WELLINGTON: Geographical and Historical information from the year 1750.



"WELLINGTON, (Salop) 119 cm. 151 mm. from London, anciently the manor of the Burnells, went by marriage of the heiress in the R. of Richard II. to Sir John Handle, in whose family it continued till the R. of Edw. III. when being in the crown, that K. gave it to Tho. Erdington, his chamberlain, after which it passed to the Leighs of Cheshire. It was at this place that in the beginning of the civil wars K. Charles I. assembled his army, in his way to Shrewsbury, and here published his orders for strict discipline, and made a protestation, that if he conquered he would maintain and preserve the liberties of the people, and privileges of Pt. and govern by law, as well as defend the established religion, &c. The Mt. is on Th. Fairs June 11 and 24, Nov. 10."

[Transcribed information from England's Gazetteer - Stephen Whatley - 1750](unless otherwise stated)

[Description(s) transcribed by Mel Lockie ©2015]