Nottinghamshire Wills


These Will transcriptions are provided by Ros DUNNING. Ros has attempted to keep the original spelling and English usage as it was in each document.

All transcriptions are in Portable Document File format, so you will need to download Adobe's Acrobat Reader, if you haven't already, to read them properly.

Name and Parish:

  1. ALLSOPP, Lydia of Oxton.
  2. FARNSWORTH, William of Calverton.
  3. HARDINGE, Caleb of Mansfield.
  4. HOOK, Daniel of Mansfield.
  5. IMMYNS, Matthew of Nottingham.
  6. JEBB, Joshua of Nottingham.
  7. KEMP, Samuel of Nottingham.
  8. KNUTTON, William of Blidworth.
  9. NEALE, Jane of Mansfield Woodhouse.
  10. NELSON, Richard of West Retford.
  11. PLUMPTRE, Septimus of Mansfield.
  12. OTTER, Charles of Southwell.
  13. POTTER, Samuel of Ilkeston Park, Derbyshire.
  14. SANDBY, William of Clifton.
  15. SHACKLOCK, Edward of Misterton.
  16. SMALLEY, Sarah of Stapleford.
  17. TOMPKINSON, Elizabth of Misterton.
  18. WILLATT, Charles of Plumtree.
  19. WYLDE, Esther of Southwell.
  20. YATES, Phoebe of Ollerton.


Nivard OVINGTON tells us, in 2006, that there were wills listed on the National Archives site which contain Nottinghamshire. Downloadable for £3.50.