UK Military Sherwood Foresters



The Sherwood Foresters were a "Territorial" unit of the British Army, somewhat like the various "National Guard" units in the United States which are set up by each state. The philosophy was that these units would have a common bond because the men would all be from neighboring parishes or counties. But in reality, a man from any county could join as long as they could travel to participate in drills. During time of war, all such ideas of restrictions in origin were set aside.

Did men from abroad serve in British Regiments and vice versa? Yes. Many men who had emigrated to Canada for instance, came home and joined their local regiment. Usually because the men saw it as a cheap way of getting home to visit relatives. Sadly many never got back to their adopted countries again.

One advantage of "Territorial" units is that the local civilian population often "adopted" the unit and took up collections to buy the troops Wool caps or Macintosh capes or even, in more than one case, to buy them a machine gun. Some of the larger towns would even adopt a warship if it had some local lads assigned to it.

The Newark War Bulletin for February 22nd, 1915, notes that a horse-drawn Field Kitchen had been funded for the 8th Battalion Sherwood Foresters.

Although at least one battalion was already at the front, the rest of the Division (four battalions) of the Sherwood Foresters shipped out for France at the end of February, 1915.

Prisoner of War (WWI) List

This list is copied from the "Great War Bulletin" for Newark, 18th January 1915. Their source was a Ministry of Defense list given to them by the German government. Please note the date of the list - it is not a complete list from WWI. As such, errors are probably frequent. I cannot correct the original document or the copies (as they are historical documents), but I can post a list of "errata" at the end of this list if you should spot an error.

Rank	Serial inits	surname
Pte	9822	  C     Allen
Pte	9168	        Altoft
Sgt	10874     C	Astill
Pte	8685	  J	Attenborough
Pte	8528	  J	Bailey
Pte	10000     W	Barber
Pte	8877	  R	Barnett
Pte	5317	  G	Blakeway
Pte	9185	  H	Bland
Pte	12161     H	Bond
Pte	8568	  C	Bowley
Cpl	6280	  T	Bradshaw
L-Cpl	1258	  D	Bray
Pte	8884	  A	Brentnall
Pte	12258     W	Brett
Dr	10798     W	Brittle
L-Cpl	8514	  W	Burburry
Pte	9780	  A	Burman
Pte	12156     A	Burrows
Pte	11899     C	Burton
Pte	10076     G	Clarke
L-Cpl	12046     H	Clay
Pte	12126     F	Coleman
Pte	12115     A	Coles
Dr	11320     W	Collins
Pte	9330	  T	Colson
Sgt	5621	  H T	Cragg
Pte	8625	  T	Cunningham
Pte	9494	  W	Cutts
Pte	9792	  B	Davenport
Pte	8797	  C	Davis
Pte	9383	  C	Dickenson
L-Cpl	11774	  B	Dickson
Pte	9638	  A	Dove
Pte	9547	  W	Drury
Dr	11682     F	Else
Pte	9880	  A	Fisher
Pte	8668	  A	Giddings
Pte	8622		Gill
Pte	9771	  W	Glasson
Pte	12122     W	Grigg
Pte	7194	  J	Grimwood
Pte	8709		Hackett
Pte	8844	  J	Harding
Pte	9803	  H	Heard
Pte	10015     T	Hemsley
Pte	12524     O	Kee
L-Cpl	9852	  G	Keeley
L-Cpl	9142	  W	Kelly
Pte	12685     H	Knowles
L-Cpl	8871	  W	Langham
Pte	9319	  S	Leigh
Pte	9319	  S	Leigh
Pte	?290	  W	Lester
Pte	9290	  W	Lester
Pte	16090     B	Lewis
Pte	10089     J	Ley
Pte	10278     C	Lyons
Pte	9374	  L	Marsh
L-Cpl   l11855    F	Marshall
Pte	8730	  J	May
Pte	11149     T	Mee
L-Cpl	9819	  W	Merry
Pte	9840	  A	Miller
Pte	12168     T	Mullins
Pte		  T	Newbold
Pte	99999     H	Newborn
Pte	2111	  W	Newton
Pte	10638     A	Pacey
Cpl	1148	  G	Parrish
Pte	9322	  W	Parry
Pte	4210	  R	Pear
Pte	8428	  T	Pearson
Pte	9061	  B	Perry
Pte	9501	  A	Peyton
Sgt	8834	  P	Phillips
Pte	8918	  W	Pint
Cpl	11765     W	Pykett
Pte	12054     A	Reaney
Pte	8785		Redford
Pte	9620	  B	Redgate
Pte	9137	  G	Reid
Pte	10775     J	Richardson
Pte	12296     C	Rick
Pte	9496	  L	Rippon
Pte	9711	  F	Roberts
Pte	9650	  C	Rockley
Pte	10128     T	Rollett
Pte	9249	  J	Rowbottom
Pte	9283	  W	Sheppard
L-Cpl	9211	  H	Shillock
Pte	?931	  E	Sibert
Pte	9835	  C	Singleton
Pte	9635	  H	Smeeton
Pte	8462	  E	Smith
Pte	14162     B	Smith
Pte	1267	  W	Smith
Pte	861	  W	Smith
Pte	??98	  J	South
Pte	?961	  W	Spencer
Pte	9180	  G	Stedman
Pte	9628	  E	Stevenson
Pte	10963     J	Taylor
Pte	9415	  E	Theobold
Sgt	11562     S	Thompson
Pte	9997	  F	Tombs
Pte	8934	  G	Toole
Pte	9684	  J	Topham
Pte	12353     W	Tulley
Sgt	9921	  A	Walden
Pte	9408	  E	Welsh
Pte	9418	  F	Whitehead
L-Cpl	11628     W	Wilkes
L-Cpl	9912	  J	Williamson
Pte	12458     G	Wilson
Pte	10693     H	Wilson
Pte	10304     P	Wood
Pte	958	  C	Woodhous


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