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Transcripts of Parish Registers - Brompton Ralph Marriages (letters S-Y)


As transcribed by David Cheek

A - B
C - G
H - L
M - S
T - Y
A - D
E - R
S - Y
A - Y
A - D
E - R
S - Y
Surname Christian     Spouse   Date Married Reg. No. By Occupation Witness    Witness   Comments Husband's Father Bride's Father
SADELY Charlotte Thomas DIBBLE 25 Nov 1808 116 banns   Ann Hemborough William Hookins      
SAEN Rebecca James LYDDON 02 Sep 1779 52 banns   John Hill William Lerway      
SAFFIN Mary Robert HAVIS 03 Apr 1762 20 banns   Reuben Hembrough William Lerway Robert x Clatworthy    
SAUNDERS Margaret John HAMPTON 29 Jun 1672                
SAUNDERS Betty Henry CHORLEY 25 Sep 1755 4 banns   Robert Bowering William Lerway      
SAUNDERS Elizabeth Joseph PALFREY 10 Apr 1823 26 banns   William Rackcliff Anna Winter Joseph x Chipstable    
SAUNDERS Anne Isaac APS 07 Feb 1849 44 banns labourer James Saunders Ann Berd   John Aps William Saunders
SAVYN Simon Johanna SAVYN 21 Apr 1563                
SAVYN Johanna Simon SAVYN 21 Apr 1563                
SCORE Thomas Betty COOKSLEY 14 May 1776 46 banns   James Davis William Lerway Thomas x Wiveliscombe    
SCOTT Mary Ann Levi GADD 05 Mar 1874 126 banns labourer Joseph Mark Hurford Eliza Hurford Mary x Wiveliscombe William Gadd Abel Scott
SEALY Grace John WASHER 27 Nov 1629                
SEALY Mary John WOOLLCOTT 30 Aug 1632                
SEALY Robert Joane POOLE 21 Jul 1664                
SEALY Robert Joan ROW 23 Jun 1760 13 banns   Samuel Gooding William Lerway      
SEALY Ann Israel LAPTHORNE 23 Jun 1762 22 banns   Richard Sealy William Lerway Ann a widow x Wiveliscombe    
SEALY Sarah Emanuel EVETT 18 May 1790 75 banns   Robert Sealy William Lerway      
SEEKER Joanna Robert STEEPHINS 22 Nov 1614                
SELECK John Rebecca MARTIN 14 Jun 1691                
SELLECK David Joan DIBBLE 16 Jun 1709                
SELLECK Joan James Richard DUNN 30 Jun 1795 88 banns   John Stone William Lerway James x Chipstable    
SELLEKE David Joan WINTER 20 Nov 1653                
SELLER Thomasin Thomas WRENTMORE 06 Apr 1573           Thomasin x Tolland    
SELLER Joseph Elizabeth CROSSE 03 Mar 1595                
SELLER Thomas Katherine KING 04 Jul 1613                
SELLICK Mary John GORE 27 Dec 1757 9 banns   John Washer William Lerway John x Wiveliscombe    
SELLICK David Mary LEIGH 18 Jun 1761 15 banns   Thomas Winter William Lerway      
SELLICK Grace Thomas APLIN 06 May 1799 97 licence   Thomas Selleck Susanna Selleck Thomas x Combe St Nicholas    
SELLICK David Grace MAER 20 Apr 1804 104 banns   Susanna Sellick Catherin Guningham      
SELLICK Susanna Richard DARCH 03 Mar 1814 3 licence   James Darch Sarah Hembrough Richard x Clatworthy    
SELLICK David Elizabeth HEMBOROUGH 25 Jun 1816 9 banns   John Cornish Mabela Cornish      
SELLICK Mary Robert HEMBOROUGH 14 Mar 1825 30 banns   Thomas Selleck Mary Hembrough      
SELLICK Elizabeth William DIBBLE 26 Oct 1827 39 banns   Thomas Selleck Mary Hemborough      
SELLICK David John Sarah Ann BURSTON 25 Sep 1867 107 licence merchant David John Burston Elizabeth Burston   Robert Sellick David Burston
SELLICK Elizabeth Ann Walter John 10 May 1879 140 banns draper David Sellick Florence Sellick Walter x Reading George Austen Robert Sellick
SHADDOCK Sarah John WILLIAMS 14 Nov 1745                
SHALACOMBE Margaret Thomas COOBSHER 16 Oct 1574           Thomas x Withel, surname suspect    
SHALICOMBE John Melior HADDON 12 Oct 1572                
SHALLICE John Sarah BLANCHFLOWER 19 Jul 1739                
SHALOCOMBE Johanna Thomas CHAPLIN 29 Apr 1561           Johanna surname suspect    
SHATTOCK Florencia Meredith HILL 07 Feb 1639           Florencia x Stogumber    
SHATTOCK Florence Simeon CHAPLYN 14 Jan 1681           Simeon aka FARMER    
SHATTOCK Grace Stephen THRESHER 15 Jan 1711                
SHORLAND William Jlota WIMPHREY 30 Jun 1580           brides name suspect    
SHORNEWAY Miriam John BLAKE 18 Nov 1562           John x Cutcombe, Miriam daughter of Robert    
SHORNEWAY John Melior DAMER 07 Jan 1574           Melior x Clatworthie    
SHORNEWAY Marian John ___ARY 13 Jun 1574           John surname un-readable    
SHORNEWAY Johanna Hugh CHAMFLOWER 20 May 1576                
SHORNEWAY Christopher Grace MYLLTON 20 Jan 1578                
SHORNEWAY Johanna William EXTON 26 Nov 1590           William x Fitzhead    
SHORNEWAY John Grace WRENTMORE 20 Feb 1606                
SHORNEWAY John Barbara HOYELL 15 Apr 1672                
SHORNEY Joseph Christian HEMBOROW 14 Jan 1636                
SHORNEY Richard Elizabeth HEIFER 29 Apr 1670                
SHORNEY Hannah James BARNETT 08 Dec 1824 29 banns   James Lyddon William Hookins Hannah x Halse    
SHORNWAY John Alice TYLER 27 Jun 1633                
SHORNWAY Judah William BURCHER 01 Aug 1672                
SHORNWAY Thomazin Thomas PERRATT 29 Apr 1675                
SHORNWAY Sara Johannes CHILCOT ?? Feb 1679           date un-readable    
SHORNWAY Nathaniel Margaret CRIDDLE ?? Feb 1680           Margaret x Elworthy, date un-readable    
SHORNWAY John Marion UPHAM 20 May 1680           Marion x Elworthy    
SHORNWAY Jacob Hannah CHILCOTT 18 May 1682           Hannah x Wiveliscombe    
SHORNWAY Anstace Thomas WHITE 18 Jan 1683                
SHORNWAY Mary John LEMAN 19 Apr 1744                
SHORNY Christian James MARTIN 02 Aug 1638                
SHORNY Joseph Johan WASHER 19 Jul 1641                
SHOT Thomas Alicia BRISHOPP 25 Nov 1566           Thomas surname suspect    
SHYMER Thomasin Aidrian MYLTON 07 Jul 1582                
SIDMAN Martha William BURNET 28 May 1781 56 banns   Richard Burnet William Lerway      
SILOME ?? Anne Samuel MUSGRAVE 26 Mar 1724           Sam. x Taunton, St M M, Anne x St Decumans    
SIMMONS Mary George HOOPER 17 Sep 1829 46     Robert Winter William Hookins George x Tolland    
SKATE George Joan WINTER 21 Nov 1777 49 licence   Nathaniel Voissey William Lerway George x Hillfarrance    
SKINNER Elianor David HEMBARY 25 Apr 1638                
SKINNER George Elizabeth MARTIN 23 May 1706                
SLADE Catherine James HOOKINS 12 Apr 1860 79 banns shoemaker John Slade Jane Hookins   John Hookins James Slade
SLOCOMBE Mary John HURLEY 31 Dec 1812 123 banns   Bickham SweetEscott Mary SweetEscott      
SLOWLEY Alexander Mary TUCKFIELD 06 Aug 1715                
SMITH Robert Ann VI___MOND 19 Jun 1656           Ann surname un-readable    
SMITH John Mary HOLE 29 Nov 1734           John x Skilgate    
SMITH Mary Jacob WILLIAMS 26 Nov 1817 15 banns   Margaret Woodland William Hookins      
SMITH William Charlotte WEECH 09 Jan 1826 34 banns   William Gibbs William Hookins Charlotte a widow x Wiveliscombe    
SMITH William Elizabeth RACKLAFF 27 Feb 1837 72     William Racklaff Sarah Wensley William x Stogumber    
SMITH Harriot James LYDDON 15 Aug 1839 4 banns labourer William Lyddon Mary Lyddon   James Lyddon William Smith
SMITH Mary Charles CRIDDLE 18 Mar 1845 31   labourer William Radcliffe Sarah Radcliffe William x Nettlecombe Henry Criddle William Smith
SMITH Mary Ann Elias GIBBS 01 Feb 1871 118 banns labourer John Gibbs Mary Cornish   John Gibbs James Smith
SMITH Sarah Jane Thomas BRICE 23 Nov 1886 152 banns labourer Frederick Howell Mary Ellen Howell Thomas x Brailes, Warwick John Brice no information
SMYTH Jane Richard Frederic LEE 13 Mar 1889 163 banns farmer Frank Lee E A Tapp Richard x Nether Stowey Richard Lee John Smyth
SNOOK Charles Sarah TUCK 21 May 1815 7 banns   John Tout William Hookins      
SNOOK Maria Henry HOOKINS 09 Oct 1833 62 banns   George Hookins William Hookins      
SNOOK Elizabeth Robert TOUT 05 Apr 1842 13 banns labourer James Tout Martha Hookins   John Tout Charles Snook
SPEED Richard Amiam BRYAN 08 Apr 1678                
SPEED John Judeth STORY 18 Jan 1689                
SPRATT Dowell Joanna HODGE 21 Apr 1814 4 banns   George Hodge William Hookins Dowell x Comb Florey    
SPRATT William Sarah Jane GADD 19 Nov 1865 94 banns blacksmith John Burge Maria Burge   Charles Spratt William Gadd
STANDISH Elizabeth Thomas CROSSE 09 Jun 1569           Elizabeth x Ellworthie    
STANDISH William Dorothea WEBBER 24 Oct 1574                
STANFRY John Dorothea HEMBOROUGH 24 Apr 1600           John x Tolland    
STAPLETON Thomas Joan EVANS 13 Jun 1672                
STEAVENS George Johanna BAGWELL 22 Apr 1596                
STEED Richard Jane FURG___ 07 May 1655           both surnames suspect    
STEEPHINS Joana Horten HARSELL 06 Apr 1608           Horten x Holford    
STEEPHINS Robert Joanna SEEKER 22 Nov 1614           Joanna surname suspect    
STEEVENS Thomas Alicia WRENTMORE 21 Nov 1580           Thomas x Fitzhead    
STEEVENS Joane James WEBBER 16 May 1655                
STEEVENS Joane James WEBER 25 Mar 1655                
STEEVENS Sarah William LYDDON 12 Dec 1832 58 banns   Elizabeth Edwater William Hookins      
STEEVINS George Agnes BURD 04 Oct 1618           Agnes a widow    
STEEVINS Thomas Katherina WINTER 09 Oct 1618                
STEPHENS Thomas Anne TEDDER 22 Jul 1708                
STEPHENS Robert Mary Ann CRIDDLE 09 Jun 1869 115 banns labourer James Gad Honor Criddle   James Stephens Abraham Criddle
STEVENS George Agnes WINTER 24 Nov 1663                
STEVENS Christopher Mary MARE 14 Jun 1673                
STEVENS Betty George HEX 18 Feb 1754                
STICKS Francisca Valentine BURGE 23 Nov 1689           Valentine x Elworthy    
STICKS Allice James WINTER 23 Nov 1700                
STICKS Elizabeth William NATION 02 Nov 1705                
STONE Ambrose Mary BRYANT 28 Jan 1641           Ambrose x Milverton    
STONE John Mary UPHAM 02 Apr 1716           John x Kingston    
STONE Augustine Mary HOWELL 18 May 1716                
STONE Mary John WOOLCOTT 20 Jan 1766 31 banns   Joseph Camplin William Lerway      
STONE John Patience YANDELL 30 May 1777 48 banns   John Williams William Lerway John x Lydeard St Lawrence    
STONE Elizabeth Joseph ROGERS 03 Jun 1804 105 banns     William Hookins Joseph x Wiveliscombe    
STONE Mary James HILL 07 May 1855 63 banns labourer Mary Ann Nunn Edwin Lucas   Thomas Hill James Stevens
STORY Judeth John SPEED 18 Jan 1689                
STORY David Elizabeth ESCOTT 15 Dec 1701                
STRONG Simon Christian TARR 05 Apr 1759 11 licence yeoman John Tarr William Lerway      
STRONG Christian James PALFREY 05 Aug 1778 51 banns   Thomas Dibble William Lerway      
STRONG Ishmael Mary DIBBLE 13 Feb 1782 57 licence   Joseph Greedy William Lerway      
STRONG Elizabeth James JONES 17 Jun 1804 106 banns     William Hookins James x Bathealton    
STRONG Mary Thomas GUNINGHAM 29 Oct 1812 121 banns   Mary Dibble Joan Dibble Thomas x Lydeard St Lawrence, Mary a widow    
STUDLEY Thomas Anne COOKE 16 Feb 1860 78 banns labourer John Reed Elizabeth Reed widow & widower Thomas Studley Thomas Thomson
SULLEY Nicholas Elizabeth BEARE 06 Apr 1595                
SULLY William Mary DUDRIDGE 11 Sep 1626                
SULLY Elenor William BRIDGE 12 Nov 1640                
SULLY Sarah George WINTER 11 May 1837 74 licence   James Winter Mary Bowerman George & Sarah x Old Cleeve    
SULLY Elizabeth John REDWOOD 01 Apr 1846 34 banns labourer William Sully Sarah Redwood both x Lydeard St Lawrence John Redwood James Sully
SYMONS Agnes John GRIBBLE ?? Nov 1582           date un-readable    
SYSSEN Alice Meridith POWELL 26 Sep 1597           Alice surname suspect    
TAKLE Henry John Alice DUNN 11 Jul 1895 179   labourer William Tarr Lucy Balpin   John Takle John Dunn
TARR Christian Simon STRONG 05 Apr 1759 11 licence yeoman John Tarr William Lerway      
TARR John Grace LEIGH 03 Dec 1777 50 licence   Reuben Hembrough William Lerway      
TARR George Joan CORNISH 04 Sep 1816 11 licence   Ann Cornish Mary Langdon      
TARR Nathaniel Elizabeth HURLEY 08 Oct 1817 14 banns   Samuel Venn Fanny Perrott      
TARR William Sarah MAY 11 Oct 1819 20 banns   John Bowerman Mary Davis William a widower, Sarah x Wiveliscombe    
TARR Elizabeth James ALLEN 16 May 1827 37 banns   Robert Winter Anna Allen      
TARR Mary James ETTERY ?? ??? 1833 61 banns   Robert Prideaux Joanna Chin___ James x Old Cleeve, date unreadable    
TARR John Sarah COMMONS 13 Mar 1843 16 banns labourer Isaac Commins Elizabeth Smith   George Tarr Isaac Commins
TARR John Sarah WITCH 06 Jan 1851 49 banns farm servant James Gibbs Anne Gibbs   George Tarr John Dibble
TARR Honor William WHITEFIELD 04 May 1863 90 banns labourer George Saunders Elizabeth Whitefield   William Whitefield William Tarr
TARR William Anne Mary CHOWN 04 Sep 1883 149 banns currier Robert Chown Eliza Willis   John Tarr Robert Chown
TARR Alfred George Elizabeth Ann WEBBER 06 Jan 1890 164 banns road contract James Tarr Mary Jane Webber   John Tarr William Webber
TARR James Alice Anne RAWLE 04 Oct 1894 177   blacksmith William Tarr Edith Prudence Rawle James x Selbourne John Tarr Richard Rawle
TARR Albert Charles Mary Jane WEBBER 27 Aug 1895 180   carpenter John Webber Louisa Webber   John Tarr William Webber
TAYLOR Johanna Thomas HURLEY 20 Jan 1578           Johanna x Stogumber    
TAYLOR Johanna Michaell MARTYN 30 May 1591           Johanna x Hillifort    
TAYLOR John Judeth BRIANT 30 May 1599                
TAYLOR Mary Henry DARCH 10 Apr 1742                
TAYLOR Ann Hugh BURNET 12 Jun 1746                
TAYLOR Elizabeth Robert TOMS 18 Aug 1811 120 licence   Joel Withers Mary Veryard Robert a widower    
TEDDER Anne Thomas STEPHENS 22 Jul 1708                
TEDLEY John Elizabeth ROWE 26 May 1817 12 banns   George Dibble William Hookins John x Elworthy, Elizabeth x Huish Champflower    
TEMLETT William Ann ALLEN 23 Feb 1793 80 licence   George Allen William Lerway William x Milverton    
TEMLETT Ann John APS 06 Feb 1815 6 banns   William Westcott William Hookins      
THOMAS Abraham Faith WRENTMORE 04 Feb 1599                
THOMAS Sarah John BULT 31 Mar 1741           John x Taunton St James    
THOMPSON Thomas Mary GRINSLADE 20 Oct 1734           Thomas x Wiveliscombe    
THORN John Mary HILL 13 Apr 1868 108 banns labourer Levi Gadd Elizabeth Ann Thorn   William Thorn William Hill
THORNE Daniel Mary CHILCOT 25 ??? 1740           Daniel x Old Cleeve    
THORNE James Ann CHORLEY 21 Dec 1822 25 banns   John Thorne William Hookins James x Raddington    
THORNE Elizabeth Ann Henry BURNETT 18 Nov 1868 112 banns labourer John Thorne Mary Thorne   Thomas Burnett William Thorne
THORNE Thomas Mary Ann CRIDDLE 25 Dec 1878 139 banns labourer John Criddle Elizabeth Wright   John Thorne John Criddle
THORNE John Delsade Caroline HOOKINS 15 Apr 1891 167 banns game keeper James Hookins Mary Louisa Hookins John x Sidbury Thomas Thorne James Hookins
THORNE Hannah Henry BROOM 13 Nov 1895 181   soldier John Criddle Eva Criddle   Henry Broom John Thorne
THORNE Ellen Arthur JAMES 13 Jul 1898 187 banns mason George Thorne Cecilia Elliott Arthur x Tinsbury James James John Thorne
THRESHER Stephen Grace SHATTOCK 15 Jan 1711                
THRESHER John Mary Ann BURNETT 17 Oct 1872 119 banns labourer William Dyte Selina Lyddon   William Thresher William Burnett
THRESHER Samuel Emily GADD 26 Apr 1876 131 banns labourer Robert Upham Isaac Apse   William Thresher William Gadd
TILER Barbara Richard HOYELL 20 Nov 1619                
TILER Margerie John QUORN 01 May 1627           John surname suspect    
TINKER Radolph Jlota BRISHOPP 21 Sep 1590           Radolph x Stogumber, Jlota daughter of Thomas    
TOLMAN George Thomasin MARTIN 04 Oct 1672                
TOLMAN John Anne HEMBROUGH 30 Dec 1720                
TOLMAN Margaret James ELSDON 10 Oct 1726           James x Lydeard St Lawrence    
TOMAN Rebecca John YENDAL 02 Jan 1714                
TOMS Robert Elizabeth TAYLOR 18 Aug 1811 120 licence   Joel Withers Mary Veryard Robert a widower    
TOTTERDELL Edward John Sarah Jane COLES 09 May 1893 172   labourer Mary Ann Coles Louisa Coles   Edward Totterdell George Coles
TOUT John Elizabeth ARMSTRONG 21 Sep 1806 109 banns   William Perrott William Hookins      
TOUT Harriet James UPHAM 20 Jun 1839 3 banns labourer Robert Tout Mary Tout   Robert Upham John Tout
TOUT Robert Elizabeth SNOOK 05 Apr 1842 13 banns labourer James Tout Martha Hookins   John Tout Charles Snook
TOUT Anne William DUDDRidge 13 May 1842 14 banns carpenter James Tout Sarah Duddridge   William Duddridge John Tout
TOUT Mary George MANNING 07 Jul 1853 56 banns labourer James Armstrong Selina Tout   George Manning William Tout
TOUT Thomas Selina HAWKER 26 May 1853 55 banns labourer William Duddridge Anne Judd   William Tout Abel Hawker
TREABLE Joanna William BAKER 02 Aug 1602                
TREBBLE Bartholomew Elizabeth MINIFIE 07 Jul 1722           Barth. & Elizabeth x Taunton, St Mary Magdalen    
TREBLE James Agnes TUCKFIELD 25 Nov 1624           Agnes daughter of William    
TRIBBLE Elenorea Henry NOORTH 18 Jan 1596                
TROKE Christopher Barbara MARTIN 09 Oct 1627                
TROKE Joan John HARCOMBE 28 Oct 1791 79 banns   Thomas Clatworthy William Lerway      
TRUCKNELL Johanna John LAMBERT ?? Feb 1584           date un-readable    
TRUFORD Mary Edward HEMBOROW ?? Jan 1624           Mary surname suspect, date un-readable    
TUCK Elizabeth Richard UPHAM 22 Apr 1699                
TUCK Elizabeth Robert MANNING 30 May 1745                
TUCK John Ann GREEDY 16 Apr 1770 38 banns   Robert Webber William Lerway Ann x Wiveliscombe    
TUCK Sarah Charles SNOOK 21 May 1815 7 banns   John Tout William Hookins      
TUCK Mary John COMMONS 04 Feb 1830 51 banns   William Hawkins William Hookins      
TUCKER Mary Thomas BURNETT 07 Nov 1888 160 banns labourer John Gore Emma Gibbs   Thomas Burnett James Tucker
TUCKFIELD Agnes James TREBLE 25 Nov 1624           Agnes daughter of William    
TUCKFIELD Alice Henry MARSH 29 Nov 1629                
TUCKFIELD Frances John HEMBOROW 29 Oct 1663                
TUCKFIELD William Marian HOYLE 11 Jun 1692                
TUCKFIELD Mary Alexander SLOWLEY 06 Aug 1715                
TUCKFIELD Anne Robert MELLIAR 01 Jan 1718                
TUCKFIELD Martha John WINTER 10 Nov 1732                
TUCKFIELD Joan Robert UPHAM 14 Feb 1743                
TUCKFIELD Eleanor John LEIGH 07 Jan 1768 33 banns   Joseph Camplin William Lerway      
TUCKFIELD George Ann CHILCOTT 31 Aug 1867 105 banns labourer Thomas James Chilcott Charlotte Chilcott   William Tuckfield James Chilcott
TUDBALL Mary Robert COMINS 01 Aug 1761 16 banns   Robert Comins William Lerway Mary x Wiveliscombe    
TUDBALL Jane James LANGDON 07 Nov 1789 73 banns   Thomas Bruford William Lerway      
TUDBALL Sarah John LANGDON 14 Oct 1790 76 banns   William Langdon Robert Sealy      
TULFILL Johann Robert UPHAM 14 Sep 1669                
TURBILL Elinor Marmaduke BAKER 27 Jul 1629                
TURNER Johann Augusta BRIANT 18 Apr 1611                
TYLER Johanna John COMER 22 Jan 1593           John x Bicknoller    
TYLER John Thomasin HEMBOROUGH 03 Oct 1606                
TYLER Thomas Judeth HOYLE 08 Jun 1621                
TYLER John Mary EXON 01 Oct 1632                
TYLER Alice John SHORNWAY 27 Jun 1633                
TYLER Jane John CHILCOTT 03 Feb 1676                
un-readable John Hester un-readable 29 Oct 1706           John x Netherton    
un-readable Hester John un-readable 29 Oct 1706           John x Netherton    
UPHAM John un-readable HEMBOROUGH 22 Oct 1559                
UPHAM John Margareta POOLE 20 Nov 1566                
UPHAM John Elizabeth ARRUNDELL 06 Nov 1580                
UPHAM Robert Johann TULFILL 14 Sep 1669                
UPHAM George Ann DYAR 03 Jun 1672                
UPHAM Joan William BOURCHER 29 Apr 1676                
UPHAM Marion John SHORNWAY 20 May 1680           Marion x Elworthy    
UPHAM Richard Elizabeth TUCK 22 Apr 1699                
UPHAM Mary John STONE 02 Apr 1716           John x Kingston    
UPHAM Sarah Robert WINTER 06 Aug 1719                
UPHAM Richard Joan WILLIAMS 14 Dec 1737                
UPHAM Robert Joan TUCKFIELD 14 Feb 1743                
UPHAM Elizabeth William BRYANT 18 May 1755 2 banns   Simon Strong William Lerway      
UPHAM Richard Betty BRYANT 20 Apr 1761 14 banns   Emanuel Webb William Lerway      
UPHAM Robert Joan REW 27 Jan 1764 25 licence   Stephen Bryant William Lerway Joan a minor with father's consent    
UPHAM Jane James RICHARDS 18 Oct 1774 43 banns   Israel Lapthorne William Lerway      
UPHAM Thomazin John HADDON 29 May 1797 93 banns   Martha Bryant William Hookins      
UPHAM Robert Elizabeth MAYS 05 Apr 1804 102 banns     William Hookins      
UPHAM Mary John HOPKINS 21 May 1824 28 banns   Robert Hopkins William Hookins John x Stogumber    
UPHAM James Harriet TOUT 20 Jun 1839 3 banns labourer Robert Tout Mary Tout   Robert Upham John Tout
UPHAM Eli Elizabeth FRY 20 Oct 1881 144 banns labourer Mary Jane Fry W Apse   William Upham Thomas Fry
UPHAM Elizabeth John HOLE 22 Jul 1882 147 banns miner Robert Upham Eliza Upham John a widower x Treborrow William Hole James Upham
VENN Thomas Alicia BEAR 28 Nov 1579           Thomas x Allamthin    
VI___MOND Ann Robert SMITH 19 Jun 1658           Ann surname un-readable    
VINCENT David Elizabeth WEBBER 09 Jul 1574           married at Wiveliscombe    
VINCENT John Martha PARSONS 01 Jan 1838 1 banns labourer William Parsons Elizabeth Hookins Reg No. 75 Old Book William Vincent  
VINCENT Mary James BRYANT 11 Feb 1843 15 banns carpenter John Vincent Anne Winter   Thomas Bryant William Vincent
VINCENT Sarah Jane James PARSONS 08 Mar 1865 92 banns labourer William Upham Sarah Bale   John Parsons John Vincent
VINCENT Mary James HALL 04 Nov 1879 141 banns labourer William Vincent Mary un-readable James x Elworthy James Hall John Vincent
VINCENT Frances William MIDDLETON 27 May 1888 158 banns labourer James Parsons Elizabeth Dunn   Robert Middleton John Vincent
VINEY Mary Arthur HUCKLEY 12 Jun 1739                
VINISON Frances Richard GOODMAN 22 Mar 1656           Richard x Clatworthy    
VINSON Jonathan Sarah BINDER 25 Feb 1762 18 banns   James Gooding William Lerway      
VINSON Phoebe Job NEWTON 17 Apr 1834 64 banns   W Newton Ellen Routtley Job x Crowcombe, Phoebe x Stogumber    
WAKEFIELD Joan Thomas KNIGHT 11 Feb 1745           Thomas x Kingston, Joan x St Decumans    
WALL Joane John WINTER 01 Jul 1655           John x Nettlecombe    
WARD Mary Samuel AMORY 06 Apr 1854 60 banns labourer George Ward Sarah Ward   John Amory John Ward
WARMOTH Katherin Mathew CROSSE 05 Aug 1631                
WARMOTH Peter Katherin POTTER 25 Jun 1631                
WARNE Thomas Jane GORTON 15 Dec 1636                
WASHER Maria John DAVY ?? ??? 1566           Maria x Fitzhead, date un-readable    
WASHER John Elizabeth WRENTMORE ?? Nov 1569           date un-readable    
WASHER Margaret John BOART 02 May 1583                
WASHER Simon Susanna WYNTER 06 Apr 1584                
WASHER John Grace SEALY 27 Nov 1629                
WASHER Johan Joseph SHORNY 19 Jul 1641                
WASHER Joane Lawrance POTTER 03 Sep 1654                
WASHER Agnes Christopher WINTER 29 Apr 1664                
WASHER Eleanor Henry GOVIER 01 Jan 1712           Henry x Elworthy    
WASHER Jane William WEBBER 15 Jan 1726                
WATERMAN Abraham Mary WOOLLCOTT 10 Jun 1790 76 banns   John Chaplin William Lerway      
WATERMAN James Mary BARNETT 27 Jul 1823 27 banns   Mary Bowerman William Hookins      
WATERMAN John Mary HEMBOROUGH 21 Nov 1825 33 banns   Benjamin Winter William Hookins      
WATERMAN Agness John PARSONS 16 May 1831 56 banns   James Waterman William Hookins      
WATERMAN Sarah John NATCOTE 16 Nov 1843 20 banns labourer John Parsons Mary Natcot   _____ Criddle John Waterman
WATERMAN Mary Richard BRANFIELD 22 Oct 1846 37 banns labourer John Natcote Mary Natcott   Charles Branfield John Waterman
WATERMAN Thomasin James BARKER 26 Mar 1850 48 banns servant Richard Waterman Elizabeth Waterman   James Barker James Waterman
WATERMAN Bickham Mary JONES 29 Apr 1852 51 banns labourer Thomas Tout Mary Parsons   John Richards William Jones
WATERMAN George Elizabeth CHORLEY 29 Jun 1873 122   labourer Isaac Apse Eliza Waterman   John Waterman no information
WATERMAN Elizabeth Anna Josiah DAVEY 28 Aug 1877 135 banns railway man Mary Louisa Hookins William Waterman Josiah x Martock Josiah Davey Bickham Waterman
WATERS Sarah John AMERY 17 Oct 1826 36 banns   James Amory Radeback Amory Sarah x Staplegrove    
WATTS Mary Samuel HOOPER 09 Apr 1837 73 banns   Edward Stanmer Mariane Hooper Mary x Wiveliscombe    
WAY Elizabeth Robert DAYE 22 Jan 1595                
WAY James Elizabeth BRYANT 06 Jun 1631                
WAY Joane John GOARE 26 Nov 1681           John x Samford    
WAY Richard Joane WINTER 14 Nov 1700                
WAY Mary Thomas WEBBER 09 Nov 1707           Thomas x Wiveliscombe    
WAY Elizabeth Benjamin WINTER 27 Jun 1807 110 banns     William Hookins      
WEAR Aaron Mary GAD 20 Feb 1838 2 banns labourer John Wear Hannah Wear Aaron x Elworthy Thomas Wear William Gad
WEBB Emanuel Elizabeth ALLEN 28 Dec 1762 24 banns   John Allen William Lerway Elizabeth x Combe Florey    
WEBBER Elizabeth Thomas HOBBES 05 Feb 1558           Elizabeth daughter of John    
WEBBER Catherina Robert DURCOMBE 28 Jan 1560           Catherina daughter of John    
WEBBER John Elizabeth HODDGES 17 Jan 1564                
WEBBER Margareta Henry BOWRINGE 25 Nov 1573           Henry x Wiveliscombe, Margareta daughter of Roger    
WEBBER Elizabeth David VINCENT 09 Jul 1574           married at Wiveliscombe    
WEBBER Dorothea William STANDISH 24 Oct 1574                
WEBBER Dorothy Robert HEMBOROW 04 May 1626                
WEBBER James Joane STEEVENS 16 May 1655                
WEBBER Philip Joan MANNING 14 Jul 1664                
WEBBER Catharine William HOLE 09 Oct 1675                
WEBBER Thomas Mary WAY 09 Nov 1707           Thomas x Wiveliscombe    
WEBBER William Jane WASHER 15 Jan 1726                
WEBBER James Mary GOODING 19 Feb 1727                
WEBBER William Elizabeth COLES 25 Feb 1762 17 banns   William Blake William Lerway      
WEBBER William Mary MEER 31 May 1765 28 banns   Joseph Camplin William Lerway William x Wiveliscombe    
WEBBER William Ann FAWN 28 Jan 1811 119 banns     William Hookins Ann x Wiveliscombe    
WEBBER James Rebecca POOLE 22 Mar 1836 68 banns   Thomas Pool William Hookins James x Huish Champflower    
WEBBER John Elizabeth HOOKINS 17 May 1841 9 banns labourer James Hookins Anne Hookins   William Webber William Hookins
WEBBER Harriet James PARSONS 17 Jan 1848 41 banns labourer Amos Bale Ellen Redwood   William Parsons William Parsons
WEBBER William Lucia BURGE 21 Oct 1857 69 banns labourer Samuel Emery Mary Emery   John Webber Henry Burge
WEBBER Mary Eli Walter WESTERN 30 Mar 1863 89 banns labourer James Bryant Isaac Apse   James Western George Webber
WEBBER John Edith BALE 04 Apr 1888 156 banns labourer Alfred William Webber Mary Jane Webber   William Webber John Bale
WEBBER Elizabeth Ann Alfred George TARR 06 Jan 1890 164 banns road contract James Tarr Mary Jane Webber   John Tarr William Webber
WEBBER Anne William BOSLEY 07 Apr 1891 166 banns thatcher William Apps Harriett Apps   David Bosley William Webber
WEBBER James Elizabeth BALE 24 Apr 1893 171   labourer John Webber Louisa Webber   William Webber Mary Bale, base born
WEBBER George Letitia Agnes PARSONS 03 Oct 1894 176   labourer James Parsons Louisa Webber   William Webber James Parsons
WEBBER Mary Jane Albert Charles TARR 27 Aug 1895 180   carpenter John Webber Louisa Webber   John Tarr William Webber
WEBER James Joane STEEVENS 25 Mar 1655                
WEECH James Betty BURNET 01 Jan 1777 47 banns   John Burnet William Lerway James x Fitzhead    
WEECH William Charlotte DIBBLE 26 Sep 1807 111 licence   William Culliford William Hookins William x Wiveliscombe    
WEECH Charlotte William SMITH 09 Jan 1826 34 banns   William Gibbs William Hookins Charlotte a widow x Wiveliscombe    
WENNESLY Mary John PERROT 15 Oct 1798 95 banns   James Chilcott William Hookins      
WENSELY George Sarah CHILCOTT 03 Jun 1829 44 banns   Jane Court Agnes Waterman      
WENSLEY William Anne BAKER 24 Oct 1676                
WENSLEY un-readable Robert YEANDALL 20 Jan 1683                
WENSLEY Eleanor William LYDDON 17 Jul 1770 40 banns   Thomas Dibble William Lerway      
WENSLEY Jane John PARISH 22 Apr 1844 24 banns labourer George Wensley Sarah Wensley   John Parish John Wensley
WENSLEY Jane William DEXTER 14 Jul 1857 67 banns labourer Charles Dexter Isaac Apse   James Dexter George Wensley
WENSLEY George Isabella BOWERMAN 08 Oct 1866 101 banns carpenter Charles Winter Isabella Winter George x Reading George Wensley Robert Bowerman
WESCOTT Jane John MEER 01 Apr 1782 58 banns   John Stone William Lerway      
WESTERN John Mary HILL 17 Jun 1829 45 banns   Mary Bosley William Hookins John x Elworthy    
WESTERN Sarah John APPS 15 Aug 1839 5 banns labourer William Apps Jane Western Sarah x Stogumber John Apps Jane Western
WESTERN Caroline James BRYANT 26 Jan 1854 59 banns labourer James Derby Jane Smith   Richard Bryant James Western
WESTERN Mary Richard RICHARDS 30 Mar 1859 74 banns labourer James Bryant Caroline Bryant Richard x Lydeard St Lawrence Michael Richards James Western
WESTERN Eli Walter Mary WEBBER 30 Mar 1863 89 banns labourer James Bryant Isaac Apse   James Western George Webber
WESTERN Anne William WILKINS 06 Sep 1870 116 banns labourer James Wilkins Jane Salter   Charles Wilkins James Western
WEYGOOD John Hannah BURNETT 04 Feb 1845 27 banns labourer John Burnett Sarah Burnett Hannah signed cert as Anna, John x Bunnington Robert Weygood William Burnett
WH__AT Johanna John DEDRIDGE ?? ??? 1566           Johanna surname & date un-readable    
WHITE Willingham John POOLE 23 Oct 1578           Willingham name suspect and x Wiveliscombe    
WHITE Alice Thomas APELIN 27 Dec 1635                
WHITE Thomas Anstace SHORNWAY 18 Jan 1683                
WHITE Thomas Jane CHILCOT 16 Jan 1717                
WHITE Abraham Mary MELLIAR 02 Mar 1741                
WHITE Thomas Hannah CRIDDLE 27 Jul 1751           Thomas x Tolland    
WHITE Sarah Abraham DAVISS 26 May 1780 54 banns   Abraham White William Lerway Abraham x Tolland    
WHITE Ann Thomas COURT 19 Jan 1784 62 banns   William Burge William Lerway      
WHITE Frances John MEER 22 Jul 1793 81 banns   Jonathan Vincent William Lerway      
WHITEFIELD William Honor TARR 04 May 1863 90 banns labourer George Saunders Elizabeth Whitefield   William Whitefield William Tarr
WILKINS William Anne WESTERN 06 Sep 1870 116 banns labourer James Wilkins Jane Salter   Charles Wilkins James Western
WILLIAMS John Agnes BRISHOPP 13 May 1598                
WILLIAMS Johanna Wilhelm AISHCOMBE 02 Jul 1610                
WILLIAMS Philip Mariam BURGE 27 Sep 1679                
WILLIAMS Thomas Grace CANNIFORD 23 Apr 1680           Thomas aka SAGE    
WILLIAMS John Sarah MERVIN 20 Nov 1713                
WILLIAMS Thomas Elizabeth NORMAN 23 Jul 1715                
WILLIAMS Hannah William PALFREY 03 Jul 1733                
WILLIAMS Joan Richard UPHAM 14 Dec 1737                
WILLIAMS Richard Anne PEROTT 24 Mar 1743                
WILLIAMS John Sarah SHADDOCK 14 Nov 1745                
WILLIAMS Mary James HEMBROUGH 03 Apr 1762 19 banns   Reuben Hembrough William Lerway      
WILLIAMS Mary James DAVIS 15 Feb 1776 44 banns   John Tuck William Lerway      
WILLIAMS Jacob Mary SMITH 26 Nov 1817 15 banns   Margaret Woodland William Hookins      
WILLIAMS Elizabeth Robert RING 10 Oct 1848 43 banns labourer William Stephens Elizabeth Ring   Joseph Ring Jacob Williams
WILLIS John Elizabeth Ann BOWERMAN 27 Sep 1858 72 banns shepherd Francis James Trott Ezekiel Hues   James Willis Robert Bowerman
WILLIS Elizabeth Jane Walter CHURCHILL 13 Nov 1886 151 banns maltster James Thresher Harriett Chaplain Walter x Wiveliscombe Robert Churchill George Willis
WIMPHREY Jlota William SHORLAND 30 Jun 1580           brides name suspect    
WINTER Elizabeth Thomas CRIDLAND 03 Oct 1611           Thomas x Lydeard St Lawrence    
WINTER Katherina Thomas STEEVINS 09 Oct 1618                
WINTER Christopher Joan BRISHOPP 08 Jan 1627                
WINTER Joan David SELLEKE 20 Nov 1653                
WINTER John Joane WALL 01 Jul 1655           John x Nettlecombe    
WINTER Agnes George STEVENS 24 Nov 1663                
WINTER Christopher Agnes WASHER 29 Apr 1664                
WINTER Louisa Richard LAREWELL 28 Oct 1675                
WINTER Edward Rachel AMORY 25 Apr 1685                
WINTER Joane Richard WINTER 14 Nov 1700                
WINTER James Allice STICKS 23 Nov 1700                
WINTER Thomas Mary ARMORY 03 Jul 1701                
WINTER Robert Sarah UPHAM 06 Aug 1719                
WINTER John Martha TUCKFIELD 10 Nov 1732                
WINTER Richard Jane CHILCOT 27 ??? 1740                
WINTER John Mary BRIDGES 09 Apr 1747                
WINTER Sarah William BLANCHFLOWER 25 Nov 1754 1 banns   Simon Strong William Lerway      
WINTER Joan George SKATE 21 Nov 1777 49 licence   Nathaniel Voissey William Lerway George x Hillfarrance    
WINTER Ann Thomas ALLEN 28 Dec 1785 66 licence   Stephen Paul Betty Cornish Thomas x West Monkton    
WINTER Mary Peter LEWIS 05 Jan 1787 69 banns   Robert Bowering William Lerway      
WINTER Betty David BOSLEY 20 Feb 1787 70 banns   Peter Lewis William Lerway David x Lydeard St Lawrence    
WINTER Robert Elizabeth WENNESLY 16 Nov 1798 96 licence   Mary Curdle William Hookins      
WINTER Benjamin Elizabeth WAY 27 Jun 1807 110 banns     William Hookins      
WINTER Maria Charles CRIDDLE 26 Sep 1829 47 banns   Robert Winter   Charles x Stogumber    
WINTER Robert Elizabeth CONIBEERE 27 Oct 1833 63     George Conibeere Betty Conibeere Elizabeth x Stogumber    
WINTER Elizabeth Thomas HOBBES 31 Jul 1834 65 banns   Robert Winter Harriet Winter Thomas x Ash Priors    
WINTER Lyddia George BOWERMAN 22 Mar 1835 66 banns   Robert Winter Mary Bowerman George x Elworthy    
WINTER Anna James CHOWNE 07 Dec 1836 70 banns   Robert Sully Elizabeth Chown James x Stogumber    
WINTER John Ann KERSLAKE 05 Jan 1837 71     Robert Winter Honour Winter John x Wiveliscombe    
WINTER George Sarah SULLY 11 May 1837 74 licence   James Winter Mary Bowerman George & Sarah x Old Cleeve    
WINTER Honor Henry HEWS 20 May 1840 7 banns yeoman Charles Dibble Elizabeth Hews   James Hews Robert Winter
WINTER Elizabeth Isiah DAINTY 20 Nov 1844 26 banns cabinet maker George Bowerman Anna Winter Isiah x Tavistock, Devon John Dainty Benjamin Winter
WINTER Mary Robert BERRYMAN 27 Oct 1846 38 banns carpenter John Winter Anna Winter Robert x Crowcombe John Berryman Benjamin Winter
WINTER James Mary Jane RANDALL 13 Apr 1866 96 licence farmer William Richards E G Randall both x Bowden Robert Winter John Randall
WINTER Charles Mary YEANDLE 22 Apr 1874 128   yeoman Francis Dunn John Yeandle   Charles Winter John Yeandle
WITCH Sarah John TARR 06 Jan 1851 49 banns farm servant James Gibbs Anne Gibbs   George Tarr John Dibble
WITHERS John Johane BRIANT 18 Apr 1667           John x West Quantock    
WITHERS Elizabeth Henry LEIGH 04 Apr 1695           Henry x Dunster    
WITHERS Alexander Ann HEMBROUGH 22 Jun 1699           Alexander x St Decamus    
WITHERS Betty William ROWE 12 Jul 1782 59 banns   James Palfrey William Lerway Betty x Stogumber    
WITHIE Marjorie Abraham CLARKE 10 Sep 1607                
WOLCOT Agnes Lace POOLE 17 Sep 1638           Lace x Monksilver, Agnes x Stogumber    
WOOD Rebecca Thomas CANIFORD 01 Jan 1680           Rebecca x Langford    
WOODBERRY Sarah Robert HOOPER 24 Dec 1874 130 banns stone cutter William Woodberry Maryann Woodberry Sarah x Wiveliscombe Samuel Hooper IsaacWoodberry
WOODLAND William Sarah BURGE 16 Apr 1770 37 banns   Robert Webber William Lerway      
WOODRAL Alfred David Fanny CHAPLIN 08 Nov 1868 111 banns labourer John Proll Mary Proll   base born John Chaplin
WOODROW Henry John Mary Ann LANGDON 22 Oct 1874 129 banns miner Jane Langdon Jane Burnett   David Farmer (base) John Langdon
WOOLCOTT Richard Radigan BRIANT 19 May 1636                
WOOLCOTT John Mary STONE 20 Jan 1766 31 banns   Joseph Camplin William Lerway      
WOOLLCOTT Elizabeth John BRYANT 08 Apr 1598                
WOOLLCOTT John Mary SEALY 30 Aug 1632                
WOOLLCOTT Henry Lucy LERWAY 03 May 1707                
WOOLLCOTT Mary Abraham WATERMAN 10 Jun 1790 76 banns   John Chaplin William Lerway      
WRENTMORE Faith Abraham THOMAS 04 Feb 599                
WRENTMORE Elizabeth John WASHER ?? Nov 1569           date un-readable    
WRENTMORE Thomas Thomasin SELLER 06 Apr 1573           Thomasin x Tolland    
WRENTMORE Agnes Robert INGRAM 16 Jun 1580                
WRENTMORE Alicia Thomas STEEVENS 21 Nov 1580           Thomas x Fitzhead    
WRENTMORE Richard Johanna BRISHOPP 24 Jan 1580                
WRENTMORE Richard Edith NORMAN 22 Jan 1592           Edith x Brompton Regis    
WRENTMORE Grace John SHORNEWAY 20 Feb 1606                
WY____ Joan Robert BOOBYER ?? Apr 1635           Joan surname & date un-readable    
WYBOURN William Harriett HARTNOLL 28 Aug 1831 57 banns   Thomas Milton William Hookins William x Ninehead    
WYNTER Johanna __idim BLUNDELL 14 Jun 1573           Blundell first name un-readable, x Wiveliscombe    
WYNTER Robert Katherine WYNTER 15 Sep 1580                
WYNTER Katherine Robert WYNTER 15 Sep 1580                
WYNTER Susanna Simon WASHER 06 Apr 1584                
WYNTER Johanna Thomas POTTER 24 Jan 1588                
WYNTER Dorothea Johamon CHAPPLEN 29 Oct 1603                
YANDELL Patience John STONE 30 May 1777 48 banns   John Williams William Lerway John x Lydeard St Lawrence    
YEA Johanna Thomas COWLING ?? Aug 1580           date un-readable    
YEA David Joan BREWER 19 Jan 1721           David, Esquire    
YEANDALL Robert un-readable WENSLEY 20 Jan 1683                
YEANDLE James Mary BURSTON 25 Apr 1836 69 banns   David Burston jnr Sarah Sheet James x Clatworthy    
YEANDLE Mary Charles WINTER 22 Apr 1874 128   yeoman Francis Dunn John Yeandle   Charles Winter John Yeandle
YEANDLE John Elizabeth Ann BLACKMORE 24 Oct 1892 170 banns farmer Joseph Yeandle William Blackmore widower & widow John Yeandle William Surridge
YEANDLE Ernest Edward Marianna DARCH 11 May 1896 182   farmer Charles Winter Amy Rose Winter   John Yeandle Thomas Darch
YENDAL John Rebecca TOMAN 02 Jan 1714                
YENDAL Anne Richard HEAFER 16 Apr 1722                
YENDALL Thomas Amiam HAWKINS 10 Oct 1679           Amiam x Wiveliscombe    
YENDLE Frederick John Ann MORELTON 22 Jan 1863 88 banns labourer John Milton Jane Stephens Frederick x Nettlecombe no information John Morelton