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Help and advice for Baptisms 1685-1812

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Baptisms 1685-1812

Wickham Skeith
Baptisms 1685-1812

Wickham Skeith Baptisms 1685-1812

These transcripts were prepared by David Weston and Peter Davidson, the Wickham Skeith Local History Recorder. They have been produced with the knowledge and consent of the Wickham Skeith Parochial Church Council as indicated in the Council minutes for 19 Jan 2000. The first draft of these transcripts were made from a microfiche copy of the original records by David Weston. Peter Davidson then cross-checked the first draft against the original books and/or photocopies of the original records. Entries were transcribed as recorded in the original registers.

9 Jul 2000.

Copyright © 2000 David Weston & Peter Davidson.

The baptisms transcript below is a web version of one of the original Excel files.


20/12/1812 06/12/1812 George Baram George HAYWARD Charlotte THURLOW       publicly baptized
18/10/1812 04/08/1812 Sarah John TURVEY Rhoda KEMP       publicly baptized
19/07/1812 23/03/1812 Mariah George BOLDESTONE Charlotte ALITON       publicly baptized
21/06/1812 15/05/1812 Anna Mariah William MEAN Mary BAKER       publicly baptized
21/06/1812 01/06/1812 Harriot John LOCK Elizabeth GOODERHAM       publicly baptized
31/05/1812 04/02/1812 David Robert ROBERSON Elizabeth SANDERS       publicly baptized
17/05/1812 22/04/1812 Nathaniel Eastaugh     Alace PARKER       base child, privately baptized
17/05/1812 14/05/1812 John Bridge Thomas BOND Susanna Mariah MALKIN       privately baptized
22/03/1812 10/03/1812 Thomas Edmund CRASKE Martha SHELDRAKE       privately baptized
02/02/1812 03/11/1811 Mary James MILES Mary SCOTCHMER       publicly baptized
24/01/1812 15/12/1811 Jane Hayward     Ann MILLS       publicly baptized, base child
12/01/1812 16/11/1811 Elizabeth George WILDING Hannah TIDERMAN       publicly baptized
01/12/1811 09/11/1811 John     Elizabeth GOSLING       base child
24/11/1811 09/11/1811 John John DAINS Catharine PYMAN       privately baptized, rec'd into Church 06/28/1812
17/11/1811 26/08/1811 Robert William DAVY Lucy CLARKE       publicly baptized
13/10/1811 10/07/1811 Mehela John KEMP Mary WILDING       publicly baptized
06/08/1811 13/07/1811 Charlotte James BARKER Sarah SMITH       publicly baptized
21/07/1811 26/10/1810 Mariah William BARKER Mary HICKS       publicly baptized
07/07/1811 13/05/1811 Sidney Ralph WADE Mary KEEBLE       publicly baptized
22/06/1811   Sophia Catherine John FARREN Catherine         privately baptized
09/06/1811 23/01/1808 Benjamin James TROTMAN Mariah DAINS       publicly baptized
02/06/1811 17/05/1811 Hannah James BARREL Esther BROWN        
02/06/1811 14/02/1810 Henry William HAYWARD Elizabeth LONG       publicly baptized
12/04/1811 07/01/1810 William William DAY Sarah WHITEMAN       publicly baptized
17/02/1811 10/01/1811 Morris Thomas HAYWARD Elizabeth         month and yr only for birth date
07/02/1811 09/01/1811 Jane Adeline Joseph KERSEY Susanna Maria         privately baptized, rec'd into Church 05/01/1813
11/11/1810 01/11/1810 Jane Henry LOVIT Mary BORLEY       publicly baptized
28/10/1810 22/08/1810 Mayaum William MENE Mary BAKER       publicly baptized
28/10/1810 05/09/1810 Edmund     Mary WADE       publicly baptized, base born
14/10/1810 21/10/1809 Hagar Philip LINCOLN Ann PULFORD        
15/08/1810 23/05/1810 Maria Harriot Thomas BOND Susanna Maria MALKIN       publicly baptized
15/08/1810 22/03/1808 Thomas Henry Thomas BOND Susanna Maria MALKIN       publicly baptized
05/08/1810 15/07/1810 William James LOCK Elizabeth GOODRAM       publicly baptized
29/07/1810 19/07/1810 Robert George GOSTLING Frances         publicly baptized
10/06/1810 24/01/1810 William Robert ROBERTSON Elizabeth         publicly baptized
10/06/1810 17/04/1810 Robert Philip STEGGALL Mary CATERMOUL       publicly baptized
10/06/1810 04/05/1810 James Samuel CLEARS Elizabeth DAVY       publicly baptized
10/06/1810 23/05/1810 Lucy William DAVY Lucy CLARKE       publicly baptized
03/06/1810 03/03/1810 Mary Ann Thomas JURDEN Hannah BURTON       publicly baptized
03/06/1810 13/02/1808 Edmund Joshua HAILS Ann KEMP       publicly baptized
13/05/1810 31/03/1810 James     Sarah WARREN       base born
15/04/1810 24/07/1808 Thomas Lebbon Thomas BERRY Mary Maria LEBBON        
15/04/1810 31/12/1809 Maria Thomas BERRY Mary Maria LEBBON        
01/04/1810 15/11/1809 Mary John REYNOLDS Elizabeth AJAH        
28/02/1810 12/01/1810 Rachel James ROCKET Mary BROWN        
18/02/1810 21/01/1810 William Giles Edmund CRASKE Martha SHELDRAKE       privately baptized, rec'd into Church 09/25/1812
18/02/1810 21/01/1810 William Edmond CRASKE Martha SHELDRAKE        
03/09/1809 23/07/1809 John James MILES Mary SCOTCHMER        
25/06/1809 16/03/1809 Maria James BARREL Esther BROWN        
25/06/1809 06/04/1809 Sophia James BARKER Sarah SMITH        
28/05/1809 19/03/1808 Abednego John KEMP Mary WILDING       publicly baptized
28/05/1809 17/04/1809 John George WILDING Hannah TYDEMAN        
28/05/1809 24/05/1809 John John GARRARD Ann FULCHER        
19/03/1809 14/08/1808 Mary Ann William ROUGH Sarah KEMP       publicly baptized
19/02/1809 08/02/1809 John William WARREN Sarah PECK        
29/01/1809 01/01/1809 John George BOLLERSON Charlotte BARREL        
13/11/1808 14/04/1808 Maria Robert GARRARD Elizh MAYES        
30/10/1808 22/08/1808 Robert John TURVEY Rhoda KEMP        
30/10/1808 26/08/1808 Mary John DAYNES Catherine PYMAN        
25/09/1808 20/08/1808 Henry Morgan William DAY Sarah WHITEMAN       publicly baptized
07/08/1808 18/07/1808 William James ROCKET Mary BROWN        
24/07/1808 02/05/1808 Fitz Henry Augustus Joseph KERSEY Susanna Maria CLARKE       privately baptized
24/07/1808 10/02/1808 Daniel William BARKER Mary HICKS        
24/07/1808 24/06/1808 Robert Robert ROBERTSON Elizabeth SAUNDERS       publicly baptized
03/04/1808 14/01/1808 Sarah James BARKER Sarah SMITH       publicly baptized
03/04/1808 02/02/1808 Sophia William DAVY Sarah         publicly baptized
12/03/1808 22/02/1808 George Edmund CRASKE Martha SHELDRAKE       publicly baptized
06/03/1808 16/06/1807 Mary Ann James BARRELL Esther BROWN       publicly baptized
21/02/1808 16/02/1808 Ann Samuel CLEARS Elizabeth DAVY       publicly baptized
07/02/1808 12/01/1808 Sydney Ralph WADE Mary KEEBLE       publicly baptized
03/02/1808 24/12/1807 Frederick Godard Charles FREWER Ann GODARD       publicly baptized
20/12/1807 11/10/1805 Robert William HOWARD Elizabeth         publicly baptized
12/12/1807 09/12/1807 Ann William HOWARD Elizabeth         publicly baptized
15/06/1807 02/03/1807 Robert William MEAN Mary BAKER       publicly baptized
07/06/1807 29/05/1807 Rachel James ROCKET Mary BROWN       publicly baptized
26/04/1807 22/11/1806 John     Rose COLLINS       publicly baptized, base son
05/04/1807 11/03/1807 Ann Mortimer Samuel CLEARS Ann         publicly baptized
05/04/1807 11/03/1807 John Robert GARRARD Elizabeth MAYS       publicly baptized
22/03/1807 22/11/1806 Michael James MILES Mary SCOTCHMER       publicly baptized
21/01/1807 01/12/1806 Herbert Maurice Joseph KERSEY Susanna Maria CLARKE       privately baptized
07/12/1806 13/11/1806 John     Fanny DYE       base son
21/09/1806 24/07/1806 Susan John STEARN Mary GRANT        
07/09/1806 04/09/1804 Maria James TROTMAN Maria DAYNES        
17/08/1806 10/08/1806 Charles John Fittz BRAND Elizabeth HARVEY   Clerk   rec'd into Church 15 Nov 1806
26/06/1806 01/05/1806 Sophia George GOSLING Fanny CANDLER        
25/06/1806 13/06/1806 Marian     Sarah CARR       base child
06/06/1806 18/08/1805 John Frederic John GISSING Elizabeth HARBER        
01/06/1806 01/06/1806 James Brown George WILDEN Hannah TIDEMAN        
30/03/1806 01/03/1806 Hannah Ralph WADE Mary KEEBLE        
23/02/1806 19/05/1805 Hannah Joshua HAILS Ann KEMP        
16/02/1806 24/01/1806 Matilda William ROW Susan KEMP        
16/02/1806 05/02/1806 John     Lucy CLARKE       base child
10/02/1806 17/02/1805 Robert Gipps Edmund CRASK Martha SHELDRAKE       rec'd into Church 17 Mar 1806
09/02/1806 09/02/1806 Mary Samuel CLEARS Ann BRITTON        
19/01/1806 25/12/1805 John James BARREL Ester BROWN        
19/01/1806 22/11/1805 Sarah Robert ROBINSON Elizabeth SANDERS        
17/11/1805 12/11/1805 Nelson John MAYS Elizabeth WADE        
14/10/1805 01/10/1805 Thamer James ROCKET Mary BROWN       privately bap., rec'd into Church 11/03/1805
18/09/1805 14/08/1805 Clement Edgar Joseph KERSEY Susannah Maria CLARKE        
13/09/1805 09/09/1805 Catherine John DAINES Catherine PYMAN        
23/06/1805 07/06/1805 Stephen Martin Charles HONEYBALD Elizabeth MARTIN        
09/05/1805 02/05/1805 Joseph Whiteman     Mary BALDERY       base son by Joseph WHITEMAN, rec'd 05/20/1805
20/02/1805 09/01/1805 William James MILES Mary SCOTCHMER        
20/01/1805 18/09/1804 Sarah William BARKER Mary HICKS        
12/01/1805 31/12/1804 Henry Ralph WADE Mary KEEBLE        
01/01/1805 18/11/1804 Esther Robert BERRY Mary CUTTING        
20/09/1804 14/09/1804 Simeon John KEMP Mary WILDEN        
02/09/1804 02/09/1804 Nelson John MAYS Elizabeth WADE        
16/08/1804 04/09/1800 John William HAYWARD Elizabeth LONG        
16/08/1804 16/08/1803 Thomas William HAYWARD Elizabeth LONG        
01/07/1804 19/09/1803 Edward   DYE Fanny LUMMIS        
01/07/1804 10/06/1804 Lewis Thomas MARTIN Mary COLES        
24/06/1804 07/06/1804 Thomas Benjamin LAFLEY Elizabeth HAWS        
27/05/1804 16/04/1804 Elizabeth Robert ROBERTSON Elizabeth SANDERS        
23/05/1804 23/02/1803 Mary Robert BERRY Mary CUTTING        
04/05/1804 10/12/1803 Ameliea Clements James BARRELL Ester BROWN        
25/04/1804 23/12/1803 Alfred Frederick Joseph KERSEY Susanna Maria CLARKE       publicly baptized
15/04/1804 20/01/1804 Thomas John OLLERTON Charlotte BARREL       publicly baptized
15/04/1804 31/01/1804 Daniel Day     Hannah HICKS       publicly baptized, illegitimate
15/04/1804 07/02/1804 Sarah Alice John STEARNE Mary GRANT       publicly baptized
01/04/1804 02/12/1803 Mary George WILDING Hannah TIDIMAN       publicly baptized
18/03/1804 11/03/1804 Mary George GOSTLING Frances CANDLER       publicly baptized
09/03/1804 01/03/1804 Sarah William DAVY Sarah MARKALL       publicly baptized
19/02/1804 01/02/1804 Edmund Sheldrake Edmund CRASKE Martha SHELDRAKE       publicly baptized
18/12/1803 06/12/1803 Frances     Mary WADE       publicly baptized, illegitimate
07/12/1803 27/10/1803 Hannah John Fittz BRAND Elizabeth HARVEY   Clerk   publicly baptized
20/11/1803 08/09/1798 Samuel William BERRY Mary CORBOULD       publicly baptized
20/11/1803 05/10/1803 William William BERRY Mary SNOWING       publicly baptized
19/08/1803 18/08/1803 Eliza William BAKER Susannah NORMAN       privately baptized, rec'd into Church 09/15/1804
19/08/1803 18/08/1803 Robert William BAKER Susannah NORMAN       privately baptized, rec'd into Church 09/15/1804
17/07/1803 01/12/1800 Jane James TROTMAN Maria DAYNES       publicly baptized
03/07/1803 16/10/1802 John James HAILES Esther MULLINGER       publicly baptized
05/06/1803 03/06/1803 James     Frances VINCENT       publicly baptized, bastard son
02/06/1803 23/02/1803 Mary Robert BERRY Mary CUTTING       publicly baptized
29/05/1803 15/03/1803 Elizabeth James BARKER Sarah SMITH       publicly baptized
29/05/1803 28/04/1803 Ruth John KEMP Mary WELDON       publicly baptized
15/05/1803 13/05/1803 John William WARREN Sarah PECK       publicly baptized
17/04/1803 31/03/1803 Robert Ralph WADE Mary KEEBLE       publicly baptized
13/04/1803 25/03/1803 William Alfred John GISSING Elizabeth HARBUE       privately baptized, rec'd into Church 06/06/1806
08/04/1803 28/03/1803 Charles Charles HUNNIBOLD Elizabeth MARTIN       publicly baptized
28/03/1803 06/03/1803 Maria Brice BROWNING Sophia DEANE       privately baptized, rec'd into Church 08/07/1803
27/03/1803 16/03/1803 John William BARKER Mary HICKS       publicly baptized
18/01/1803 18/12/1802 John Philip LINCOLN Anne PULFORD       publicly baptized
16/01/1803 17/11/1802 Robert John HAILES Esther MULLINGER       publicly baptized, inserted bef John - error James
04/01/1803   Richard John DRIVER Esther WATSON       publicly baptized
04/01/1803   Elizabeth John DRIVER Esther WATSON       publicly baptized
10/12/1802 13/11/1802 Emma Stephen MARTIN Mary TAYLOR       publicly baptized
17/10/1802 18/08/1802 Edward Alphonso Joseph KERSEY Maria Susannah CLARKE       privately baptized, rec'd into Church 04/25/1804
03/10/1802 03/09/1802 John James ROCKET Mary BROWNE       publicly baptized
03/10/1802 28/08/1802 William William DAVY Sarah MARKALL       publicly baptized
03/09/1802 26/05/1802 Thomas John Fittz BRAND Elizabeth HARVEY       Bap. At Wetheringset. Adm to Church 12/07/1803
25/07/1802 12/07/1802 Sarah Robert ROBERTSON Elizabeth SAUNDERS       publicly baptized
20/06/1802 28/05/1802 William James BARREL Esther BROWNE       publicly baptized
01/06/1802 23/09/1801 Robert Robert BERRY Mary CUTTING       publicly baptized
04/04/1802 04/02/1802 Caroline John WELLS Mary HAILES       publicly baptized
22/03/1802 13/10/1801 Sarah Edmund CLARKE Deborah STEGAL       publicly baptized
18/03/1802 21/02/1802 Sarah Deborah Edmund CRASKE Martha SHELDRAKE       publicly baptized
21/02/1802 03/02/1802 Pleasance George GOSLING Frances CANLER       publicly baptized
21/02/1802 27/11/1801 Mary Robert LEARNER Elizabeth GARROD       publicly baptized
24/01/1802 13/01/1802 Michael Walne John STEARNE Mary GRANT       publicly baptized
10/01/1802 01/01/1802 James John OLLERTON Charlotte BARREL       publicly baptized
10/01/1802 20/12/1801 Mary Thomas MARTIN Elizabeth COWLES       publicly baptized
22/11/1801 02/11/1801 Mary Ezechiel RADE Anne HARRISON       publicly baptized
06/07/1801 10/05/1801 Mary John FRANCIS Anne ARNOLD       publicly baptized
30/06/1801 14/06/1801 Thomas Clarke Joseph KERSEY Susannah Maria CLARKE       priv. Bap., rec'd into Church 01/02/1801
07/06/1801 23/04/1801 Harriette John FLETCHER Frances THURSBY       publicly baptized
19/04/1801 16/04/1801 Harriet William WARREN Sarah PECK       publicly baptized
19/04/1801 12/03/1801 Caroline John KEMP Mary WILDING       publicly baptized
12/04/1801 19/03/1801 Samuel John Fittz BRAND Elizabeth HARVEY       privately baptized, rec'd into Church 04/21/1802
08/03/1801 20/02/1801 Mary John FRICKER Mary DOE       publicly baptized
25/02/1801 05/02/1801 Mary James BARKER Sarah SMITH       publicly baptized
01/02/1801 15/01/1801 Nelson John MAYES Elizabeth WADE       publicly baptized
24/01/1801 17/01/1801 Robert John GISSING Elizabeth HARBUE       privately baptized, rec'd into Church 06/06/1806
23/11/1800 03/11/1800 Richard Ralph WADE Mary KEEBLE       publicly baptized
06/11/1800   Elizabeth     Sarah LINCOLN       publicly baptized, bastard, aged 14 nearly
06/11/1800   William Henry     Sarah LINCOLN       pub. Bap., bastard age 18 nearly, rec'd 06/11/1800
12/10/1800 07/10/1800 Judith     Esther BROWNE       publicly baptized, base daughter
28/09/1800 20/09/1800 Mary Robert ROBINSON Elizabeth SAUNDERS       publicly baptized
11/09/1800 11/07/1800 Philip William BAKER Susan NORMAN       publicly baptized
07/09/1800 06/08/1800 Sophia Samuel DYE Frances LUMMIS       publicly baptized
27/07/1800 31/07/1799 Hannah John FLETCHER Frances THURSBY       publicly baptized
05/07/1800 03/07/1800 Roger Robert LEARNER Elizabeth GARRARD       publicly baptized
30/06/1800 03/02/1799 Charlotte John GISSING Elizabeth HARBUE       publicly baptized
29/06/1800 23/12/1799 Philip Philip LINCOLN Anne PULFORD       publicly baptized
21/06/1800 30/05/1800 John Brice BRUNNING Elizabeth COOPER       publicly baptized
15/06/1800 04/06/1800 Phoebe Thomas WILSON Lydia GORMER       publicly baptized
01/06/1800 29/09/1799 Thomas Thomas MARTIN Mary COWLES       publicly baptized
04/05/1800 30/04/1800 Elizabeth James ROCKITT Mary BROWNE       publicly baptized
04/05/1800 13/04/1800 Elizabeth Joseph BLOMFIELD Susannah GOODRUM       publicly baptized
02/05/1800 22/04/1800 Ethelinda Maria Joseph KERSEY Susannah CLARKE       priv. Bap, rec'd into Church 11/06/1800
09/03/1800 26/02/1799 Samuel John GARROD Mary CROSS       publicly baptized
09/03/1800 24/11/1799 Elizabeth William OFFORD Elizabeth FOULGER       publicly baptized
02/03/1800 10/12/1799 William Isaac STEBBING Susannah SKINNER       publicly baptized
19/02/1800 02/02/1800 Sophia John OLLERTON Charlotte BARREL       publicly baptized
26/01/1800 29/09/1799 Mary Anne William DAVY Sarah MARKLE       publicly baptized
14/01/1800 22/10/1799 James William HAYWARD Elizabeth LONG       publicly baptized
14/01/1800   Anne William BUTTON Margaret HAYWARD       publicly baptized
21/12/1799 10/12/1799 Maria Ralph WADE Mary EDWARDS       publicly baptized
29/08/1799 03/03/1799 Ambrose John Fittz BRAND Elizabeth HARVEY       priv. Bap. Rec'd into Church 04/21/1802
21/07/1799 13/06/1799 William James BARKER Sarah SMITH       publicly baptized
14/07/1799 09/06/1799 John Vincent Charles Vincent NUNN Esther LUMMIS       publicly baptized
23/06/1799 14/05/1799 William James BARKER Sarah SMITH        
23/06/1799   Tirzah     Elizabeth DAVY       publicly baptized, bastard daughter
03/06/1799 10/03/1798 John James KNIGHT Susannah JONES       publicly baptized
19/05/1799 11/05/1799 Sophia Robert LEARNER Elizabeth GARROD       publicly baptized
28/04/1799 12/04/1799 Anne James ROCKET Mary BROWNE       publicly baptized
28/04/1799 28/04/1799 John John BALDERSTON Elizabeth EDWARDS       publicly baptized
25/02/1799 28/01/1799 Mary Anne John TODD Anne ADAMS       privately baptized
03/11/1798 24/10/1798 Elizabeth     Mary STEBBINGS       publicly baptized, bastard daughter
06/10/1798 13/09/1798 Cotton Thomas WILSON Lydia GORMER       publicly baptized
29/09/1798 22/08/1798 Robert James TROTMAN Maria DAYNES       publicly baptized
25/08/1798 08/08/1798 Elizabeth William WARREN Sarah PECK       publicly baptized
15/07/1798 05/01/1798 Edmund William BAKER Susannah NORMAN        
13/06/1798 11/04/1798 Elizabeth Robert BERRY Mary CUTTING       publicly baptized
28/04/1798 22/04/1798 Joshua Charles NUNN Sarah COOPER       publicly baptized
14/04/1798 28/04/1798 Mary John OLLERTON Charlotte BARREL       publicly baptized
11/04/1798 18/03/1798 Philip Philip LINCOLN Anne PULFORD        
16/02/1798 06/08/1797 William William WADE Sarah GARRARD       publicly baptized
07/01/1798 23/12/1797 William William HAYWARD Elizabeth LONG       publicly baptized
31/12/1797 29/11/1797 Robert William ORFORD Elizabeth FOULGER       publickly baptized
19/10/1797 24/06/1797 Henry Richard Harbur     Mary FOULGER       bastard child
16/10/1797 06/01/1797 Sophia John GISSING Elizabeth HARBUR       publickly baptized
15/10/1797 15/10/1797 Robert Robert LEARNER Elizabeth GARROD       priv. Bap. Rec'd into Church 07/13/1798
24/09/1797 05/09/1797 William John TODD Anne ADAMS       publickly baptized
13/08/1797 07/07/1797 Susannah Edward CLARKE Deborah STEGAL       publickly baptized
26/07/1797   Eunice James TROTMAN Maria DAYNES       publickly baptized
16/07/1797 03/07/1797 Christopher John BALDERSTONE Elizabeth EDWARDS       publickly baptized
19/06/1797 19/06/1797 John Fittz John Fittz BRAND Elizabeth HARVEY       priv. Bap. Rec'd into Church 04/07/1802
14/05/1797 04/05/1797 Naomi John KEMP Mary WILDING       publickly baptized
07/05/1797 20/04/1797 Mary John STRANGE Virtue POTTER       publickly baptized
30/04/1797 21/04/1797 John William DAVEY Sarah MARKELL       publickly baptized
03/02/1797 01/01/1797 John Ezekial READ Anne HARRISON       priv. Bap. Rec'd into Church 02/12/1797
13/01/1797 25/07/1796 Sophia John FLETCHER Frances THURSBY       publickly baptized
27/11/1796 21/03/1796 Sophia Isaac STEBBINGS Susannah SKINNER       publickly baptized
14/11/1796 02/11/1796 William Joseph GOODERAM Susannah BLOMFIELD       publickly baptized
09/10/1796 29/09/1796 Mary     Elizabeth KEEBLE       illegit, pub. bap. (mother Mary in 1791-9 notes)
08/10/1796   Elizabeth     Mary READ       bastard, publickly baptized
08/10/1796   Edward     Mary READ       bastard, publickly baptized
25/09/1796 22/09/1796 Mary Thomas WILSON Lydia GORMER       publickly baptized
11/09/1796 05/09/1796 John John STEARNE Mary GRANT       publickly baptized
11/09/1796 04/09/1796 Samuel Charles NUNN Sarah COOPER       publickly baptized
14/08/1796   Elizabeth George SILVER Mary STINNET       publickly baptized, of Riper Years
14/08/1796   Mary George SILVER Mary STINNET       publickly baptized, of Riper Years
07/08/1796 05/08/1796 Anne Robert LEARNER Elizabeth GARRARD       publickly baptized
29/06/1796 04/04/1796 Elizabeth John Fittz BRAND Elizabeth HARVEY       John Fittz BRAND Cl..
12/06/1796 27/05/1796 James     Hannah HICKS       bastard
29/05/1796 09/05/1796 Samuel     Easter BROWNE       illegit, pub. Bap; father Sml Clores 1791-9 notes
22/05/1796 12/05/1796 Elizabeth     Elizabeth MULLINGER       illegit, pub. Bap; father Sml Fuller 1791-9 notes
03/04/1796 18/03/1796 Richard William LUMMIS Mary TIDEMAN        
27/03/1796 29/08/1795 Sophia William WADE Sarah GARRARD       publickly baptized
13/03/1796 28/02/1796 Mary John MAYSE Elizabeth WADE       publickly baptized
03/01/1796 26/12/1795 Jane William HAYWARD Elizabeth LONG       publickly baptized
03/01/1796 12/09/1794 Anne William HAYWARD Ellizabeth LONG       publickly baptized
10/12/1795 08/12/1795 Robert William BURY Mary GORBOULD       priv. Bap. Rec'd into Church 01/03/1796
06/12/1795 23/11/1795 Richard William FREEMAN Esther HANTON       publickly baptized
04/10/1795 27/09/1795 Thomas George PAGE Elizabeth POTTER       publickly baptized
30/08/1795 29/08/1795 Sarah Charles NUNN Sarah COOPER       priv. Bap. Rec'd into Church 09/11/ 1796
16/08/1795 04/08/1795 William William WARREN Sarah PECK       publickly baptized
19/07/1795 01/07/1795 Sarah Ralph WADE Mary EDWARDS       publickly baptized
18/07/1795   Robert John TODD Mary ROBINSON       privately baptized
05/07/1795 25/11/1794 John Simon KEMP Mary WOODS       publickly baptized
05/07/1795 05/07/1795 Mary William DAVY Sarah MARKWELL       publickly baptized
05/07/1795 15/06/1795 John     Mary STEBBING       illegit, pub bap; father Benjamin Bridges 1791-9 n
07/06/1795 25/05/1795 Charles     Amy THURLOW       illegit, pub bap; father Charles King 1791-9 notes
07/06/1795   Mary Thomas MARTIN Amy         rec'd into Church 06/07/1795
17/05/1795 17/05/1795 Elisha Wilbey     Elizabeth WOODS       illeg, pub bap, father Elishey Willbey in 1791-9 n
12/04/1795 03/12/1794 Robert John STRANGE Virtue POTTER       publickly baptized
12/04/1795 31/03/1795 Mary Edmund CLARKE Deborah STEGGAL       publickly baptized
29/03/1795 28/03/1795 Thomas     Elizabeth DAVY       illegitimate, publickly baptized
22/03/1795 22/03/1795 Robert John KEMP Mary WILDING       twin, publickly baptized
22/03/1795 22/03/1795 Martin John KEMP Mary WILDING       twin, publickly baptized
08/03/1795 10/02/1795 Mary John BALDERSTONE Elizabeth         publickly baptized
08/03/1795 19/01/1795 Emanuel John MAYES Elizabeth WADE       publickly baptized
20/02/1795 19/01/1795 Harriet Fincham     Mary FOULGER       illegitimate, publickly baptized (Mary FULGER)
15/02/1795 12/02/1795 Maria William BLOMFIELD Sarah HOWE        
11/01/1795 01/01/1795 Lydia Thomas WILSON Lydia GORMER       publickly baptized
07/01/1795 11/12/1794 Mary Fittz John BRAND Elizabeth HARVEY       publickly baptized
09/11/1794 05/09/1794 Anthony John GISSING Elizabeth HARBER       publickly baptized
29/09/1794 24/09/1794 William Joseph BLOMFIELD Susannah GOODRAM       publickly baptized
07/09/1794 05/09/1794 Thomas Philip STEGGAL Elizabeth FLURREY       publickly baptized
05/09/1794 03/09/1794 Sophia John SOAMES Sophia MILLAR       publickly baptized
24/08/1794 24/07/1794 George George BRUNDEL Elizabeth NEWMAN       publickly baptized
11/05/1794 03/04/1794 Harriet     Mary SMITH       pub bap; father Joseph/Jonas Ling in 1791-9 notes
11/05/1794 28/04/1794 Mary     Mary ROBINSON       illegitimate, publickly baptized
19/02/1794 24/01/1794 Mary Smith     Ann NUNN       illegit, pub bap, father James SMITH in 1791-9 nts
10/02/1794 07/01/1794 William William LUMMIS Mary TIDEMAN       publickly baptized
04/02/1794 02/02/1794 John     Sarah FOULGER       Rec'd 02/23/1794, father Daniel Quinton in notes
05/01/1794 11/12/1793 Mary John GARRARD Mary CROSS       publickly baptized
05/01/1794 01/11/1793 Sarah Thomas WILSON Lydia GORMER       publickly baptized
17/11/1793 29/10/1793 George John MAIZE Elizabeth WADE       publickly baptized
17/11/1793 25/10/1793 Edward Isaac STEBBING Susan SKINNER       publickly baptized
09/10/1793 29/09/1793 James William FREEMAN Esther HANTON       publickly baptized
15/09/1793 16/08/1793 William John SOANES Sophia MILLER       publickly baptized
18/08/1793 17/07/1793 William Ralph WADE Mary EDWARDS       publickly baptized
11/08/1793 04/08/1793 David Edward CLARKE Deborah STEGGAL       publickly baptized
04/08/1793 28/07/1793 Hannah Philip STEGGAL Elizabeth FLURRY       publickly baptized
23/06/1793 01/06/1793 William     Mary KEEBLE       illegit, pub bap, father John MAYES in 1791-9 note
12/06/1793 24/04/1793 Harriet John GISSING Elizabeth HARBER       publickly baptized
09/06/1793 27/05/1793 Francis John STEARNE Mary GRANT       publickly baptized
19/05/1793 28/03/1793 Robert Robert HUTTON Mary COE       publickly baptized
28/04/1793 08/06/1792 George George PAGE Elizabeth POTTER       publickly baptized
10/04/1793 06/04/1793 Joseph John DRIVER Esther WATSON       publickly baptized
24/03/1793 29/01/1793 Elizabeth Simon KEMP Mary WOODS       publickly baptized
09/12/1792 26/12/1792 Thomas William BERRY Mary GORBOLD       publickly baptized
04/11/1792 02/11/1792 Samuel John MAYES Elizabeth WADE       publickly baptized
28/10/1792 28/10/1792 Robert     Elizabeth KEMP       illegitimate, privately baptized
28/10/1792 28/10/1792 Samuel     Elizabeth KEMP       illegitimate, privately baptized
28/10/1792 18/10/1792 Harriet Ezechial READ Sarah HARRISON       publickly baptized
30/09/1792 21/09/1792 Sophia John BORLEY Mary FENNING       publickly baptized
30/09/1792 07/08/1792 Matilda Sheppard Thomas BEDWELL Mary SHEPPARD       publickly baptized
11/09/1792 01/09/1792 John John SOANES Sophia MILLAR       publickly baptized
02/09/1792 29/05/1792 John Isaac STEBBINGS Susannah SKINNER       publickly baptized
17/06/1792 10/06/1792 Mary     Mary KEEBLE       illegit, pub bap, father John Cutting in 1791-9 n
08/04/1792 06/04/1792 James Robert BERRY Elizabeth FRANCIS       publickly baptized
06/04/1792 04/03/1792 Richard John STRANGE Virtue POTTER       priv. Bap. Rec'd into Church 06/09/1792
06/03/1792 06/03/1792 Sophia Charles NUNN Sarah COOPER       priv. Bap. Rec'd into Church 03/18/1792
25/01/1792 25/12/1791 Anne Joseph BLOMFIELD Susan GOODRAM       publickly baptized
27/11/1791 25/11/1791 Sarah William WARING Sarah PECK       publickly baptized
25/09/1791 11/09/1791 Samuel John MAYES Elizabeth WADE       publickly baptized
05/09/1791 13/08/1791 Robert Robert STINNET Mary GARRARD       publickly baptized
09/08/1791   Charles Charles NUNN Sarah COOPER       rec'd into Church 08/09/1791
03/07/1791   Mary Ralph WADE Mary EDWARDS       rec'd into Church 07/03/1791
03/07/1791   Elizabeth Ralph WADE Mary EDWARDS       rec'd into Church 07/03/1791
03/07/1791   Sophia Ralph WADE Mary EDWARDS       rec'd into Church 07/03/1791
03/07/1791   Susannah Ralph WADE Mary EDWARDS       rec'd into Church 07/03/1791
22/05/1791   Stephen Stephen PALMER Ann SHEPPARD       rec'd into Church 05/22/1791
22/05/1791   Ann Stephen PALMER Ann SHEPPARD       rec'd into Church 05/22/1791
10/05/1791 17/04/1791 Mary Anne John GISSING Elizabeth HARBUE       priv. Bap. rec'd into Church 06/12/1791
12/04/1791   Sophia George PAGE Elizabeth POTTER       publickly baptized
18/03/1791   Sarah John TOD Ann LUMMIS       publickly baptized
04/02/1791   William John DRIVER Esther WATSON       rec'd into Church 02/04/1791
04/02/1791   Mary John DRIVER Esther WATSON        
04/02/1791   John John DRIVER Esther WATSON        
04/01/1791   Edward Parker Thomas BEDWELL Mary SHEPPARD       publickly baptized
24/11/1790   James John BALDERSTONE Elizabeth EDWARDS       publickly baptized
17/10/1790   Frances John FLORY Mary WADE       publickly baptized
12/09/1790 12/08/1790 John John RANSON Ann BROWNE       publickly baptized
08/08/1790   Dinah William FREEMAN Esther HANTON       publickly baptized
13/07/1790   Mary Isaac STEBBINGS Susannah SKINNER       publickly baptized
06/06/1790   Dinah John STRAINGE Virtue POTTER       publickly baptized
17/05/1790   John William BERRY Mary GORBOULD       publickly baptized
28/03/1790   Sarah John BORLEY Mary FENNING       publickly baptized
17/01/1790   Sarah     Mary MULLINGER       illegitimate, publickly baptized
11/12/1789   William John GARRARD Mary CROSS       publickly baptized
05/12/1789 24/12/1786 George John BALDERSTONE Elizabeth EDWARDS       publickly baptized, (birth date added 07/15/1803)
11/10/1789   Jonathan Robert HUTTON Anne COE       publickly baptized
17/08/1789   Mary William WARREN Sarah PECK       publickly baptized
14/06/1789   Isaac William FREEMAN Esther HANTON       publickly baptized
03/06/1789   John Robert BERRY Elizabeth FRANCIS       publickly baptized
03/06/1789   John     Mary WILDING       illegitimate, publickly baptized
21/04/1789   Robert Charles LUMMIS Frances WRIGHT       publickly baptized
04/01/1789   Esther     Elizabeth DAVEY       illegitimate, publickly baptized
02/01/1789   Elizabeth John MAYSE Elizabeth WADE       publickly baptized
16/11/1788   Robert John GARROD Mary CROSS       publickly baptized
19/07/1788   George Leabon Thomas POTTER Ann LEABON       publickly baptized
15/06/1788   William William WARREN Sarah PECK       publickly baptized
01/06/1788   Thomas James TROTMAN Maria DAYNES       publickly baptized
18/05/1788   Lucy George BROWNE Ann POTTER       publickly baptized
18/05/1788   John George BROWNE Ann POTTER       publickly baptized
18/05/1788   Edmund George BROWNE Ann POTTER       rec'd into Church 5/18/1788
17/04/1788   Elizabeth Thomas KERSEY Mary GISSING       priv. Bap.
06/04/1788   Esther John FLORY Mary WADE       publickly baptized
19/03/1788   John John STRANGE Virtue POTTER       publickly baptized
02/03/1788   Ama     Ama THURLOW       illegitimate, publickly baptized
02/01/1788   Joseph John TODD Anne LUMMIS       publickly baptized
31/12/1787   John John MAYES Elizabeth WADE       publickly baptized (no date, recorded end of 1787)
31/12/1787   Charles     Mary FULCHER       illegit, pub bap (no date, recorded end of 1787)
25/12/1787   Zachariah Thomas POTTER Anne LEABON       privately baptized. Rec'd into Church
25/12/1787   Edward     Dinah BURY       priv. Bap. Rec'd into Church 12/31/1787
24/12/1787   Richard Thomas KEMP Anne PARKER        
11/12/1787   Esther Charles LUMMIS Frances WRIGHT        
05/11/1787   Robert William JACQUES Mary HOWCHIN       publickly baptized
05/11/1787   Mary William JACQUES Mary HOWCHIN       rec'd into Church 11/05/1787
13/10/1787   Joseph Joseph BLOMFIELD Susannah GOODRAM       publickly baptized
04/10/1787   Elizabeth George PAGE Elizabeth POTTER       priv. baptized, rec'd into Church 01/08/1788
26/08/1787   Robert William FREEMAN Esther HANTON       publickly baptized
29/07/1787   Charlotte     Elizabeth SMITH       illegitimate
01/07/1787   Gissing Thomas KERSEY Mary GISSING       privately baptized. Rec'd into Church
06/05/1787   Dennis John FLORY Mary         rec'd into Church 05/06/1787
19/04/1787   William John TRICKER Mary DOE       privately baptized. Rec'd into Church
14/04/1787   Sarah Isaac STEBBENS Susannah SKINNER       priv. Bap. Rec'd into Church 10/11/1787
11/04/1787   Elizabeth William BERRY Mary GORBOULD       priv. Bap. Rec'd into Church 01/30/1788
15/03/1787 13/03/1787 Mary     Elizabeth CLOW       illegit.. Priv. Bap. Adm. into Church 06/11/1787
06/03/1787   Mary James TROTMAN Maria DAYNES       privately baptized. Rec'd into Church
21/02/1787   Mary John BORLEY Mary FINNING       priv. Bap. Rec'd into Church 05/27/1787
18/01/1787   John William BURY Mary GORBOULD       priv. Bap. Rec'd into Church 07/03/1787
12/01/1787   Ann Thomas POTTER Ann LEABON       privately baptized
11/11/1786   Edward John TODD Ann LUMMIS       privately baptized. Rec'd into Church 06/04/1787
11/11/1786   Hannah John SONES Elizabeth BROWN        
25/09/1786   William William CATTERMOUL Ann WADE        
18/07/1786   Hannah John MULLINGER Antonina SONES        
24/04/1786   James Willm JACQUES Mary HOWCHIN       privately baptized. Rec'd into Church
13/04/1786   Mary     Mary GARRARD       illegitimate. Priv. Bap. Rec'd into Church
17/09/1785 16/09/1785 John John BORLEY Mary FENNING       priv. Bap. Rec'd into Church 01/05/1786
06/07/1785   John John GARRARD Mary CROSS       privately baptized. Rec'd into Church 06/18/1786
24/04/1785 23/04/1785 James William JACQUES Mary HOWCHIN       privately baptized
13/04/1785 12/04/1785 Mary     Mary GARRARD       illegitimate. Priv bap. Rec'd into Church
11/02/1785 10/02/1785 Mary Ralph WADE Mary EDWARDS       priv. Bap.
29/12/1784 26/11/1784 Mary John MAYHEW Sarah LINCOLN       priv. Bap. Rec'd into Church
13/12/1784   George   TRUE           publickly baptized. inserted 02/23/1802
12/12/1784   Rhoda Thomas KEMP Ann PARKER       priv. Bap. (no date recorded) Rec'd 12/12/1784
05/12/1784 03/12/1784 Thomas     Mary READ       priv Bap Rec'd 10/8/1796 Father Thomas Nunn 91-9 n
18/04/1784 13/04/1784 Thomas Thomas POTTER Ann LEABON       priv. Bap. Rec'd into Church 06/10/1784
11/03/1784   Mary Charles LUMMIS Frances          
11/03/1784   Sarah Charles LUMMIS Frances          
07/01/1784   Charles John TODD Ann          
20/11/1783   Jacob     Amy THURLOW       base child
26/09/1783   Ann John TRICKER Mary          
30/06/1783   Hannah     Patience TIDEMAN       base child
15/05/1783   Elizabeth John CUTTEN Mary          
07/03/1783   William William BERRY Mary          
07/03/1783   Nathaniel William BERRY Mary          
07/03/1783   Mary William BERRY Mary          
18/07/1782   James Ralph WADE Mary          
04/07/1782   Cornelius George SILVER Mary          
04/07/1782   Elizabeth William HAWARD Martha          
23/06/1782   George* John TODD Ann         *false entry should be John - see original PRs
19/06/1782   Dinia John FLORY Mary          
08/06/1782   Teusy? William DAVY Elizabeth         dau
08/06/1782   Mary William DAVY Elizabeth          
11/05/1782   Easter Daniel MULLINGER Sarah          
30/03/1782   John John TRICKER Mary          
23/12/1781   Mary Stephen MARTIN Elizabeth          
23/12/1781   Elinor Stephen MARTIN Elizabeth          
23/12/1781   Elizabeth Thomas MARTIN Amy          
08/07/1781   Edward Francis DAY Sarah          
10/06/1781   John     Dorothy BUCKINGHAM       base child
27/05/1781   Anna James GODDARD Ann          
15/10/1780   William William DAY Sarah          
25/06/1780   Mary John ANDREWS Ann          
18/06/1780   Sarah Robert ROBINSON Sarah          
21/05/1780   Charity Thomas KEMP Ann          
21/05/1780   William William JAQUES Mary          
21/05/1780   John     Mary OFFWOOD       base child
14/05/1780   Ann Thomas FULCHER Mary          
30/04/1780   William Charles LUMMIS Frances          
26/03/1780   Sarah John FLORY Mary          
04/01/1780   Jonathan Ralph WADE Mary          
04/01/1780   Maria     Mary READ       base child
26/09/1779   Mary Henry HOWARD Elizabeth          
26/09/1779   John Henry HOWARD Elizabeth          
20/06/1779   Frances George BROWN Ann          
23/04/1779   Ann Simond KEMP Charity          
02/04/1779   Michael William JAQUES Mary          
25/11/1778   Dinah Robert BERRY Elizabeth          
18/10/1778   Mary Robert ADAMS Mary          
28/09/1778   Mary     Rachel BROWN       base child
19/07/1778   Frances Charles LUMMIS Frances          
20/04/1778   Robert Thomas KEMP Ann          
17/04/1778   Tabatha William JAQUES Mary          
18/01/1778   Mary John FLORA Mary          
24/11/1777   Mary Maria George LEABON Amy          
23/11/1777   Charlotte James CLOW Ann          
05/10/1777   Sarah John ARBOUN Mary          
17/08/1777   Ann Daniel MULLINGER Sarah          
19/07/1777   Sarah Robert BERRY Elizabeth          
15/06/1777   Robert Symond KEMP Charity          
18/05/1777   Thomas Robert DAINS Unia          
15/05/1777   Thomas Robert DAINS Unea          
04/05/1777   Esther George BROWN Ann          
13/02/1777   Robert Simon KEMP Charity          
29/12/1776   Mary     Mary READ       base child
18/08/1776   William     Mary HOUCHIN       base child
18/08/1776   Robert Robert ROBERSON Sarah          
04/08/1776   James Thomas KEMP Mary          
23/06/1776   James Henry HAWARD Elizabeth          
24/05/1776   John Charles LUMMIS Frances          
14/04/1776   Joseph Robert BERRY Elizabeth          
14/04/1776   Thomas Thomas KEMP Ann          
17/09/1775   Thomas Henry HAYWARD Elizabeth          
17/09/1775   Robert Henry HAYWARD Elizabeth          
17/09/1775   Elizabeth Daniel MULLENGER Sarah          
16/04/1775   Hester John LUMMIS Margaret          
16/04/1775   Hanah Simond KEMP Charity          
02/04/1775   Elizabeth John FLORA Mary          
27/01/1775   Rachel Robert DAINS Unea          
09/01/1775   Martha Joseph FRANCIS Martha          
05/01/1775   Charlotte George LEABON Amy          
28/12/1774   William William HOLDEN Elizabeth          
24/08/1774   John Henry CROWFOOT Sarah          
21/08/1774   Elizabeth John MULLENGER Anthonia          
10/07/1774   Phillip     Sarah LINCOLN       base child
19/06/1774   William Joseph READ Dorothy          
19/06/1774   Mary George BROWN Ann          
22/05/1774   Mary     Rachel POTTER       base child
22/05/1774   Charles Charles LUMMIS Frances          
24/04/1774   Mary Thomas KEMP Ann          
16/01/1774   Mary Robert ROBERSON Mary          
14/11/1773   Susan George SILVER Mary          
24/10/1773   Mary Robert BERRY Elizabeth          
24/10/1773   Robert Robert BERRY Elizabeth          
10/10/1773   Thomas Thomas KEMP Mary          
10/10/1773   William William FREEMAN Elizabeth          
29/08/1773   Robert Daniel MULLENGER Sarah          
18/07/1773   John Joseph FRANCIS Unia          
01/06/1773   Lucy Joseph FRANCIS Martha          
22/03/1773   John John FLURRY Mary          
09/01/1773   Elizabeth Robert BURY Elizabeth          
03/01/1773   Joseph     Sarah BROWN       base begotten
20/12/1772   Edward Joseph FRANCIS Martha          
17/12/1772   Daniel Robert DAINS Unea          
22/11/1772   Ann Bartholomew LEABON Mary          
12/10/1772   John John ANDRUS Ann          
28/06/1772   Mary Thomas KEMP Elisabeth          
28/01/1772   Ann Henry HAYWARD Elizabeth          
28/04/1771   James Joseph FRANCIS Unia          
22/01/1771   Rachel Thomas POTTER Elizabeth          
21/07/1770   Joseph Robert ROBERSON Sarah          
15/07/1770   Henry James CLOW Ann          
12/07/1770   James Thomas BROWN Elizabeth          
10/06/1770   Elizabeth William DAVY Elizabeth          
20/05/1770   Alice John WARREN Hanah          
29/01/1770   Elizabeth George BROWN Ann          
14/01/1770   Henry James CLOW Ann          
24/12/1769   Elizabeth Nathaniel STENITT Sarah          
05/11/1769   John William HAWARD Matthew         Matthew error for Martha? See bur 6/25/1789
06/08/1769   John John LUMMIS Margarett          
09/07/1769   Thomas Thomas WILSON Sarah         BTs give 2 June
09/07/1769   Phebe Thomas WILSON Sarah         BTs give 2 June
02/07/1769   Elizabeth Simon KEMP Charlotte         BTs give 2 June
04/06/1769   Dorothy Joseph READ Dorothy         BTs give 11 June
14/05/1769   Thomas John GARRARD Sarah          
14/05/1769   William Joseph FRANCES Unia          
14/05/1769   David John GARRARD Sarah          
16/04/1769   Daniel Daniel MULLINGER Sarah          
21/08/1768   George George BROWN Ann          
01/07/1768   Mary     Sarah BROWN       base child, bap. July 1768
14/05/1768   Thomas Thomas WILSON Sarah          
22/02/1768   Hester Thomas BOND Elizabeth         entry crossed out
24/04/1767   Ann Thomas BROWN Elizabeth          
13/10/1766   Virtue Thomas POTTER Elizabeth          
01/06/1766   William John SOMES Ann          
25/05/1766   Elizabeth Thomas BROWN Elizabeth          
21/04/1766   Mary Daniel MULLINGER Sarah          
19/04/1766   Margett William SILSBY Margett          
23/03/1766   Hanah William HERBER Abigail          
21/03/1766   William Thomas POTTER Elizabeth          
09/03/1766   Joseph Joseph READ Dorothy          
23/02/1766   Margett Henry HAWARD Elizabeth          
22/02/1766   Hester Thomas BOND Elizabeth Elizb        
15/02/1766   John Simond KEMP Charity          
09/02/1766   Betty Robert GARRARD Kathrine          
26/05/1765   Anthonia William SILSBY Margett          
20/05/1765   Dorothy Joseph READ Dorothy         buried
05/05/1765   Mary Daniel MULLINGER Sarah          
05/05/1765   Ann Thomas KEMP Ann          
28/04/1765   Simond Simond KEMP Charity          
21/04/1765   Richard William DRIVER Mary          
29/12/1764   Sophia Thomas BOND Elizabeth          
16/12/1764   William Henry HAWARD Elizabeth          
16/12/1764   William John WARREN Hannah          
16/12/1764   Joseph John TRUE Hannah          
30/09/1764   Cotton Thomas WILSON Sarah          
10/09/1764   James George DAYE Fanny          
12/08/1764   Elizabeth James CLOW Elizabeth          
17/06/1764   James Thomas PELLS Sarah          
10/06/1764   John Thomas POTTER Elizabeth          
20/05/1764   Mary Henry NUNN Mary          
01/05/1764   George     Sarah BROWN       a base child
08/06/1763   Stephen Stephen PALMER Ann          
05/06/1763   Eales Robert LEARNOR Ann         daughter
29/05/1763   John Richard LUMMIS Elizabeth          
08/04/1763   John Robert GARRARD Kathrine          
27/03/1763   Sarah Daniel MULLINGER Sarah          
27/03/1763   John William DRIVER Mary          
25/03/1763         Elizabeth SORE       a base child, daughter
04/03/1763   Edward John DOWNING Elizabeth          
08/02/1763   Edmund Edmund POLLARD            
27/12/1762   Sarah Daniel LINCOLN Sarah          
26/11/1762   Anthonia John SOAMES Ann          
01/08/1762   William William SILSBY Margett          
28/07/1762   Ralph William WADE            
25/04/1762   Thomas     Elizabeth TIDDYMAN       base child
01/04/1762   James George DEYE Fannah         ?error for Fanny or Frances?
01/04/1762   Elizabeth Thomas POTTER Elizabeth          
28/03/1762   Mary     Charity ADAMS       base child
12/03/1762   Mary John WARREN Hannah          
22/02/1762   Phillipa William HERBER Ebigall          
17/02/1762   Elizabeth Joseph READ Dorothy          
03/01/1762   John John GARRARD Sarah          
20/12/1761   Mary Edward BALLS Ann          
13/12/1761   Samuel Thomas PELLS Sarah          
25/10/1761   George John TRUE Hannah*         *error - alteration dtd 2/25/1799. Frances TRUE
15/09/1761   William Samuel PIM Elizabeth          
06/09/1761   John William BERRY Sarah          
23/08/1761   John John ANDREWS Ann          
07/06/1761   Thomas John LUMMIS Mary          
20/05/1761   Elizabeth Stephen PALMER Ann          
05/04/1761   Rachel Robert LEARNOR Ann          
22/03/1761   Mary James BARLYCLOW Ann          
29/01/1761   Elizabeth William DRIVER Mary          
24/10/1760   Sarah Edward SHEPPARD Sarah          
03/10/1760   Frances John TRUE Frances          
17/08/1760   John John WARREN Hanah          
03/08/1760   William William WADE Ann          
27/07/1760   William William WADE Ann          
16/06/1760   Frances Thomas POTTER Frances          
15/06/1760   Elizabeth William HERBER Abigal          
18/05/1760   George Thomas POTTER Elizabeth          
03/05/1760   Henry Henry HAWARD Elizabeth          
21/02/1760   Ester Stephen PALMER Ann          
19/02/1760   Stephen Thomas BOND Elizabeth          
23/12/1759   John     Sarah BROWN       base child
11/11/1759   Mary Joseph READ Dorothy          
28/10/1759   Robert William BURY Sarah          
15/07/1759   Alice William BROWN Ann          
15/04/1759   Sarah John HAWARD Elizabeth          
01/04/1759   Elizabeth Henry HAYWARD Elizabeth          
18/03/1759   William William DRIVER Mary          
14/01/1759   Abargell Robert LEARNER Ann          
05/01/1759   Elizabeth Laurence GARLAND Dorothy          
05/01/1759   Alice Laurence GARLAND Dorothy          
05/01/1759   Ann Laurence GARLAND Dorothy          
31/12/1758   Ann William WADE Ann          
24/12/1758   William John TRUE Hannah          
06/10/1758   Ann Thomas BOND Elizabeth          
06/10/1758   Thomas Thomas BOND Elizabeth          
25/07/1758   Mary Edward SHEPPARD Sarah          
04/06/1758   Mary John LUMMIS Mary          
02/04/1758   Ann John HOUCHEN Susen          
02/04/1758   William William BURY Sarah          
07/02/1758   Ebigall William HARBOR Ebigall          
27/12/1757   John Samuel PIMM Elizabeth          
02/10/1757   Hester George DAY Hester          
14/08/1757   Mary William DRIVER Mary          
22/05/1757   John Lennard LUMMIS Bell          
26/02/1757   Ann John GARRARD Ann          
09/01/1757   William Edward CARBOLD Mary          
25/11/1756   Elizabeth Edward SHEPPARD Sarah          
07/11/1756   Thomas John TRUE Hannar          
25/08/1756 25/08/1756 Robert Simon KEMP Elizabeth          
01/08/1756   Richard Richard MULLNER Mary          
18/01/1756   Thomas Howard SHEPPARD Mary          
21/12/1755   Margrit John HAYWARD Elizabeth          
07/12/1755   William John LUMMIS Mary          
30/11/1755   Elizabeth Robert LARNER Ann          
02/11/1755   Leadya John BUCKENHAM Leadya          
03/08/1755   Frances George DAY Easter         son
18/05/1755   Peg John LUMMIS Mary          
06/04/1755   Robert     Elizabeth MULLINGER       widow
05/01/1755   John John TRUE Frances          
15/12/1754   Sarah Henry HAYWARD Sarah          
20/10/1754   Sarah William LUMMIS Sarah          
08/09/1754   Ann John GARRARD Ann          
19/08/1754   Ann William WADE Mary          
07/06/1754   Ann Edward SHEPPARD Sarah          
21/04/1754   William Lennard LUMMIS Bell          
31/03/1754   James John HOUCHEN Susen          
10/02/1754   Mary John HAYWARD Elizabeth          
27/01/1754   Robert Edward CARBOLD Mary          
21/10/1753   Daniel John HARWS Mary          
14/10/1753   Robert Robert LARNER Ann          
23/09/1753   Dorothy John BUCKENHAM Lydia          
20/09/1753   John William LINCON Elizabeth          
29/07/1753   George Thomas POTTER Frances          
01/07/1753   Mary John GARRARD Ann   Thornham      
13/05/1753   Sarah Henry HAYWARD Sarah          
25/04/1753   Charles John LUMMIS Mary          
09/03/1753   Edward Edward SHEPPARD Sarah          
17/09/1752   John Robert HAYWARD Mary          
30/08/1752   Mary Thomas VINSON Mary         of Starston
02/08/1752   Samuel Samuel PIMM Elizabeth*         *added in 1789 by J. BRAND, Vicar
19/07/1752   Mary Robert MARKWELL Ann          
28/06/1752   Samuel     Elizabeth SORE        
10/05/1752   Robert Robert MULLINGER Mary          
03/05/1752   Ann John GARRARD Ann          
11/04/1752   William George DAY Hester          
01/04/1752   Leonard Leonard LUMMIS Bell          
16/02/1752   Elizabeth John HAYWARD Elizabeth          
09/02/1752   Hester Thomas POTTER Frances          
02/02/1752   John John LUMMIS Mary     Labourer    
28/11/1751   Edward Daniel GARRARD Elizabeth          
15/09/1751   James Fairweather GOOCH Sarah          
15/09/1751   Mary Symond KEMP Elizabeth          
02/09/1751   Ralph William FREEMAN Elizabeth          
18/08/1751   Mary     Sarah HAWRS        
04/08/1751   Sarah John HAYWARD Susen          
07/07/1751   Thomas Roger SILSBY Mary         Roger SILSBY Decst [deceased]
09/06/1751   John Robert MULLINGER Mary          
19/05/1751   Margitt John HOUCHEN Susen          
12/05/1751   Mary     Mary MULLNER        
21/04/1751   Edward Howard SHEPPARD Mary          
24/02/1751   Mary Robert LARNER Ann          
17/01/1751   William Robert GARRARD Mary          
25/12/1750   Thomas Thomas POTTER Frances          
25/12/1750   Robert John LUMMIS Mary          
28/10/1750   Ann     Ann LUDWELL        
19/09/1750   Roger Roger SELSBY Mary         Roger SILSBY deceased
15/07/1750   Sarah     Susen STEBENS        
10/06/1750   Mary     Lydia CRISMAS        
03/06/1750   George Henry HAYWARD Sarah          
17/04/1750   Mary Howard SHEPPARD Mary          
16/04/1750   Ann William BROWNE Ann          
04/02/1750   Ann Lennard LUMMIS Bell          
28/01/1750   Sarah Robert MULLINGER Mary          
14/01/1750   Philippa Fairweather GOOCH Sarah          
03/12/1749   Thomas Thomas MULLINGER Elizabeth          
21/06/1749   Daniel Daniel GARRARD Elizabeth          
01/05/1749   Mary Thomas POTTER Frances         bapt. feb-jun 1749
05/02/1749   William John HOUCHEN Susen          
29/01/1749   Ann John LUMMIS Mary          
08/01/1749   Hester John LUMMIS Mary     Labourer    
08/01/1749   Ann Robert MARKWELL Ann          
11/12/1748   Elizabeth William FREEMAN Elizabeth          
20/11/1748   Richard George DAY Esther          
18/08/1748   Richard Richard LUMMIS Elizabeth          
16/08/1748   Ann Robert LARNER Ann          
14/08/1748   William William LINCON Elizabeth          
24/03/1748   Thomas Daniel GARRARD Elizabeth          
13/03/1748   Mary Robert GARRARD Mary          
12/02/1748   John Symond KEMP Elizabeth          
21/12/1747   George John HAYWARD Susen          
16/08/1747   Samuel John COPPING Susen          
11/08/1747   Sarah     Lydia CRISMAS        
02/08/1747   Mary William HOUCHEN Elizabeth          
21/06/1747   William William FREEMAN Elizabeth          
20/06/1747   Susen     Susen STEBBEN        
14/06/1747   Dennis     Mary MULLNER        
18/05/1747   Rachell William BROWNE Ann          
12/05/1747   William John LUMMIS Mary          
06/05/1747   Dickarson Richard LUMMIS Elizabeth          
19/04/1747   John James FINTER Mary          
18/01/1747   Henry John HOUCHEN Susen          
04/01/1747   Mary John LUMMIS Mary          
28/12/1746   Sary William LINCON Elezabeth          
02/11/1746   Susen Thomas MULLINGER Elezabeth          
29/06/1746   Mary Leonard SCOFFING Elezabeth          
22/06/1746   Ann George POTTER Margit          
23/04/1746   John     Susan POTTER        
31/03/1746   Seaman Daniel GARRARD Elezabeth          
26/03/1746   Margit Robert MULLINGER Mary          
29/01/1746   John Richard PARKER Judya          
22/12/1745   John George DAY Hester          
08/12/1745   John Robert GARRARD Mary          
20/10/1745   Mary John STANNARD Mary          
21/06/1745   John John LUMMIS Mary          
02/06/1745   Elizabeth George BROWNE Ann          
21/04/1745   Margitt George POTTER Margitt          
31/03/1745   William Thomas MULLINGER Elizabeth          
24/02/1745   Mary James FINTER Mary          
27/01/1745   Anthoniana Robert SOMS Elizabeth          
30/12/1744   Elizabeth Richard LUMMIS Elizabeth          
28/10/1744   Susen John COPPING Susen          
20/09/1744   Susen Robert CLARKE Susen         bapt. At Gt. Thornham
13/09/1744   Ann     Ann MULLNER       single woman
09/07/1744   John John STANNARD Mary          
08/07/1744   Diana William FREEMAN Elizabeth          
24/06/1744   Honour Robert MULLINGER Mary          
03/06/1744   Sarah     Lydye CHRISTMAS        
25/05/1744   Mary     Mary GOODRAM       single woman
20/05/1744   Charles   MOOR Elizabeth SORE        
06/05/1744   Sarah William BROWNE Ann          
15/04/1744   Elizabeth Symon KEMP Elizabeth          
22/02/1744   Ann George LEABON Mary          
29/01/1744   James James FINTER Mary          
18/12/1743   Elizabeth Jonathan BLOYS Ann          
20/11/1743   William     Mary MULLNER        
23/10/1743   Jane George POTTER Margitt          
01/10/1743   Elizabeth Henry MULLINGER Frances          
18/09/1743   George George DAY Hester          
10/07/1743   Diana Thomas BRAME Sarah          
10/07/1743   Ann John TURNER     Stoke      
10/04/1743   Sarah Ruben BRETT Elizabeth          
03/04/1743   Thomas George BROWNE Ann          
03/04/1743   Nathaniel William STINNETT Elizabeth          
20/02/1743   George Robert MULLINGER Mary          
02/01/1743   Mary Thomas MULLINGER Elizabeth          
06/12/1742   Elizabeth William BUTCHER Mary          
31/10/1742   Jonathan John HAWES Mary          
31/10/1742   Robert Robert GARRARD Mary          
27/10/1742   John John SCOFFING            
22/08/1742   Symon Symon KEMP Elizabeth          
01/08/1742   Dennis     Mary MULLNER        
23/05/1742   Diana Jonathan BLOYS Ann          
13/05/1742   Rachell George POTTER Margitt          
09/05/1742   Henry John HAYWARD Ann          
21/03/1742   ?ary Thomas BRAHAM Sary         1st letter of given name missing
14/02/1742   Elesebeth     Elezebeth GOODRAM       widw
21/11/1741   Mary William BROWNE Ann          
30/08/1741   Sarah John COPING Susen          
14/06/1741   Philip William BUTCHER Mary          
17/05/1741   Elizabeth Thomas MULLINGER Elesebeth          
03/05/1741   Thomas John GARRARD Sary          
05/04/1741   Sarah George BROWNE Ann          
08/03/1741   Robert Ruben BRETT Elisebeth          
11/01/1741   Elisabeth George POTTER Margitt          
09/11/1740   William John HAWES Mary          
07/11/1740   Thomas Symond KEMP Elisebeth          
03/11/1740   Robert Lyonel GOODRAM Elisebeth          
07/09/1740   Thomas John HAYWARD Ann          
24/08/1740   Elesabeth William HOUCHEN Elesebeth          
25/07/1740   Mary Robert MULLINGER Mary          
27/04/1740   William John BLOYS Ann          
29/03/1740   Mary Edward BROWNE Susen          
03/01/1740   Jane Richard PARKER Judah          
16/12/1739   Frances Henry MULLINGER Frances          
09/12/1739   John Robert SOMES Elizebeth          
23/09/1739   William William BROWNE Ann          
16/09/1739   Elizebeth Charles COLDHAM Jane          
26/08/1739   Mary George the younger POTTER Margitt          
01/07/1739   Ann John ANDREWS Ann          
10/06/1739   George George BROWNE Ann          
20/05/1739   Lyonel Lyonell GOODRAM Elizabeth          
13/05/1739   Henry Robert ADAMS Elizabeth          
13/05/1739   Robert William GARRARD Mary         William Garrard Deceas'd
01/04/1739   Frances     Mary GARRARD       single woman
01/04/1739   Thomas Thomas MULLINGER Elizebeth          
25/03/1739   Reubin Reubin BRETT Elizebeth          
25/03/1739   Elizabeth Reubin BRETT Elizebeth          
05/11/1738   Symon     Mary HADLEY        
26/09/1738   Robert William ALGAR            
23/07/1738   Elizabeth Thomas LANHAM Tabatha          
28/05/1738   Thomas Charles COLDHAM Jane          
07/05/1738   William John HAYWARD Ann          
30/04/1738   John Thomas BRAME Sarah          
18/04/1738   Ann William HOUCHING Elizabeth          
02/04/1738   Mary Henry MULLINGER Frances          
26/03/1738   John     Ann MULLINER        
12/03/1738   Rebecca Robert MULLINGER Mary          
28/11/1737   George George the younger POTTER Margitt          
04/10/1737   Ann Richard PARKER Judah          
18/09/1737   John     Mary MULLINER        
21/08/1737   Lydia Francis KEELY            
07/07/1737   William Jonathan BLOISE Ann          
03/04/1737   Robert Thomas BRAME Sarah          
03/04/1737   Susan Robert SOMES Elizabeth          
31/03/1737   William     Jane STEGGALL        
27/03/1737   George John BAULDRY Dorothy          
27/03/1737   Mary George BROWNE Ann          
18/01/1737   Mary Edward BROWNE Susan          
17/01/1737   Sarah John GARRARD Sarah          
21/11/1736   Margitt Robert PARKER Elizabeth          
03/10/1736   Sarah Robert ADAMS Elizabeth          
22/02/1736   Daniel William GARRARD Mary          
14/12/1735   Elisha Thomas WARLINGER Mary         son
26/10/1735   John John HAWARD Ann          
16/09/1735   Thomas Thomas SILSBY Jane          
27/07/1735   Edward Edward BROWNE Susan          
07/07/1735   Winefred Edward SHEPPARD Elizabeth         son [error for dau - see later burial]
29/06/1735   Mary Robert MULLINGER Mary          
08/06/1735   John John BURY Elizabeth          
03/06/1735   Richard Richard PARKER Judah          
20/04/1735   Thos Joseph SMYTH Alice          
30/03/1735   Daniel Robert REEVE Mary          
23/03/1735   Thomas John BAULDRY Dorothy          
23/03/1735   John John COPPING Susan          
26/01/1735   Katharine Thomas BRAME Sarah          
19/01/1735   Henry Henry MULLENGER Milleson          
23/10/1734   Bartholomew George LEVOLD Susan         [Error for LEABON?]
01/09/1734   Elizabeth John HAWES Mary          
30/06/1734   Elizebeth Stephen BLOMFIELD Sarah          
01/06/1734   John William HARBOUR Philippa          
06/05/1734   Mary William GARRARD Mary          
03/05/1734   Ann Edward SHEPPARD Elizebeth          
28/04/1734   Martha Robert SOMES Elizebeth          
04/11/1733   Thomas Thomas MULLINGER Milleson          
28/10/1733   Elizebeth John BURY Elizabeth          
30/09/1733   John John BLOISE Grace          
09/09/1733   Susanna John COPPING Susan          
22/07/1733   Ann Leonard LUMIS Ann          
22/07/1733   John John ANDREWS Ann          
02/07/1733   Judah Richard PARKER Judah          
01/07/1733   Katharine Andrew BLAKE           & ... his wife
05/05/1733   Henry Henry HAYWARD Margitt          
22/04/1733   John John BAULDRY Dorothy          
18/03/1733   William William HOUCHING Elizebeth          
04/02/1733   Stephen Stephen BLOMFIELD Sarah          
31/12/1732   John Robert PARKER Elizebeth          
12/11/1732   Sarah Joseph SMYTH Alice          
05/11/1732   Elizebeth Thomas BRAME Mary          
22/07/1732   Mary Jonathan BLOISS Ann          
14/05/1732   John Robert REEVE Mary          
14/05/1732   John John BLOISS Grace          
23/04/1732   William Robert SOMES Elizabeth          
16/04/1732   Robert     Ann GARRARD       base child
13/02/1732   Thomas Robert ADAMS Elizebeth          
27/01/1732   John Joseph PARKER Mary          
23/01/1732   Ann Leonard LUMIS Ann          
19/12/1731   Sarah William COBB Sarah          
21/11/1731   Susan Edward BROWN Susan          
17/10/1731   Thomas William GARRARD Mary     Laborer    
08/08/1731   John John ANDREWS Ann          
25/04/1731   George George LEABON Susan          
11/04/1731   Dorothy John BAULDRY Dorothy          
17/01/1731   Philippa     Phill. HARPER       dau of [blank] & Phill. HARPER
10/12/1730   Mary Henry HAYWARD Margitt          
06/12/1730   John John JEWELL           & [blank] his wife
13/09/1730   Alice Joseph SMYTH Alice          
13/09/1730   Sarah John HAWES Mary          
23/08/1730   Thomas Thomas BRAME Sarah          
01/08/1730   Mary Thomas WARLINGER Mary          
28/07/1730   Edmund Joseph PARKER Mary          
19/07/1730   Ann Robert PARKER Elizabeth          
19/07/1730   William John LUMIS Hester          
24/05/1730   Robert Robert SOMES Elizebeth          
03/05/1730   Ann Jonathan BLOISE Ann          
25/01/1730   Mary Robert REEVE Mary          
31/08/1729   Ann Edward BROWN Susan          
31/08/1729   John Willm GARRARD Mary          
05/06/1729   Edmund Joseph PARKER Mary          
13/04/1729   Mary George POTTER Elizabeth          
06/04/1729   Elizebeth Robt ADAMS Elizabeth          
27/01/1729   Sarah Edward SHEPPARD Mary          
27/01/1729   Ann Edward SHEPPARD Mary          
26/01/1729   Richard Leonard LUMIS Ann          
03/11/1728   Ann John HAWES Mary          
06/10/1728   Dorothy John HUBBARD Dorothy          
11/06/1728   Robert Robert PARKER Elizebeth          
14/04/1728   Edward Edward BROWNE Susan          
02/03/1728   Robert Robert REEVE Mary   Metfield      
15/09/1727   Robert Henry HAYWARD Margitt          
24/07/1727   Elizabeth Robert SOMES Elizabeth          
07/05/1727   William Will HARBOUR Phil.          
12/03/1727   Emanuel Edmund GOODRAM Mary          
08/01/1727   Mary John HAWES Mary          
06/01/1727   Sarah Joseph PARKER Mary          
24/12/1726   William William GARRARD Mary          
24/12/1726   William William WARREN Mary          
26/09/1726   Elizabeth John TURNOR Abigail         Mr. John TURNOR
16/08/1726   Elizebeth Edward SHEPPARD Mary          
07/08/1726   Ann George POTTER Elizabeth          
07/08/1726   Mary Robert TURNOR Elizabeth          
30/07/1726   Robert Robert ADAMS Elizabeth          
07/07/1726   Pleasance Robert PARKER Elizabeth          
12/06/1726   James Daniel BERRY Ann   Stoke Ash      
20/03/1726   John Thomas WARLINGER Mary          
13/02/1726   William Leonard LUMIS Ann          
03/10/1725   William William HAYWARD Margitt          
22/08/1725   John John HAWES            
13/06/1725   Edmund Edmund Junr PARKER Frances          
07/02/1725   Sarah Robert TURNOR Elizabeth          
27/12/1724   Margitt Edmund GODRAM            
11/10/1724   Ann Joseph PARKER Mary     Farmer    
22/06/1724   Edmund Edmund Junr PARKER            
31/05/1724   Elizabeth Henry HAYWARD Margitt          
14/04/1724   Margitt John TURNOR Abigaill         Mr. John TURNOR
15/03/1724   Elizebeth Robert PARKER Elizebeth          
01/03/1724   William John HUBBARD Dorothy          
15/12/1723   Mary Edward Junr SHEPPARD Mary          
24/11/1723   Rachell George POTTER Elizabeth          
20/10/1723   John Leonard LUMIS Ann     Labourer    
07/10/1723   John Thomas GARRARD Elizebeth          
07/07/1723   Elizebeth Robert BROWES Elizabeth          
30/06/1723   William Robert TURNOR Elizebeth          
17/06/1723   Thomas Thomas WARLINGER Mary          
26/05/1723   Sarah Edmund MASON Mary          
16/12/1722   Philip John TURNER Abigail          
22/07/1722   Mary Edmund GOODRAM Mary          
21/07/1722   Joseph Joseph PARKER Mary          
08/07/1722   John James WARREN Mary          
21/06/1722   Elizebeth John GARRARD Elizebeth          
06/05/1722   William     Elizebeth THURLOW       base son, wid.
18/03/1722   George George HUBBARD Dorothy          
04/02/1722   Rachell Thomas CALVER Frances          
08/01/1722   Leonard Leonrd LUMIS Ann          
24/12/1721   Mary Richard GARRARD Lydia          
05/08/1721   Howard Edward SHEPPARD Elizabeth          
19/07/1721   Dorothy Edward CHRISTMAS Elizabeth          
11/06/1721   John James WARREN Mary          
11/06/1721   Edmund     Mary WADE       base child
30/04/1721   Elizebeth George Junr POTTER Elizabeth          
16/04/1721   Richard John LUMIS Esther          
10/04/1721   Samuell Robert TURNER Elizebeth          
09/04/1721   Mary Thomas PAKE Mary   Burgate      
22/01/1721   Mary     Mary GARRARD        
02/10/1720   John Henry HAYWARD Margitt          
02/08/1720   John John MULLINER Alice          
18/04/1720   John John HUBBARD Dorothy          
12/04/1720   Robert John MASON            
29/12/1719   Howard Edward SHEPARD Elizabeth          
29/11/1719   William Robert TURNER Elizabeth          
15/11/1719   George John LEABON Elizabeth          
05/11/1719   Mary Joseph PARKER Mary          
23/08/1719   Thomas Richard GARRARD Lydia          
23/08/1719   Leonard Leonard LUMIS An          
26/07/1719   Ann Jonathon PLUMMER Mary          
07/05/1719   Berry John GARRARD Elizebeth          
26/04/1719   Ann Henry HAYWARD Margitt          
27/03/1719   Sarah William ALGER Mary          
27/03/1719   Robert Thomas CALVER Frances          
09/01/1719   Susan Thomas GARRARD Elizebeth          
01/01/1719   Thomas George POTTER Elizabeth          
24/10/1718   Daniell Edmund GARDINOR Ann          
27/07/1718   Ann James WARREN Mary          
26/06/1718   Edward Edward SHEPPARD Elizabeth          
04/06/1718   Sarah John LEABON Elizabeth          
12/04/1718   Henry Richard GARRARD Lydia          
16/02/1718   Thomas Robert TURNER Elizebeth          
09/02/1718   Elizabeth Robert BROWES Elizabeth          
21/01/1718   Prudance William BURY Elizabeth          
24/12/1717   Lydia Edward CHRISTMAS Ann          
06/09/1717   Frances John LUMIS Easter          
01/08/1717   John John MULLINER Alice          
24/02/1717   Robert Richard GARRARD Lydia          
17/02/1717   Elizebeth John PLUMER Mary          
30/12/1716   Henrietta Thomas MULLINGER Ann          
01/12/1716   Symond Thomas KEMP Prudance         bap Dec 1716
01/12/1716   Elizebeth Thomas KEMP Prudance         bap Dec 1716
30/09/1716   Elizebeth Robert TURNER Elizebeth          
27/08/1716   Thomas Thomas WILSON Mary          
26/08/1716   George George POTTER Elizabeth          
20/05/1716   John Thomas CALVER Frances          
13/05/1716   Robert John BROWSE           son of ye late John Browse Quaker
13/05/1716   John Robert BROWSE Elizabeth         son of ye aforesaid Robert BROWSE
27/04/1716   Elizebeth John LEABON Elizabeth          
23/04/1716   John John FORD Mary          
03/04/1716   Easter John LUMIS Easter          
30/03/1716   Prudance Thomas MULLINGER Prudance          
27/02/1716   James James WARREN Mary          
01/01/1716   Woods     Amie LINGWOOD       base child
10/11/1715   Sarah William ALGER Mary          
19/06/1715   Lydia Henry GREENE Frances          
15/05/1715   Thomas John PLUMMER Mary          
01/05/1715   John Richard MULLINER Judith          
09/04/1715   Thomas Thomas GARRARD Elizebeth          
18/03/1715   John John MULLINER Alice          
06/02/1715   Anna Maria Richard GARARD Lydia          
08/12/1714   Thomas Robert TURNER Elizabeth          
07/11/1714   William     Susan BAKER        
08/09/1714   Robert William ALGER Mary          
22/08/1714   Nathaniell Thomas MULLINGER Ann          
15/08/1714   Benjamin Thomas STEGGALL Mary          
09/07/1714   Elizebeth John GARRARD Elizebeth         twin
09/07/1714   Daniell John GARRARD Elizebeth         twin
20/05/1714   John John LUMIS Easter          
14/02/1714   Elizabeth Robert GARRARD Mary          
01/02/1714   Robert John LEBAN Frances          
30/11/1713   Mary John PLUMMER Mary          
21/07/1713   Thomas John BROWSE Sarah         born 10 May (year?)
21/07/1713   John John BROWSE Sarah         born 21 Aug (year?)
21/07/1713 16/10/1709 Sarah John BROWSE Sarah          
15/06/1713   Margaret William ALGER Mary          
05/06/1713   Anne John FORD Mary          
17/03/1713   Susan George POTTER Susan          
01/03/1713   Robert Robert TURNER Eliz          
11/02/1713   Thomas     Amy LINGWOOD        
23/11/1712   Elizebeth Barnaby THURLOE Elizabeth          
14/11/1712   Alice John ALGER Dorothy          
14/09/1712   Anne William BERRY Elizabeth          
01/06/1712   Susan Thomas CARVER Frances          
25/05/1712   Susan William GREEN Frances          
09/04/1712   Bartholomew John LEBAN Frances          
30/03/1712   James John COLMAN Susan          
30/01/1712   Sarah John DRIVER Elizabeth          
26/12/1711   Richard Richard GARRARD Lidda          
04/11/1711   William Thomas MULLINGER Anne          
27/07/1711   William Edward SHEPPARD Mary          
22/05/1711   Anne John MULLINER Anne          
10/09/1710   Jane Thomas STEGOLD Mary          
08/09/1710   Elizabeth John ALGER Dorothy          
27/08/1710   Mary William BERRY Elizabeth          
15/06/1710   John John FORD Mary          
09/06/1710   Mary Richard GARRARD Liddah          
07/06/1710   Robert William HEYWOOD Mary          
27/04/1710   Anne William ALGER Mary          
15/03/1710   John John LEBON Elizabeth          
05/03/1710   John Barnaby THURLOE Elizabeth          
16/02/1710   Penelope William QUINTIN Elizabeth CALTHORP        
12/02/1710   Sarah Samuel LAST Mary          
12/02/1710   Susan James KEMP Grace          
30/12/1709   Thomas Thomas KEMP Prudence          
27/11/1709   Robert Thomas MULLINGER Anne          
22/07/1709   William John GARRARD Elizabeth          
20/05/1709   Jane Richard MULLINGOR Judith          
10/04/1709   William Robert Jun GARRARD Mary          
20/03/1709   Elizabeth Richard GARRARD Lidda          
16/01/1709   George John DRIVER Elizabeth          
27/11/1708   Mary William ALGER Mary          
26/11/1708   Alice John MULLINER Alice          
03/10/1708   Thomas Thomas MULLINGER Anne          
08/08/1708   Frances Thomas CARVER Frances          
20/06/1708   John William BERRY Elizabeth          
30/05/1708   Jonathan Thomas MULLINGER Deborah          
16/05/1708   Sarah Henry GREEN Frances          
29/02/1708   Elizabeth James KEMP Grace          
18/02/1708   John Thomas STEGOLD Mary          
18/02/1708   Valentine Thomas STEGOLD Mary          
14/01/1708   Lidda Richard GARRARD Lidda          
14/12/1707   John John GARRARD Elizabeth          
12/05/1707   Jane William ALGER Mary          
18/04/1707   Anne Thomas BROWN Mary          
06/04/1707   Mary Edward SHEPPARD Mary          
23/02/1707   William William BERRY Elizabeth          
31/01/1707   Henry Thomas MULLINGER Anne          
24/01/1707   Penelope John FORD Mary          
05/11/1706   Deborah Thomas KEMP Prudence          
22/09/1706   Thomas Thomas CARVER Frances          
28/07/1706   Susanna Richard GARRARD Lidda          
28/04/1706   Frances John HALLS Dorothy          
04/04/1706   Mary John ARCHER Anne          
05/02/1706   Jane Henry GREEN Frances     Farmer    
13/01/1706   William William BURY            
18/10/1705   William William ALGER Mary          
23/09/1705   Elizabeth James KEMP Grace          
19/02/1705   Elizabeth Thomas KEMP Prudance     Shoemaker    
01/10/1704   Richard Richard MULLINER Judah          
25/09/1704   Nickolas John FORD Mary          
30/07/1704   Elizabeth William BURY Mary          
04/06/1704   Joseph Edward SHEPPARD Mary          
01/05/1704   Susan Thomas PAKE Mary          
23/04/1704   Edmund John HALLS Dorothy          
02/04/1704   George Thomas BROWN Mary          
17/03/1704   John John HOW Thomason          
06/02/1704   Samuel Robert GARRARD Mary     Comber    
26/01/1704   Jane Thomas CLARKE Jane          
13/12/1703   Elizabeth William ALGER Mary     Weaver    
12/11/1703   Anne Henry GREEN Frances          
08/11/1703   Elizabeth Thomas STEGGALL Mary     Farmer    
18/07/1703   Isaac Edmund Junr PARKER Anne     Butcher    
30/06/1703   William William SHEPPARD       Husbandman    
04/06/1703   Francis John ARCHER Anne     Cooper    
16/05/1703   Susan James KEMP Grace          
30/01/1703   Robert Thomas MULLINGER Deborah          
13/12/1702   Joseph Thomas PAKE Mary     Husbandman    
27/09/1702   John Robert PARKER Anne     Yeoman    
22/09/1702   Mary William ALGER Elizabeth     Weaver    
30/08/1702   Edward John DRIVER Elizabeth     Husbandman    
30/08/1702   Anne Edmund Senr PARKER Elizabeth          
28/06/1702   Edmund John HALLS Dorothy     Comber    
22/06/1702   Edward Edward MARKALL Elizabeth          
21/05/1702   Elizabeth Andrew BLAKE Elizabeth     Farmer    
13/05/1702   Prudance Samuel MOOR Prudance          
28/04/1702   Mary James KEMP Grace          
12/04/1702   Henry William BURY Elizabeth          
20/03/1702   Edward Thomas BROWN Mary          
08/03/1702   Mary John ARCHER Anne          
01/02/1702   Elizabeth Henry GREEN Frances          
11/01/1702   Mary Robert GARRARD Mary          
16/11/1701   William John FORD Mary          
19/10/1701   Anne Thomas STEGOLD Mary          
06/07/1701   Anne Edward SHEPPARD Mary          
14/03/1701   Elizabeth Andrew BLAKE Elizabeth          
26/01/1701   Mary Robert SEAMAN Mary          
25/11/1700   John Thomas JEWEL Elizabeth          
25/10/1700   Elizabeth Thomas PEAKE Mary          
13/10/1700   George Edmund PARKER Anne          
14/09/1700   Mary Robert PARKER Anne          
07/09/1700   George Thomas MULLINGER Deborah          
16/08/1700   Ellis John HALLS Dorothy          
11/08/1700   Elizabeth Edward MARKALL Elizabeth          
30/03/1700   Mary Henry GREEN Frances          
12/02/1700   Edmund Edmund Senr PARKER Elizabeth          
11/01/1700   John John HUBBARD Faith          
26/12/1699   Elizabeth John DRIVER Elizabeth          
10/12/1699   Edmund Thomas BROWN Mary          
06/12/1699   Elizabeth Samuel MOOR Prudence          
24/09/1699   John John ARCHER Anne          
26/08/1699   Thomas Henry BALY Anne          
13/08/1699   Thomas Thomas STEGOLD Mary          
07/08/1699   Mary John HALLS Dorothy          
30/07/1699   Edmund John FORD Mary          
07/06/1699   Susan John GARRARD Frances          
17/02/1699   John Thomas PEAKE Mary          
23/01/1699   Jane Edward SHEPPARD Mary          
15/01/1699   John Andrew BLAKE Elizabeth          
10/01/1699   Richard Edmund Jun PARKER Anne          
08/01/1699   John     Mary SHERMAN        
11/12/1698   Jane John PEARLE Anne          
27/10/1698   Frances Henry GREEN Frances          
07/05/1698   Elizabeth John HALLS Dorothy          
25/04/1698   Robert Robert PARKER Anne          
21/04/1698   Elizabeth William SEAMAN Mary          
28/03/1698   Elizabeth Samuel MOOR Prudence          
24/03/1698   Elizabeth Samuel MOORE Prudence          
13/12/1697   John Thomas MULLINGER Deborah          
12/10/1697   Mary Thomas STEGGOLD Mary          
12/08/1697   Thomas Thomas PEAKE Mary          
31/07/1697   Nathaniel John LEGAT Elizabeth          
25/05/1697   William John GARRARD Frances          
18/05/1697   Dorothy John HALLS Dorothy          
02/05/1697   Philip Edmund Sen PARKER Elizabeth          
08/04/1697   John John DRIVER Elizabeth          
08/03/1697   Elizabeth John ARCHER Anne          
24/02/1697   Sarah Thomas BROWN Mary          
05/01/1697   John Edmund Junr PARKER Anne          
30/08/1696   James Thomas MULLINGER Deborah          
19/07/1696   John Robert Jun GARRARD Elizabeth          
24/06/1696   Anne Henry BALY Anne          
10/05/1696   Thomas Edward VICE Martha          
26/04/1696   Sarah Edward SHEPPARD Mary          
28/03/1696   Rachel John WATSON Elizabeth          
22/03/1696   Rachel John FORD Mary          
02/02/1696   Ellis George COB Mary          
10/12/1695   Robert John HALLS Dorothy          
09/09/1695   Mary Thomas PEAKE Mary          
25/06/1695 25/06/1695 Hannah John HAWES Jane         born June 25th, no bap date - born error for bap?
09/04/1695   John Francis GIBBS Alice          
13/03/1695   Thomas Thomas MULLINGER Deborah          
13/02/1695   Thomas Robert Senr GARRARD Ruth          
09/01/1695   Robert Robert Junr GARRARD Elizabeth          
06/01/1695   John Edmund Senr PARKER Elizabeth          
02/12/1694   Rachel John ARCHER Anne          
28/10/1694   John John WATSON Elizabeth          
21/08/1694   James Thomas BROWN Mary          
05/08/1694   Elizabeth William WILBY Susan          
26/07/1694   Susan John PEARL Anne          
22/07/1694   Joseph Edmund Junr PARKER Anne          
28/05/1694   Martin George COB Mary          
17/04/1694   Robert Benjamin CATCHPOLE Grace          
15/04/1694   John Edward SHEPPARD Mary          
08/04/1694   Thomas William MULLINGER Mary          
14/03/1694   Thomas John LUMMIS Anne          
30/01/1694   Anne William BRUNNING Elizabeth         bap Jan 1694
30/01/1694   John John HALLS Dorothy          
07/12/1693   Thomas Thomas MULLINGER Deborah         bap Dec 1693
17/09/1693   Elizabeth John WATSON Elizabeth          
20/08/1693   Thomas Robert GARRARD Elizabeth          
30/04/1693   John John GOOCH Anne          
29/01/1693   Elizabeth George COBB Mary          
10/12/1692 10/10/1692 George Edmund PARKER Elizabeth         bap Dec 1692
25/11/1692   Dorothy Henry BALY Ann          
02/11/1692   Elizabeth George POTTER Rachel          
28/09/1692   Edmund John WATSON Elizabeth          
24/08/1692   Ann Edmund HERVEY Anne     Gent    
12/06/1692   George Edmund Junr PARKER Anne          
28/05/1692   Robert Edward VICE Martha          
06/04/1692   Mary William SEAMAN Mary          
13/03/1692   Robert Thomas BROWN Mary          
08/02/1692   Elizabeth Edward SHEPPARD Mary          
20/01/1692   John Thomas CORBOLD Mary          
03/01/1692   Simon John Senr LUMMIS Anne          
02/12/1691   Elizabeth Robert SHEPPARD Mary          
16/09/1691   Frances John Junr LUMMIS Frances          
19/08/1691   Catharine Robert WRIGHT Elizabeth          
29/07/1691 16/07/1691 Elizabeth Edmund HERVEY Anne     Gent    
28/06/1691   Anne John GOOCH Anne          
31/05/1691   Mary John PEARLE Anne          
01/05/1691   George Edmund Junr PARKER Anne         bap. May 1691
22/02/1691   Thomas Edward VICE Martha          
10/11/1690 13/10/1690 Dorothy Edmund PARKER Elizabeth          
09/11/1690   John William BRUNNING Elizabeth          
21/09/1690   Elizabeth Edmund SHEPPARD Elizabeth          
07/08/1690   Elizabeth Henry BALY Anne          
20/07/1690   Robert Robert SHEPPARD Mary          
01/06/1690   William John LEGAT Elizabeth          
05/05/1690   George George POTTER Rachel          
04/03/1690   Mary Thomas BROWNE Mary          
18/12/1689   Anne William SEAMAN Mary          
13/10/1689   John Edward VICE Martha          
01/06/1689   Edmund Edmund HERVEY Anne     Gent    
16/05/1689   John Robert GARRARD Ruth          
23/04/1689   Elizabeth Edmund Senr PARKER Elizabeth          
21/04/1689   Leonard John Junr LUMMIS Anne          
14/04/1689   John Edmund Junr PARKER Anne          
11/04/1689   Elizabeth Robert WRIGHT Elizabeth          
19/03/1689   Robert Benjamin CATCHPOLE Grace          
24/02/1689   Elizabeth Edmund SHEPPARD Elizabeth          
07/01/1689   Elizabeth John LUMMIS Frances          
02/09/1688   Robert Robert PARKER Jane          
29/07/1688   Susan John BUTTER Anne          
22/05/1688   Edmund Edmund PARKER Anne          
20/05/1688   Edward Edward VICE Martha          
06/05/1688   Grace John PEARLE Anne          
15/04/1688   Sarah William BRUNNING Elizabeth          
13/11/1687   John Thomas BROWN Mary          
06/11/1687   John John LEGGAT Elizabeth          
11/10/1687   John John LUMMIS Anne          
29/09/1687   Gabriel Benjamin CATCHPOLE Grace          
13/09/1687   Elizabeth William SHEPPARD Mary          
12/07/1687   Edmund Edmund SHEPPARD Elizabeth          
28/03/1687   Sarah Edmund PARKER Elizabeth          
05/11/1686   Mary John LUMMIS Frances          
16/10/1686   Mary Ellis CLARKE Mary          
03/10/1686   Mary John PEARLE Anne?          
19/04/1686   Elizabeth Robert GARRARD Ruth          
31/01/1686   Grace Nicholas GUNNOLD Sarah          
22/01/1686   Martha Edward VICE Martha          
10/12/1685   Benjamin Benjamin CATCHPOLE Grace          
10/11/1685   Elizabeth John LEGAT Elizabeth          
28/10/1685   Mary Henry BALY Anne          
11/10/1685   Mary William SHEPPARD Mary          
03/10/1685   Mary Thomas BROWN Mary          
16/09/1685   Benjamin William BRUNNING Elizabeth          
02/09/1685   Thomas Edmond PARKER Elizabeth          
01/03/1685   Rachel John BUTTER Anne          
14/01/1685   James Ellis CLARKE Mary