White's Directory of Nottinghamshire, 1853



Treswell, or Tireswelle, 5 miles east by south of Retford, is a tolerable village and parish, having 60 houses, 254 inhabitants, and about 1721 acres of land, all of which is a fertile clay, except the east end, which is sandy, and adjoins the Trent marsh. The Rev. C.W. Eyre is lord of the manor, but the land belongs to several proprietors, amongst whom are John Wells, John Giles and G.H. Vernon Esq. It was anciently in two manors, called the East and West Hold, the latter of which was long the property and residence of the Musters family, who held it of the Richmond fee; and the other, which was held of the Tickhill fee, passed from Roger, the tenant of Roger de Busli, to William de Lovetot, who gave his portion of the church here to Worksop Priory. These manors were afterwards united in the Hercy family, and from then passed to the Roos's and Broughton's. The Church is an ancient structure, with a lofty embattled tower, and is dedicated to St John the Baptist. The Rectory was like the manor in two medieties, valued in the King's books one at £9 15s 8d, and the other at £8 1s 4d; but it was consolidated in 1764, and is now in the alternate patronage of the Dean and Chapter of York, and the heirs of the Stephenson family, and of the value of £254. The Rev. henry Townley Daniel is the rector. The tithes were commuted in 1843 for about £280, exclusive of 45a 1r 2½r of glebe, and the commons were enclosed in 1838. A small Methodist chapel was built here in 1825. The feast is on the second Sunday after Whitsunday. White's Directory of Nottinghamshire, 1853

Residents of Treswell

Briggs John, bricklayer
Taylor Joseph, collector of taxes
Whitehead John, shopkeeper and shoemaker
Young James, vict. and shoemaker, Red Lion


Bailey Geo. Wood House
Baker William
Bartrum Thomas
Bartrum T. jun.
Bingham Robert
Briggs William
Carr John
Cartwright Edw. cottager
Cocking John
Denby -
Diggles William
Fairbank Thos.
Fairbank Wm. cottager
Giles John
Ginever Edward cottager
Jubb Martha
Levick John
Lumby Benjn.
Popple John
Radford William
Smith Thomas
Smith Wm. Floss House
Taylor Francis cottager
Turner George
White Thomas
Whitehead Thos.

[Transcribed by Clive Henly]