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Corfe Marriage Banns 1779-1824

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Surname Forenames Other Party First Call Other Information
Aplin Robert Joan Hurket 18 Feb 1798 Tsm/otp
Bishop Mary John Broom 18 Nov 1804  
Bowerman Samuel Mary Spiller 08 Mar 1795 both indwellers
Bradbeer Betty Robert Dicks 15 Sep 1822  
Broom John Mary Bishop 18 Nov 1804 Pitminster/otp
Burford Betty William Dyte 07 Dec 1823  
Burford Richard Rebeckah Pool 01 Nov 1795 both otp
Bussell Jane Michael Oaten 11 Apr 1779  
Bussell Sarah John Marshall 30 Jun 1805  
Butson William Betty Simmons 28 Oct 1787 sojourners
Cannicott Reuben Mary Marshall 24 Aug 1794 both sojourners
Carter Ann Thomas Shute 12 Sep 1787  
Carter Betty John How 03 Apr 1779  
Carter Jane William Young 22 Apr 1779  
Cawley Sarah Richard Stark 03 Mar 1822  
Clapp Hannah William Spiller 24 Nov 1822  
Clapp Hannah James Spiller 24 Nov 1822  
Collins Abraham Elizabeth Worman 06 Dec 1801 both otp
Colman Sarah John Venn 09 Feb 1817  
Cox Thomas Sarah Herring 24 May 1789 sojourner/otp
Dicks Robert Betty Bradbeer 15 Sep 1822 otp/otp wid
Dyer Elizabeth John Longman 12 Oct 1823  
Dymond John Ann Radford 27 Feb 1791 both otp
Dyte William Betty Burford 07 Dec 1823 both otp
Grigg John Mary Pavey 17 Mar 1822 otp/Tsj
Hallett Betty Stephen Oliver 07 Apr 1793  
Hays Mary Ann John Philip Perkins 26 May 1822  
Herring Sarah Thomas Cox 24 May 1789  
How John Betty Carter 03 Apr 1779  
Hurket Joan Robert Aplin 18 Feb 1798  
Hurley John Ann Snook 31 May 1795 indweller/otp
Lenthal Elizabeth George Spiller 05 Mar 1820  
Longman John Elizabeth Dyer 12 Oct 1823 indweller/otp
Marshall John Sarah Bussell 30 Jun 1805 both otp
Marshall Mary Reuben Cannicott 24 Aug 1794  
Oaten Michael Jane Bussell 11 Apr 1779 Pitminster/otp
Oaten Thomas Mary Upham 08 Sep 1805 indweller/otp
Oliver Stephen Betty Hallett 07 Apr 1793 both otp
Pavey Mary John Grigg 17 Mar 1822  
Perkins John Philip Mary Ann Hays 26 May 1822 indweller/Tsm
Pool Rebeckah Richard Burford 01 Nov 1795  
Porter William Elizabeth Weeber 26 Feb 1804 both otp
Potter Hannah John Wheadon 06 May 1791  
Radford Ann John Dymond 27 Feb 1791  
Saell William Ann Shute 20 Jun 1811 both otp
Shute Ann William Saell 20 Jun 1811  
Shute Thomas Ann Carter 12 Sep 1787 both otp
Simmons Betty William Butson 28 Oct 1787  
Snook Ann John Hurley 31 May 1795  
Spiller George Elizabeth Lenthal 05 Mar 1820 indweller/indweller
Spiller James Hannah Clapp 24 Nov 1822 indweller/otp the younger
Spiller Mary Samuel Bowerman 08 Mar 1795  
Spiller William Hannah Clapp 24 Nov 1822 indweller/otp wid
Stark Richard Sarah Cawley 03 Mar 1822 Tsm/otp
Upham Mary Thomas Oaten 08 Sep 1805  
Venn John Sarah Colman 09 Feb 1817 Pitminster/otp
Weeber Elizabeth William Porter 26 Feb 1804  
Wheadon John Hannah Potter 06 May 1791 both otp
Worman Elizabeth Abraham Collins 06 Dec 1801  
Young William Jane Carter 22 Apr 1779 both indwellers

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