorothea Mary Lynette Crewdson
  65. John William Culley
  66. Alfred Wallace Smith Cutts
  67. James Albert Cutts
  68. Harry Daft
  69. Charles Dalton
  70. Roby Davidson
  71. Harry Reginald Davis
  72. William Henry Davis
  73. Arthur Dominic
  74. Walter Dominic
  75. James Alfred Dooley
  76. Thomas Anthony Draycott
  77. Herbert Dudley
  78. Henry Dunn
  79. Horace Eaton
  80. William Harold Eley
  81. Frederick John Elliott
  82. Frederick William Elliott
  83. George Fairholm
  84. Charles Edward Fell
  85. Albert Fisher
  86. Ernest Fisher
  87. Thomas Fisher
  88. John Samuel Flewitt
  89. Arthur Flinders
  90. Maurice Walter Fulcher
  91. Percy Giles
  92. Percival Harwood Gorman
  93. Walter Ernest Gray
  94. George Harold Greaves
  95. John William Green
  96. Thomas Green
  97. John William Greenwood
  98. John George Hamilton Guy
  99. Frederick Hackford
  100. Thomas George Hall
  101. Charles Edward Hallam
  102. Robert Hanson
  103. Charles Amos Hardy
  104. Joseph Harrison
  105. Clifford Herbert Haskins
  106. Ernest John Haskins
  107. William Herbert Hattersley
  108. William Haw
  109. James Alick Hawkins
  110. Arthur Laurence Hayward
  111. Alfred Frederick Hemingway
  112. Albert Henry Hemsley
  113. Thomas George Henshaw
  114. Herbert William Herod
  115. William Hicking
  116. Sidney Victor Hickman
  117. Edward David Higham
  118. Archibald Charles Hill
  119. Horace Claude Hill
  120. Thomas Hine, died 25th Dec. 1915 aged 38. Relative of Margaret SIUDEK
  121. Arthur Hodson-Smith
  122. Thomas Holland
  123. Arthur Holmes
  124. Bertie Willis Holmes
  125. James Ivor Holroyd
  126. Albert Hooton
  127. William Hooton
  128. Alfred Howitt
  129. Bertie Gilbert Hunt
  130. John Oliver Hutchinson
  131. John Everard Hydes
  132. Robert Bernard Ibbs
  133. William Imisson
  134. Frederick Bowring Innocent
  135. Archibald Arthur Jackson
  136. Victor Hubert Jervis
  137. Clarence Everard Johnson
  138. Frank Johnson
  139. Joseph Harold Johnson
  140. Raymond Albert Johnson
  141. William Johnson
  142. Thomas Henry Keetley
  143. Sidney Kent
  144. Joseph Isaac Kirk
  145. Leonard Knight
  146. Horace Lamyman
  147. Gerald William Lancaster
  148. John Lane
  149. John Langham
  150. Leonard Langley
  151. Abel Layton
  152. Arthur Willie Leach
  153. Ewart Gladstone Lee
  154. James Leeming
  155. John Cyrus George Henry Marriott Lindley
  156. William Henry Lindley
  157. Albert Henry Lowe
  158. Albert Victor Lowe
  159. John Henry Lowe
  160. Ernest Morris Ludlow
  161. George Arthur Lyon
  162. Harold Thomas Maltby
  163. Stuart Grundy McLean
  164. Charles Noel Meakin
  165. Joseph Phillip Meeks
  166. Arthur Mitchell
  167. Francis Mitchell
  168. Herbert Monsheimer
  169. James Moore
  170. Walter George Mottishaw
  171. Albert Mowbray
  172. Albert Ernest Mowbray
  173. Joseph Myatt
  174. Joseph Ambrose Naylor
  175. Herbert Neail
  176. Charles Heathcote Neep
  177. Arthur James Newcombe
  178. William Henry Newcombe
  179. Maurice Nutt
  180. Giles Ogle
  181. Walter Ogle
  182. Frank Parkes
  183. Samuel Pearson
  184. Roland Pepper
  185. Edwin Perrons
  186. William Henry Perrons
  187. Frank Perry
  188. Bernard Francis Pilgrim
  189. George Platts
  190. John William Pooley
  191. Alexander Porter
  192. John Potter
  193. Charles Henry Fergus Powell
  194. Herbert Prior
  195. Harold Heafford Proudfoot
  196. Edwin Richardson
  197. Thomas George Riley
  198. William Edwin Rippon
  199. John George Robinson
  200. Frederick James Roe
  201. George Taylor Roe
  202. John George Roe
  203. Herbert Frederick Russell
  204. Alfred Sadler
  205. Thomas Burton Sampson
  206. Leonard Scarlett
  207. John Richard Screeton
  208. Hubert Allison Shaw
  209. Bernard John Sheppard
  210. George Alexander Sheppard
  211. Frederick Shrewsbury
  212. Leonard Maurice Simmons
  213. Harold Lloyd Simpson
  214. Joseph Simpson
  215. Leslie Colin Simpson
  216. Ernest Owen Smith
  217. Fred Smith
  218. George Smith
  219. George Henry Smith
  220. Henry Smith
  221. John Henry Smith
  222. John Henry Spencer
  223. Leonard Spencer
  224. Percival Spencer
  225. Gervase Thorpe Spendlove
  226. Harry Spick
  227. Harold Thomas Spray
  228. Albert Edward Stableford
  229. Arthur Starr
  230. Leonard George Steer
  231. Thomas William Stevens
  232. John Stevenson
  233. Walter Stevenson
  234. Cecil Stokes
  235. Arthur Herbert Summers
  236. Arthur J. Summers
  237. Leonard James Summers
  238. Percy Swinn
  239. Claude Sykes
  240. John Acton Sykes
  241. Thomas Tatham
  242. Samuel Taylor
  243. Herbert Teagle
  244. Reginald Thompson
  245. Henry Thrale
  246. Robert Thrale
  247. John Leslie Tomlinson
  248. Arthur William Topley
  249. Jim Truswell
  250. Alexander George Turner
  251. Reginald Upton
  252. Alfred Vickers
  253. William Horace Vickers
  254. Leonard Wagstaff
  255. Edward Lawrence Walker
  256. George Henry Walker
  257. John Heath Wall
  258. Roland Wallis
  259. Arthur Cyril Walters
  260. John Harold Walters
  261. William Walters
  262. John Henry Ward
  263. John Warden
  264. William Wardle
  265. Ronald William Ailsa Watts
  266. Thomas Edward Watts
  267. Samuel Welbourn
  268. Charles Edgar Welbourne
  269. John William Wesley
  270. Ernest Richard Whitehead
  271. George Richard Whitworth
  272. John Henry Widdowson
  273. William Widdowson
  274. Herbert E Williams
  275. Albert Isaac Wilshaw
  276. Harold Wing
  277. George Henry Wood
  278. John Gervase Wood
  279. Bernard Woodward
  280. John Woolley
  281. Percy Woolley
  282. Edward Wrench
  283. Alfred William Wright
  284. Harold Wright
  285. William Joseph Wright

There are 13 Commonwealth War Graves in Holy Trinity's churchyard. We show them separated by WWI and WWII:

  1. Fred BONNETT, gunner, Royal Gar. Artillery, age 25, died 1 Nov. 1918.
  2. Oliver BURTON, shoeing smith, South Notts Hussars, age 24, died 15 Nov. 1914.
  3. Mrs. Alice Mary FLANNERY, section leader, Women's Royal Naval Service, age 37, died 9 Sept. 1918.
  4. Clarence Everard JOHNSON, 2nd liet., RAF, age 19, died 22 May 1918.
  5. Jack LANE, priv., Northumberland Fusiliers, age 39, died 12 Nov. 1917.
  6. Walter MOTTISHAW, rifleman, KRRC, age 23, died 3 Jan. 1916.
  7. Cecil STOKES, priv., Leic. Regt., age 19, died 21 Dec. 1918.
  8. Reginald THOMPSON, rifleman, KRRC, age 27, died 11 June 1916.
  9. John Heath WALL, gunner, Royal Gar. Artillery, age 27, died 19 Feb. 1919.
  10. John Harold WALTERS, rifleman, London Regt., age 22, died 7 Nov. 1916.
  11. Albert Isaac WILSHAM, sapper, Royal Engineers, age 36, died 27 Oct. 1918.

World War II:

  1. Douglas Arthur ATTEWELL, pilot officer, RAF Vol. Rsrv., age 23, died 18 June 1941.
  2. Archibald SMITH, srgt., RAF Vol. Rsrv., age 20, died 8 Feb. 1942.

Politics & Government

  • This place was an ancient parish in Nottingham county and it became a modern Civil Parish when those were established.
  • This parish was in the Broxtowe Hundred or Wapentake.
  • The parish was incorporated into Nottingham city in 1877.
  • There is no parish council. Since 1877, Nottingham City Council has been the administrative unit.

Poor Houses, Poor Law

  • Bastardy cases would be heard in the Nottingham petty session hearings.
  • The LAMBLEY Almshouses in Woodborough road were built in 1897 to replace the old almshouses that were built in the Derby road back in 1814.
  • The PLUMPTRE Hospital in Plumptre square was founded in 1392 by John de PLUMTRE to house 13 poor widows. The Hospital was rebuilt in 1823. It also served 40 out-pensioners in 1912. The Hospital closed circa 1985, but continues to function as a charity for out-pensioners.
  • After the Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834, this parish became a part of the Radford Poor Law Union.
  • In June of 1880, this parish was reassigned to the Nottingham Poor Law Union.
  • ROBINSON's Almshouses in Mansfield Road and Percival Road were built in 1889 and consisted of 12 houses for aged people over 70.
  • The NORRIS Homes in Berridge road were erected in 1893 are are for eight ladies of limited income.


Year Inhabitants
1801 893
1821 1,240
1841 4,467
1851 5,589
1871 6,053
1891 10,957
1901 23,872