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Help and advice for Pigot 1823-1824

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Pigot 1823-1824

Alphabetical Index to Pigot & Co. Directory of Suffolk, 1823 - 1824


Names A - E

Indexed by David Kolle, Melbourne, Australia



Name Occupation / Profession Location
Abbott, Edward Attorney Needham Market
Abbott, James Boot & Shoemaker Mildenhall
Abbott, Jeremiah Boot & Shoe Maker Bildeston
Abbott, Jn. Plumber Lavenham
Abbott, John Grocer, Draper & Milliner Debenham
Abbott, Jonathan Tailor Ipswich
Abbott, Jonathan Glue, Grease & Oil Mkr Needham Market
Abbott, Jonathan Grocer & Cheese Monger Woodbridge
Abbott, Jos. Auctioneer Debenham
Abbott, Joseph Carpenter & Cabinet Maker Debenham
Abbott, S.R. Swan Inn Bungay
Abbott, Saml. Cheese & Butter Factor Ipswich
Abbott, Saml. Ironmonger Lowestoft
Abbott, Susan & Jonathan Ironmongers, Booksellers Needham Market
Abbott, Theodosia Miss Ladies Academy Needham Market
Abbott, Wm. Grocer & Draper Bildeston
Abbott, Wm. White Swan Inn Ipswich
Abbott, Freeman, Jonathan Auctioneers & Agents Needham Market
Abel, Mrs. Boarding Academie Beccles
Ablett, Robt. Perfumer Hadleigh
Ablitt, James Brazier Needham Market
Ablitt, James Grocer & Tea Dealer Sudbury
Ablitt, John Silversmith, Jewlr, Watchmkr. Ipswich
Acton, Misses Academy Woodbridge
Adams, Danl. Turner & Chair Maker Stow Market
Adams, J. Baker Lowestoft
Adams, Jonathan Grocer & Cheesemonger Bury St.Edmunds
Adams, Miss Straw Hat Maker Ipswich
Adams, Nathan Pipe Maker Stow Market
Adams, Robert Watchmaker Stow Market
Adams, Saml. Curriers & Leather Cutter Bury St.Edmunds
Adams, Sarah Grocer & Cheesemonger Bury St.Edmunds
Adams, Webster George Inn Needham Market
Adams, Webster Tobacco Pipe Maker Ipswich
Adams, Widow General Dealer-Groceries Bury St.Edmunds
Addison, James Tailor Ixworth
Adkin, Margaret Booksellers & Stationers Beccles
Adkin, William Gun Maker Bungay
Adkins, Peter Fruiterer Bury St.Edmunds
Aggas, John Ale & Porter Merchant Bungay
Alderton, Thos. Coach Maker Ipswich
Aldis, John Grocer Halesworth
Aldis, Thomas jun. Smith Lowestoft
Aldis, Thomas sen. Smith Lowestoft
Aldons, John Cabinet Maker Beccles
Aldous, Saml. Plumber, Painter & Glazier Mendlesham
Aldred, Charles Butcher Beccles
Aldrich, Henry Merchant Ipswich
Aldrich, Philip Miller Framlingham
Aldridge, Jabez Fish Curer Lowestoft
Aldridge, James Hare & Hounds Inn Framlingham
Aldridge, Wm. White Hart Inn Hadleigh
Alecock, Robert Fleece Inn Beccles
Alexander, Edwd. Fellmonger Ipswich
Alexander, James Neptune Inn Ipswich
Alexander, James Ipswich Arms Inn Ipswich
Alexanders & Co. Bankers Hadleigh
Alexanders & Co. Merchant Ipswich
Alexanders & Collett Bankers Woodbridge
Alexanders Spooner & Co. Bankers Lavenham
Alexanders Spooner & Co. Bankers Needham Market
Allan, Elliston Corn & Coal Merch. Sudbury
Allcock, Robert Saddler Bungay
Allcock, Robert Saddler Beccles
Allen, ----- Lime Burner Nayland
Allen, George King's Head Inn Debenham
Allen, Loder Plumber, Painter & Glazier Woodbridge
Allerton, J. Dutch Hoy Inn Lowestoft
Alliston, M. Milliner & Dress Maker Lowestoft
Allum, Miss Milliner & Dress Maker Lowestoft
Alston, George Attorney Nayland
Ambrose, Joseph Carpenter & Builder Clare
Ambrose, Matthew Butcher Clare
Amos, James Boat Inn Woodbridge
Amos, Susan White Horse Inn Lavenham
Amoss, George Butcher Debenham
Amoss, Saml. Tailor Debenham
Amoss, Widow Butcher Debenham
Anderson, Murray & Bates Surgeons Sudbury
Anderton, E. Crown Inn Woodbridge
Andrews, James Angel Inn Lavenham
Andrews, John Butcher Ipswich
Andrews, John Merchant & Miller Ipswich
Andrews, Joseph Corn Merchant & Miller Mildenhall
Andrews, Mary Running Buck Inn Ipswich
Andrews, Miss Academy Bury St.Edmunds
Anness, Richd. Tailor Ipswich
Ansell, Robt. & John Grocers & Linen Drapers Hadleigh
Arams, Edward Ironmonger Stow Market
Arch, J. Plumber, Painter & Glazier Haverhill
Archer & Read Attorneys Mildenhall
Archer, Geo. Swan Inn Sudbury
Archer, Harley Butcher Halesworth
Archer, Peter Farrier Bungay
Archer, Thomas Carrier Brandon
Archer, W. Leather Breeches Maker Woodbridge
Archer, Wm. Merchant Ipswich
Armes, Benj. Baker Bury St.Edmunds
Armstead, John Plumber Clare
Armstrong, John Brazier Bury St.Edmunds
Armstrong, Thos. Academy Bury St.Edmunds
Armstrong, Wm. Grocer & Cheesemonger Bury St.Edmunds
Armstrong, Wm. Hatter Bury St.Edmunds
Arnold, Benjamin Butcher Bungay
Arnold, Edward Tanner Beccles
Arnold, John Boot & Shoe Maker Debenham
Ashby, John Grocer & Draper Bungay
Ashby, Samuel Bookseller Bungay
Ashen, Robt. Wheelwright Bury St.Edmunds
Ashen, Stephen Blacksmith Bury St.Edmunds
Ashford, Saml. Pawnbroker Woodbridge
Ashford, Seaman Surgeon Eye
Ashman, G. George & Dragon Inn Lowestoft
Assey Widow Miller Eye
Asten, John Auctioneers Bungay
Aston, John Pickeral Inn Bungay
Atkinson, Saml. Cutler Ipswich
Austin, Sharman George III Inn Ipswich
Avis, John Bricklayer Lowestoft
Ayers, John W. Furniture Broker Hadleigh
Ayton, William Carpenter Mendlesham
Bacon, James Buck's Head Inn Ipswich
Bacon, Jas S. Farrier Ipswich
Bacon, John Dove Inn Ipswich
Bacon, John Linen Draper Ipswich
Bacon, John Butcher Nayland
Bacon, Rebecca Bull Inn Woodbridge
Bagget, Rebecca Straw Hat Maker Woodbridge
Bailey, Wm. Cabinet Maker Stow Market
Bailey, Wm. Auctioneer Stow Market
Baker & Head Grocer & Cheesemonger Ipswich
Baker, Charles Miller Hadleigh
Baker, Isaac Grocer & Tallow Chandler Beccles
Baker, Jas. N. Grocer & Cheesemonger Ipswich
Baker, Richd. Butcher Ipswich
Baker, Robert Crown Inn Bungay
Baker, Simon Grocer & Cheesemonger Ipswich
Baker, Widow King's Arms Inn Sudbury
Baker, Wm. Baker Halesworth
Baker, Wm. Surgeon Lavenham
Baker, Wm. Carrier Stow Market
Baker, Wm. Farrier Sudbury
Balcham & Co. Fish Curer Lowestoft
Baldock, Stephen Merchant & Miller Ipswich
Baldrey, Benjamin Tailor Framlingham
Baldrey, Jas. Watch & Clock Mkr. Southwold
Baldwin & Sabine Chemists & Druggists Bury St.Edmunds
Baldwin, John Cooper Bungay
Baldwin, John Saddler & Harness Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Bales, Henry Gun Maker Ipswich
Ball, Squire Musical Instrument Seller Ipswich
Ballen, Zachariah Saddler Beccles
Balls, James Fish Curer Lowestoft
Balls, James Surgeon Lowestoft
Balls, James Perfumer & Hair Cutter Lowestoft
Balls, John Smith Bungay
Balls, John Carpenter Hadleigh
Balls, John Carpenter Ipswich
Balls, Thos. White Lion Inn Stow Market
Balls, Wm. King's Head Inn Lowestoft
Balls, Wm. & Co. Fish Curer Lowestoft
Banchem, Batchelor Fish Curer Lowestoft
Banks & Garrod Linen Draper Beccles
Bantoft, John Half Moon & Star Inn Ipswich
Bantoft, Richd. Perfumer & Hair Cutter Ipswich
Banyard, George Grocer & Cheese Monger Woodbridge
Bar, John Boot & Shoe Maker Hadleigh
Barber, Jas. Butcher Aldborough
Barber, John Cooper Lowestoft
Barber, Robert Cross Keys Inn Beccles
Barber, Wm. Ironmonger & Watchmaker Eye
Bardwell, Bond Baker Beccles
Bardwell, George Linen Draper Bungay
Bardwell, Jas. Bookseller & Stationer Southwold
Bare, John Perfumer Hadleigh
Barham, Charles Corn Dealers Bury St.Edmunds
Barker, A. Custom House Clerk Ipswich
Barker, Chas. Grocer & Cheesemonger Ipswich
Barker, Elizabeth Milliner Framlingham
Barker, Jas. Boot & Shoe Maker Ipswich
Barker, John Grocer & Tea Dealer Sudbury
Barker, Jos. & Henrietta Grocer & Tea Dealer Sudbury
Barker, Misses Academy Framlingham
Barker, Robt. Surgeon Ixworth
Barker, Samuel K. Watch Maker Framlingham
Barker, William Plumber Nayland
Barker, Wm. Ironmonger & Jeweler Beccles
Barker, Wm. Tin Plate Worker & Brazier Ipswich
Barkway, Edward Dolphin Inn Beccles
Barkway, Thomas Turner Beccles
Barnard, Chas. Attorneys Lowestoft
Barnard, John Carrier Bury St.Edmunds
Barnard, John Carrier Stow Market
Barnard, Redelphn Straw Hat Maker Beccles
Barnard, Thomas Fellmonger Nayland
Barnes, A. Dress Maker Ipswich
Barnes, George Boot & Shoe Maker Woodbridge
Barnes, John Millwright Bury St.Edmunds
Barnes, John Cooper Woodbridge
Barnes, John Horse Shoes Inn Woodbridge
Barnes, Mary Merchant Aldborough
Barnes, Samuel Baker Bungay
Barney, H. Gardener & Seedsman Ipswich
Barns, John Cooper Ipswich
Barrett, Cornelius Baker & Pastry Cook Woodbridge
Barrett, Henry Currier Saxmundham
Barrett, John Butcher Debenham
Barrett, Robert Plumber, Painter & Glazier Lowestoft Lowestoft
Barrett, Robert Fish Curer Lowestoft
Barsham, ---- Fellmonger Haverhill
Barsham, Wm. Jas. Attorney Ixworth
Bartlett, A. Surgeon Ipswich
Barton, Henry Carpenter Bury St.Edmunds
Barton, John Gibson China, Glass & c Ipswich
Bateman, Wm. Pike Inn Beccles
Batley, John Brooks Hatter Ipswich
Batley, Wm. Custom House Collector Ipswich
Battey, Daniel Dyer & Scourer Ipswich
Battley, Joseph Worsted Yarn Manufacturer Bury St.Edmunds
Battram, James Butcher Southwold
Baxter, Edward Surgeon Lowestoft
Baxter, Henry Postmaster Halesworth
Baxter, Henry Auctioneer Halesworth
Baxter, Joseph Butcher Saxmundham
Baxter, Mrs. China & Glass Dealer Bury St.Edmunds
Baxter, Wm. Cork Cutter Bury St.Edmunds
Baxter, Wm. Smith Woodbridge
Bayfield, Thomas Linen Draper Halesworth
Bayley, Geo. & Co. Shipbuilder Ipswich
Bayley, Jabez Shipbuilder Ipswich
Bayley, Wm. Ship Builder Woodbridge
Bayly, Thomas Surgeon Stow Market
Beane, Francis Grocer Beccles
Bear, John Butcher Sudbury
Beard, Isaac Butcher Ipswich
Beard, Joseph Plumber, Painter & Glazier Ipswich
Beard, Philip Butcher Ipswich
Beard, Philip Watch Maker Needham Market
Beaumont, Richard Crossways Inn Bungay
Beck, Henry Surgeon Needham Market
Becton, John Silversmith & Jeweler Bury St.Edmunds
Bedingfield, James Surgeon Stow Market
Bedingfield, Susan Wool Comber Needham Market
Bedwell, Hen. Saddler & Harness Maker Ipswich
Bedwell, Jas. Saddler & Harness Maker Ipswich
Bedwell, John Tailor Halesworth
Bedwell, John Merchant & Miller Ipswich
Bedwell, Thos. Brazier, Ironmonger, Furn. Debenham
Bedwell, Wm. Leather Breeches & Glove Framlingham
Beecroft, Robert Butcher Lowestoft
Beecroft, Wm. Perfumer Debenham
Beeden, Wm. Carpenter Ipswich
Beggett, John Auctioneers Bungay
Bell, James Fellmonger Sudbury
Bellman, John Attorney Eye
Beloe, Arthur Silk Manufacturer Sudbury
Bemment, Wm. Globe Inn Lowestoft
Bendall, John Miller Woodbridge
Bendell, ----- Wheelwright Debenham
Bennett, Benjamin Ironmonger Hadleigh
Bennett, E. Chequers Inn Ipswich
Bennett, Elijah Blacksmith Hadleigh
Bennett, Thomas Blacksmith Debenham
Bennett, Wm. Smith Lowestoft
Bennington, Chas.& Edwd. Merchant & Maltster Woodbridge
Bentley, John Brush Maker & Turner Ipswich
Bently, Jacob Turner Bury St.Edmunds
Berry, Michl. Pattern Maker Woodbridge
Berry, Saml. Physician Lowestoft
Betson, John Patten(sic) Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Betts & Bury Carrier Ipswich
Betts & Bury Carrier Woodbridge
Betts & Bury Carriers Southwold
Betts & Bury Carrier Halesworth
Betts, J.H. Baker Ipswich
Betts, Jas. Wheelwright Haverhill
Betts, John Sun Inn Woodbridge
Betts, John Farrier Woodbridge
Betts, Richard Carpenter Stow Market
Betts, Samuel Butchers Bury St.Edmunds
Betts, Wm. Paper Maker Bungay
Bevil, Misses Academy Ipswich
Bewich, Thos. Rev. Academy Bungay
Bewley, Thomas China & Glass Dealer Stow Market
Bianchi, Gaetina Musical Instrument Seller Ipswich
Bickmore, Henry Bookseller & Binder Sudbury
Biggs, Richard Grocer & Cheesemonger Bury St.Edmunds
Birch, Joseph Baker Lavenham
Birchinall, Wm. Copperplate Printer Bury St.Edmunds
Bird, Candler Grocer & Linen Draper Hadleigh
Bird, Edw. Charles Surgeon Southwold
Bird, Isaac Butchers Bury St.Edmunds
Bird, John Baker Beccles
Bird, John Boot & Shoemaker Halesworth
Bird, John Smith Ipswich
Bird, John Fruiterer Ipswich
Bird, Saml. Queen's Head Inn Stow Market
Bird, William Lord Nelson Inn Ipswich
Bishop, John Grocer & Tea Dealer Eye
Bishop, Robert Waterloo Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Black, Misses Academy Woodbridge
Black, Wm. Baker Ipswich
Blackbon, Aaron Hair Cutter Bungay
Blagrove, Wm. Linen Draper Ipswich
Blair, Millar Royal Oak Inn Woodbridge
Blake, John Grocer Bungay
Blanchflower, Wm. Corn Dealer Ipswich
Blanden, Jonas Wm.& John Coal Merchants Halesworth
Blasby, Benj. Bricklayer Ipswich
Blasby, Benjamin Bricklayer's Arms Inn Ipswich
Blomfield, Charles Academy Bury St.Edmunds
Blomfield, Elias Boot & Shoemaker Ixworth
Blomfield, James White Hart Inn Halesworth
Blomfield, James Rev. Academy Bury St.Edmunds
Blomfield, John Chemist & Druggist Stow Market
Blomfield, Joseph Baker Needham Market
Bloomfield, George Crown & Sceptre Inn Ipswich
Bloomfield, Uriel Surgeon Woodbridge
Bloomfield, Wm. Tailor & Draper Clare
Bloomfield, Wm. Bricklayer Ipswich
Bloss, Wm. Butcher Framlingham
Blowers, Jn.& Geo. Grocer & Draper Halesworth
Blumfield, Geo. Fellmonger Framlingham
Blumfield, George Saddler Framlingham
Blumfield, John Bricklayer Mendlesham
Blumfield, Josiah Mason Mendlesham
Blyth, Jas. Linen Draper Bury St.Edmunds
Boast, Boanerges Bricklayer Clare
Boatwright, Robert Carpenter Bungay
Bobbett, Charles Fire Office Agents Beccles
Bobbit, John Ironmongers Bungay
Boggis, Ann Smith Ipswich
Boggis, George Bear & Crown Inn Clare
Boggis, George Brazier Clare
Boggis, Saml. Custom House Comptroller Ipswich
Bohnn, G.W.B. Attorney Beccles
Bokenham, John Boot & Shoe Maker Southwold
Bokenham, Thomas Old Swan Inn Southwold
Boldero, Deborah Star Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Boldero, Geo. Rev. Minister Ixworth
Boldero, John Attorney Ixworth
Bond, John Currier & Leather Cutter Ipswich
Boniwell, Richard Carpenter Southwold
Bonner, Edward Brickmaker Woodbridge
Bonner, G.Y. Auctioneer Sudbury
Bonner, G.Y. Agent Sudbury
Bonner, G.Y. Wine & Spirit Merchant Sudbury
Bonner, Mary Anne Milliner & Dress Maker Woodbridge
Boreham, Joseph Brewer, Maltster & Miller Haverhill
Borham & Abbott Grocers & Drapers Needham Market
Borrett, John Tailor Eye
Borrett, John Boot & Shoe Maker Nayland
Borrett, Lewis Boot & Shoe Maker Eye
Borrett, R. Tailor Ipswich
Borton, Jas. Attorney Bury St.Edmunds
Boston, Noel Tailor & Auctioneer Botesdale
Botwright, Jeremiah Carpenter Bungay
Botwright, Jeremiah Agent Bungay
Botwright, Jeremiah jun. Bricklayer Bungay
Botwright, John Baker Bury St.Edmunds
Boulter, Wm. Miller Stow Market
Bowell, Zachariah Blacksmith Bury St.Edmunds
Bowen, John Linen Draper Bury St.Edmunds
Bowen, Paul Linen Draper Bungay
Bower, John Bell Inn Saxmundham
Bowers, Enoch Perfumer & Hair Cutter Sudbury
Bowers, Robert Arnold Surgeon Aldborough
Bowers, Widow Baker Sudbury
Bowler, Mrs. Milliner Eye
Bowman, Robt. Glover & Leather Breeches Ipswich
Bowman, Robt. Falcon Inn Ipswich
Bowman, Robt. Brewer, Wine & Spirits Ipswich
Boyce, Barnabas King's Head Inn Bungay
Boyce, Rd. Carpenter & Joiner Southwold
Boyden, James Wine & Spirit Merchant Beccles
Bradbrook, James Basket Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Bradbrook, John Fellmonger Bury St.Edmunds
Braddock, Henry Brewer Bury St.Edmunds
Brady, Mrs & Miss Academy Ipswich
Braggs, Robt. Furniture Broker, Auctnr Woodbridge
Brame, Benj. Attorney Ipswich
Brame, Robert Fish Curer Lowestoft
Branch, Henry Basket Maker Hadleigh
Branch, John Butcher Lowestoft
Branch, Thomas Stonemason Halesworth
Brand, Benjamin Cabinet Maker Sudbury
Brand, John Three Crowns Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Brand, Rigby Plumber, Painter & Glazier Sudbury
Brandon, Wm. Blue Coat Boy Inn Ipswich
Brandon, Wm. Brushmaker Ipswich
Bransby, John Bookseller & Stationer Ipswich
Bransby, Widow Tea Dealer Eye
Branwhite, Jn. Grocer & Draper Lavenham
Branwhite, Rebecca Worsted Yarn Manuf. Lavenham
Breton, George Greyhound Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Brett, Cornelius Baker Mendlesham
Brett, Geo. Boot & Shoe Maker Ipswich
Brettel, John Surgeon Bungay
Brewster, Edward Sail Maker Lowestoft
Brewster, John Merchants Brandon
Brewster, John Cabinet Maker Lowestoft
Briant, Samuel Agent Bungay
Bridge, Joseph Saddler Haverhill
Bridges, John Blacksmith Framlingham
Bridges, John Wheelwright Framlingham
Bridges, John Watch & Clockmaker Ipswich
Bridges, John Frewer Blacksmith Framlingham
Bridges, Peter Old Angel Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Bridgman, Thos. Bell Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Bright, Jerome Ironmonger Saxmundham
Bright, Jerome D. Watchmaker & Jeweller Saxmundham
Brighten, Wm. Gardener & Seedsman Ipswich
Brightley, James Smith Bungay
Brightley, Lewis Printer Saxmundham
Brightly, Henry A. Printer & Stationer Bungay
Brighton, Clark Gardener Woodbridge
Brighton, Clarke Cherry Tree Inn Woodbridge
Brighton, James Gardener Woodbridge
Brightwen & Lloyd Bankers Halesworth
Bristo, Harriet Dress Maker Ipswich
Bristo, Henry Timber Merchant Ipswich
Bristo, Jas. Boot & Shoe Maker Ipswich
Bristo, Thos. Wine & Spirit Merchant Ipswich
Brittain, Henry Boot & Shoemaker Ixworth
Bromley, John Three Compasses Inn Ipswich
Broodbank, Thos. Boot & Shoe Maker Aldborough
Brook, Abraham Wine & Spirit Merchant Woodbridge
Brook, Edwin Grocer & Cheesemonger Ipswich
Brook, Richd. Boot & Shoe Maker Needham Market
Brook, Widow Bricklayer Hadleigh
Brookes, Jas. Surgeon Ipswich
Brooks, Elizabeth Grocer & Cheesemonger Bury St.Edmunds
Brooks, George Carpenter Saxmundham
Brooks, John B. Upholsterer Beccles
Brooks, Mary Plumber Ixworth
Brooks, Wm. Great White Horse Inn Ipswich
Broom & Winter Carrier Hadleigh
Broom & Winter Carrier Stow Market
Brothers, Gilbert Hatter Ipswich
Brothers, Gilbert Hat Maker Stow Market
Brown & Co. Bankers Bury St.Edmunds
Brown & Co. Bankers Mildenhall
Brown, Benj. & Co. Fish Curer Lowestoft
Brown, Charles Postmaster Mildenhall
Brown, Charles Tailor & Draper Mildenhall
Brown, Edward Bell Inn Clare
Brown, Edwd. Tallow Chandler, Soap Blr Clare
Brown, Geo. Ropemaker Ipswich
Brown, George Boot & Shoe Maker Woodbridge
Brown, Jas. Miller Haverhill
Brown, Jas. Tailor Woodbridge
Brown, Jn. Wherry Inn Ipswich
Brown, John Conveyance Ipswich
Brown, Joseph Butcher Halesworth
Brown, Saml. Patten Maker Ipswich
Brown, Saml. Dolphin Inn Sudbury
Brown, Thomas Butcher Hadleigh
Brown, Thomas Oatmeal Manuf. Stow Market
Brown, Timothy Pipe Maker Beccles
Brown, Wm. Leather Breeches Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Brown, Wm. Fellmonger Bury St.Edmunds
Brown, Wm. Coach Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Brown, Wm. Baker Haverhill
Brown, Wm. Architect & Surveyor Ipswich
Brown, Wm. & Co. Timber Merchants Bury St.Edmunds
Brown, Wm. & Co. Timber Merchant Ipswich
Browne, Isaac Boot & Shoemaker Bury St.Edmunds
Browne, Robert Fire Office Agent Lowestoft
Browne, Robert Grocer & Cheesemonger Lowestoft
Brunning, Benj. Coach & Horses Inn Saxmundham
Brunning, John Brazier Eye
Bryant, John Wherry Inn Halesworth
Bryant, John Merchant & Miller Ipswich
Bryant, Thomas Carrier Haverhill
Bryer, Wm. Maltster Hadleigh
Bryer, Wm. Auctioneer Hadleigh
Buck & Greene Brewer Bury St.Edmunds
Buck, George Linen Draper Sudbury
Buck, Timothy Fellmonger Beccles
Buck, Wm. Tailor Beccles
Buck, Wm. Upholsterer Beccles
Buckenham, Wm. Tailor & Draper Botesdale
Buckenham, Wm. Three Tuns Inn Ipswich
Buckingham, Timothy Leather Breeches Maker Mendlesham
Buckingham, Wm. jun. Cabinet Maker& Upholsterer Ipswich
Buffin, ---- Butcher Lowestoft
Bugg, Mary Anne Dress Maker Ipswich
Bull, Isaac Leather Breeches Maker Bildeston
Bull, John Carrier Eye
Bull, Wm. Carpenter Bildeston
Bullar, William Fire Office Agent Ipswich
Bullard, John Angel Inn Woodbridge
Bullen, Geo. Surgeon Ipswich
Bullen, Jonath.Freeman Haberdasher Bury St.Edmunds
Bullen, Mary E. Cabinet Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Bullen, Zachariah Auctioneers Beccles
Bullock, Robert Watchmaker Halesworth
Bumstead, Stephen Plumber, Painter & Glazier Ipswich
Bunn, Miss Milliner & Dress Maker Sudbury
Bunn, Reeve Attorney Ipswich
Bunnis, Benjamin Customs Collector Aldborough
Burbridge, John Stocking Manuf. Ipswich
Burch, Jn. Surgeon Lavenham
Burch, Saml. Agent Stow Market
Burch, Thos. Surgeon Lavenham
Burcham, John Wheelwright Southwold
Burgess, John Boot & Shoe Maker Lowestoft
Burgess, John Fish Curer Lowestoft
Burkitt, John Bookseller & Printer Sudbury
Burlingham, Benj. Baker Bury St.Edmunds
Burlingham, Jas. Grocer & Cheesemonger Bury St.Edmunds
Burnett, Walter Baker Beccles
Burnett, Wm. Tailor Bungay
Burrage, Thos. Academy Ipswich
Burroughs, Robt. Fruiterer Bury St.Edmunds
Burroughs, Walter Fox Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Burrows & Hardy Plumber, Painter & Glazier Ipswich
Burrows, Philip Cooper Woodbridge
Burrows, Robt. Pawnbroker Ipswich
Burrows, Saml. Pawnbroker Ipswich
Burrows, Thos. Waggon & Horses Inn Framlingham
Burrows, Wm. Boarding Academie Beccles
Burton, Peter Boot & Shoemaker Bury St.Edmunds
Bush, Geo. Butcher Ipswich
Bush, Widow Butcher Aldborough
Buss, Wm. Tallow & Corn Chandler Sudbury
Butcher, John Hatter Ipswich
Butcher, John Fish Curer Lowestoft
Butcher, Mary Anne Straw Hat Maker Debenham
Butcher, Robert Wine & Spirit Merchant Bungay
Butler, Wm. Boot & Shoemaker Bury St.Edmunds
Button, Ths. Currier & Leather Cutter Nayland
Button, Wm. Saddler Ixworth
Button, Wm. Miller Sudbury
Buttrum, John Agent Woodbridge
Buttrum, John Smith Woodbridge
Buttrum, John Ironmonger Woodbridge
Buxton, John White Hart Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Byford, Ambrose Silk Mercer Sudbury
Byford, Benj. & Son Grocer & Tea Dealer Sudbury
Byford, Benjamin Silk Manufacturer Sudbury
Byford, Wm. Rose Inn Sudbury
Byles, Jeremiah & Co. Merchants Ipswich
Byles, Jeremiah & Co. Merchants Stow Market
Cabburn, John Perfumer & Hair Cutter Stow Market
Cabburn, John F.B. Perfumer & Hair Cutter Bury St.Edmunds
Cabburn, Wm. Perfumer & Hair Cutter Ipswich
Cable, Wm. Baker & Confectioner Aldborough
Callow, John Carpenter Lowestoft
Calver, Jn. Leather Breeches Maker Halesworth
Calver, Wm Merchant & Miller Ipswich
Cambridge, John Attorney Bury St.Edmunds
Camell, Robert Physician Bungay
Cameron, Daniel Smith Bungay
Cana, Robert Auctioneer Woodbridge
Cand, Robert Agent Woodbridge
Candler, Christopher Bricklayer Clare
Candler, John Cooper Botesdale
Candler, Wm. Baker Bury St.Edmunds
Candwell, Edward White Lion Inn Hadleigh
Cane, Wm. Dancing Master Needham Market
Caney, John Baker Bury St.Edmunds
Caney, R. Pastry Cook Bury St.Edmunds
Canham, Wm Butcher Ipswich
Cannel, Thomas Smith Bungay
Cannon, Henry Butcher Ipswich
Capon, Jno. Marquis Cornwallis Inn Halesworth
Capon, Jonathan Tailor Framlingham
Capon, Mrs. Milliner Framlingham
Capon, Samuel Cross Keys Inn Ipswich
Capp, Alice China & Glass Dealer Brandon
Capps, Robert Fish Curer Lowestoft
Capps, Samuel Fish Curer Lowestoft
Carber, Brett Wheelwright Woodbridge
Cardy, Saml. Perfumer & Hair Cutter Ipswich
Carley, Saml. Pastry Cook Bury St.Edmunds
Carr, Isaac Boot & Shoemaker Halesworth
Carr, John Boot & Shoe Maker Saxmundham
Carrington, R. Mast, Oar, Block & Pump Mkr. Ipswich
Carter, J. Leather Breeches Maker Debenham
Carter, John Baker Ipswich
Carter, Joseph Glover Ipswich
Carter, Richd. Boot & Shoemaker Lavenham
Carver, John Tanner Halesworth
Carver, Richd. Plumber, Painter & Glazier Ipswich
Carver, Wm. Watch Maker Eye
Case, Philip Jas. Attorney Bury St.Edmunds
Caston, Richd. Admiral's Head Inn Ipswich
Caston, Wm. Gardener & Seedsman Ipswich
Catchpole's Carriers Beccles
Catchpole, Andrew Farrier Framlingham
Catchpole, James Carrier Botesdale
Catchpole, James Carrier Bury St.Edmunds
Catchpole, James Carrier Bungay
Catchpole, James Carrier Ixworth
Catchpole, James Carriers Sudbury
Catchpole, Thos. Crown Inn Lowestoft
Catchpool, Miss Academy Bungay
Catchpool, Wm. Glover & Leather Breeches Ipswich
Catmore, Widow Cross Keys Inn Aldborough
Catt, Benj. B. Auctioneer Ipswich
Catt, Benj. B. Timber Merchant Ipswich
Catt, Saml. Coach Maker Ipswich
Cattermole, James Boot & Shoe Maker Bungay
Cattermole, James Baker Halesworth
Cattermole, Richard Plumbers & Glaziers Bungay
Cattermole, S. Booksellers & Stationers Beccles
Cattermole, Saml. Fire Office Agents Beccles
Cattermole, Wm. Boot & Shoe Maker Bungay
Catton, John Curriers & Leather Cutter Woodbridge
Cavell, Alexander Attorney Saxmundham
Cawston, John Timber Merchants Bury St.Edmunds
Chamberlain, James Fish Curer Lowestoft
Chamberlain, Joseph Duke of Wellington Inn Ipswich
Chamberlain, Joseph Dentist Ipswich
Chambers, David Baker Bungay
Chambers, Saml. Duke's Head Inn Lowestoft
Chambers, Samuel Perfumer & Hair Cutter Lowestoft
Chandler, Dennis jun. Merchant Stow Market
Channing, Peter Perfumer & Hair Cutter Bury St.Edmunds
Chaplin, Richd. Tailor Ipswich
Chaplin, Wm. Furniture Broker Ipswich
Chaplin, Wm. Grocer & Cheesemonger Ipswich
Chaplin, Wm. Wine & Spirit Merchant Sudbury
Chapman & Pittuck Milliners Eye
Chapman, D. King's Arms Inn Ipswich
Chapman, Edward Baker Mildenhall
Chapman, Edwd. Agent Mendlesham
Chapman, George White Lion Inn Halesworth
Chapman, John Baker Southwold
Chapman, Saml. Chemist & Druggist Ipswich
Chappell, Richard Plumber, Painter & Glazier Halesworth Halesworth
Chappell, Wm. Tailor Woodbridge
Chase, Robert Butcher Bungay
Chasson, John Carrier Aldborough
Chaston, John Linen Draper Lowestoft
Chaston, John B. Fire Office Agent Lowestoft
Chenery, Charles Limeburner Beccles
Chenery, Jas. Sea Horse Inn Ipswich
Chenery, Joseph Grocer & Pawnbroker Beccles
Chenery, Joseph Linen Draper Ipswich
Chevallier, John Miller Debenham
Chiffney, Thos. Grocer & Draper Mildenhall
Child, Edmund Ironmonger Southwold
Childs, Geo. Whitesmith Bury St.Edmunds
Childs, John & Robert Printer & Type Founders Bungay
Chipperfield, Daniel White Lion Inn Beccles
Chipperfield, Thomas Butcher Lowestoft
Chisnall, Jn. Baker Ipswich
Chisnall, Thomas Corn Dealer Hadleigh
Chittock, George Boot & Shoe Maker Stow Market
Choat, Christopher Tailor Woodbridge
Choat, John Boot & Shoe Maker Ipswich
Choat, John K. Tailor Ipswich
Christie, John Pawnbroker Ipswich
Christopher, Wm. Tailor Woodbridge
Christopherson, Rebecca Ironmonger Ipswich
Church, John Boot & Shoe Maker Eye
Churchman, Wm. & Sons Tobacco & Snuff Manuf. Ipswich
Churchyard, Isaac Butcher Woodbridge
Churchyard, John King's Arms Inn Eye
Churchyard, T. Boot & Shoemaker Botesdale
Churchyard, Thos. Attorney Woodbridge
Clamp, Rt.B. Academy Ipswich
Clark, Abraham Cloathes Warehouses Ipswich
Clark, Coleby Carpenter Woodbridge
Clark, Daniel Baker Woodbridge
Clark, Francis Boot & Shoemaker Bury St.Edmunds
Clark, Gardener Brazier Mildenhall
Clark, J.W. Butchers Bury St.Edmunds
Clark, Jas. Cabinet & Chair Maker Botesdale
Clark, Jas. General Dealer-Groceries Bury St.Edmunds
Clark, John Perfumer & Hair Cutter Brandon
Clark, John Baker Bury St.Edmunds
Clark, John Perfumer & Hair Cutter Bury St.Edmunds
Clark, John Baker Halesworth
Clark, John Brick Maker Hadleigh
Clark, M. Postmaster Nayland
Clark, Robert Plumber, Painter & Glazier Brandon
Clark, Robt. Wheelwright Bury St.Edmunds
Clark, Robt. Perfumer & Hair Cutter Woodbridge
Clark, Wm. Gun Flint Makers Brandon
Clark, Wm. Tin Plate Worker Lowestoft
Clark, Wm. Coach Maker Stow Market
Clarke, Abraham Fire Office Agents Beccles
Clarke, C.& S. Milliners Botesdale
Clarke, Charles Watchmaker Lowestoft
Clarke, James Auctioneer Debenham
Clarke, James Grocer & Draper Debenham
Clarke, James Brazier Halesworth
Clarke, James Carpenter Ixworth
Clarke, Jeremiah Hatter Bungay
Clarke, Jn. Plumber Ixworth
Clarke, John Baker Bungay
Clarke, John Fishmonger Bury St.Edmunds
Clarke, Reeve Brazier Saxmundham
Clarke, Richd. Auctioneer Ipswich
Clarke, Robt. Bull Inn Ipswich
Clarke, Thomas Rose & Crown Inn Ipswich
Clarke, Wm. Baker Bury St.Edmunds
Clarke, Wm. Boot & Shoe Maker Ipswich
Claxon, Charles Blacksmith Needham Market
Claxon, Ezekiel Baker Needham Market
Claxton, Robert Boot & Shoe Maker Bungay
Clay & Boldero Wine & Spirit Merchants Bury St.Edmunds
Claydon, Robert Crown Inn Botesdale
Cleghorne, R.W. Surgeon Nayland
Clemence, Henry Woolpack Inn Ixworth
Clements, Edwd.St. Baker Ipswich
Cleveland, James Miller Lowestoft
Cleveland, Wm. Fish Curer Lowestoft
Clift, Thomas Horse Dealer Bury St.Edmunds
Clodd, George Tailor Framlingham
Clodd, Mary Dyers & Scourers Bury St.Edmunds
Clouting, John Music Master Eye
Clover, Charles Miller Lavenham
Clover, Isaac Maltster Bildeston
Clubbe, Nathl. & Chas. Agents Framlingham
Clubbe, Nathl. & Chas. Attorneys Framlingham
Clutten, Henry Sign Painter Framlingham
Coates, Edward Wheelwright Bildeston
Coates, J. Whitesmith & Gunsmith Hadleigh
Coates, J. Ironmonger Hadleigh
Coates, J. Coach Mkr.& Wheelwright Needham Market
Coates, Wm. Plumber, Painter & Glazier Needham Market
Cobb, Mark Dyers & Scourers Bury St.Edmunds
Cobbald, Miss Academy Stow Market
Cobbold & Aldrich Wine & Spirit Merchant Ipswich
Cobbold, John Brewer Ipswich
Cobbold, John Merchant & Maltster Woodbridge
Cobbold, R.K. Brewer & Maltster Eye
Cock, Wm. Grocer & Miller Bungay
Cockerell, Wm. Miller Bury St.Edmunds
Cocksedge, J. Woolpack Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Cocksedge, Wm. Plumber, Painter & Glazier Bury St.Edmunds
Codd, George Barge Inn Stow Market
Coe, John Carpenter Woodbridge
Coe, Wm. Tailor Bury St.Edmunds
Colchester, B.W. & Co. Tallow Chandler Ipswich
Colchester, Benj. Auctioneer Woodbridge
Colchester, Edward Baker Needham Market
Cole, Nathl. Brazier, Ironmgr, Whitesmth Nayland
Cole, Richd. Silversmith, Jewlr, Watchmkr. Ipswich
Cole, Robt. Hop Seller & Pawn Broker Sudbury
Cole, Thos. Straw Hat Maker Ipswich
Cole, Wm. Boarding Academie Beccles
Coleman, ----- Baker Saxmundham
Coleman, Edward Carpenter Needham Market
Coleman, Hastings Grocer & Cheese Monger Woodbridge
Coleman, Robert Bricklayer Lowestoft
Coleman, Robt. Ironfounder Bury St.Edmunds
Colk, Martin Chemists & Druggists Bury St.Edmunds
Collett, Job Arnold Baker Ipswich
Collett, Job Arnold Pastry Cook & Confectioner Ipswich
Collett, Thos. Baker Halesworth
Collier, George Crown & Anchor Inn Ipswich
Collins, Barnabas Cooper Beccles
Collins, Elizabeth Grocer Beccles
Collins, Jonathan Millwright Needham Market
Collins, Nathaniel Baker Woodbridge
Collins, Thos. Watch Maker Botesdale
Collis, Samuel Butcher Sudbury
Collius, ---- Smith Ipswich
Colman, Francis Post Master Bildeston
Colman, Fras. Crown Inn Bildeston
Colman, Thomas Bull Inn Bildeston
Conder, Thomas Cabinet Maker Clare
Cook, A. Custom House Surveyor Ipswich
Cook, Edward Bricklayer Hadleigh
Cook, Edward Half Moon Inn Ipswich
Cook, Grimwood Butcher Botesdale
Cook, J. Postmaster Haverhill
Cook, Jacob Basket Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Cook, John King's Arms Inn Halesworth
Cook, John Merchant & Miller Ipswich
Cook, John Lucas Perfumer & Hair Cutter Ipswich
Cook, Jonathan Ropemaker Ipswich
Cook, Joseph Plumber, Painter & Glazier Woodbridge
Cook, Robt. Smith Woodbridge
Cook, Samuel Baker Lowestoft
Cook, Thos. Boot & Shoe Maker Hadleigh
Cooke, Jno. Coalmerchant Bury St.Edmunds
Cooper, Charlotte Milliner & Straw Hat Mkr Bildeston
Cooper, H. Milliner & Dress Maker Stow Market
Cooper, Henry White Swan Inn Beccles
Cooper, James Tailor Framlingham
Cooper, James Baker Eye
Cooper, John Maltster Hadleigh
Cooper, John Cotton Manufacturer Ipswich
Cooper, John Tankard Inn Woodbridge
Cooper, Joseph Maltster Ipswich
Cooper, Robt. Miller Woodbridge
Cooper, S. Plumber, Painter & Glazier Needham Market
Cooper, Samuel Hatter Bury St.Edmunds
Cooper, Samuel Merchants Bury St.Edmunds
Cooper, Thomas Queen's Head Inn Saxmundham
Cooper, Wm. Butchers Bury St.Edmunds
Cooper, Wm. Bell Inn Ipswich
Coots, James Queen's Head Inn Framlingham
Cope, J. Plumber, Painter & Glazier Needham Market Needham Market
Cope, Wm. Wheelwright Ipswich
Copland, Miss Boarding Academie Beccles
Copping, John Druggist Bildeston
Copsey, William Mason's Arms Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Corbyn & Son Tailor & Draper Halesworth
Corbyn, John K. Tailor Lowestoft
Corder, Alfred Ironmonger Ipswich
Corder, John Carpenter Hadleigh
Corder, Joseph Carpenter Hadleigh
Corder, Thos. Maltster Lavenham
Cordingley, Wm. Shipbuilder Ipswich
Cornaby, Samuel Cooper Lowestoft
Cornaby, Thomas Boot & Shoe Maker Lowestoft
Corneby, James jun. Boot & Shoe Maker Bungay
Corneby, Jas. sen. Boot & Shoe Maker Bungay
Corner, John Maltster Debenham
Cottingham, Martin Surgeon Bury St.Edmunds
Cottingham, Wm. Plumber Bildeston
Courtnall, J. Tailor Beccles
Cowell, Pollard & Cowell Merchants Ipswich
Cowell, Pollard & Cowell Merchants Stow Market
Cowell, Saml. Books, Printing & Stationer Ipswich
Cox, Jeremiah Butcher Mendlesham
Cox, John Cabinet Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Cox, Wm. Boot & Shoe Maker Bungay
Crabb, H. Hempen Cloth, Twine, Sacking Stow Market
Crabbe, Robt. Plumber, Painter & Glazier Southwold
Crabtree & Allcock Attorney Halesworth
Crake, E. Watchmaker Lowestoft
Crane, Benj. Coach Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Crane, J. Baker Saxmundham
Crawley, Richard Plough & Sail Inn Ipswich
Crawley, Richd. Wine & Spirit Merchant Ipswich
Creed, John & Son Surgeons Bury St.Edmunds
Cresswell, ------ Carrier Bury St.Edmunds
Crick, John Cooper Haverhill
Crick, Thos. Baker Haverhill
Crickitt, Bacon & Co. Bankers Ipswich
Crickitt, Bacon & Wood Bankers Woodbridge
Crickmore, Thomas Tailor Beccles
Crisp, Bela Cooper Southwold
Crisp, Geo. Rev. Academy Lowestoft
Crisp, James Miller Beccles
Crisp, John Merchants Beccles
Crisp, Wm. Worsted Yarn Manuf. Lavenham
Crisp, Wm. Merchant & Brewer Southwold
Cross, Widow Miller Stow Market
Cross, Wm. Boot & Shoe Maker Bungay
Cross, Wm. Curriers & Leather Cutters Bungay
Cross, Wm. Boot & Shoemaker Halesworth
Cross, Wm. Currier Halesworth
Crowe, George Angel Inn Beccles
Crowe, George Auctioneers Beccles
Crowe, Samuel Post Master Beccles
Crowe, Samuel Auctioneers Beccles
Crowe, Wm. Whitesmith Bury St.Edmunds
Crowfoot, Henry Coach Maker Beccles
Crowfoot, K. Surgeon Beccles
Crowfoot, Wm.John Surgeon Halesworth
Cubitt, Wm. Civil Engneer Ipswich
Cudden, John Turner Beccles
Cuddon, Chas. Basket Maker Hadleigh
Cuddon, James Cabinet Maker Bungay
Cuddon, James Basketmaker & Toy Dealer Bungay
Cuddon, John Timber Merchant Bungay
Cuddon, Martin Boot & Shoe Maker Bungay
Cuddon, Wm. Corn, Hop Dlr.Maltster Nayland
Cufaude, John Attorney Halesworth
Cuhley, John Corn Dealer Ipswich
Cullingford, James Smith Halesworth
Cullingford, W. Ironmonger Halesworth
Cullingford, Wm. Two Brewers Inn Bungay
Cullingham, John Fish Curer Lowestoft
Cullins, Hy. Millwright Framlingham
Cullum, John Chaise and Pair Inn Ipswich
Cundy, Isaac Chemist & Druggist Ipswich
Cundy, M. Woolpack Inn Ipswich
Cunningham, ----- Tea & Coffee Dealer Beccles
Cunningham, James Porter Merchant Lowestoft
Currey, Samuel Blacksmith Brandon
Currey, Susan Bell Inn Brandon
Currie, James Surgeon Bungay
Curson, Josiah Gun Flint Makers Brandon
Curtis, Geo. Tailor Debenham
Curtis, Geo. Butcher Ipswich
Curtis, John Tailor Aldborough
Curtis, Joseph Tailor Debenham
Curtis, P. Grocer & Cheesemonger Lowestoft
Curtis, Walter Fish Curer Lowestoft
Cuthbert, Cornelius Tallow Chandler Woodbridge
Cuthbert, John Butcher Stow Market
Cuthbert, William Surgeon Mendlesham
Cutter, Henry Hatter Bury St.Edmunds
Dains, John Plumber Botesdale
Daking, Mrs. Academy Sudbury
Daking, Robt. Tanner Sudbury
Dale, John Grocer & Cheesemonger Ipswich
Dale, John Fruiterer Ipswich
Dallestone, Henry Carpenter Framlingham
Dalton, John Surgeon Bury St.Edmunds
Dalton, Wm. Attorney Bury St.Edmunds
Damant, Daniel Brazier Framlingham
Damant, James Plumber, Painter & Glazier Mildenhall
Damant, Wm. Linen Draper Sudbury
Daniell, I.G. Surgeon Nayland
Daniells, Joseph Fishmonger Sudbury
Daniels, James Coach Maker Woodbridge
Dansie, Thos. King's Arms Inn Stow Market
Darby, Ann Horse & Groom Inn Bungay
Darby, Edward Wheelwright Bungay
Darby, Henry Plumber, Painter & Glazier Eye
Darby, John H. Surgeon Lowestoft
Darby, Mary Straw Hat Maker Eye
Darby, Wm. Marquis of Granby Inn Beccles
Darkins, John Carpenter Bury St.Edmunds
Darsley, John Chaise & Pair Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Dashwood, Charles Surgeon Beccles
Davey, Henry S. Surgeon Beccles
Davey, J. Watch & Clockmaker Ipswich
Davey, John Watchmaker Needham Market
Davie, Jonathan Surgeon Ipswich
Davies, Ebenezer Tailor Bury St.Edmunds
Davy, Robert Carrier Bungay
Dawson, George Watch & Clock Maker Sudbury
Day, Joseph Carpenter & Wheelwright Eye
Day, Joseph Boot & Shoe Maker Ipswich
Day, Richard Coach Maker Beccles
Day, Richard Cabinet Maker Mendlesham
Day, Thomas Baker Bungay
Day, Thos. Boot & Shoe Maker Ipswich
Day, Wm. Duke of York Inn Woodbridge
Daynes, Jn. Basket Maker Ixworth
De Carle, James Statuary & Mason Hadleigh
De Carle, Thomas Coach Maker Bury St.Edmunds
DeCarle, Benjamin Statuary & Mason Sudbury
DeCarle, Jas. Statuary & Mason Ipswich
DeCarle, Launcelot Coach Maker Ipswich
Dean, Sarah White Hart Inn Aldborough
Dean, Wm. Salutation Inn Ipswich
Dearing, John Saddler Needham Market
Dearing, Samuel Miller Mendlesham
Death, Ambrose Maltster Lavenham
Death, Daniel Baker Bury St.Edmunds
Death, Matthew Currier & Leather Cutter Hadleigh
Death, Saml. Swan Inn Lavenham
Deaves, John Tailor Ipswich
Debenham, Edwd. Grocer & Draper Botesdale
Debenham, Saml. Baker Bury St.Edmunds
Debney, Rt. Thomas Grocer & Draper Southwold
Decarle, Jas. Auctioneer Ipswich
Decarle, John & Benj. Statuaries & Masons Bury St.Edmunds
Deck & Hine Haberdasher Bury St.Edmunds
Deck, John Post Master Bury St.Edmunds
Deck, John Auctioneers Bury St.Edmunds
Deck, John Bookseller & Stationer Bury St.Edmunds
Deck, John Agent Bury St.Edmunds
Deck, Robt. Books, Printing & Stationer Ipswich
Deeks, James Perfumer Hadleigh
Deeks, James jun. Maltster Hadleigh
Deeks, James sen. Miller Hadleigh
Deeks, Wm. Maltster Hadleigh
Deeks, Wm. Corn Dealer Hadleigh
Delf Isaac & Son Ironmongers Bungay
Delf, Daniel Linen Draper Lowestoft
Delf, John Grocer & Cheesemonger Ipswich
Delf, Sarah Linen Draper Beccles
Dencher, Mary Bookseller & Library Saxmundham
Dencher, Misses Bookseller & Library Aldborough
Denham, Robt. Bricklayer Ipswich
Denham, Wm. Bricklayer Ipswich
Dennant, John Tailor Saxmundham
Dennant, Michael Cabinet Maker Framlingham
Dennis, Chas. Carpenter & Corn Chandler Stow Market
Dennis, Thos. Leather Breeches Maker Mildenhall
Denny & Larke Wine & Spirit Merchant Bungay
Denny, John Surgeon Ipswich
Denny, Wm. Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer Eye
Denny, Wm. jun. Corn Dealer Bungay
Devereux, Jas. Linen Draper Woodbridge
Dickerson, Frances Haberdasher Bury St.Edmunds
Dickerson, John Furriers Brandon
Dickerson, Joseph Carpenter Needham Market
Dickerson, Thos. Hosiery Ipswich
Diggon, Robert jun. Saddler, Harness Maker Brandon
Dines, John Blacksmith Sudbury
Dingle, John Bookseller & Stationer Bury St.Edmunds
Dix, Chas. Grocer, Draper & c. Haverhill
Dixey, Thomas Wheelwright Sudbury
Dixon, John Butcher Framlingham
Dobson, Ann Milliner Ipswich
Dodds, James Hatters Beccles
Doe, Mary Queen's Head Inn Needham Market
Doe, William Furniture Broker Bury St.Edmunds
Donghton, Varden Baker Botesdale
Dorkin, Anthony Books, Printing & Stationer Ipswich
Doughton, Eliz. Straw Hat Maker Bungay
Doughton, Henry Baker Bungay
Doughty, John Surveyor Ipswich
Doughty, Nathaniel Carpenter Framlingham
Doughty, William Baker Mildenhall
Dove, Samuel Grocer & Draper-Agent Debenham
Dover, Edwd. Greyhound Inn Ixworth
Dowman, Wm. Attorney Sudbury
Downes, Wm. Three Horse Shoes Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Downing, Edward Pigeons Inn Beccles
Downing, Geo. Blacksmith Southwold
Dowsing, Edward Merchants Beccles
Dowsing, Jas. Merchant & Miller Ipswich
Dowsing, Jas. Wharfinger Woodbridge
Dowsing, Lydia Stay Maker Woodbridge
Dowsing, Wm. Watchmaker Halesworth
Dowson, B.U. Geldeston Merchant Bungay
Drake, Anthony Bricklayer Framlingham
Drake, Nathan Physician Hadleigh
Draper, Wm. Baker Bungay
Drew & Pattle Milliners Bury St.Edmunds
Drew, E. Carrier Bury St.Edmunds
Drewe, Robert Saddler Bildeston
Driver, Wm. Miller Hadleigh
Duff, Alex.& Co. Silk Manufacturer Sudbury
Duff, Wm. Coach Maker Bungay
Dunning, Wm. Maypole Inn Ipswich
Durant, ---- Perfumer Ixworth
Durant, James Lapidary Lowestoft
Durant, Saml. Umbrella & Parasol Maker Ipswich
Durrant, A. Brick Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Durrant, Augustine Spread Eagle Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Durrant, George Grocer Bungay
Durrant, Isaac Saddler & Harness Mkr. Woodbridge
Durrant, John Saddler & Harness Mkr. Woodbridge
Durrant, Richard Watch Maker Beccles
Dutton, T. Frederick Bookseller & Stationer Bury St.Edmunds
Dutton, Thomas D. Printer Bury St.Edmunds
Dyball, Wm. Agent Bungay
Dyball, Wm. Silversmith Bungay
Dye, Nathaniel Cooper Mildenhall
Dynes, Joseph Grocer & Cheesemonger Ipswich
Dyson, John Brazier Mildenhall
Eade, Charles Grocer & Linen Draper Stow Market
Eade, Sl. Plumber, Painter & Glazier Southwold
Earls, Richard China & Glass Dealer Bungay
Earthy, Rd. Tallow Chandler Stow Market
Earthy, Thomas Farrier Stow Market
Earthy, Wm. Duke's Head Inn Stow Market
Easier, Thomas Three Mariners Inn Aldborough
East, Eliz. Three Blackbirds Inn Lavenham
East, Wm. Post Master Lavenham
Eastcott, Geo. Surgeon Haverhill
Easterton, Thomas Ironfounder Halesworth
Eaton, Ann Bookseller Bungay
Eaton, John White Horse Inn Bungay
Ebbage, John Carpenter Bungay
Ebbage, Lydia Milliner Halesworth
Ebbage, Robert Fleece Inn Bungay
Ebbage, Robert Boot & Shoe Maker Bungay
Ebbage, Thos. Tailor Ipswich
Ebbs, Samuel Baker Lowestoft
Ecclestone, Robert Baker Bungay
Edmonds, John Boot & Shoe Maker Lowestoft
Edwards W.C. Engraver Bungay
Edwards, Chas. Grocer & Cheesemonger Ipswich
Edwards, Geo. Linen Draper Ipswich
Edwards, Geo. & Chas. Grocers & Drapers-Spirits Framlingham
Edwards, Geo. sen. Maltster Framlingham
Edwards, George Gardener & Seedsman Lowestoft
Edwards, Henry Stamp Distributor Botesdale
Edwards, Henry Brewer Woodbridge
Edwards, Henry Wine & Spirit Merchant Woodbridge
Edwards, Henry Merchant & Maltster Woodbridge
Edwards, M. Stay Maker Ipswich
Edwards, Nicholas Smith Ipswich
Edwards, Peregrine Merchant & Miller Southwold
Edwards, Sampson Plumber, Painter & Glazier Sudbury
Edwards, Thos. Ironmonger Ipswich
Edwards, Thos. Merchant Ipswich
Edwards, Thos. Smith Ipswich
Edwards, Wm. Agent Framlingham
Edwards, Wm. Attorney Framlingham
Edwards, Wm. Tanner Framlingham
Eldred, Jas. Tailor Haverhill
Ellington, Leonard Gardener & Seedsman Mildenhall
Elliott, Robt. Surveyor Stow Market
Ellis, Benj. Watchmaker Woodbridge
Ellis, Elias Weavers Arms Inn Haverhill
Ellis, Henry Wheelwright Bury St.Edmunds
Ellis, J. Half Moon Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Ellis, James Farriers Beccles
Ellis, Jas. Tailor Haverhill
Ellis, Thomas Furniture Broker Woodbridge
Ellis, Wm. jun. Tailor Haverhill
Ellis, Wm. sen. Tailor Haverhill
Ellisthorpe, Dnl. Baker Ipswich
Elliston, John Tailor Ipswich
Elmer, James Boot & Shoe Maker Stow Market
Elmer, Wm. Carrier Clare
Elph & Browne Brewer, Wine & Spirit Lowestoft
Elsdon, John Tailor Hadleigh
Elsdon, John Boot & Shoe Maker Hadleigh
Elven, Cornelius Curriers & Leather Cutter Bury St.Edmunds
Elvis, Wm. Grocer & Cheese Monger Woodbridge
Ely, George Merchant & Maltster Woodbridge
Emerson, Thomas Baker Stow Market
England, John Rose & Crown Haverhill
Ennew, Henry & Wm. Grocer & Cheesemonger Ipswich
Ennew, Joseph Tallow Chandler Ipswich
Erratt, Thomas Attorney Clare
Esatty, John Gen. Dealer in Groceries Ipswich
Etches, Mrs. Milliner Bury St.Edmunds
Eurrin, Benjamin George Inn Hadleigh
Evan, Thomas Boot & Shoe Maker Woodbridge
Evans, D. Cock and Pie Inn Ipswich
Everett, Jemima Saracen's Head Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Everett, John Farrier Bury St.Edmunds
Everett, Wm. Butchers Bury St.Edmunds