WEM: Geographical and Historical information from the year 1750.


"WEM, (Salop) is a noted old T. near the source of the Rodan, 121 cm. 148 mm. from London. In the civil wars here was a garrison for the Pt. of which the famous Rich. Baxter was chaplain. In 1676 great part of this T. was burnt down. It was formerly a barony in the Butlers and Ferrers, and Dacre of Gillesland; and long after the expiration of those families, in the R. of Ja. II. gave title of baron to that hated judge, Ld. Jefferies, his chancellor; to whom also bel. the manor and royalty. The most witty writer of comedy in his time, viz. Mr. Wycherley, was born here; as was also Sir Tho. Adams, Ld.- mayor of London in 1645, who gave the house where he was born for a fr. sc. for the children of this T. and liberally endowed it. The Mt. is Th. Fairs June 29 and Nov. 10."

[Transcribed information from England's Gazetteer - Stephen Whatley - 1750](unless otherwise stated)

[Description(s) transcribed by Mel Lockie ©2015]