Notes from the 1821 Census : Shropshire


Abstract of Population 1821 - Census Statistical Returns 1822.
"Items of Interest in the Notes"

A compilation of the significant increases, or decreases in population since 1811,
transcribed by Alan Longbottom. © 2000

Note: Most Census returns between 1801 and 1831 amounted to little more than 'head counts'.
This account (compiled in 1822) simply suggests reasons for local population changes, based on a comparison of those counts. Names of individuals were not recorded.

Bradford South Hundred - Wellington Division - Eyton upon the Wild Moors Parish

The families of colliers and miners here are entered in the 3rd column of Occupations.

Bradford South Hundred - Wellington Division - Wombridge Parish

The depression of the iron trade decreased the Population of Wombridge Parish in 1816 and 1817, it has since increased to nearly its former amount.

Condover Hundred - Pitchford Parish

The apparent decrease of Population in Pitchford Parish is attributed to the absence of nearly the whole of the Hon Cecil Jenkinson's family.

Ford Hundred - Westbury Parish - Minsterley Chapelry

The 41 Families in the 3rd column of Occupations consist of lead miners.

Munslow Hundred - Culmington Parish

The increase of Population in Culmington Parish is partly attributed to a School having been established, chiefly for the education of farmers children, whose parents for the most part reside in other parishes.

Oswestry Hundred - Selattyn Parish

The increase of Population in the Parish is attributed to the number of cottages built upon land cultivated since 1811.

Overs Hundred - Bitterley Parish

Bitterley Parish extends into Munslow Hundred. The decrease of Population in this Parish is accounted for by a boarding school ceasing to exist since 1811, and by the absence of two families from their mansions. The 87 families in the 3rd column of Occupations are colliers and miners.

Pimhill Hundred - Shrawardine Parish

The decrease of Population in the Parish is ascribed to a family of 9 persons having left the Parish, and from an increase of Burials over that of Baptisms.

Stottesden Hundred - Quatford Parish - Eardington Township

The increase of Population is ascribed to the increase of iron works.

Borough of Bridgnorth - St Mary Magdalen Parish

The decrease of Population is attributed to the deficiency of the manufacture and iron-foundery.

Borough of Shrewsbury - St Chad Parish

The Return of St Chad includes a few military, then in the town also the staff of the Shropshire Militia.

Borough of Shrewsbury - Meole Brace Parish

In the Parish is the Workhouse or house of industry for all the town Parishes; it contains 290 inhabitants, all ascribed to Meole Brace in the Return.

Wenlock Borough and Liberties - Broseley Parish

The depression of trade is stated as the cause of a diminution of the Population at Broseley, which contained 4,850 inhabitants in 1811 - as against 4,814 inhabitants in 1821.

[Transcribed by Alan Longbottom in February 2000 from returns at the PRO, and made available with permission]