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Help and advice for Pigot 1823-1824

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Pigot 1823-1824

Alphabetical Index to Pigot & Co. Directory of Suffolk, 1823 - 1824



Indexed by David Kolle, Melbourne, Australia



Name Occupation / Profession Location
Pace, John Silversmith & Jeweler Bury St.Edmunds
Pack, Talbot Plumber, Painter & Glazier Bury St.Edmunds
Packard, James Baker Saxmundham
Page, Edward Boot & Shoe Maker Eye
Page, Enos Mast, Oar, Block & Pump Mkr. Ipswich
Page, Robt. Baker Ipswich
Page, Thos. Gen. Dealer in Groceries Ipswich
Pain, David Corn Dealer Beccles
Pain, Wm. Postmaster Framlingham
Pain, Wm. Crown Inn Framlingham
Palfrey, John & Son Wool Factors Bury St.Edmunds
Palmer & Son Smiths Brandon
Palmer, Benj. Fishmonger Southwold
Palmer, Hen. Watch & Clock Maker Haverhill
Palmer, Henry Auctioneer Haverhill
Palmer, John Volunteer Inn Bungay
Palmer, John Red Lion Inn Woodbridge
Palmer, John Saddler & Harness Mkr. Woodbridge
Palmer, Peter Fishing Boat Inn Southwold
Palmer, Philip Gen. Dealer in Groceries Ipswich
Palmer, Philip Boot & Shoe Maker Lowestoft
Palmer, Robert Tailor Bungay
Palmer, Wm. Rose & Crown Inn Halesworth
Park, John Queen's Head Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Parke, Joseph Coach Maker Ipswich
Parker, Benjamin Gun Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Parker, Chas. Gun Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Parker, Philip Baker Ipswich
Parker, Wm. Bricklayer & Mason Needham Market
Parkes, Saml. Surveyor Ipswich
Parkhurst, Thomas Linen Draper Clare
Parsonson, George Basket Maker Sudbury
Parsonson, Widow Basket Maker Sudbury
Parsonson, Wm. Hatter Sudbury
Partridge, William Saddler & Harness Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Partridge, Wm. Brazier & Plumber Lavenham
Pask, Jas. Curriers & Leather Cutter Bury St.Edmunds
Patman, John Smith Beccles
Patrick, Mary Chequers Inn Bungay
Pattison, L. & Son Conveyance Ipswich
Pattisson, Wm. Linen Draper Woodbridge
Pattle, Thomas Grocer & Cheesemonger Bury St.Edmunds
Paul, George & Son Ironmonger Bury St.Edmunds
Paul, Miss Academy Stow Market
Paul, Thomas Academy Stow Market
Pawsey, Robert Grocer & Cheesemonger Bury St.Edmunds
Pawsey, S. Tailor Bury St.Edmunds
Pawsey, Wm. Baker Bury St.Edmunds
Payne, ----- Three Herrings Inn Lowestoft
Payne, Elizabeth China & Glass Dealer Woodbridge
Payne, J. Butcher Lowestoft
Payne, James Auctioneer Stow Market
Payne, Jas. Furniture Broker Stow Market
Payne, John Watchmaker Hadleigh
Payne, John Blacksmith Hadleigh
Payne, Mrs. Academy Bury St.Edmunds
Payne, Richard Surveyor Bury St.Edmunds
Payne, Simon Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer Ipswich
Payne, Wm. Attorney Botesdale
Peachey, J. Saddler Mildenhall
Peacock, Andrew Silk Manufacturer Sudbury
Peacock, John Tailor Bildeston
Peacock, Samuel Perfumer & Hair Cutter Bildeston
Pearce, John Grocer Bungay
Pearce, Joseph Straw Hat Maker Ipswich
Pearson & Lawrence Attorney Ipswich
Pearson, George Grocer & Draper Bildeston
Pearson, George Baker Clare
Pearson, Henry Three Kings Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Pearson, John Tailor Sudbury
Pearson, Poley White Lion Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Pechey, Elisha Saddler & Harness Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Peck, John Horse & Whiskey Inn Ipswich
Peck, Miss Academy Stow Market
Peck, Peter Fruiterer Bury St.Edmunds
Peck, Saml. One Bell Inn Beccles
Peck, Saml. Happy page Inn Ipswich
Pedgrift, Wm. Surgeon Halesworth
Pedgrist, John Bricklayers Beccles
Peel, Widow Chequers Inn Beccles
Pemberton, Joseph Tailor Sudbury
Pemberton, Robt. Cooper Framlingham
Penning, Roe & Son Carpenters & Wheelwrights Eye
Penning, Widow Chemist & Druggist Eye
Pennington, James Surgeon Needham Market
Pepper, Saml. Maltster Ipswich
Percey, Zephaniah Watch Maker Mendlesham
Percy, John Watch Maker Debenham
Perkins, T. Whitesmith Bury St.Edmunds
Perry, John jun. Tailor Ipswich
Perryman, Cornelius Welcome Sailor Ipswich
Perryman, Thos. Plasterer Ipswich
Petley, John Chemist & Druggist Mildenhall
Pett, Ellis Plumber, Painter & Glazier Halesworth
Pettit, J. Basket Maker Eye
Pettitt, John Baker Mildenhall
Pettitt, Wm. Black Boy Inn Sudbury
Philips, J. Bell Inn Botesdale
Phillips, John Cork Cutter Ipswich
Phillips, W. jun. Sun Inn Ipswich
Philpot, Wm. Anchor Inn Woodbridge
Pickess, Hy. Academies Bildeston
Pierson, Wm. Lee Grocer Beccles
Pilch, Mark Halberd Inn Ipswich
Pinckney, Isaac Wellington Inn Halesworth
Piney, Henry Academy Woodbridge
Pipe, ------ Perfumer & Hair Cutter Halesworth
Pipe, Benjamin Saddler Framlingham
Pipe, J. Coach and Horses Inn Ipswich
Pipe, John Cabinet Maker Bungay
Pipe, Wm. Boot & Shoe Maker Ipswich
Piper, Isaac Tailor Beccles
Piper, John George & Dragon Inn Beccles
Piper, Jonathan Blacksmith Hadleigh
Piper, Stephen Bookseller & Stationer Ipswich
Pitcher, Daniel Miller Woodbridge
Pitcher, John Wharfinger Woodbridge
Pitcher, Robt. Tailor Bury St.Edmunds
Pizzey, William Farrier Mendlesham
Planner & Pierce Milliner Ipswich
Playford, Samuel Printer Mildenhall
Pleasant, John Smith Halesworth
Pleasants, George Duke of Cumberland Inn Beccles
Plumb, Edward Farrier Bungay
Plumb, Jeremiah Miller Bury St.Edmunds
Plumb, John Galliot Hoy Inn Ipswich
Plume, John Three Tuns Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Podd, Henry Baker Hadleigh
Pointer, Robert Perfumer & Hair Cutter Beccles
Pointer, Wm. Hair Cutter Bungay
Pole, Briant Boot & Shoe Maker Hadleigh
Poll, Philip Watch & Clock Maker Bungay
Pollard, Charlotte Boat's Head Inn Ipswich
Pollard, Danl. Academy Ipswich
Pollard, John Watch House Inn Bungay
Pollard, Samuel Carpenter & Cabinet Maker Debenham
Poller, Wm. Royal Oak Inn Sudbury
Polly, Adam Green Dragon Inn Sudbury
Pond & Son Dyers Beccles
Poole, Misses Academy Bungay
Poole, Thos. Plumber Bildeston
Pooley, Henry Baker Woodbridge
Pooley, John Buck's Head Inn Debenham
Pooley, John Ship Inn Woodbridge
Porland, Robt. Red Lion Inn Beccles
Porter, Richd. Fire Office Agent Ipswich
Porter, Richd. Woolen Draper Ipswich
Porter, Thomas Boot & Shoe Maker Lowestoft
Portway, George Linen Draper Bury St.Edmunds
Pott, Thomas Postmaster Southwold
Potter, Golding George Inn Sudbury
Potter, John Gun Inn Ipswich
Potter, Robert Tailor Mendlesham
Poulter, Benj. Farrier Bury St.Edmunds
Powell, ----- Attorney Botesdale
Powell, James Gardener Woodbridge
Powell, Miss Academy Ipswich
Powling, Jas. Cooper Ipswich
Pratt, Adam Brick Maker Hadleigh
Pratt, George Boot & Shoe Maker Brandon
Pratt, Widow China & Glass Dealer Hadleigh
Prentice, Chas. Grocer & Linen Draper Southwold
Prentice, Elizabeth Butcher Ipswich
Prentice, Stephen Butcher Ipswich
Prentice, Thomas Merchant Stow Market
Prentice, Wm. Grocer & Linen Draper Stow Market
Preston, Edmund Salt Refiner Southwold
Preston, Miss Milliner & Dress Maker Stow Market
Preston, Saml. Academy Ixworth
Pretty, John Tailor Eye
Pretty, Mrs Academy Eye
Pretty, Robert Tailor Eye
Pretyman, Robert Surgeon Eye
Prigg, Robt. Tailor Bury St.Edmunds
Prime, Joseph Fishmonger Beccles
Primett, Thomas Butcher Beccles
Primett, Thomas White Horse Inn Beccles
Primrose, Benjamin Surgeon Mildenhall
Pritty, John Milliner & Haberdasher Hadleigh
Pritty, John Grocer Hadleigh
Pritty, Thomas Ironmonger Hadleigh
Pritty, Thomas China & Glass Dealer Hadleigh
Prynn, Richd. Tailor Bury St.Edmunds
Pugh, Hugh Fellmonger Ipswich
Pulham, James Attorney Woodbridge
Pulham, Jas. Agent Woodbridge
Punchard, Charles Tailor Lowestoft
Purkis, John Maltster Haverhill
Purr, John Smith Stow Market
Pursing, Richard Carpenter Lowestoft
Pye, John Boot & Shoe Maker Bungay
Pye, Wm. Boot & Shoe Maker Nayland
Pyet, Lot Bricklayer Stow Market
Pyett, Jonath. Shoulder of Mutton Inn Hadleigh
Pyman, Mrs. Milliner & Dress Maker Stow Market
Pyman, Thomas Chemist & Druggist Stow Market
Quadling, J. Wheelwright Ipswich
Quant, Henry Boot & Shoemaker Bury St.Edmunds
Quarry, Robert Hair Cutter Mendlesham
Quarry, Thos. Boot & Shoe Maker Mendlesham
Quilter, John Bricklayer Bildeston
Quinton, John Druggist & Bookseller Needham Market
Quinton, John sen. Cooper Needham Market
Rabett & Mayhew Attorneys Saxmundham
Rackham, Henry Machine Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Rackham, Peter Tea Dealer Framlingham
Rackham, Peter Plumbers & Painters Framlingham
Rackham, R. Tin Plate Worker Bungay
Rackham, Wm. Butcher Lowestoft
Raffle, Wm. Leather Breeches Mkr. Stow Market
Raffle, Wm. Baker Stow Market
Ralff, Craig Carpenter Saxmundham
Ralph, Robt. Merchant Ipswich
Ralph, Robt. & Robt. Page Merchants Stow Market
Ramplen, Richd. Plumber, Painter & Glazier Ipswich
Ramplen, Stephen Grocer & Cheesemonger Ipswich
Rampling, Edward Carpenter Eye
Rampling, Jefe Baker Eye
Ramsey, John Oatmeal Manufacturer Bury St.Edmunds
Ramus, James Bricklayer Bungay
Rance, Thomas Plumber, Painter & Glazier Halesworth
Rand, Emmanuel Ropemaker Ipswich
Rand, John Baker Hadleigh
Rand, Joseph Corn Dealer Hadleigh
Rand, Thomas Baker Hadleigh
Rand, Wm. & Co. Maltster Hadleigh
Rand, Wm. jun. Maltster Hadleigh
Rand, Wm. sen. Maltster Hadleigh
Randell, Wm. Angel Inn Ipswich
Ransom & Son Papermaker Ipswich
Ransom, Robert Attorney Sudbury
Ransom, Wm. Attorney Stow Market
Ransome & Sons Iron Founder Ipswich
Ranson, Elizabeth Butchers Bury St.Edmunds
Ranson, J. Leather Breeches Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Ranson, James Butchers Bury St.Edmunds
Ranson, R. & Son Tobacco & Snuff Manuf. Ipswich
Raven, Jas. Carpenter Bury St.Edmunds
Ravenscroft, George Surgeon Mildenhall
Raw, John Fire Office Agent Ipswich
Raw, John Books, Printing & Stationer Ipswich
Ray, Abraham Ironmonger & Carpenter Lavenham
Ray, Danl. Perfumer & Hair Cutter Woodbridge
Ray, James Reynolds Grocer & Draper Clare
Ray, Mrs. Academy Bury St.Edmunds
Ray, Samuel Carpenter Bury St.Edmunds
Ray, Samuel Baker Bury St.Edmunds
Ray, Wm. Watch & Clock Maker Sudbury
Raymer, Wm. Boot & Shoe Maker Needham Market
Raymond & Harbur Maltster Ipswich
Rayner, Stephen Bricklayers Beccles
Rayson, John King's Head Inn Eye
Reach, Wm. Henry Post Master Ixworth
Reach, Wm. Henry Pickerell Inn Ixworth
Read, Danl. Watch & Clockmaker Ipswich
Read, Edward Tailor Ipswich
Read, Edward B. Tailor Ipswich
Read, Joseph Boot & Shoe Maker Woodbridge
Read, Paul Boot & Shoemaker Framlingham
Read, Robt. jun. Boot & Shoe Maker Needham Market
Read, Robt. sen. Boot & Shoe Maker Needham Market
Read, Thos. Perfumer & Hair Cutter Ipswich
Read, Thos. Boot & Shoe Maker Needham Market
Read, Wm. Farrier Stow Market
Ready, Benjamin Saddler Sudbury
Reddish, Wm. Poulterer Stow Market
Redgrave, Samuel Baker Bungay
Reed & Archer Agent Mildenhall
Reed, Jacob Basket Maker Halesworth
Reeve & Norton Attorneys Lowestoft
Reeve, James Gardener Woodbridge
Reeve, John Bookseller & Stationer Bury St.Edmunds
Reeve, John Bull Inn Eye
Reeve, John jun. Tailor Saxmundham
Reeve, John sen. Tailor Saxmundham
Reeve, R. Waggon Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Reeve, Saml. Tailor & Draper Bungay
Reeve, Thomas Boot & Shoemaker Framlingham
Reeve, Thos. Butcher Southwold
Reeve, Wm. Carpenter Needham Market
Reeves, Mrs Academy Eye
Reffell, Saml. Tobacco & Pipe Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Remmington, Richd. Saddler Eye
Revett, Jas. Tin Plate Worker & Brazier Ipswich
Revett, John Builder Ipswich
Reynolds & Taylor Auctioneers Bungay
Reynolds, James Saddler Bungay
Reynolds, John Ironmongers Bungay
Reynolds, John Boot & Shoe Maker Mendlesham
Ribbans, Fred. Academy Lavenham
Ribbans, Harriet Dress Maker Ipswich
Ribbans, Mary Stay Maker Ipswich
Rice, Eliz. Dyer & Scourer Ipswich
Rice, Jas. Saddler & Harness Mkr. Woodbridge
Richardson, Abraham Butcher Woodbridge
Richardson, John Bull's Head Inn Ipswich
Richardson, John Smith Stow Market
Richardson, Saml. White Hart & Punch Bowl Inn Ipswich
Riches, John Tailor & Draper Bungay
Riddle, John & Co. Brewer Woodbridge
Ridley, Hen. & Geo. Brewer, Wine & Spirits Ipswich
Ridley, Henry Fire Office Agent Ipswich
Ridley, Henry & George Wheat Sheaf Inn Ipswich
Ridley, John Tanner Bury St.Edmunds
Ridley, John & Son Wine & Spirit Merchant Ipswich
Ridley, Samuel Ironmonger Bury St.Edmunds
Ridley, Thomas Grocer & Cheesemonger Bury St.Edmunds
Rigby, Sarah China, Glass & c Ipswich
Ringe, Wm. Saddler & Harness Maker Ipswich
Ringrose, John Tailor Ipswich
Ringwood, Hammond Coal Merchants Halesworth
Risbrock, Mary Dog & Partridge Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Rist, John Boot & Shoemaker Bury St.Edmunds
Rivers, Wm. Rampant Horse Inn Needham Market
Rivett, Joseph Cross Inn Aldborough
Rix, Robert Tailor Brandon
Roberts, George Cooper Bungay
Roberts, James Cooper Beccles
Roberts, John Surgeon Brandon
Roberts, John Chemist & Druggist Debenham
Roberts, Richard Silk Manufacturer Haverhill
Roberts, Thos. Perfumer & Hair Cutter Ipswich
Roberts, Thos. Grocer & Draper Needham Market
Roberts, William Baker Nayland
Robertson, D. Carrier Mendlesham
Robertson, Miss Academy Sudbury
Robertson, Richd. Rodd Surgeon Haverhill
Robinson, ----- Tailor Halesworth
Robinson, Chester Chemist & Druggist Lowestoft
Robinson, Job jun. Tailor Bungay
Robinson, Job sen. Tailor Bungay
Robinson, John Leather Breeches Maker Eye
Robinson, John Carpenter Saxmundham
Robinson, Martin Marquis Cornwallis Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Robinson, T. Bookbinder Bury St.Edmunds
Robinson, Thos. Tanner Bury St.Edmunds
Robinson, Thos. Baker Bury St.Edmunds
Robinson, Thos. Baker Ipswich
Robinson, W. Corn Dealer & Maltster Botesdale
Rodwell, Wm. Attorney Ipswich
Roe, Owen Boot & Shoe Maker Ipswich
Rogers, John Auctioneer Woodbridge
Rogers, Wm. Merchant Woodbridge
Rolfe, John Agent Mildenhall
Rolfe, John Saddler Mildenhall
Rolfe, John Auctioneer Mildenhall
Rolfe, Wm. Cork Cutter Ipswich
Root, ----- Gardener & Seedsman Ipswich
Root, Robt Stationer Ipswich
Roper, C. Royal William Inn Ipswich
Roper, J. Corn Dealer Ipswich
Roper, James Boot & Shoe Maker Eye
Roper, Jas. Saddler & Harness Maker Ipswich
Rose, Edmund Carpenter Halesworth
Rose, James Baker Mendlesham
Rose, John Smith Halesworth
Rose, John Surgeon Eye
Rose, John Blacksmith Mendlesham
Rose, John sen. Smith Halesworth
Rose, Richd. Gen. Dealer in Groceries Ipswich
Rouse, John White Hart Inn Saxmundham
Rouse, Joseph Carrier Saxmundham
Rouse, Wm. C. Merchant & Miller Ipswich
Routt, Judd Furriers Brandon
Row, William Postmaster Woodbridge
Rowlands, Richard Plumbers & Painters Framlingham
Royal, J. Long Baker Bury St.Edmunds
Royden, John Corn Dealer Halesworth
Rudland, Jas. Gen. Dealer in Groceries Ipswich
Rudland, John Gen. Dealer in Groceries Ipswich
Rudland, W. Royal Oak Inn Ipswich
Ruffle, John Miller Haverhill
Ruffles, Mrs. Straw Hat Maker Hadleigh
Rumball, James Miller Clare
Rumble, Richard Plumber, Painter & Glazier Bury St.Edmunds
Ruse, Samuel Baker Bildeston
Rush, John Druggist & Vet. Surgeon Eye
Rush, Wm. Tailor Ipswich
Russell, Samuel Baker Saxmundham
Rust, Thos. Tailor & Draper Stow Market
Sach, John Grocer Hadleigh
Saddington, Robert Silk Manufacturer Sudbury
Sallows, Robt. Grocer & Linen Draper Hadleigh
Sallows, Robt. Merchant Ipswich
Salmon, Saml. Grocer, Draper, Tallow Chdlr Nayland
Salter, Elijah Carrier Aldborough
Salter, Roger Perfumer & Hair Cutter Lowestoft
Sampson, John King's Head Inn Ipswich
Sargeant, Joseph Wheelwright Nayland
Sargeant, Saml. Bear Inn Sudbury
Saunders, Stephen Wine & Spirit Merchant Beccles
Savage, John Baker Botesdale
Sawer, William Post Chaise Inn Ipswich
Sawing, ----- Boot & Shoemaker Halesworth
Sawyer, Charles Cabinet Mkr & Upholsterer Saxmundham
Sawyer, Joseph Carrier Framlingham
Sayer, Wm. Painter Beccles
Scammen, John Grocer Halesworth
Scarf, Daniel Tailor Lavenham
Scarfe, G. Greyhound Inn Botesdale
Scarfe, Thomas McMelvin Butcher Bungay
Scarfe, Thos. Butcher Bungay
Scarfe, Wm. King's Head Inn Mendlesham
Scarff, Joseph Boot & Shoe Maker Bildeston
Scarle, Henry Fire Office Agent Lowestoft
Scarle, Henry Booksel'r, Stat'nr, Printr Lowestoft
Scarle, Wm. Builder Lowestoft
Scarlett, G.J. Grocer & Draper Halesworth
Scarlett, Henry Bricklayer Ipswich
Scarlett, James Butcher Saxmundham
Scholes, Samuel & Co. Hatter Bury St.Edmunds
Scopes, Geo. Bricklayer Needham Market
Scotcher, James Bell Inn Haverhill
Scotcher, John Bricklayer, Maker & Mason Haverhill
Scotchmer, John Millwright Stow Market
Scott, John Tanner & Timber Merchant Bungay
Scott, John Blacksmith Nayland
Scott, Stephen Boot & Shoemaker Bury St.Edmunds
Scott, Thomas Bull and Dog Inn Ipswich
Scott, Thos. Grocer & Linen Draper Stow Market
Scott, Widow Three Bulls Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Scrivener, J. Castle Inn Ipswich
Scrivener, Jas. Ironmonger Ipswich
Scrivener, John Anchor Inn Lavenham
Scurrell, J. Baker Lowestoft
Seager, Thomas Duke of York Inn Ipswich
Seaman, Edward Linen Draper Lowestoft
Seaman, John Coffee House Inn Ipswich
Seaman, Jonathan Miller Saxmundham
Seaman, K. Spirit Merchant Halesworth
Seaman, Miss Academy Debenham
Seekamp, Francis Fred. Seed Merchant Ipswich
Self, John Sun Inn Halesworth
Sergeant, Joseph Pawnbroker Bury St.Edmunds
Seville, John Cooper Eye
Sewell, Jas. Boot & Shoe Maker Ipswich
Sewell, Jas. Hatter Ipswich
Sewell, John Falcon Inn Bungay
Sewell, S. Auctioneer Sudbury
Sexton, John Baker Ipswich
Sexton, Robert A. Wine & Spirit Merchant Bungay
Sexton, Thomas Saddler Hadleigh
Shalders, Edwd. Bookseller & Stationer Ipswich
Sharman, George Watchmaker Lowestoft
Sharman, John Miller Bury St.Edmunds
Sharpin, Edw. C. Attorney Beccles
Shave, Wm. Ironmonger Sudbury
Shaw, Wm. Gen. Dealer in Groceries Ipswich
Shead, ------ Carrier Bury St.Edmunds
Shead, J. King's Head Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Sheldrake & Welham Merchant & Miller Ipswich
Sheldrake, John C. Boot & Shoe Maker Ipswich
Sheldrake, Thomas Grocer & Linen Draper Stow Market
Shelly, Saml. Wheelwright Sudbury
Shelly, Thomas Blacksmith Clare
Shelty, James Half Moon Inn Clare
Sheming, Thomas Brazier Woodbridge
Shenning, Wm. Brazier Needham Market
Shepard, Isaac White Hart Inn Ipswich
Shepherd, John Maltster Mendlesham
Shepherd, Ray Linen Draper Ipswich
Sherman, S. Merchant, Miller & Maltster Ipswich
Sherman, Saml. Corn Dealer Ipswich
Sherman, Wm. Sail Maker Ipswich
Sherrington, Henry Perfumer Framlingham
Sherwood, Wm. Boot & Shoe Maker Woodbridge
Sheve, R. Queen's Head Inn Botesdale
Shewell & Corder Linen Draper Ipswich
Shewell, Thos. Woolen Draper Ipswich
Shipp, Charles Blacksmith Mildenhall
Short, George Carpenter Eye
Shorten, T. Fleece Inn Ipswich
Shreeve, Susan Grocer & Draper Beccles
Shreeve, Thos. Baker Ipswich
Shribbs, Wm. Carpenter Woodbridge
Shulker, J. Basket Maker Lowestoft
Siggers, Richd. Tailor Southwold
Siggers, Richd. Leather Breeches Maker Woodbridge
Siggers, Wm. Glover & Leather Breeches Ipswich
Siggs, John Queen's Head Inn Haverhill
Silburn, Luke Cooper Ipswich
Siler, Thos. Temple Ironmonger Woodbridge
Silliloe, Thos. Saye Scourer Sudbury
Simkin, Samuel Perfumer & Hair Cutter Sudbury
Simkin, Sparks Haberdasher & Hardwareman Sudbury
Simmonds, Robert Bricklayer Lowestoft
Simonds, John Smith Bungay
Simonds, John Coach Maker Halesworth
Simonds, Saml. Farrier Bungay
Simonds, Samuel Leather Breeches & Glove Framlingham
Simonds, Thomas Tailor Halesworth
Simpson, Caleb Watchmaker & Jeweller Hadleigh
Simpson, Caleb Agent Hadleigh
Simpson, Elizabeth Pawnbroker Bury St.Edmunds
Simpson, George Wheat Sheaf Inn Hadleigh
Simpson, Hen. Carpenter Ipswich
Simpson, James Cooper Needham Market
Simpson, James Agent Woodbridge
Simpson, Jas. Boot & Shoe Maker Ipswich
Simpson, Jas. Academy Woodbridge
Simpson, Jno. Three Jolly Butchers Inn Bungay
Simpson, John King's Head Inn Bildeston
Simpson, Robert Maltster Debenham
Simpson, Thomas Tin Plate & Brazier Hadleigh
Simpson, Wm. Wine & Spirit Merchant Bungay
Sims, James Plumbers & Glaziers Bungay
Singleton, Geo. Wheelwright Ipswich
Singleton, John Tin Plate Worker & Brazier Ipswich
Singleton, Thos. Furniture Broker Ipswich
Sizer, Jacob Coach Maker Woodbridge
Sizer, Jonathan Fustian Manufacturer Haverhill
Sizer, Wm. Grocer & Cheese Monger Woodbridge
Skeet, Saml. Greyhound Inn Lavenham
Skinner, John Gardener Woodbridge
Skinner, Mark Watch Maker Eye
Skinner, Thos. Stone & Brick Mason Eye
Skoulding, Joseph Pastry Cook & Confectioner Ipswich
Slater, Joseph Stay Maker Ipswich
Smart & Buchanan Merchant Ipswich
Smart & Buchanan Merchants Stow Market
Smart & Co. Ropemaker Ipswich
Smith, ---- Baker Ipswich
Smith, Alexander Academy Nayland
Smith, Barnard Tanner & Fellmonger Botesdale
Smith, Benj. Black Boys Inn Beccles
Smith, Benj. Bookseller, Statnr, Prntr Woodbridge
Smith, Charles & John Surgeon Lowestoft
Smith, Daniel Curriers & Leather Cutter Beccles
Smith, Ezekiel Butcher Needham Market
Smith, Geo. Ironmonger, Smith & Brazier Ixworth
Smith, James Tailor & Draper Bungay
Smith, James Boot & Shoemaker Bury St.Edmunds
Smith, James Currier Framlingham
Smith, Jas. Watch & Clock Maker Saxmundham
Smith, Job Builder Beccles
Smith, John Attorney Brandon
Smith, John Smith Eye
Smith, John Boot & Shoe Maker Needham Market
Smith, John Carpenter Nayland
Smith, John Butcher Stow Market
Smith, John White Horse Inn Stow Market
Smith, Jonathan Tailor Beccles
Smith, Joseph Carpenter Bungay
Smith, Joseph Tea Dealer Bury St.Edmunds
Smith, M. Cock Inn Hadleigh
Smith, Matthias Basket Maker Hadleigh
Smith, Richard Hempen Cloth Manufacturer Bungay
Smith, Richard China & Glass Dealer Bungay
Smith, Richard Miller Framlingham
Smith, Robert Baker Bungay
Smith, Robert Grocer & Draper Brandon
Smith, Robert Butcher Stow Market
Smith, Robert Butcher Woodbridge
Smith, Robt. Cooper Ipswich
Smith, Robt. Rose Inn Stow Market
Smith, Samuel Plough Inn Bungay
Smith, Samuel Brazier Woodbridge
Smith, Sarah Gen. Dealer in Groceries Ipswich
Smith, Sidney & Wm. Farriers Halesworth
Smith, Son & Wing Surgeons Bury St.Edmunds
Smith, Thomas Physician Bury St.Edmunds
Smith, Thomas Conveyance Ipswich
Smith, Thomas Curriers & Leather Cutter Woodbridge
Smith, Thos. Basket Maker Ipswich
Smith, Thos. Ram Inn Ipswich
Smith, Thos. Baker Ipswich
Smith, Thos. Ironmonger Woodbridge
Smith, W.B. Surgeon Sudbury
Smith, W.C. Mrs. Academy Lowestoft
Smith, Wm Plumber, Painter & Glazier Stow Market
Smith, Wm. Carrier Halesworth
Smith, Wm. Butcher Bungay
Smith, Wm. Basket Maker Ipswich
Smith, Wm. Saddler & Harness Maker Ipswich
Smith, Wm. Tailor Ipswich
Smith, Wm. Herring Fishery Inn Lowestoft
Smith, Wm. Butcher Lowestoft
Smith, Wm. Butcher Stow Market
Smith, Wm. Pot of Flowers Inn Stow Market
Smith, Wm. James & Son Chemist & Druggist Mildenhall
Smith, Wright Carrier Brandon
Smiths Carrier Hadleigh
Smyth, Francis Smith Stow Market
Smyth, Hezekiah Smith Woodbridge
Smyth, Israel Smith Woodbridge
Smyth, James Stone Mason Saxmundham
Smyth, Jas. Stone Mason Woodbridge
Smythe, Edward James Conveyancer & Clerk Brandon
Snare, Edmund Gun Flint Makers Brandon
Snare, Francis T. Furriers Brandon
Snare, John Gun Flint Makers Brandon
Soames, Zachariah jun. Baker Halesworth
Soames, Zachariah sen. Baker Halesworth
Sones, Elizabeth Baker Framlingham
Sore, Widow Cooper Bury St.Edmunds
Southgate, Robert Case is Altered Inn Ipswich
Southgate, Wm. Brazier Stow Market
Southwell, Henry Edwin Attorney Saxmundham
Spalding, Robert Rose Inn Ipswich
Spall, Chas. Blacksmith Debenham
Spall, Edward Coach Maker Bungay
Spall, Geo. Farrier Ipswich
Spark, James Wheelwright Lavenham
Sparkball, Edward Linen Draper Eye
Sparke, Holmes & Jackson Attorneys Bury St.Edmunds
Sparkes, John Miller Eye
Sparkes, Thomas Customs Searcher Aldborough
Sparkes, Thos. Builder Aldborough
Sparkhall,Edwd. Grocer & Draper Haverhill
Sparks & Martin Milliner & Dress Maker Sudbury
Sparrow, Brown & Co. Bankers Stow Market
Sparrow, John Carpenter Sudbury
Sparrow, John E. Attorney Ipswich
Sparrow, Wm. Fire Office Agent Ipswich
Sparrow, Wm. Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer Ipswich
Sparrow,Brown,Fenn & Co. Bankers Sudbury
Sparrowhawk, Mary Milliner, Straw Hat Mkr  
Speller, Jas. Carver & Gilder  
Spencer, Charles Bookbinder  
Spicer, Thos. Blacksmith  
Spink, Daniel Cherry Tree Inn  
Spink, Elizabeth Leather Breeches Mkr.  
Spinks, George Porter's Lodge Inn  
Spinks, Joseph Corn Dealers  
Spooner & Co., Alexander Bankers Ipswich
Spooner, John Plumbers & Glaziers  
Spooner, Wm. Baker  
Spooner, Wm. Linen Draper  
Spratt, Wm. Boot & Shoe Maker  
Springett, Oliver & John Carriers Lavenham
Spurgeon, Stephen Bull Inn Sudbury
Spurling, Geo. Attorney Haverhill
Squire, Edmund Wine & Spirit Merchants Bury St.Edmunds
Squire, Edmund Banker Bury St.Edmunds
Squirrell, Robert Cabinet Maker Stow Market
Squirrill, Wm. Spirit Merchant Bildeston
Stable, Matthias Slopseller Bungay
Staff, Wm. Tallow Chandler Bungay
Staines, Widow Leather Breeches Maker Hadleigh
Stammers, Thos. & Wm. Merchants & Millers Nayland
Stananought, John Smith Woodbridge
Stanford, Henry Tallow Chandler Woodbridge
Stanford, Joseph Plumber, Painter & Glazier Halesworth
Stannard, Elijah Cooper Lowestoft
Stannard, John Perfumer & Hair Cutter Ipswich
Stanton, Robert Boot & Shoe Maker Woodbridge
Starling, John Blacksmith Mildenhall
Stearn, Ann Plough Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Stebbing, Geo. Surgeon Ipswich
Stebbing, Hannah Miss Straw Hat Maker Lowestoft
Stebbing, Miss Academy Hadleigh
Stebbings, Martha Milliner & Dress Maker Lowestoft
Steed, Henry Boot & Shoemaker Sudbury
Steed, John Boot & Shoe Maker Clare
Steel, Jno. Stamp Distributor Bury St.Edmunds
Steel, John Wine & Spirit Merchants Bury St.Edmunds
Steel, Richard Pastry Cook Bury St.Edmunds
Steel, Thos. Bricklayers Bury St.Edmunds
Steel, Thos. Wine & Spirit Merchants Bury St.Edmunds
Steggall, George Basket Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Steggall, Saml. Haberdasher Ipswich
Steggel, John Bricklayer Botesdale
Steggles, H. Black Boy Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Steggles, Thos. Bricklayers Bury St.Edmunds
Steggles, Wm. Builders Bury St.Edmunds
Steggles, Wm. Statuaries & Masons Bury St.Edmunds
Sterens, Samuel Attorney Clare
Sterry, James Fish Curer Lowestoft
Sterry, John Fish Curer Lowestoft
Steven, John Basket Maker Stow Market
Stevens, J. Blue Bell Inn Ipswich
Stevens, James Butcher Beccles
Stevens, James Builder Beccles
Stevens, Jn. Wine & Spirit Merch. Stow Market
Stevens, John Marquis Cornwallis Ipswich
Stevens, Robert Basket Maker Botesdale
Stevens, Susan Gen. Dealer in Groceries Ipswich
Stevens, Wm. Basket Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Steverson, Miss Straw Hat Maker Stow Market
Steverson, Thos. Fruiterer Stow Market
Steward, Head & Co. Brewer Ipswich
Stimson, John Prince of Wales Inn Beccles
Stockins, Benj. Saddler & Harness Maker Ipswich
Stone, John Maltster Bury St.Edmunds
Stopher, Rd. Postmaster Saxmundham
Stopher, Richd. & Wm. Auctioneers Saxmundham
Stopher, Robert Saddler Saxmundham
Storey, Robert Fleece Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Storkey, Moses Lapidary Southwold
Stow, George Blacksmith Bildeston
Stow, Jacob Perfumer Nayland
Stow, James Queen's Head Inn Nayland
Stow, Thomas Chemist & Druggist Hadleigh
Stow, Thomas Plumber, Painter & Glazier Hadleigh
Strahan, Jas. Fire Office Agent Ipswich
Strange, Fran. Boot & Shoe Maker Southwold
Strange, Fran. jun. Boot & Shoe Maker Southwold
Strange, Lee Lord Nelson Inn Southwold
Stribling & Son Dyers Sudbury
Stribling, John Basket Maker & Blacksmith Lavenham
Stuart, Ann Gen. Dealer in Groceries Ipswich
Studd, Halliday & Acton Brewer, Wine & Spirits Ipswich
Sturgeon, Daniel Plumber Eye
Sturgeon, Miss Milliner Bury St.Edmunds
Sturgeon, Rebecca Gallon Pot Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Stutter & Gallant Brewer Bury St.Edmunds
Suggate, George Watchmaker Halesworth
Suggate, Henry Ezra Surgeon Beccles
Summers, Abraham Cooper Bury St.Edmunds
Summers, John Baker Debenham
Summers, John Angel Inn Debenham
Sutherland, John Surgeon Southwold
Sutton, John Wine & Spirit Merchants Bury St.Edmunds
Sutton, Maria Grocer & Cheesemonger Bury St.Edmunds
Sutton, Wm. Tailor Bungay
Sutton, Wm. Chemist & Druggist Halesworth
Swale, Martha Tanner Ipswich
Swan, James Plumber, Painter &Glazier Beccles
Swan, Matthias Basket Makers Beccles
Swatman, Thomas Bricklayer Lowestoft
Sword, Robert Carpenter Botesdale
Syer, Abraham Maltster Hadleigh
Syer, Edward Attorney Eye
Syers, Abraham Corn Dealer Hadleigh
Symonds, Geo. Shroud Maker Sudbury
Symonds, John Linen Draper Bury St.Edmunds
Symonds, Wm. Merchant & Miller Ipswich
Syrett, Robert Cooper Woodbridge
Tayer, Robt. Hardwareman Ipswich
Tayer, T. Bee Hive Inn Ipswich
Tayler, Joseph sen. Perfumer & Hair Cutter Halesworth
Taylor, Abraham Bricklayer Clare
Taylor, Benj. Agent Botesdale
Taylor, Carter Butcher Needham Market
Taylor, Harriett Hatter Halesworth
Taylor, Henry Bayley Surgeon Clare
Taylor, James Carrier Halesworth
Taylor, James Baker Beccles
Taylor, James Ship Inn Halesworth
Taylor, James Fish Curer Lowestoft
Taylor, Jeremiah Butcher Beccles
Taylor, Joseph jun. Brazier Halesworth
Taylor, L. Perfumer & Hair Dresser Botesdale
Taylor, Nathaniel Cabinet Maker Bungay
Taylor, Robert Agent Woodbridge
Taylor, Robt. Veterinary Surgeon Bury St.Edmunds
Taylor, Robt. Perfumer & Hair Cutter Woodbridge
Taylor, Saml. Grocer Debenham
Taylor, Samuel Watch Maker Debenham
Taylor, Samuel Ironmonger Framlingham
Taylor, Samuel Watch Maker Framlingham
Taylor, T. White Lion Inn Ipswich
Taylor, Thos. Gen. Dealer in Groceries Ipswich
Taylor, Widow Eight Bells Inn Debenham
Taylor, Wm. Fish Curer Lowestoft
Teager, John Smith Ipswich
Teague, William Perfumer & Hair Cutter Bury St.Edmunds
Tegerdine, John Saracen's Head Inn Ipswich
Terry, Wm. Watch Maker Mildenhall
Thirtle, James Post Master Lowestoft
Thomas, John Professor & Teacher Bury St.Edmunds
Thomas, Wm. Printer(Copperplate) Ipswich
Thompson & Cana Timber Merchant Woodbridge
Thompson, ----- Oatmeal Maker Ipswich
Thompson, George Builder Woodbridge
Thompson, Henry Grocers & Drapers-Spirits Framlingham
Thompson, John New Inn Aldborough
Thompson, John Silversmith & Jeweler Bury St.Edmunds
Thompson, John Builders Bury St.Edmunds
Thompson, Joseph Plumber, Painter &Glazier Beccles
Thompson, M. White Hart Inn Framlingham
Thompson, Philip Watchmaker Woodbridge
Thompson, Robt. Pastry Cook & Confectioner Ipswich
Thorndike, Jas. Cheese & Butter Factor Ipswich
Thornton, M. China, Glass Dealer Eye
Thornton, Rd. Swan Inn Hadleigh
Thrower, Robert Land Surveyor Aldborough
Thrower, Robt. Ironmonger Ipswich
Thrower, Thos. Umbrella & Patten Maker Framlingham
Thurkettle, Saml. Baker Debenham
Thurkettle, Widow Baker Debenham
Thurlow, Edward Plumbers & Glaziers Bungay
Thurlow, J. Queen's Head Inn Ipswich
Thurlow, John Stone Mason Framlingham
Thurlow, John Mason & Bricklayer Saxmundham
Thurlow, Wm. Smith Eye
Thurston, John Corn Dlr. & Merchant Needham Market
Thurtle, James Tailor Lowestoft
Thurtle, James Fish Curer Lowestoft
Tiffin, Wm. Miller Hadleigh
Tillett, James Fishmonger Beccles
Tilmouth, Brackett jun. Sail Maker Lowestoft
Tilmouth, Brackett sen. Sail Maker Lowestoft
Tilmouth, Charles Sail Maker Lowestoft
Tippell, Thos. Bookseller & Printer Halesworth
Titler, Thomas Baker Lowestoft
Titlow, Thomas Tailor Lowestoft
Titsey, Davison Boot & Shoe Maker Beccles
Titshall, Deverson Boarding Academie Beccles
Titshall, Wm. Baker Beccles
Titshall, Wm. Grocer Beccles
Todd, John Boot & Shoe Maker Eye
Toll, John Wine & Spirit Merchant Woodbridge
Tompson, Wm. Baker Bury St.Edmunds
Tooke, John Boot & Shoe Maker Beccles
Toosey & Elliston Wine & Spirit Merchant Ipswich
Topple, Henry Attorney Bury St.Edmunds
Topple, Sarah Fishmonger Woodbridge
Tovell, Charles Sorrell Horse Inn Ipswich
Tovell, Geo. Statuary & Mason Ipswich
Tovell, George Statuary & Mason Stow Market
Tovell, Robt. Statuary & Mason Ipswich
Towler, Denny Chemist & Druggist Bungay
Townsend, Saml. Carver & Gilder Bungay
Trapnell, James Green Man Inn Ipswich
Trevethan, John Builders Bury St.Edmunds
Trew, R. Straw Hat Maker Ipswich
Trice, Mary Baker Bury St.Edmunds
Tricker, Saml. Saddler Eye
Tricker, Samuel Saddler Hadleigh
Tricker, Samuel Grocer & Linen Draper Stow Market
Tricker, Widow Cooper Stow Market
Tricker, Wm. Grocer & Cheesemonger Bury St.Edmunds
Tricker, Wm. Saddler Hadleigh
Tricker, Wm. Cooper Stow Market
Tripp, Neave Bricklayer Lowestoft
Tripp, Robert Fish Curer Lowestoft
Tripp, Robert Cooper Lowestoft
Trudgit, Wm. Baker Bury St.Edmunds
Tummer, Chas. Frederick Carver & Gilder Ipswich
Tunmer, Geo. Tailor Ipswich
Tunmer, Thos. School Master Mendlesham
Turner, ---- Basket Maker Southwold
Turner, Barnabas Plumber, Painter & Glazier Stow Market
Turner, Edward Brazier Woodbridge
Turner, Edwd. Boot & Shoe Maker Haverhill
Turner, John White Horse Inn Hadleigh
Turner, John Butcher Hadleigh
Turner, John Boot & Shoe Maker Haverhill
Turner, Jonathan Wool Comber & Spinner Woodbridge
Turner, Miss Milliner & Dress Maker Sudbury
Turner, Robert Butchers Bury St.Edmunds
Turner, Robert Butcher Woodbridge
Turner, Thomas Basket Maker Bungay
Turner, Thomas Worsted Yarn Manuf. Lavenham
Turner, Thos. Boot & Shoe Maker Haverhill
Turner, Walton Currier & Leather Cutter Ipswich
Turpin, Jn. Grocer & Draper Ixworth
Turtle, Robert Gun Maker Saxmundham
Tuxford, Wm. Farrier Ipswich
Twitchet, Geo. China & Glass-Tallow Ch. Eye
Twitchett, Edw. Boot & Shoe Maker Nayland
Tydeman, Geo. Gun & Whitesmith Needham Market
Tydeman, James Watch Maker Bildeston
Tydeman, Jonathan Postmaster Needham Market
Tydeman, Jonathan Blacksmith Needham Market
Tydeman, Wm. Bull Inn Needham Market
Tye, Mark Red Lion Inn Eye
Tyler, Wm. Carpenter Halesworth
Tyrell, Sarah Fruiterer Woodbridge
Underwood, Lawrence Cabinet Maker Hadleigh
Ungless, Henry White Hart Inn Stow Market
Upson, David White Swan Inn Woodbridge
Utting, John Gun Flint Makers Brandon
Utting, John George Inn Brandon
Vaux, Geo. Surgeon Ipswich
Vertue, Thos. Merchant & Maltster Woodbridge
Vesey, Thomas Cooper Woodbridge
Vince, Daniel Leather Breeches Maker Bildeston
Vince, Henry Griffin Inn Ipswich
Vincent, George Farrier Needham Market
Vincent, Samuel Surgeon Botesdale
Vincent, Yoh Miller Hadleigh
Vine, Jas. Statuaries & Masons Bury St.Edmunds
Waddell, Jas. Rev. Academy Nayland
Wade, Aldons Angel Inn Halesworth
Wade, Daniel Fellmonger Hadleigh
Wade, Edmund Cooper Halesworth
Wade, Edward Butcher Woodbridge
Wade, Edward jun. Butcher Woodbridge
Wade, George Perfumer & Hair Cutter Woodbridge
Wade, Laura Beehive Inn Woodbridge
Wakefield, James Barleymow Inn Hadleigh
Walby, Jas. Cooper Lavenham
Wales, Geo. Haberdasher Bury St.Edmunds
Walesby, John sen. Saddler Bungay
Walford, Desborough Attorney Ipswich
Walford, John Ironmonger Ipswich
Walker, ---- Merchant & Miller Ipswich
Walker, Robert Baker & Confectioner Framlingham
Walker, Samuel Gun Maker Beccles
Walker, Thomas Corn Dealer Halesworth
Wall, Robt. Linen Draper Bury St.Edmunds
Waller, Hannah Leather Breeches & Glove Framlingham
Waller, Henry Wm. Crooked Billett Inn Ipswich
Waller, Jabez Grocer & Draper Saxmundham
Waller, R.P. Worsted Yarn Manufacturer Bury St.Edmunds
Walliker, Richd. Boot & Shoe Maker Clare
Walton, S. & R. Milliners Ixworth
Walton, Wm. Cabinet Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Wand, Wm. Tailor Bury St.Edmunds
Ward & Morgan Grocer & Cheese Monger Woodbridge
Ward, Ebenezer Haberdasher Ipswich
Ward, James Cooper Debenham
Ward, James Chemist & Druggist Hadleigh
Ward, James Fish Curer Lowestoft
Ward, John Baker Ipswich
Ward, John Grocer & Draper Mildenhall
Ward, John Brazier Sudbury
Ward, Jonathan Baker Bildeston
Ward, Randall Three Horse Shoes Inn Eye
Ward, Robert Grocer Beccles
Ward, Samuel Lime Burner Needham Market
Ward, Wm. Saddler Bungay
Ward, Wm. Saddler Lowestoft
Ward, Wm. King's Head Inn Woodbridge
Waretts, John Grocer & Cheesemonger Ipswich
Warne, ------ Perfumer & Hair Cutter Beccles
Warr, Valentine Bricklayer Woodbridge
Warren, Jn. Lapidary Ipswich
Warren, Jos. Watch & Clock Maker Ixworth
Warren, Nathaniel Tailor Bury St.Edmunds
Wasp, Jonathan Merchant Ipswich
Waspe, Barnabas Plumber, Painter & Glazier Woodbridge
Waspe, Phoebe Miss Academy Woodbridge
Waters, Saml. King's Head Inn Stow Market
Watling, John Hair Cutter Eye
Watson, George Saddler & Harness Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Watson, George Baker Bury St.Edmunds
Watts, Eustice Saddler Hadleigh
Watts, John Gen. Dealer in Groceries Ipswich
Watts, Philip Carpenter Ipswich
Wayman, John Attorney Bury St.Edmunds
Webb, Barnabas Fustian Manufacturer Haverhill
Webb, Charles Bricklayer & Brickmaker Mildenhall
Webb, Henry Boot & Shoemaker Sudbury
Webb, Holman Currier & Leather Cutter Stow Market
Webb, John Fustian Manufacturer Haverhill
Webb, Joseph Tanner Stow Market
Webb, Richard Bricklayer Stow Market
Webb, Robert Bricklayer Stow Market
Webb, Thomas Grocer & Cheesemonger Lowestoft
Webb, Wm. Tailor Bildeston
Webb, Wm. Postmaster Brandon
Webber, Wm. Surgeon Botesdale
Webster, John Corn Dealer Bungay
Webster, Samuel & Co. Conveyance Ipswich
Webster, Wm. Merchant Ipswich
Webster, Wm. Cooper Ipswich
Weeds, Wm. Boot & Shoe Maker Bungay
Welch, Wm. Smith Beccles
Welham, John Butcher Hadleigh
Welham, Widow Butcher Hadleigh
Wells & Holt Carrier Brandon
Wells, George Grocer & Linen Draper Stow Market
Wells, Godfrey China & Glass Dealer Hadleigh
Wells, Henry Furniture Broker Framlingham
Wells, John jun. Grocer & Draper Needham Market
Wells, Wm. Boot & Shoe Maker Southwold
Wenn, Jas. & John Attorney Ipswich
West, Sarah Ram Inn Brandon
West, Wm. Tailor Bungay
Westrop, John Worsted Yarn Manuf. Lavenham
Westrop, Thos. Worsted Yarn Manuf. Lavenham
Westrup, Abraham Baker Bury St.Edmunds
Weyman, Geo. Farrier Eye
Whayman, David Cooper Framlingham
Whayman, David Baker Framlingham
Whimper, Nathaniel Brewer, Wine & Spirits Ipswich
Whisstock, Wm. Tailor Woodbridge
Whistle, John Tailor Ipswich
Whistle, John Grocer & Draper Needham Market
White & Woodcocke Attorney Halesworth
White, B.C. Printer & Bookseller Eye
White, Geo. Henry Linen Draper Ipswich
White, Jas. Boot & Shoe Maker Ipswich
White, Jeremiah Tanner Mendlesham
Whitehead & Son Stone Mason Bungay
Whitehead, John Stone Mason Beccles
Whiting, Frances Straw Hat Maker Halesworth
Whiting, Jas. Furniture Broker Bury St.Edmunds
Whiting, John Architect & Surveyor Ipswich
Whiting, John Builder Ipswich
Whiting, John Saddler Lavenham
Whiting, Wm. Hair Dresser Saxmundham
Wicks, Widow Plumber, Painter & Glazier Bury St.Edmunds
Wiffen, John Bricklayers Bury St.Edmunds
Wiggs, Susan Two Brewers Inn Southwold
Wiggs, Wm. Plough Inn Beccles
Wilddon, Robert Blacksmith Bury St.Edmunds
Wilde, Diana White Hart Inn Mildenhall
Wilde, George Reynolds Surgeon Mildenhall
Wilkinson, Henry Bricklayer & Brick Maker Hadleigh
Wilkinson, John Bricklayer Hadleigh
Wilkinson, Thos. Boot & Shoe Maker Ipswich
Willett, Charles Grocer & Draper Brandon
Willett, George John Linen Draper Bury St.Edmunds
Williams, Edwd. Jeweler Ipswich
Williams, John Maltster Hadleigh
Williams, John Auctioneer Hadleigh
Williams, Robert Boot & Shoemaker Mildenhall
Williams, Samuel Cabinet Maker Hadleigh
Williams, Samuel Maltster Hadleigh
Williams, Sarah Straw Hat Maker Hadleigh
Williams, Wm. Physician Ipswich
Williamson, Jno. Rose & Crown Inn Sudbury
Willis, John Tailor Lavenham
Wilsmore, Edward M. Cabinet Maker Sudbury
Wilsmore, Edwd.M. Auctioneer Sudbury
Wilson, Danl. Cloathes Warehouses Ipswich
Wilson, J. Postmaster Mendlesham
Wilson, John Auctioneers Beccles
Wilson, John Surgeon Framlingham
Wilson, John Gen. Dealer in Groceries Ipswich
Wilson, Thomas Tailor & Draper Hadleigh
Wilson, Thomas Maltster Hadleigh
Wilson, Thos. Plumber, Painter & Glazier Ipswich
Wilson, Wm. Ram Inn Hadleigh
Winckworth, Henry Chemist & Druggist Ipswich
Wing, Frederick Attorney Bury St.Edmunds
Wing, Wm. & Son Bricklayer Mildenhall
Winkup, Thomas Perfumer & Hair Cutter Bury St.Edmunds
Winn, George Perfumer & Hair Cutter Beccles
Winner, John Bookseller Mildenhall
Winney, John Soap Boiler Nayland
Winsdale, John Cooper Beccles
Winson, Wm. Baker Beccles
Winter, B. Carriers Bildeston
Winter, B. Carrier Ipswich
Winter, John Plumbers & Glaziers Bungay
Wiseman, ---- Swan Inn Bury St.Edmunds
Wiseman, Harry & George Butchers Mildenhall
Wiseman, Richd. Butcher Botesdale
Witham, Charles Baker Hadleigh
Witts, Rd.P. Wine & Spirit Merchant Sudbury
Witts, Richard P. Silk Manufacturer Sudbury
Womack, Geo. Furniture Broker Ipswich
Wonfor, ---- Grocer & Draper Clare
Wood, John Agent Woodbridge
Wood, John & Son Attorney Woodbridge
Woodgate, Charles Bricklayer Halesworth
Woodroffe, Stephen Miller & Baker Bury St.Edmunds
Woodroffe, Thomas Builder Beccles
Woodroffe, Thomas Baker Brandon
Woods, Elizabeth China & Glass Dealer Woodbridge
Woods, James Ironfounder Stow Market
Woods, John Miller Lowestoft
Woods, John Butcher Lowestoft
Woods, John Saddler Saxmundham
Woods, John Nurseryman Woodbridge
Woods, Robert General Dealer Saxmundham
Woods, Wm. Fish Curer Lowestoft
Woodward, Hannah Agent Bury St.Edmunds
Woodward, John Grocer & Draper Needham Market
Woolard, James Ram Inn Haverhill
Woolard, Thos. Baker Haverhill
Woolard, William Bull Inn Haverhill
Woolby, Thos. B. Bookslr, Stationer, Printer Stow Market
Woolby, Wm. Tailor Sudbury
Wooledge, Wm. Doe Inn Lowestoft
Woollard, Wm. Crown Inn Ipswich
Woolner's Carriers Beccles
Woolner, James Furniture Broker Beccles
Woolnough, Charles Bell Inn Woodbridge
Woolnough, Constantine Plumbers & Painters Framlingham
Woolnough, Cornelius Baker Framlingham
Woolnough, Jn. Queen's Head Inn Lowestoft
Woolnough, Thos. Three Tuns Inn Halesworth
Wooton, Margaret Haberdasher Ipswich
Worthington, W.C. Surgeon Lowestoft
Worts, James Baker & Miller Bungay
Worts, Manister Brazier Sudbury
Wright, David Baker Bury St.Edmunds
Wright, Francis Surgeon Ipswich
Wright, Isaac Fustian Manufacturer Haverhill
Wright, James Maltster Sudbury
Wright, Jas. Grocer & Cheesemonger Bury St.Edmunds
Wright, Jn. Boot & Shoemaker Ixworth
Wright, John Blacksmith Bildeston
Wright, John Butchers Bury St.Edmunds
Wright, John Miller Bury St.Edmunds
Wright, John Brickmaker Stow Market
Wright, Louisa Straw Hat Maker Ipswich
Wright, Robt. Baker & Grocer Needham Market
Wright, Saml. & Son Millwright Ipswich
Wright, W. Leopard Inn Ipswich
Wright, Wm. Land Surveyor Hadleigh
Wrightman, Jonathan Maltster & Corn Merch. Framlingham
Wrightman, Samuel Grocer Framlingham
Wyand, John Cabinet Maker & Carpenter Debenham
Wyatt & Allen Currier Sudbury
Wyatt, Geo. Grocer & Draper Southwold
Wyeth, John Blue Anchor Inn Lowestoft
Wynter, Philip Merchant Aldborough
Wyse, Wm. Currier & Leather Cutter Hadleigh
Wythe, John Plumber Debenham
Yong, Robert Farrier Hadleigh
Young, Widow Tailor Bury St.Edmunds
Young, Wm. Gun Maker Bury St.Edmunds
Young, Wm. Academy Sudbury
Youngman, Philip Miller Botesdale
Youngman, Wm. Butchers Bury St.Edmunds
Youngman, Wm. Corn Chandler Lowestoft
Youngman, Wm. Butcher Ixworth
Youngs, William Builder Mildenhall