White's Directory of Nottinghamshire, 1853



Walesby Parish includes the hamlets of Walesby and Willoughby, extending northward from Kirton to Bevercotes, under the abrupt declivity which divides the Hatfield and South Clay divisions, and westward to the River Idle. It contains 362 inhabitants, and 1,429a 1r 24p of land, all of which is a fertile sand, except the eastern side about Willoughby, which is a strong clay, and several hop-yards are in this district. The open fields were enclosed in 1821, when 152a 3r 27p were awarded to the rector in lieu of the tithes of the whole parish.

Walesby is a scattered village, halfway betwixt Tuxford and Ollerton, 3½ miles west of the former, and the same distance north-east of the latter. After the Conquest, the parish was of several fees, and Reginald Ursell gave to the monks of Rufford, "in pure alms, the service which Robert de Lexington was wont to do him for one bovate that he held of him in Walesy, viz. a pair of spurs of iron, or 2d yearly, with all reliefs, wards, excheats &c." Several other parcels of land were subsequently given to the same monastery, and after the dissolution passed to the Earl of Shrewsbury. The Duke of Newcastle and the Earl of Shrewsbury are now the principal owners, and the latter is lord of the manor and patron of the vicarage, which is valued in the King's books at £6 1s 2d, now £154, and is enjoyed by the Rev. Roger Pocklington M.A.

The church, dedicated to St Edmund, is a neat edifice, with a chancel, tower and three bells. The vicarage, which stands a little north of the church, was enlarged in 1835, and is a neat commodious residence. Several of the residents are freeholders. The school was endowed in 1760 with a rent charge of 40s by the Rev. Richard Jackson, vicar of this parish. This devise was void by the Mortmain Act; but the donor's niece, Elizabeth Hall, gave in lieu thereof two acres of land in Normanton, which, at the enclosure in 1800, was exchanged for 1a 19p, now let for £3 12s a year. The poor's land consists of 2r, let for15s, and was exchanged at the enclosure of Walesby for other land, at Yard Ends Field and Outgang Side. The sheep clipping or feast is on the nearest Wednesday to June 25th.

Willoughby is a small hamlet, which contains only two farm-houses, a quarter of a mile north-east of Walesby, and has in its vicinity several fruitful hop-yards.