Index Of Probate Inventories, Oxfordshire 1550-1590


Based Upon Original Document :

Title :                     "Household And Farm Inventories In Oxfordshire, 
Published By :              Historical Manuscript Society & H.M.S.O.                                                                                                
Editing By :                Dr. W. O. Hassall                                                                                               
Original Transcription By : M.A.Havinden, D.G.Vaisey & Jane E. Sayers.                                                                                              

Computer Transcription By : M.Brewerton (c) Copyright 1994                                                                                                                  
Notes :
1 -     Re-Indexed By Name.(Original, By Date Only)
2 -     It is believed that this list comprises of all surviving 
        inventories up to, and including 1590.                                                                                                                
3 -     The original records form documents from the Oxford Consistory 
        and Archdeaconry Courts and Peculiar Courts Of Banbury, Cropredy, 
        Thame And Dorchester.
4 -     The Bodleian Library reference is in three parts, first number 
        is the box number, second number is the bundle within the box, 
        and third number the inventory within the bundle. The library 
        references beginning with p. differentiate MSS.Wills Peculiars 
        from MSS. Wills Oxon.                      
        Source Name.                            First Part Of Library Number.                                                                                           
        ============                            =============================
        Consistory Court.                               Boxes 3-79                                                                                              
        Peculiar Crts Of Banbury, Cropredy and Thame.   Boxes p.32 to p.54                                                                                              
        Misc.Consistory And Archdeaconry Courts.        Boxes 295-300                                                                                           
        Archdeaconry Court.                             Boxes 113-64                                                                                            
        Dorchester Peculiar.                            Boxes p.65 to p.72                                                                                              

5 -     Words in [] are comments and alternatives. In the name field, 
        they refer to Aliases And Titles. In Appraiser' or  'Other names' 
        field it can refer to job, location or title. e.g.[The Elder]                             
6 -     Where a reference has needed to follow onto the line below, the 
        word continued has been placed in the name field. Be careful when 
        sorting the list !
7 -     Date Codes, t=taken, e=exhibited, d=died, a-adminstered, 
        wt=will dated, m=made, dt=dated, u=un-dated, p=proved.                                                                                                                          
        (Where the Date Code is u for un-dated the date has been deduced 
        from the index entry.)                                                                                                                               

Data Format - Field Names

Date Code
Library No.
Other Names Of Original Documents.   

The creation of the transcript was carried out in a spreadsheet
format. And then converted to ASCII for the 1550-90.txt file (delimited
by \, therefore the fields have variable size) and to a DBASE III 
compatible 1550-90.DBF file.