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Help and advice for Pigot 1823-1824

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Pigot 1823-1824

Alphabetical Index to Pigot & Co. Directory of Suffolk, 1823 - 1824



Indexed by David Kolle, Melbourne, Australia



Name Occupation / Profession Location
Faiers, Saml. How. Perfumer & Hair Cutter Ipswich
Faires, Samuel Cooper Bildeston
Faires, Samuel Perfumer & Jeweller Hadleigh
Faires, Wm. Cooper Hadleigh
Fairs, John Basket Mkr & Cooper Nayland
Fairweather, Mary Postmistress Debenham
Farley, John Glover Ipswich
Farr & Fiske Attorney Beccles
Farr, Thos. & Sons Brewers & Spirit Merchants Beccles
Farrand, J.H. Currier Sudbury
Farrer, Jn. Ironmonger & Grocer Lowestoft
Farrow's Carrier Bungay
Farrow, Benj. Christopher Inn Sudbury
Farrow, James Angel Inn Bungay
Farrow, James Plumbers & Glaziers Bungay
Farrow, Jonathan Baker, Boot & Shoe Maker Bildeston
Farrow, Roger Boot & Shoe Maker Brandon
Farrow, Wm. Butcher Eye
Farrow, Wm. Bottles Inn Eye
Farrow, Wm. Maltster Ixworth
Farthing, James Boot & Shoe Maker Needham Market
Farthing, Jas. Butcher Ipswich
Fawks, Benjamin Boot & Shoemaker Sudbury
Fayers, Robert Carpenter, Ironmgr, Wheelwrt Bildeston
Fayers, Wm. Miller, Baker, Tallow Chand Bildeston
Fearman, Wm. Boot & Shoe Maker Beccles
Feekton, Harry S. Baker Ipswich
Felgate, Thomas Whitesmith Aldborough
Felmingham, Wm. Watch & Clock Maker Bungay
Felmingham, Wm. White Lion Inn Bungay
Feltham, James Boot & Shoe Maker Lowestoft
Fenn, George Nursery, Seedsman & brick Mkr Beccles
Fenn, John Academy Framlingham
Fenn, John Academy Woodbridge
Fenn, John Tea Dealer Woodbridge
Fenn, Phoebe Milliner & Straw Hat Mkr Halesworth
Fennell & Co. Water Conveyance Aldborough
Fenner, James Druggist & Farrier Clare
Fenner, James Academy Halesworth
Fenner, Miss Academy Halesworth
Fens, Susan Butchers Arms Inn Bungay
Fenton, Thos. Furniture Broker Bury St.Edmunds
Fiddeman, Wm. Merchant Stow Market
Fiddes, Robert Falcon Inn Beccles
Field, Benj. Miller & Baker Debenham
Filby, John Boot & Shoe Maker Bungay
Finch, E. Plumber, Painter & Glazier Haverhill
Finch, Hannah Gardeners Arms Inn Ipswich
Finch, James Saddler Nayland
Finch, John Gen. Dealer in Groceries Ipswich
Finch, John jun. Tin Plate Worker & Brazier Ipswich
Finch, Sarah Cooper Ipswich
Firmin, Jacob Maltster Clare
Fish, Leonard Plumber, Painter & Glazier Saxmundham
Fisher, Francis Boot & Shoe Maker Beccles
Fisher, James Perfumer & Hair Cutter Lowestoft
Fisher, John Butcher Ipswich
Fisher, John & Wm. Cabinet Maker Woodbridge
Fisher, Richd. Smith Woodbridge
Fisher, Robert Baker Woodbridge
Fisher, Samuel Grocer Bungay
Fisher, Theophilus Tailor Ipswich
Fisk, John Boot & Shoe Maker Woodbridge
Fisk, Wm. Plumbers & Painters Framlingham
Fison, James & Sons Merchants Stow Market
Fison, Wm. Brickmaker Stow Market
Fison, Wm.J. Miller Stow Market
Fitch, Elizabeth Chemist & Druggist Ipswich
Flack, Abraham Butchers Bury St.Edmunds
Flack, John Hempen Cloth Manuf. Hadleigh
Flatt, John Agent Saxmundham
Flatt, John Dyer & Scourer Woodbridge
Flatt, John Grocer & Linen Draper Saxmundham
Flatt, Wm. Tailor & Draper Needham Market
Flaxman, Henry Tailor Woodbridge
Flaxman, Wm. Carpenter Woodbridge
Fletcher, Fred Miller Aldborough
Fletcher, James Jolly Sailor Inn Lowestoft
Fletcher, Robt. Tailor Ipswich
Fletcher, Widow Baker Bury St.Edmunds
Fletcher, Wm. Basket Maker Mildenhall
Fletcher, Wm. Rev. Academy Woodbridge
Flick, Saml. Tanner Saxmundham
Folkerd, Samuel Barometer Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Footman & Co. Linen Draper Ipswich
Footman & Co. Linen Draper Woodbridge
Ford, Messer. Blacksmith Mildenhall
Fordham, Thomas Maltster Bury St.Edmunds
Foreman, James Gardener Woodbridge
Foreman, John Currier's Arms Inn Ipswich
Foreman, John Gardener Woodbridge
Foreman, S.& J. Grocer & Draper Halesworth
Foreman, Samuel Joiners Arms Inn Ipswich
Forman, Thos. King's Head Inn Halesworth
Forrester, John Baker & Miller Mendlesham
Forster, John Smith & Ironmonger Brandon
Foster, Sarah Mrs Academy Ipswich
Foulger, John Druggist & Vet. Surgeon Botesdale
Foulger, John Saddler Clare
Fowell, Henry Barley Mow Inn Ipswich
Fowell, Henry Wine & Spirit Merchant Ipswich
Fox & Osborne Spirit Merchants Aldborough
Fox, John Blacksmith Mendlesham
Fox, Wm. Corn Dealer Hadleigh
Francis, George Chemist & Druggist Woodbridge
Francis, James O. Surgeon Ipswich
Francis, Mrs. Academy Ipswich
Frankland, Richd. Linen Draper Ipswich
Freeman, Charles Cabinet Maker Halesworth
Freeman, Edw. Agent Southwold
Freeman, Henry Surgeon Saxmundham
Freeman, James Boot & Shoemaker Framlingham
Freeman, Joseph Tailor Ipswich
Freeman, Richard & John Surgeon Stow Market
Freeman, Robert Surgeon Saxmundham
Freeman, Susanna Grocer & Draper Framlingham
Freeman, Thomas T. Fish Curer Lowestoft
Freeman, Thomas T. Cooper Lowestoft
Freeman, Wm. Agent Framlingham
Freeston, Edwin Butcher Haverhill
French, John Smith Ipswich
French, Thomas Attorney Eye
Frewen, Wm. Plumber, Painter & Glazier Bury St.Edmunds
Frewer, Isaac Saddler & Harness Maker Ipswich
Frewer, John Stone Mason Framlingham
Frewer, John Saddler Needham Market
Frewer, John Saddler Stow Market
Frewer, Mrs. Straw Hat Maker Stow Market
Friend, Isaac Pastry Cook Bury St.Edmunds
Frost & Stedman Attorney Sudbury
Frost, Alexander Postmaster Sudbury
Frost, Edward Musical Instrument Seller Ipswich
Frost, Henry Corn Dealer Hadleigh
Frost, Henry Butcher Hadleigh
Frost, John Curriers & Leather Cutter Bury St.Edmunds
Frost, John Horse Dealer Bury St.Edmunds
Frost, Shedrach Brewer Hadleigh
Frost, T. Bushell Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Frost, Widow Cooper Hadleigh
Frost, Wm. Ship Inn Mildenhall
Fruer, John Bricklayer Framlingham
Fruer, John Linen Draper Ipswich
Fryer, Jonathan Baker Bungay
Fulcher, Chas. Saddler Debenham
Fulcher, Geo. Wm. Tailor Sudbury
Fulcher, James Bell Inn Lowestoft
Fulcher, John Surveyor Bury St.Edmunds
Fulcher, John Boot & Shoe Maker Saxmundham
Fulcher, Richard Attorney Bungay
Fuller, Chas. Saddler Bildeston
Fuller, Francis Smith Woodbridge
Fuller, Horatio Attorney Ipswich
Fuller, Jemima Grocer Beccles
Fuller, John Bricklayer Woodbridge
Fuller, John & Co. Slate Merchant Woodbridge
Fuller, Silvus Baker Woodbridge
Fuller, Thos. Watch & Clock Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Fuller, William Cooper Mendlesham
Fuller, Wm. Baker & Pastery Cook Woodbridge
Gainsborough, F.F. Conveyance Ipswich
Gall, Abraham Chemists & Druggists Bury St.Edmunds
Gall, Benj. Tailor Woodbridge
Gall, Benjamin Chemist & Druggist Woodbridge
Gallant, Wm. Boot & Shoemaker Bury St.Edmunds
Gammage, Thos. Baker Woodbridge
Gardener, Benjamin Plumber, Painter & Glazier Hadleigh
Gardener, Hannah Three Goats Heads Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Gardener, Henry Wheelwright Hadleigh
Gardener, John King's Arms Inn Hadleigh
Gardener, Wm. Wheelwright Hadleigh
Gardiner, Sarah King of Prussia Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Gardner, Richard Grocer & Cheese Monger Woodbridge
Gardner, Robt. Boot & Shoe Maker Debenham
Gardner, Simon Smith Bungay
Gardner, Wm. Watchmaker Woodbridge
Garneys, Charles Surgeon Bungay
Garnham, James Hawk Inn Halesworth
Garnham, James Grocer & Draper Mildenhall
Garnham, John Straw Hat Maker Beccles
Garnham, Wm. Attorney Bungay
Garrad, Betsey Tanner & Fellmonger Clare
Garrard, Charles Royal Oak Inn Mendlesham
Garrard, Chas. Wheelwright Beccles
Garrard, John Maltster & Brewer Aldborough
Garrard, John Tailor Mendlesham
Garrard, Robt. Watch & Clock Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Garrard, Samuel Blacksmith Needham Market
Garrard, Thomas Three Tuns Inn Needham Market
Garrard, Wm. Boot & Shoe Maker Ipswich
Garrard, Wm. Ship Builder Woodbridge
Garred, Richd. Porto Bello Inn Ipswich
Garrett, Jacob Iron Founder Ipswich
Garrett, Saml. Grocer & Draper Botesdale
Garrett, Wm. Butcher Woodbridge
Garrod, Fran. Milliner Ipswich
Garrod, H. New Swan Inn Southwold
Garrod, H.& B. Misses Academy Halesworth
Garrod, John Boot & Shoe Maker Beccles
Garrod, John Fox Inn Ipswich
Garrod, John Maltster Ipswich
Garrod, John Tailor Saxmundham
Garrod, John jun. Curriers & Leather Cutter Beccles
Garrod, Joseph Angel Inn Saxmundham
Garrood, Wm. Ironfounder & Smith Eye
Garwood, Mary Miss Academy Lowestoft
Gaul, Robt. Smith Ipswich
Gedge & Barker Agent Bury St.Edmunds
Gedge & Barker Printer Bury St.Edmunds
Gedge, Arthur Surgeon Mildenhall
Gee, Samuel Silk Manuf. Mildenhall
Gerrald, Francis Bricklayers Bury St.Edmunds
Gilbert, Thomas Coach Maker Beccles
Gildersleeves, Thomas Grocer & Draper Aldborough
Giles, Thomas Agent Woodbridge
Giles, Thomas Cabinet Maker Woodbridge
Gili, Wm. Surgeon Bury St.Edmunds
Gill, Henry Cabinet Maker Lowestoft
Gill, Henry Wm. Nursery & Seedsman Beccles
Ginn, Thos. Bricklayer & Limeburner Sudbury
Girdlestone, Jas. Tailor & Draper Needham Market
Girling, Balls Tailor Southwold
Girling, John Carpenter & Wheelwright Eye
Gissing & Moore Surgeon Woodbridge
Gissing, Anthony Butcher Eye
Gissing, James Carpenter Woodbridge
Gissing, Samuel Grocer & Draper Mendlesham
Glading, James Spread Eagle Inn Ipswich
Gobbett, Daniel Tailor Halesworth
Gobbett, Widow Baker Eye
Godbold, Jasper Gardener & Seedsman Ipswich
Godbold, John Blacksmith Hadleigh
Godbold, Miss Dress Maker Ipswich
Goddard & Conder Haberdasher Ipswich
Goddard, Daniel Poole Unicorn Inn Ipswich
Goddard, Daniel Poole Fire Office Agent Ipswich
Goddard, Danl. Poore Brewer, Wine & Spirits Ipswich
Goddard, Harvey Baker Botesdale
Godfrey, Rowland Watch & Clock Maker Sudbury
Godgeon, R. Auctioneers Bury St.Edmunds
Goer, James Ironmonger Bury St.Edmunds
Golder, Wm. Compasses Inn Lowestoft
Golding, Joseph Butcher Sudbury
Golding, Wm. Carrier Clare
Golding, Wm. Gun Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Golding, Wm. Fellmonger & Tanner Hadleigh
Golding, Wm. Butcher Sudbury
Goldsmith, Charles Grocer, Tailor & Draper Ixworth
Goldsmith, Jno. Corn & Seed, Wine & Spirit Ixworth
Goldsmith, John General Dealer Southwold
Goldsmith, Thomas Agent Sudbury
Goldsmith, Thomas Tailor Sudbury
Gonner, John Cherry Tree Inn Debenham
Gonner, John Auctioneer Debenham
Gooch, James Wyard Surgeon Framlingham
Goodale, John Cooper Clare
Goodale, Thomas Cooper Clare
Gooday, Robert Baker Sudbury
Goodchild, Hannah Miss Postmistress Ipswich
Goodchild, J.jun. Boot & Shoe Maker Ipswich
Goodchild, Widow Butcher Clare
Gooding, Ebenezer Merchant & Miller Ipswich
Gooding, Geo. Dentist Ipswich
Gooding, John Waggon & Horses Inn Ipswich
Gooding, Richd. Brick Maker & Potter Ipswich
Gooding, Wm. Bear & Crown Inn Ipswich
Gooding, Wm. Bricklayer Ipswich
Gooding, Wm. Brick Maker Needham Market
Goodrich, James Cooper Mildenhall
Goodrich, Robert Cooper Brandon
Goodrich, Robert Cock Inn Clare
Goodwin, Amos Grocer & Cheesemonger Ipswich
Goodwin, George Plumber, Painter & Glazier Bury St.Edmunds
Goodwin, Jasper Twine Spinner Southwold
Goodwin, John Bricklayer Debenham
Goodwin, Thos. Bricklayer Debenham
Goodwin, Wm. Bricklayer Debenham
Goodwin, Wm. Cabinet Maker Woodbridge
Goodwyn, James Currier Framlingham
Goodwyn, James Curriers & Leather Cutter Woodbridge
Goody, Samuel Grocer & Draper Clare
Gordon, J. Furniture Broker Ipswich
Gosling, Aldis Butcher Woodbridge
Gosling, Jeremiah Corn Chandler Stow Market
Gosling, John Smith Ipswich
Gosling, Wm. Grocer & Draper Nayland
Goss, John Grocer & Cheesemonger Ipswich
Gowing, David Miller Debenham
Gowing, Geo. S. Fish Curer Lowestoft
Gowing, Jn. S. & G.S. Agents Lowestoft
Gowing, John S. Fish Curer Lowestoft
Gowing, Stephen Fire Office Agent Lowestoft
Gowing, Stephen Booksel'r, Stat'nr, Printr Lowestoft
Gowing, Stephen Watchmaker Lowestoft
Graham, Robt. Butchers Bury St.Edmunds
Graham, Robt. Furniture Broker Mildenhall
Graves, Robt. Tailor Bury St.Edmunds
Graves, Robt. Perfumer & Hair Cutter Ipswich
Gray, Edward Grocer Hadleigh
Gray, Thos. Saddler & Harness Maker Ipswich
Grayson, Matthew Seed Merchant Bury St.Edmunds
Grayston, J. Haberdasher Bury St.Edmunds
Graystone, Elizabeth China & Glass Dealer Bury St.Edmunds
Greaves, Wm. China, Glass & c Ipswich
Green, Henry Merchants Brandon
Green, J. Cabinet Maker Brandon
Green, James Bricklayer Sudbury
Green, Jn. Butcher Lavenham
Green, Mary Tailor Hadleigh
Green, Misses Academy Ipswich
Green, Richard Bookseller & Stationer Framlingham
Green, Thos. Bricklayer Ipswich
Green, Wm. Surgeon Ixworth
Greengrass, Christopher Baker Stow Market
Greengrass, Wm. Vet. Surgeon & Blacksmith Botesdale
Grief, J. Cabinet Maker Brandon
Grigson, George Saddler Beccles
Grimmer, Nathaniel Tailor Bury St.Edmunds
Grimwade, John Bookseller Hadleigh
Grimwade, John Academy Hadleigh
Grimwade, Robt. Chemist & Druggist Hadleigh
Grimwade, Robt. China & Glass Dealer Hadleigh
Grimwood, Charles Ironmonger Saxmundham
Grimwood, Jos. Grocer & Tea Dealer Sudbury
Grimwood, Thos. Timber Merchant Ipswich
Grimwood, Thos. Slate Merchant Woodbridge
Grimwood, Thos. Timber Merchant Woodbridge
Grimwood, Z. Carrier Needham Market
Grinley, Jacob Pastry Cook Bury St.Edmunds
Griss, Henry Baker Lavenham
Groom, Robt. Boot & Shoe Maker Needham Market
Groom, Samuel Carpenter Ipswich
Groom, Wm. Ironmonger Bury St.Edmunds
Groom, Wm. Boot & Shoe Maker Mendlesham
Groome, John Perfumer & Hair Cutter Bury St.Edmunds
Gross & Thompson Grocer & Cheese Monger Woodbridge
Gross, Chas. Attorney Ipswich
Gross, Harry Tailor Woodbridge
Gross, Henry Linen Draper Woodbridge
Gross, Jas. Basket Makers Woodbridge
Gross, Philip Tanner Woodbridge
Gross, Sarah Mrs. Academy Woodbridge
Gross, Thomas Ironmonger Stow Market
Gross, Thos. Agent Stow Market
Gross, Wm. Customs Comptroller Woodbridge
Growes, John & Son Surgeons Bildeston
Growse, John Surgeons Hadleigh
Gudgeon, Geo. Watch & Clock Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Gudgeon, James Attorney Stow Market
Gudgeon, John Watch & Clock Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Gudgeon, Robt. Hatter Bury St.Edmunds
Gudgeon, Widow Castle Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Guest, Ralph Professor & Teacher Bury St.Edmunds
Gullon, John Leather Breeches Maker Hadleigh
Gunn, Fenn Plumber Debenham
Gunnell, Thos. Bunbury Arms Inn Mildenhall
Gunter, Thomas Currier Halesworth
Gunton, Elizabeth Milliner, Dress, Straw Hat Clare
Gunton, Gabriel Walter Auctioneer Clare
Gunton, Walter Agent Sudbury
Gunton, Walter Chemist & Druggist Sudbury
Gurdon, George Watchmaker & Jeweller Hadleigh
Gurneys & Co. Bankers Lowestoft
Gurneys & Son Bankers Bungay
Gurneys, Turner & Co. Bankers Framlingham
Gurneys, Turner & Co. Bankers Saxmundham
Gurneys, Turner, Bankers Halesworth
Gurneys,Turner,Brightwen Banker Beccles
Gurteen, Daniel Fustian Manufacturer Haverhill
Guttridge, John Horse Dealer Bury St.Edmunds
Habberton, Thomas Tailor Needham Market
Hacorn, James Gardener & Seedsman Lowestoft
Haddock, Wm. Rev. Academy Botesdale
Haggar, Saml. Swan Inn Needham Market
Hague, Ann Academy Bury St.Edmunds
Haill, Geo. Gen. Dealer in Groceries Ipswich
Hailstone, J. Draper, Grocer & Wine Botesdale
Hailstone, Wm. Grocer & Draper Mildenhall
Hale, John Carpenter Nayland
Hale, Robt. Vine Inn Nayland
Hall, Chas. Timber Merch. Haverhill
Hall, Edwd. Baker & Confectioner Brandon
Hall, J. Timber Merch. & Builder Haverhill
Hall, J.R. Customs Surveyor Woodbridge
Hall, James Plumber, Painter&glazier Beccles
Hall, James Hermitage Inn Beccles
Hall, Thomas Boot & Shoe Maker Beccles
Hall, Thos. Timber Merch. Haverhill
Halls, Mrs. Straw Hat Maker Stow Market
Halls, Shepherd Plumber, Painter & Glazier Stow Market Stow Market
Hamblin, George King's Head Inn Hadleigh
Hamblin, John Crown Inn Ipswich
Hamblin, John Easto Baker Woodbridge
Hamblin, Mary Straw Hat Maker Ipswich
Hamblin, N. Anchor Inn Ipswich
Hamilton, Wm. Surgeon Ipswich
Hammant, ------ Butcher Lowestoft
Hammond, Chas. Surgeon Ipswich
Hammond, George White Lion Inn Eye
Hammond, James Basket Maker Clare
Hammond, James Postmaster Clare
Hammond, John Watch Maker Clare
Hammond, Wm. Butcher Bungay
Hammond, Wm. Attorney Ipswich
Hammond, Wm. Tankard Inn Ipswich
Hancock, Chas. Pastry Cook & Confectioner Ipswich
Harber, Daniel Tailor Eye
Harcourt, Frederick Ironmonger Ipswich
Harcourt, John Gun Maker Ipswich
Hardacre, George Bookseller & Tea Dealer Hadleigh
Harding, Charles Plumber, Painter & Glazier Sudbury
Hardman, Wm. Nail Maker Ipswich
Hare, Jabez Wireworker Ipswich
Hare, John Brewer Ipswich
Harmer, ---- Fire Office Agent Ipswich
Harmer, John D. Chemist & Druggist Ipswich
Harmer, John D. Chemist & Druggist Sudbury
Harmer, Robt. Grocer & Cheesemonger Ipswich
Harmer, Robt. & Co. Grocer & Cheesemonger Bury St.Edmunds
Harmer, Thos. & Son Worsted Yarn Manufacturer Bury St.Edmunds
Harper, Wm. Auctioneer Halesworth
Harper, Wm. Bookseller & Printer Halesworth
Harreld, Thomas Leather Breeches Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Harrington, James Attorney Clare
Harrington, John Professor & Teacher Bury St.Edmunds
Harris, Robt. Tailor Woodbridge
Harris, Robt. Horner Surgeon Botesdale
Harris, Wm. Watch Maker Mildenhall
Hart, J.G. Agent Stow Market
Hart, J.G. Postmaster Stow Market
Hart, John Tailor Framlingham
Hart, Thorndon Boot & Shoe Maker Hadleigh
Hart, Thornton Currier & Leather Cutter Hadleigh
Hart, Wm. Mill Inn Aldborough
Hart, Wm. General Dealer-Groceries Bury St.Edmunds
Hartridge, Henry Bricklayer Woodbridge
Hartridge, Wm. Cabinet Maker Woodbridge
Harvey, Abraham Baker Bury St.Edmunds
Harvey, Elizabeth Five Bells Inn Brandon
Harvey, Frederick Builder Ipswich
Harvey, Jas. Linen Draper Bury St.Edmunds
Harvey, John Customs Comptroller Aldborough
Harvey, John Farrier Lowestoft
Harvey, Jos. Academy Halesworth
Harvey, Robert Alborgh Merchant Bungay
Harvey, Robt. Baker Bury St.Edmunds
Harvey, Samuel Tailor Debenham
Harveys & Hudsons Bankers Bungay
Harveys & Hudsons Bankers Southwold
Hasell, Mrs. Academy Hadleigh
Hast, Joseph Baker Bildeston
Hasted, William Saddler & Harness Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Hatch, Jas. Saddler & Harness Maker Ipswich
Hatcher, J. Black Swan Inn Beccles
Haward, Chas. Corn Dealer Beccles
Haward, Leonard King's Arms Inn Woodbridge
Haward, Samuel Stone Mason Bungay
Haward, Samuel Stone Mason Beccles
Haward, Samuel Surgeon Halesworth
Haward, Samuel Auctioneer Lowestoft
Haward, Samuel Grocer & Cheesemonger Lowestoft
Hawkins, Joseph Plumber, Painter & Glazier Hadleigh
Hawkins, Joshua Grocer & Draper Lavenham
Hawkins, Wm. Timber Merchant Sudbury
Haxell, Ebenezer Academy Halesworth
Haxell, Owen Academy & Agent Saxmundham
Haxell, S. Black Bell Inn Ipswich
Hayward & Baxter Merchant Ipswich
Hayward, George Butcher Needham Market
Hayward, J. Fruiterer Ipswich
Hayward, Jas. Butchers Bury St.Edmunds
Hayward, R. Turner & Chair Maker Woodbridge
Hayward, Robt. Turner Ipswich
Hayward, Sarah Milliner Bury St.Edmunds
Hayward, Stephen Dyer & Scourer Ipswich
Hayward, Wm. Tailor Hadleigh
Hayward, Wm. Gen. Dealer in Groceries Ipswich
Hayward, Wm. Baker Sudbury
Head, Edward Fellmonger Bury St.Edmunds
Head, Samuel Furniture Broker Woodbridge
Heap, Nephew Butchers Bury St.Edmunds
Hearn, Mrs. Milliner & Dress Maker Stow Market
Hearn, Robert Tailor Stow Market
Henshaw, Wm. Carver & Gilder Ipswich
Hepworth, Wm. Rev. Academy Botesdale
Herbert, Joseph Crape Manufacturer Sudbury
Herbert, Peter Wheelwright Hadleigh
Heward, Mrs. Ladies Boarding Academy Clare
Hewes, Jas. Baker Ipswich
Hewes, Philip & Mary Grocer & Cheesemonger Bury St.Edmunds
Hewes, Philip & Mary Curriers & Leather Cutter Bury St.Edmunds
Hewett, Saml. Carpenter Ipswich
Hewitt, Edward B. Linen Draper Halesworth
Hewitt, Saml. Gen. Dealer in Groceries Ipswich
Hewson, Thomas Saddler Clare
Hibble, Thomas Woollen Manufacturer Sudbury
Hicks, Wm. Plumber, Painter & Glazier Lowestoft
Hill, Daniel Baker Beccles
Hill, Eliz. Grocer & Cheesemonger Lowestoft
Hill, Francis Gen. Dealer in Groceries Ipswich
Hill, Isaac Furniture Broker Ipswich
Hill, Robert Boot & Shoe Maker Bildeston
Hill, Wm. Bookseller & Printer Sudbury
Hills, George Wheelwright Clare
Hills, Thomas Butcher Mildenhall
Hindes, Edward Farriers Beccles
Hindes, Henry Rope Maker Beccles
Hindes, Thomas Farriers Beccles
Hindes, Thos. Horse & Groom Inn Beccles
Hinnill, Mary Ann Milliner Bury St.Edmunds
Hitchcock, Jn. White Horse Inn Sudbury
Hitchcock, John Coffee House Inn Sudbury
Hitchcock, Thomas Worsted Yarn Manuf. Lavenham
Hobart, J.& C. Academy Stow Market
Hobart, John Academies Bildeston
Hobart, Wm. Watch & Clock Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Hogg, Henry Tailor Lowestoft
Hogg, Robt. Carrier Halesworth
Hogger, Thos. Wheelwright Lavenham
Holborow, Robert Hop Merchant Hadleigh
Holland, Wm. Grocer Bungay
Hollingdale, John Three Tons Inn Bungay
Hollingdale, John Post Master Bungay
Holman & Roberts Linen Draper Bury St.Edmunds
Holman, John Linen Draper Sudbury
Holmes, J. Dyers & Scourers Bury St.Edmunds
Holton, Edward Butcher Nayland
Hooker, Francis Jas. Chemist & Druggist Ipswich
Hopson, Henry Basket Maker Halesworth
Hopson, Wm. Basket Makers Beccles
Hopson, Wm. Saddler Halesworth
Horkins, E. Milliner & Dress Maker Woodbridge
Horn, Wm. Ship Chandler Woodbridge
Houchin, Wm. Grocer & Linen Draper Hadleigh
Houghton, Edwd. Cabinet Maker Haverhill
Houghton, Wm. Boot & Shoemaker Bury St.Edmunds
How, John King's Head Aldborough
How, John Cooper Bury St.Edmunds
Howard, Jn. Coach Maker Ixworth
Howard, Thos. Cock Inn Lavenham
Howes, Abraham Seven Stars Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Howes, J. Cow and Gate Inn Ipswich
Howes, James Tinman Saxmundham
Howes, John Wheelwright Botesdale
Howes, Wm. Wheelwright Debenham
Howgego, Jeremiah Baker Ipswich
Howl, Wm. Baker Ipswich
Howland, Hen. Butcher Ipswich
Howlet's Carriers Beccles
Howlett, Eliz. China & Glass Dealer Framlingham
Howorth, Wm. Rev. Academy Ipswich
Hoy, Jas. Carpenter Bury St.Edmunds
Hubbard, George Surgeon Bury St.Edmunds
Hubbard, John Watch & Clock Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Hubbard, Leonard Boot & Shoe Maker Brandon
Hudgell, Jonathan Greyhound Inn Stow Market
Hughes, Henry Fishmonger Sudbury
Hughes, John Furniture Broker Ipswich
Hughes, John Turner Ipswich
Hughes, Joseph Cooper Haverhill
Hugman, Joseph Currier Halesworth
Humm & Spilling Sacking Manufs. Lavenham
Humphreys & Head Seed Merchants Sudbury
Humphreys, Jn. Sail Maker Ipswich
Hunt, ---- Baker Ipswich
Hunt, Edwd. Books, Printing & Stationer Ipswich
Hunt, Geo. Carpenter Ipswich
Hunt, James Grocer & Linen Draper Stow Market
Hunt, Jas. Chequers Inn Brandon
Hunt, Jas. Agent Stow Market
Hunt, John Fox & Hounds Inn Stow Market
Hunt, Thomas Hatters Beccles
Hunt, Thos. Hosiery Manufacturer Bungay
Hunt, Wm. Ship Builder Aldborough
Hunter, Andrew & Son Auctioneers Bury St.Edmunds
Hunter, John Cabinet Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Hunton, Harley Butcher Bungay
Hurd, Benjamin Attorney Sudbury
Hurr, John Boot & Shoe Maker Southwold
Hurren, Benjamin Postmaster Hadleigh
Hutchinson, Wm. Linen Draper Eye
Hyde, Henry Boot & Shoe Maker Debenham
Hyslop, Jas. Grocer & Cheesemonger Ipswich
Ife, Edward Perfumer & Hair Cutter Beccles
Ilbrook, James Grocer & Cheesemonger Lowestoft
Iron, James Boot & Shoemaker Bury St.Edmunds
Iron, Oliver Cabinet Maker& Upholsterer Ipswich
Isaacson & Son Agent Mildenhall
Isaacson & Son Attorneys Mildenhall
Isaacson, John Auctioneer Clare
Jackaman, Jas. Coach Painter Ipswich
Jackaman, Simon Attorney & Coroner Ipswich
Jackaman, Simon Batley Attorney Ipswich
Jackson, Hen. Wm. Grocer Drapr & Wine Merch. Haverhill
Jackson, Postle Printer(Letterpress) Ipswich
Jackson, Postle Fire Office Agent Ipswich
Jackson, Thos. General Dealer-Groceries Bury St.Edmunds
Jackson, Wm. Basket Maker Ipswich
Jacob, Robert China & Glass Dealer Woodbridge
Jacobs, George Smith Eye
Jacobs, John Maltster Ipswich
James, John Carpenter Sudbury
James, Solomon Cotton Manufacturer Ipswich
Jannings, Charles Linen Draper Bury St.Edmunds
Jannings, Robert Grocer & Linen Draper Stow Market
Jaques, Robt. Grocer & Draper Ixworth
Jarman, Mary Straw Hat Maker Beccles
Jarman, Robt. B. Auctioneers Beccles
Jarmy, Wm. Wheel & Patten Maker Halesworth
Jarnay, John Smith Halesworth
Jarrard, Edwd. Baker Ipswich
Jarrett, James Miller Botesdale
Jarvis, John Carrier Clare
Jarvis, Thomas Canteen Inn Lowestoft
Jay, John Mason Baker Lowestoft
Jaye, John Watch & Clockmaker Ipswich
Jeaffreson, Wm. Surgeon Framlingham
Jefferson, Charles Tailor Halesworth
Jeffery, J. Cabinet Maker& Upholsterer Ipswich
Jeffree, John White Horse Inn Woodbridge
Jeffris, Robt. Gardener & Seedsman Ipswich
Jeffry, John Furniture Broker Ipswich
Jenkines, J. Bricklayer Ipswich
Jennings, Rt. Leather Breeches Maker Needham Market
Jessop, John Whitesmith & Ironmonger Framlingham
Jesup, Alexander Merchant Woodbridge
Jobson, C. Smack Inn Ipswich
Johnson & Co. Grocers & Drapers Aldborough
Johnson, Elizabeth Intelligence Office Bury St.Edmunds
Johnson, Isaac Land Surveyor Woodbridge
Johnson, Jas. Wine & Spirit Merchants Bury St.Edmunds
Johnson, Jas. Agent Bury St.Edmunds
Johnson, Richd. Basket Maker Bildeston
Johnson, Robt. Maltster Bury St.Edmunds
Johnson, Samuel Plumber, Painter & Glazier Lowestoft
Johnson, Wm. Bricklayer Bildeston
Jolly, Thomas Grocer & Draper Botesdale
Jones & Adkin Timber Merchants Sudbury
Jones, Anthony Surgeon Bildeston
Jones, Garwood Watch Maker Beccles
Jones, John Dentist Bury St.Edmunds
Jones, Josh Greyhound Inn Sudbury
Jones, Thos. Brewer, Wine & Spirits Sudbury
Jones, Wm. Baker Sudbury
Jones, Wm. Boot & Shoemaker Sudbury
Jordan, Henry Butcher Beccles
Joscelyne, John Cabinet Maker Stow Market
Joscelyne, John Auctioneer Stow Market
Joscelyne, Wm. Grocer & Draper Lavenham
Juby, Wm. Straw Hat Maker Ipswich
Kaliere, John Chemist & Druggist Bungay
Keeble, Edmund Salt Refiner Woodbridge
Keeble, Samuel Plumber, Painter & Glazier Sudbury
Keer, George Brooke Brewer, Wine Merch., Maltster Framlingham
Kell, Wm. Dyer & Scourer Woodbridge
Kelsey, John Golden Lion Inn Sudbury
Kemp, John White Hart Inn Woodbridge
Kemp, Richard Hare & Hounds Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Kemp, Robert Bricklayers Bury St.Edmunds
Kemp, Wm. Shipwright's Arms Inn Ipswich
Kemp, Wm. Ironmonger Woodbridge
Kent, John Brazier Beccles
Kerridge, Geo. China, Glass & c Ipswich
Kerridge, Geo. Boot & Shoe Maker Saxmundham
Kerridge, James Tailor Woodbridge
Kerridge, John Bricklayers Bury St.Edmunds
Kerridge, Oliver Boot & Shoe Maker Ipswich
Kerridge, Wm. Carpenter Ipswich
Kerrison, Matthias Merchant Bungay
Kersey, Robert Saddler Hadleigh
Kersey, Thomas Bricklayer Aldborough
Keymer, Miss Milliner Hadleigh
Kidd, Mrs. Straw Hat Maker Woodbridge
Killington, Edward Green Dragon Inn Bungay
Kindred, Edmund Miller Framlingham
King, Charles Carpenter Halesworth
King, Danl. Joiners Arms Inn Southwold
King, Geo. Butcher Ipswich
King, James Baker Sudbury
King, James Hair Dresser Saxmundham
King, James Seed Merchants Sudbury
King, John Auctioneer Ipswich
King, John Printer(Letterpress) Ipswich
King, John Ironmonger Ipswich
King, John & Son Saddler Sudbury
King, John & Son Tailor Sudbury
King, John & Son Agent Sudbury
King, Joseph Ship Chandler Ipswich
King, Robert Carew Surgeon Saxmundham
King, Robt. Plumber, Painter & Glazier Ipswich
King, Samuel Butchers Bury St.Edmunds
King, Stephen Butcher Ipswich
King, Thomas Saddler Sudbury
King, Thomas Baker Sudbury
King, Thos. Butchers Bury St.Edmunds
King, Wm. Perfumer Framlingham
King, Wm. Boot & Shoemaker Framlingham
King, Wm. Furniture Broker Framlingham
King, Wm. Maltster Lavenham
Kingsbury & Margitson Attorneys Bungay
Kingsbury & Margitson Agents Bungay
Kingsbury, Thomas Butcher Sudbury
Kinnell, John Surgeon Framlingham
Kirk, Wm. China & Glass Dealer Stow Market
Kirk, Wm. Watchmaker Stow Market
Kitson, George Plumber, Painter & Glazier Bury St.Edmunds
Kitson, John Plumber, Painter & Glazier Bury St.Edmunds
Kloffer, William Tanner Ipswich
Knappett, James Boot & Shoe Maker Woodbridge
Knevett, John Academy Eye
Knight, Edward Saddler Debenham
Knight, Miss Academy Debenham
Knights, George Baker Beccles
Knights, Gideon Baker Lavenham
Knights, John King's Head Inn Needham Market
Knights, Jonathan Baker Lavenham
Lacon, Sir E.K.Bart & Co. Bankers Lowestoft
Lagdon, Robert Engraver Bury St.Edmunds
Lake, John Plasterer Ipswich
Lake, John Plasterer Sudbury
Lake, Wm. Swan Inn Eye
Lamb, George Grocer & Cheese Monger Woodbridge
Lamb, Henry Cabinet Maker Hadleigh
Lambert Wm. White Horse Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Lambert, Samuel Maltster Bury St.Edmunds
Lambeth, Stephen Furniture Broker Ipswich
Lane, Benj. Ferry Boat Inn Lowestoft
Lane, Benjamin Auctioneer Lowestoft
Lane, Benjamin Fish Salesman Lowestoft
Lane, John Carpenter Bungay
Langham, Charles Perfumer & Hair Cutter Stow Market
Langham, George Butchers Bury St.Edmunds
Langham, Joseph Butchers Bury St.Edmunds
Lankester, Frederick Bookseller & Stationer Bury St.Edmunds
Lankester, Jas. Stay Maker Ipswich
Lankester, John R. Tallow Chandler Woodbridge
Lankester, Josh Grocer & Linen Draper Stow Market
Lankester, Robert Butcher Woodbridge
Lankester, Susan Straw Hat Maker Woodbridge
Lanman, Mary Gen. Dealer in Groceries Ipswich
Lappage, Thomas Golden Lion Inn Ipswich
Lark, Henry Grocer & Draper Beccles
Last & Pooley Milliner Ipswich
Last, Bradbury Rising Sun Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Last, Isaac Attorney Hadleigh
Last, Joseph Wheelwright Ipswich
Last, Samuel Blacksmith Debenham
Last, William Musical Instrument Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Last, Wm. Cooper Debenham
Last, Wm. Coach Maker Mildenhall
Lawes, James Bear & Bells Inn Beccles
Lawrence, George Cooper Eye
Lawrence, John Grocer & Cheesemonger Bury St.Edmunds
Lawrence, Joseph Boot & Shoe Maker Stow Market
Lawrence, Joseph Currier & Leather Cutter Stow Market
Lawrence, Wm. Bricklayer Eye
Laws, Samuel Plumber Southwold
Leabon, Geo. Mariners Inn Lowestoft
Leach, ---- Merchant & Miller Ipswich
Leach, Charles Denton Attorney Bury St.Edmunds
Leake Offord & Son Attorney Hadleigh
Leaning, John Statuary & Mason Sudbury
Learold, Wm. Hy. Baker Beccles
Leath, Miss Academy Ipswich
Leatherdale, Thomas Postmaster Eye
Leatherdale, Thomas Grocer & Draper Eye
Leavold, Thos. Linen Draper Ipswich
Lee, George Whitesmith Framlingham
Lee, J. Post Master Aldborough
Lee, Mary Carrier Nayland
Lee, Robt. Miller Lavenham
Lee, Thomas Bricklayer Nayland
Leek, Stephen Basket Maker Framlingham
Leek, Stephen Baker Framlingham
Leeke, Cullum S. Basket Makers Woodbridge
Leeke, Cullum S. Miller Woodbridge
Leeks, Charles Tailor Sudbury
Lees, John Baker Clare
Leggatt, James Hosiery Manufacturer Framlingham
Leggatt, John Wheelwright Framlingham
Leggatt, Richard Wheelwright Framlingham
Leggett, John Cabinet Maker Bungay
Legrice, J. & Son Attorney Bury St.Edmunds
Leman, Saml. Auctioneer Ixworth
Lenny, John Grimsby Surveyor Bury St.Edmunds
Leonard, A. Blacksmith Haverhill
Leverett, Henry Cabinet Maker& Upholsterer Ipswich
Levitt, Isaac Boot & Shoe Maker Woodbridge
Levy, Lazarus Slop Seller Ipswich
Lewis, George Surgeon Sudbury
Lilley, John Academy Hadleigh
Lillistone & Crickmore Merchants Beccles
Limmer, John Grocer & Cheesemonger Ipswich
Limmer, Wm. Baker Bury St.Edmunds
Lincoln, Benj. Corbould Watch Maker & Jeweler Aldborough
Lincoln, Jn. Salter Grocer & Cheesemonger Lowestoft
Lincoln, Jn. Salter Fish Curer Lowestoft
Lincoln, Joseph J. Baker Saxmundham
Lincoln, Wm. Jolly Maltster Inn Lowestoft
Lincoln, Wm. Fish Salesman Lowestoft
Lincoln, Wm. jun. Fish Curer Lowestoft
Lincoln, Wm. sen. Fish Curer Lowestoft
Lincolne, Wm. Grocer & Draper Halesworth
Ling, Jas. Printer(Copperplate) Ipswich
Ling, John Grocer & Linen Draper Hadleigh
Ling, John Patten Maker Ipswich
Ling, John Miller Mendlesham
Ling, M. Straw Hat Maker Lowestoft
Lingwood, Ann Furriers Brandon
Little, John Agent Bury St.Edmunds
Little, John Bookseller & Stationer Bury St.Edmunds
Liveing, Edward Surgeon Nayland
Lloyd, ---- Carrier Haverhill
Lloyd, ------ Plumber, Painter & Glazier Hadleigh
Lloyd, Francis Gen. Dealer in Groceries Ipswich
Lock, Edward Surgeon Debenham
Lock, Joseph Butchers Bury St.Edmunds
Lock, Michael Sword in Hand Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Lock, Nathan Auctioneers Bury St.Edmunds
Lockwood, Edward Academy Bury St.Edmunds
Lockwood, Edward Baker Stow Market
Lockwood, Edward Miller Stow Market
Lockwood, Edwd. Agent Bury St.Edmunds
Lockwood, Edwd. Fox Inn Stow Market
Lockwood, Robert Carpenter & Organ Builder Bungay
Lockwood, Wm. Bricklayers Beccles
Lockwood, Wm. Builder, Cement Manuf. Woodbridge
Loder, Charles Grocer & Cheese Monger Woodbridge
Loder, John Bookseller, Statnr, Prntr Woodbridge
Loder, John Agent Woodbridge
Loffts, John Magpie Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Loffts, Thomas Two Brewers Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Loft & Ling Merchant Woodbridge
Loft, George Cock & Pie Inn Woodbridge
Loft, George Merchant Woodbridge
Lofts, Wm. Grocer & Draper Mildenhall
London, James Hatter Woodbridge
London, John Hatter Halesworth
London, John Hatter Woodbridge
Long, John Farrier Ipswich
Long, William Plumber, Painter & Glazier Mildenhall
Lord, Ruben Baker Needham Market
Love, John Cabinet Maker Beccles
Love, John Perfumer & Hair Cutter Beccles
Lowe, Chas. Miller Ixworth
Lowe, Jn. & Hustler Millers Ixworth
Loyns, Simon Booksellers & Stationers Beccles
Lucas, Thos. Boot & Shoe Maker Needham Market
Luckey, John Baker Bildeston
Ludbrook, John Grocer, Draper, Boot, Shoe Debenham
Ludbrook, John Auctioneer Framlingham
Lummis, William Wheelwright Mendlesham
Lummis, William sen. Carpenter Mendlesham
Lungley, Mrs. Academy Woodbridge
Lusher, Randall Hatter Bungay
Lyas, Wm. Carpenter Stow Market
Lydmore, James Ship Inn Beccles
Lygatt, James Agent Framlingham
Lyna, Geo. Doughty Surgeon Woodbridge
Lynes, Thomas Blacksmith Hadleigh
Lynn, James Physician Bury St.Edmunds
Lyons, Samuel Gen. Dealer in Groceries Ipswich
Maclean, L.Knight Sir Physician Sudbury
Macmillan & Maclaren Grocer & Cheesemonger Ipswich
Maggs, James Academy Southwold
Main, Wm. Tailor Bury St.Edmunds
Major, Hen. Traverse Tailor Bury St.Edmunds
Makin, Robert Grocer & Draper Bildeston
Making, Abraham Saddler Lavenham
Mallett, Jonathan Tailor Woodbridge
Mallett, Wm. Baker Woodbridge
Mallett, Wm. Volunteer Inn Woodbridge
Mallett, Wm. Plumber, Painter & Glazier Woodbridge
Mallows, Charles Grocer & Cheesemonger Bury St.Edmunds
Manby, John Merchant & Miller Woodbridge
Mann, John Basket Maker Debenham
Mann, Richard Merchant Bungay
Mann, Thos. Spotted Dog Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Manning, G. Tailor Ipswich
Manning, John Currier & Leather Cutter Stow Market
Manning, Peter White & Gunsmith Lavenham
Manning, R, Tallow Chandler Ipswich
Manning, Rt. Fishmonger Ipswich
Manning, Wm. Chemist & Druggist Framlingham
Manning, Wm. Carpenter Ipswich
Mant, Thos. Physician Ipswich
Manthorpe, S. Waggon & Horses Inn Woodbridge
Mantle, Wm. Blacksmith Framlingham
Mapes, John King's Head Inn Beccles
Maplestone, Charles Cabinet Maker Beccles
Maplestone, Charles jun. Limeburner Beccles
Maplestone, Frns. White Lion Inn Aldborough
Marchant, Wm. Bookseller & Schoolmaster Haverhill
Markhall, Samuel Brazier Bildeston
Markham, Charles Angel Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Markham, John Bricklayer Woodbridge
Markham, Samuel Boot & Shoemaker Framlingham
Markland, Edwin Chemist & Druggist Ipswich
Marriott & Son Attorney Stow Market
Marsh, Nathnl. Pastry Cook & Confectioner Ipswich
Marsh, Sarah Straw Hat Maker Eye
Marsh, Wm. Saddler & Fellmonger Eye
Marshall, Edwd. Butcher Ipswich
Marshall, John Butcher Ipswich
Marshall, Misses Academy Framlingham
Marshall, Thomas Tailor Nayland
Marston, Wm. Woolen Draper Ipswich
Martin & Son Carpenter & Builder Clare
Martin's Carriers Bildeston
Martin, George Surgeon Clare
Martin, James Red Lion Inn Southwold
Martin, James Carrier Southwold
Martin, James Grocer & Cheese Monger Woodbridge
Martin, John Swan Inn Clare
Martin, John Surgeon Haverhill
Martin, John Saddler Lowestoft
Martin, Stephen Boot & Shoe Maker Woodbridge
Maskall, Edward Baker Hadleigh
Mason & May Cheese & Butter Factor Ipswich
Mason, Hannah Furniture Broker Bury St.Edmunds
Mason, Jonathan Ironmonger Bury St.Edmunds
Mason, Richard Ship Inn Lowestoft
Mason, Thomas Rev. Academy Ipswich
Masters, Jas. Tailor Ipswich
Masterson, Wm. Fish Curer Lowestoft
Masterson, Wm. Fish Salesman Lowestoft
Maton, Ann Milliner Ipswich
Matt, Wm. Furriers Brandon
Mattham, Thos. Black Lion Inn Lavenham
Matthew, Fredk. Grocer & Cheese Monger Woodbridge
Matthews, Joseph Gen. Dealer in Groceries Ipswich
Matthews, Wm. Cabinet Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Maulkin, Joseph Wine & Spirit Merchants Bury St.Edmunds
Maulkin, Joseph Maltster Bury St.Edmunds
Maw, John Tallow Chandler Ipswich
Maw, John China, Glass & c Ipswich
Maw, Thomas Paper Mkr. Needham Market
Maxim, Jas. Six Bells Inn Bury St.Edmunds
May, John jun. Cheese & Butter Factor Ipswich
Mayes, Abraham Boot & Shoemaker Bury St.Edmunds
Mayes, Joseph Queen's Head Inn Ipswich
Mayhew, Jeremiah Baker Brandon
Mayhew, John Baker Beccles
Mayhew, John Rose & Crown Inn Bungay
Mayhew, John Linen Draper Beccles
Mayhew, John Chemist & Druggist Beccles
Mayhew, Mary & Martha Milliner & Dress Maker Woodbridge
Mayhew, Susan Milliner Framlingham
Mayhew, Thomas Hop Seller Sudbury
Mayhew, Wm. Corn Dealer Woodbridge
Mays, John Gardener & Seedsman Lowestoft
Mayse, Edward Millwright Stow Market
Meadows, Chas. Perfumer & Hair Cutter Ipswich
Meadows, Chas. Tin Plate Worker & Brazier Ipswich
Meadows, John Carpenter Framlingham
Meadows, W. H. Spirit Merch.& Maltster Halesworth
Mears, Robert Butcher Sudbury
Measures, John Tailor Framlingham
Medows, John Druggist & Farrier Clare
Meekin, Saml. Baker Lavenham
Meekin, Wm. Worsted Yarn Manuf. Lavenham
Meeking, Thos. Grocer & Cheesemonger Bury St.Edmunds
Meggs, Wm. Blacksmith Sudbury
Melles, Robert Plumber, Glazier & Painter Aldborough
Mendham & Sons Grocer & Cheesemonger Ipswich
Mendham, Henry Coach Maker Eye
Merry, John Baker Stow Market
Middleditch, Chs. Ram Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Middleditch, Saml. Coach & Horses Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Miggs, Wm. Whitesmith Sudbury
Miles, Edmund Tea Dealer Woodbridge
Miles, Richard Cabinet Maker Woodbridge
Miles, Thomas Brickmaker Woodbridge
Miller, Eliz. Straw Hat Maker Ipswich
Miller, James Carpenter Bury St.Edmunds
Miller, Jn. Haberdasher Ipswich
Miller, John Furniture Broker Ipswich
Miller, John & Son Grocer & Cheesemonger Ipswich
Miller, John & Son Linen Draper Ipswich
Miller, Richard Attorneys Lowestoft
Miller, William Saddler & Harness Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Miller, Wm. Furniture Broker Ipswich
Mills, ------- Cow and Pail Inn Ipswich
Mills, Edward Watch & Clock Maker Bungay
Mills, J. Black Horse Inn Ipswich
Mills, James W. Saddler Sudbury
Mills, Jas. Shoulder of Mutton Inn Lavenham
Mills, Jn. Boot & Shoemaker Lavenham
Mills, John Crown Inn Beccles
Mills, John Grocer, Draper, Tallow Chdlr Nayland
Mills, Shepherd Boot & Shoe Maker Saxmundham
Mills, Wm. Grocer & Draper Lavenham
Mills, Wm. Cabinet Maker Lavenham
Mills, Wm. Farrier Nayland
Mills, Wm. Anchor Inn Nayland
Mills, Wm. Saddler & Ironmonger Stow Market
Mills,Nunn,Bawtree&Nunn Bankers Hadleigh
Mingay, Geo. Surgeon Bury St.Edmunds
Minns, Nathaniel J. Linen Draper Bungay
Minter,Wm. Flood Ship Inn Ipswich
Mitchell, Samuel Linen Draper Bungay
Moor, Charles Agent Woodbridge
Moore, Charles Attorney Woodbridge
Moore, Edward Queen's Head Inn Woodbridge
Moore, Francis Cross Inn Woodbridge
Moore, Isaac Swan Inn Halesworth
Moore, John Prince of Wales Inn Bungay
Moore, John Baker Eye
Moore, John Butcher Needham Market
Moore, John Customs Collector Woodbridge
Moore, Robert Butcher Sudbury
Morley, James Corn Merchant Mildenhall
Morley, James Ram Inn Mildenhall
Morley, Wm. China & Glass Dealer Woodbridge
Morris, Jesse T. Surgeon Bungay
Morris, Josh M. Printer Bungay
Mortimer, J. Seabrook White Hart Inn Nayland
Mortimer, J.J. Bricklayer Nayland
Mortlake, Wm. Watch Maker Clare
Mortlock, Henry Blacksmith Bury St.Edmunds
Mortlock, Jas. Carpenter Bury St.Edmunds
Mortlock, Thos. Tailor Brandon
Moss, ---- Carrier Stow Market
Moss, Thos. Tailor Ipswich
Moss, Wm. Crown Inn Eye
Mounser, Clement Tailor Eye
Mount, John Maltster Needham Market
Mountain, Francis Horse Dealer Bury St.Edmunds
Mountain, Thomas Horse Dealer Bury St.Edmunds
Mower & Jennings Timber Merchants Bury St.Edmunds
Mower, Jennings Merchants Bury St.Edmunds
Moyse, Jas. Blacksmith Bury St.Edmunds
Mudd, Geo. Merchant & Miller Ipswich
Mudd, George Grocer & Spirit Merchant Eye
Mudd, Wm. Surgeons Hadleigh
Mulley, Gregory Carpenter Ipswich
Mulley, John Furriers Brandon
Mulley, John Bricklayer Ipswich
Mullinger, Ann King's Arms Inn Bungay
Mullinger, John Butchers Bury St.Edmunds
Multis, John Surgeon Bury St.Edmunds
Muncey, Peter Bell Inn Mildenhall
Muncey, Wm. Furriers Brandon
Munro, A. Brazier Bury St.Edmunds
Munro, Mary Academy Bury St.Edmunds
Murrell, Chas. Plumber, Painter & Glazier Woodbridge
Murrells, John Farrier Sudbury
Murrells, W. Unicorn Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Musgrave, John Tailor Sudbury
Musgrave, Thomas Woollen Manufacturer Sudbury
Musgrave, Wm. Woollen Manufacturer Sudbury
Musk, Edmund Saddler Halesworth
Must, John Plough Inn Sudbury
Must, Mary Anchor Inn Sudbury
Nand, John Smith Beccles
Nash, John Spooner Chemist & Druggist Lowestoft
Nash, Richd. White Hart Inn Brandon
Nash, Wm. Surgeon Ipswich
Nash, Wm. Slopseller Needham Market
Naunton, Charles Baker Southwold
Naunton, Chas. Boot & Shoe Maker Southwold
Naunton, John Baker Southwold
Naylor, Jn. Linen & Woolen Draper Eye
Neal, Chas. Stay Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Neal, Joseph Blacksmith Bury St.Edmunds
Neeve, Benj. Land & Coast Waiter Woodbridge
Neeves, Thos. Baker Ipswich
Neobard, Jn. Tailor & Draper Lavenham
Neslan, Wm. Plumber, Painter & Glazier Lowestoft
Newby, Thomas Grocer & Draper Brandon
Newby, Thomas C. Bookseller & Stationer Bury St.Edmunds
Newdick, Henry Carrier Bury St.Edmunds
Newdick, Henry General Dealer-Groceries Bury St.Edmunds
NewelL, John Bull Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Newman, Sarah Saddler & Harness Maker Ipswich
Newsom, Samuel Boot & Shoemaker Halesworth
Newson, H. Feathers Inn Ipswich
Newson, H. White Elm Inn Ipswich
Newson, John Curriers & Leather Cutters Bungay
Newson, John Furniture Broker Ipswich
Newson, Saml. Vine Inn Ipswich
Newson, Stephen Bricklayer Halesworth
Newson, Wm. Cooper Bungay
Nicholls, Stephen Butcher Beccles
Noller, John Carrier Ipswich
Noller, Samuel Carrier Debenham
Noller, Wm. Tanner Eye
Nolloth, Wm. H. Silversmith & Watch Maker Bungay
Norbrook, Jas. Saddler & Harness Maker Ipswich
Norbrook, Wm. George & Dragon Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Norfolk, Gregory Baker Hadleigh
Norman, John Builder Beccles
Norman, Rt. Brush & Patten Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Norman, William Cutler Ipswich
Norris & Ablitt Tin Plate Worker & Brazier Ipswich
Norton, Jas. Brick Maker & Potter Ipswich
Norton, Thomas Chemist & Druggist Beccles
Notcutt, Geo. Academies Bildeston
Notcutt, Stephen Abbott Attorney Ipswich
Nott, Samuel Fustian Manufacturer Haverhill
Nunn, Charles Carpenter & Agent Eye
Nunn, Job Butcher Ipswich
Nunn, John Miller Botesdale
Nunn, John Butchers Bury St.Edmunds
Nunn, Joseph Brazier Woodbridge
Nunn, Robert Bricklayer Bungay
Nunn, Robert Academy Eye
Nunn, Robert Professor & Teacher Bury St.Edmunds
Nunn, Thos. Butcher Bildeston
Nursey, Henry Stonemason Halesworth
Oakes & Co. Bankers Clare
Oakes, Son & Co. Bankers Bury St.Edmunds
Oakes, Son & Co. Bankers Mildenhall
Oakes, Son & Co. Bankers Stow Market
Oakley, John White Horse Inn Framlingham
Offord, Robert Agent Hadleigh
Offord, Wm. Cutler Bury St.Edmunds
Oldham, S. Griffin Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Oldring, Henry Curriers & Leather Cutters Bungay
Oldring, Henry Tanner & Fellmonger Beccles
Oldring, Joseph Miller Beccles
Oldring, Joseph Baker Southwold
Olive, John Thomas Canteen Inn Ipswich
Oliver & Syer Grocer & Tea Dealer Sudbury
Oliver, Charles Carriers Sudbury
Oliver, George Grocer & Cheesemonger Bury St.Edmunds
Oliver, Jas Tallow Chandler Ipswich
Olley, Susan Milliner & Dress Maker Lowestoft
Orams, Thomas Smith Stow Market
Orbell, J. Veterinary Surgeon Ipswich
Orbell, Joseph Miller Sudbury
Orford, John Leather Breeches Maker Hadleigh
Orman, Robt. Builder Ipswich
Osboldstone, John Plumber, Painter & Glazier Ipswich
Osborn, James Tailor Bildeston
Osborn, Saml. Basket Maker Ipswich
Osborn, Saunders Miller Woodbridge
Osborne & Fennell Merchant Aldborough
Osborne, Robert Plumber, Painter & Glazier Brandon
Osborne, Wm. Plumber, Glazier & Painter Aldborough
Oswald, Robert Auctioneers Beccles
Otzman, Henry Tailor Ipswich
Owen, Rev. Boarding Academie Beccles
Owles, James Grocer Bungay
Oxborrongh, Chas. Bricklayers Beccles
Oxborrow, Jas. Gun Maker Woodbridge
Oxley, Edwd. Chemist & Druggist Sudbury
Oxx, Sarah Grocer & Cheese Monger Woodbridge