Places in Oxfordshire

This listing is largely based on the Oxfordshire places whose descriptions are included in the The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland (1868), so is largely a listing of Oxfordshire's historic parishes, together with the 14 Oxfordshire Hundreds, and numerous villages, hamlets, etc.
There are still some oddities in the parish names - it's work in progress!

Key: but there may still be some errors in the labels!
P: Parish - H: Hundred - T: Town, Village, Hamlet, or City (i.e. a place)


  T P Adderbury
  T P Adwell
  T P Albury
  T P Alkerton
  T P Alvescott
  T P Ambrosden
  T P Ardley
  T P Arncott
  T   Ascott see Great Milton
  T P Ascott-Under-Wychwood
  T   Ashampstead see Lewknor
  T   Assendon see Pirton
  T   Asterley Farm see Kiddington
  T P Asthall
  T   Aston see Bampton
  T P Aston, North see North Aston
  T P Aston Rownant
  T P Aston Steeple
  T P Attington


  T   Bailey see Witney
  T   Bainton see Stoke-Lyne
  T P Baldon Marsh
  T P Baldon Toot
  T   Balscott see Wroxton
H     Bampton Hundred
  T P Bampton
  T P Bampton In The Bush see Bampton
  T P Banbury
H     Banbury Hundred
  T P Barford St. Michael see Great Barford
  T P Barford St. John see Little Barford
  T   Barton Seswells see Barton-Steeple
  T P Barton-Steeple
  T P Barton-Westcott
  T P Beckley
  T P Begbrooke
  T P Bensington
  T P Benson see Bensington
  T   Berrick-Prior see Newington
  T P Berrick-Salome
  T   Berwick Prior see Newington
  T P Berwick Salome see Berrick-Salome
  T P Bicester
  T   Bicester King's End see Bicester
  T   Bicester Market End see Bicester
H     Binfield Hundred
  T P Binsey
  T P Bix
  T   Bixbrand see Bix
  T   Bixgibwen see  Bix
  T P Black-Bourton
  T   Blackthorn see Ambrosden
  T P Bladon
  T P Blenheim Park
  T P Bletchingdon see Bletchington
  T P Bletchington
  T P Bloxham
H     Bloxham Hundred
  T P Bodicott
  T   Bolney see Harpsden
  T P Bourton, Black see Black-Bourton
  T   Bourton, Great and Little see Cropredy
  T   Bowld see Idbury
  T   Brighthampton see Bampton
  T P Brightwell Baldwin
  T   Brightwell-Prior see Newington
  T P Brightwell-Salome see Britwell-Salome
  T   Brightwell Upper Town see Brightwell Baldwin
  T   Brittenton see Standlake
  T   Britwell-Prior see Newington
  T P Britwell-Salome
  T P Brize Norton
  T P Broadwell
  T   Brookhampton see Newington
  T P Broughton
  T P Broughton Poggs
  T P Bruern Ville
  T P Bucknell
H     Bullingdon Hundred
  T   Burcott see Dorchester
  T P Burford


  T   Cadwill see Brightwell Baldwin
  T   Calcutt see Lower Heyford
  T   Calthorpe see Banbury
  T P Cassington
  T P Caversham
  T P Caversfield
H     Chadlington hundred
  T   Chadlington, East and West see Charlbury
  T P Chakenden see Checkendon
  T   Chalford see Aston Rownant
  T P Chalgrove
  T P Charlbury
  T P Charlton Upon Otmoor
  T P Chastleton
  T   Chawsey see Maple-Durham
  T P Checkendon
  T P Chesterton
  T   Chilson see Charlbury
  T   Chilworth see Great Milton
  T   Chimney see Bampton
  T P Chinnor
  T   Chippenhurst see Cuddesden
  T   Chippinghurst see  Cuddesden
  T P Chipping Norton
  T P Chiselhampton
  T   Christchurch see Miscellaneous
  T   Christmas Common see Pirton
  T   Church Enstone see Enstone
  T P Churchill
  T P Clanfield
  T   Clare see Pirton
  T P Clattercote
  T P Claydon
    P Clement, St see Oxford St. Clement
  T   Cleveley see Enstone
  T   Clifton see Deddington
  T P Clifton-Hampden
  T   Coate see Bampton
  T   Cockthorpe see Ducklington
  T P Cogges see Coggs
  T P Coggs
  T   Cold-Norton see Chipping Norton
  T P Combe Long
  T   Cookley Green see Watlington
  T P Cornbury
  T P Cornwell
  T   Cote see Bampton
  T   Coton see Cropredy
  T P Cottesford
  T P Cowley
  T   Crawley see Witney
  T P Cropredy
  T P Crowell
  T   Crowmarsh-Battle see Bensington
  T P Crowmarsh Giffard
  T P Cuddesden
  T P Cuddington see Kiddington
  T P Culham
  T   Curbridge see Witney
  T P Cuss-hill see Pishill
  T   Cutslow see Woolvercott
  T P Cuxham


  T   Dean see Spelsbury
  T P Deddington
  T P Denton
  T   Ditchley see Spelsbury
  T P Dorchester
H     Dorchester Hundred
  T   Draycott see Ickford
  T P Drayton
  T P Drayton St Leonard
  T P Ducklington
  T   Dunsden see Sonning
  T P Dunstew
  T   Dunthrop see Heythrop


  T P Easington
  T   East Adderbury see Adderbury
  T   East Chadlington see Charlbury
  T P Elsfield
  T P Emmington
  T P Ensham
  T P Enstone
  T   Epwell see Swalcliffe
  T P Ewelme
H     Ewelme Hundred
  T   Eye see Sonning


  T P Faringdon, Little see Langford
  T   Fawler see Charlbury
  T   Fencott see Charlton Upon Otmoor
  T   Fewcott see Stoke-Lyne
  T P Fifield
  T   Filkins see Broadwell
  T P Finmere
  T   Finstock see Charlbury
  T P Forest Hill
  T   Foscott see Idbury
  T   Fox see Middleton-Stoney
  T   Freeland see Ensham
  T P Fringford
  T P Fritwell
  T P Fulbrook
  T   Fulwell see Spelsbury


  T   Gagingwell see Enstone
  T P Garsington
  T   Gatehampton, Gathampton see  Goring
  T P Glympton
  T P Goddington
  T   Godstow see Woolvercott
  T   Golder see Pirton
  T P Goring
  T   Goring Heath see Goring
  T   Gosford see Kidlington
  T   Grafton see Langford
  T P Great Barford
  T   Great Bourton see Cropredy
  T P Great Hazely see Haseley
  T P Great Milton
  T P Great Tew
  T   Greenfield see Watlington
  T   Gurney see Maple-Durham


  T P Hampton Gay
  T P Hampton Poyle
  T P Handborough
  T P Hanwell
  T   Hardwick see Ducklington
  T P Harpsden
  T P Haseley
  T   Haseley, Little see Haseley
  T   Hawkwell see Caversfield
  T P Headington
  T P Heath
  T P Hethe see Heath
  T   Hempton see Deddington
  T P Henley-Upon-Thames
  T   Hensington see Bladon
  T   Henton see Chinnor
  T P Heyford at bridge see Lower Heyford
  T P Heyford, Upper or Warren see Upper Heyford
  T P Heythrop
  T   Hockmoor see Iffley
  T   Holcombe see Newington
  T P Holton
  T P Holwell
  T P Hook-Norton With Southrop
  T P Horley
  T P Hornton
  T P Horsepath
  T   Horton see Beckley


  T P Ibstone
  T P Ickford
  T P Idbury
  T P Iffley
  T P Ipsden
  T P Ipstone see Ibstone
  T P Islip


  T P Kelmscott
  T P Kencott
  T P Kiddington
  T P Kidlington
  T P Kingham
  T P Kingsey
  T   Kingston-Blount see Aston Rownant
  T   King's Weir see  Miscellaneous
  T   Kingwood Common see Binfield Hundred
  T P Kirtlington


  T P Langford
  T   Langley see Shipton-Under-Wychwood
H     Langtree Hundred
  T   Latchford see Haseley
  T P Launton
  T   Lead Well see Sandford St Martin
  T P Leafield
  T   Ledwell see Sandford St Martin
  T P Leigh, North see North Leigh
  T P Leigh, South see South Leigh
  T   Lew see Witney
  T P Lewknor
H     Lewknor Hundred
  T   Lidstone see Enstone
  T   Little Bourton see Cropredy
  T   Little Faringdon see Langford
  T   Little Haseley see Haseley
  T P Little Milton
  T P Little Rollright
  T P Little Tew
  T P Littlemoor
  T   Littleworth see Horsepath
  T   Lobe see  Haseley
  T P Lower Heyford
  T P Lyneham


  T P Maple-Durham
  T P March see Baldon Marsh
  T P Marston
  T P Martin see Merton
  T   Medeley see  Miscellaneous
  T   Medley see  Miscellaneous
  T P Merton
  T   Middle Aston see Aston Steeple
  T P Middle Barton see Barton-Steeple
  T P Middleton-Stoney
  T P Milcombe
  T   Milton see Shipton-Under-Wychwood
  T P Milton, Great see Great Milton
  T P Milton, Little see Little Milton
  T P Minster-Lovell
  T P Mixbury
  T P Mollington
  T P Mongewell
  T   Moreton see Thame
  T   Murcott see Charlton Upon Otmoor


  T   Neat-End-Stone see Enstone
  T   Neithrop see Banbury
  T   Nethercote see Tackley
  T P Nether And Over Worton
  T P Nettlebed
  T P Newington
  T P Newington, North see Broughton
  T P Newington, South see South Newington
  T P Newnham-Murren
  T P Newton-Purcell
  T P Noke
  T P North Aston
  T P North Leigh
  T   North Newington see Broughton
  T P North Stoke
  T P Northmoor
  T P Northmoor, With Moorton And Newbridge see Northmoor
  T   North Weston see Thame
  T P Norton, Brize see Brize Norton
  T P Norton, Over see Over Norton
  T P Nuffield
  T P Nuneham-Courtney


  T P Oddington
  T   Oseney see Osney on Miscellaneous
  T   Osney see Miscellaneous
  T   Otmoor see Miscellaneous
  T   Over Norton see Chipping Norton
  T   Overy see Dorchester
  T   Oxford
    P Oxford All Saints
    P Oxford St Aldate
    P Oxford St Andrew
    P Oxford St Barnabas
    P Oxford St Clement
    P Oxford St Cross
    P Oxford St Ebbe
    P Oxford St Frideswide
    P Oxford St Giles
    P Oxford St John The Bapist
    P Oxford St Margaret
    P Oxford St Martin
    P Oxford St Mary Magdalen
    P Oxford St Mary The Virgin
    P Oxford St Matthew
    P Oxford St Michael
    P Oxford St Paul
    P Oxford St Peter In The East
    P Oxford St Peter Le Bailey
    P Oxford St Philip And St James
    P Oxford St Thomas


  T P Piddington
  T P Pirton
H     Pirton Hundred
  T P Pishill
H     Ploughley Hundred
  T P Pogis see Broughton Poggs
  T   Poole Lodge And Pratleys Lodge see  Shipton-Under-Wychwood
  T   Porto Bello see Watlington
  T   Postcombe see Lewknor
  T   Pratley's Lodge see Shipton-Under-Wychwood
  T   Prescot see Cropredy
  T   Preston Crowmarsh see Bensington
  T   Priestend see Thame
  T   Pudlicott see Charlbury


  T   Radcot see Langford
  T   Radcutt see Langford
  T   Radford see Enstone
  T   Rafford see Chalgrove
  T P Ramsden
  T   Ranger's-Lodge see Chadlington hundred
  T   Robe see Bensington
  T   Rofford see Chalgrove
  T P Rollrich, Great see Rollright
  T P Rollright
  T P Rollright, Little see Little Rollright
  T P Rotherfield-Grays
  T P Rotherfield-Peppard
  T P Rousham
  T   Rycote see Haseley


    P St Clement see Oxford St. Clement
  T P Salford
  T P Sandford On Thames
  T P Sandford St Martin
  T P Sarsden
  T P Shelswell
  T P Shenington
  T   Shifford see Bampton
  T   Shillingford see Warborough
  T P Shilton
  T P Shiplake
  T P Shipton-Under-Wychwood
  T P Shipton-Upon-Cherwell
  T P Shirburn
  T P Shorthampton
  T   Shotover see Bullingdon Hundred
  T   Showell see Swerford
  T P Shutford
  T   Sibford-Gower and Sibford Ferris or Terris see Swalcliffe
  T   Signett see Burford
  T P Somerton
  T P Sonning
  T P Souldern
  T P South Newington
  T P South Stoke
  T   Southrope see Hook-Norton With Southrop
  T P South Weston
  T P Spelsbury
  T P Stadhampton
  T   Standhill see Pirton Hundred
  T P Standlake
  T P Stanton-Harcourt
  T P Stanton St John
  T P Stoke-Lyne
  T P Stokenchurch
  T P Stoke, North see North Stoke
  T P Stoke, South see South Stoke
  T P South Weston
  T P Stoke-Talmage
  T   Stonelands see Bampton Hundred
  T P Stonesfield
  T P Stow-Wood
  T P Stratton Audley
  T   Studley see Beckley
  T   Summers-Town see Oxford St Giles
  T   Sutton see Stanton-Harcourt
  T P Swalcliffe
  T P Swerford
  T P Swinbrook
  T P Swincombe
  T P Swyncombe see Swincombe
  T P Sydenham


  T P Tackley
  T P Tadmarton
  T   Taston see Spelsbury
  T P Taynton
  T P Tetsworth
  T P Tew, Great see Great Tew
  T P Tew, Little see Little Tew
  T P Thame
H     Thame Hundred
  T   Thomley see Waterperry
  T   Thrup see Kidlington
  T   Tiddington see Albury
  T P Tusmore
  T   Tythrop see Kingsey


  T   Upper Assendon see Pirton
  T P Upper Heyford
  T   Upton With Signett see Burford


  T   Walcott see Charlbury
  T P Warborough
  T P Wardington
  T P Warpsgrove
  T P Warren Heyford see Upper Heyford
  T   Water-Eaton see Kidlington
  T   Waterman's Lodge see Chadlington hundred
  T P Waterperry
  T P Waterstock
  T P Watlington
  T   Weald see Bampton
  T P Wendlebury
  T   West Chadlington see Charlbury
  T   West-End see Stanton-Harcourt
  T   Weston, North see Thame
  T P Weston-On-The-Green
  T P Weston, South see South Weston
  T P Westwell
  T P Wheatfield
  T P Wheatley
  T   Whichwood Forest see Bampton Hundred
  T P Whitchurch
  T   Wickham see Banbury
  T P Widford
  T P Wigginton
  T P Wilcot
  T   Williamscote see Cropredy
  T   Willscott see Cropredy
  T P Witney
  T P Woodcot see South Stoke
  T   Woodcott see South Stoke
  T P Wood-Eaton
  T P Woodstock
  T P Woolvercott
  T P Wootton
H     Wootton Hundred
  T   Wormondiscombe see Watlington
  T   Worton see Cassington
  T P Worton, Nether and Over see Nether And Over Worton
  T   Wretchwick see Bicester
  T P Wroxton
  T   Wychwood Forest see Bampton Hundred
  T P Wychwood Park see Cornbury


  T P Yarnton
  T P Yelford