Extra-Parochial places for Shropshire


"BOSCOBEL, an extra-parochial district in the Shiffnal division of the hundred of Brimstree, in the county of Salop, 6 miles to the E. of Shiffnal. It lies on the edge of Staffordshire, and formerly belonged to a Cistercian nunnery which stood in the neighbourhood, and of which the gatehouse and part of the church are still to be seen in a secluded spot. This district is the site of Boscobel House, noted as the retreat of Charles II., who took refuge here after the fatal fight of Worcester, September 3, 1651. He entrusted himself to the keeping of Thomas Penderell, a farmer, who then occupied the house, and his four brothers. They disguised him in their clothes, and, faithful to their pledge, and proof against all allurements and all threats, kept him concealed in various places for several days. Part of the time they hid him at the nunnery, part at Boscobel House, and at another time he took shelter in an oak. There is a tree now called the "Royal Oak," which is said to have sprung from an acorn of the genuine old tree. It is protected by a railing, and has a brass plate attached to it, with a suitable inscription. Boscobel House is a picturesque timbered structure, originally built for a forester's or hunting lodge. In the 16th century it was the seat of the Giffords."
" DINMORE, an extra-parochial place, in the Bishops Castle division of the hundred of Purslow, in the county of Salop, 715 miles N.W. of Ludlow."
" HALSTON, an extra parochial place in the hundred of Upper Oswestry, county Salop, 3 miles N.E. of Oswestry. It is situated near the Ellesmere canal, and the Shrewsbury and Chester railway. Here was anciently a preceptory of the Knights Templars by the Fitzalans. Halston Hall, the principal residence, is the fine old seat of the Myttons, who came into possession of the estate in 1560."
" HAUGHMOND DEMESNE, an extra parochial place in the Albrighton division of county Salop, 4 miles E. of Shrewsbury. Here was an Austin abbey, founded in 1100 by William Fitz Alan. Its revenues at the Dissolution were returned at £260. There are still some ruins, including the S. doorway, chapter-house, refectory, hall, and abbot's house."
" HEATH FARM, an extra parochial place in the lower division of the hundred of Oswestry, county Salop, 7 miles S.E. of Oswestry."
" HORDERLEY-HALL, an extra parochial place in the Stow division of the hundred of Purslow, county Salop, 6 miles S.E. of Bishop's Castle, and near the township of Horderley, which is 5 miles S.W. of Church Stretton. It is situated on the river Onny."
" POSENHALL, an extra parochial place in the bore ugh of Wenlock, county Salop, 1 mile S.W. of Broseley."
" SKIRMAGE, an extra parochial place in the lower division of Munslow hundred, county Salop, adjoining Diddlebury, and 6 miles N. of Ludlow."
" WOODHOUSE, an extra parochial place in the hundred of Stottesdon, county Salop, 2 miles N.W. of Cleobury Mortimer. It was formerly the site of a cell belonging to the Augustine Priory at Wigmore, and is now the property and residence of William Purton, Esq. The population is returned with Hopton Wafers."

[Transcribed from The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland 1868] by Colin Hinson ©2015

Church Records

  • The transcription of the Parish Register for Halston provided by Mel Lockie.