Minehead, Dunster, Carhampton


And Neighbourhoods

From Slaters Commercial Directory, 1858-1859.

Transcribed by Phil Mustoe

MINEHEAD is a small sea-port and market town, in the hundred of Carhampton; 162 miles w.s.w of London, 25 w.n.w from Bridgewater, and 18 n.w. from Wiveliscombe; situated on the Bristol channel, and divided into three parts, which form a size of about two-thirds of a mile of each side. The town, composed of very irregular streets and buildings, stands on the east slope of a vast hill & 'Greenaleigh', or Minehead-point; the lower or the town, is half a mile south-east from the beach; the quay town, by the water's edge, where is a union-house. The trade carried on here is chiefly excise: the exports are corn, malt, flour, timber, and iron ore; and the imports are live cattle; groceries and sundry shop goods from Bristol, coal culm and limestone from Wales; and there is a herring fishery. The harbour is a perfectly safe one, and the quay is commodious and convenient. The town is governed by two constables, appointed at the court leet of the manor, of which John Fownes Luttrell, esq. is the lord. This borough obtained the priviledge of sending members to parliament in the 1st of Elizabeth, which is lost upon the passing of the reform bill.
The parish church of St. Michael stands on the south slope of a hill to the north of the town: within the church is an alabaster statue of Queen Anne. The living is a vicarage, in the gift of J.F. Luttrell, Esq.; the Rev. Alexander Luttrell, is the incumbent. There is a handsome Baptist Chapel in the town, and a second in the Porlock road. The charities comprise a charity school for boys, supported by the patron of the church living; and gifts to the poor of coats, cloaks, blankets, &c, at certain periods. The vicinity of this town is very beautiful; the valleys are rich, and a few miles to the westward the country is highly romantic. This fine scenery, together with good accommodations for bathing, annually draw a number of summer visitants. The market is held on Wednesday, and an annual fair on Wednesday, in Whitsun-week, for toys, pedlery, &c. The parish contained, in 1831, 1481 inhabitants; and the last census (1841) 1,489.
Between three and four miles E. by S. from Minehead, in the same hundred, is a small market town and parish of DUNSTER; situated on the margin of a rich valley, about a mile to the south of Bristol channel. The town, which consists of but two principal streets, is now of but little importance, having lost its wool trade, which formerly afforded employment to a considerable number of the inhabitants of this parish and others contiguous. Dunster sent members to parliament in the 36th of Edward III, and it enjoyed the elective franchise, in conjunction with Minehead, until the passing of the reform bill, which deprived both of that priviledge. Dunster Castle, the beautiful seat and residence of J.F. Luttrell, esq. - the principal object of attraction, stands in a commanding situation, embracing fine views of the Bristol Channel, and the Welsh and Gloucestershire hills.
The church, dedicated to St. George, is a spacious edifice, in the later style of Engglish architecture, with a handsome tower, peculiarly placed at the east end. The living is a perpetual curacy, in the same patronage as that of Minehead: the Rev. Thomas F. Luttrell is the incumbent. The Weslyans have a handsome chapel here. The market is held on a Friday, and a chartered fair on the Monday in Whitsun-week. Population at the late census (1841), 1,078
Somewhat more than a mile south east from Dunster is Carhampton (giving name to a hundred) situated amid very striking scenery and varied prospects. The church is dedicated to St. John; the living is a vicarage, in the same patronage as the two preceding parishes: the Rev. Philip Wilson is the incumbent. The Weslyans have a chapel here also. Population of the parish, at the last census, 682

POST OFFICE, Minehead, Elizabeth Priddy, Post Mistress - letters from all parts are delivered every morning at nine, and are despatched every afternoon at five.

POST OFFICE, Dunster, Ann Linter, Post Mistress - Letters from all parts are delivered every morning at eight, and are despatched every afternoon at five.

Gentry and Clergy

Cockburn Captain - Minehead
Dymond Mr. Jas. George, Minehead
Elliott Rev. Charles, Minehead
Hole Robert, esq. Allcombe
Hole Thomas, esq. Allcombe
Knapp Mrs. Mary Ann, Minehead
Langdon Henry, esq. Allcombe
Low Mrs Sarah, Minehead
Luttrell Rev. Alexander, Minehead
Luttrell John Fownes, esq. Dunster castle
Luttrell Rev. Thos. Fownes, Dunster castle
Pearce Francis, esq. Bratton Court
Pearce William, esq. Minehead
Richards Mrs. Sarah, Allcombe
Richards Rev. T. M., Allcombe
Roberts Mrs. Mary, Minehead
Stoate Mr. William, Minehead
Tanner Miss -, Allcombe
Whitney Colonel -, Minehead
Wilson Rev. Philip, Carhampton

Academies and Schools

Elliott Rev. Charles, Minehead
Grindon John, Dunster
Harvey Elizabeth, Dunster
Luttrell's Charity School, Dunster - Mary Stong, mistress
Luttrell's Free School Minehead - William Lawry, master
Paul John, Dunster
Zellwood William F., Minehead


Leigh Robert, Quay, Minehead
Lettey William, Dunster


Atkins George, Minehead
Escott James & Joanna, Dunster
Slade William, Dunster
Stoate James, Minehead
Tucker William, Minehead


Badcock Henry & Robert (Taunton Bank) Dunster - Wm. Symons, agent


Ball William, Dunster
Criddell William, Alcombe
Escott Samuel, Minehead
Falvey George, Dunster
Griffith William, Minehead
Halman John, Minehead
Kent John, Bratton
Weetch John, Carhampton

Boot & Shoe Makers

Aue James, Dunster
Graddon Thomas, Minehead
Hooper Thomas, Minehead
Long James, Dunster
Mills Robert, Dunster
Slade Charles, Minehead
Vincent John, Minehead


Alloway Nathaniel, Minehead
Hancock Thomas, Carhampton
Siderfin George, Minehead

Cabinet Makers.

Hole John, Dunster
Webber John, Dunster


Hole John (& paper hanger) Dunster
Moore Thomas, Allcombe
Rawle John & Son, Minehead
Slade William, Minehead
Warren Samuel, Dunster
Winter Richard, Minehead

Coal Merchants

Crockford William, Minehead
Hole William, Minehead
Stoate Robert, Minehead
Williams John, Minehead


Corner John, Dunster
Harrison William, Minehead
Sloman William, Dunster


Bond John, Minehead
Williams George, Minehead
Williams Sarah Pearse, Minehead

Fire, &c. Office agents.

Atlas, William Lettey Dunster
Norwich Union, William Symons, Dunster
Royal Exchange, Samuel Dunn, Minehead
West of England, Geo. Williams, Minehead

Grocers, Drapers and Dealers in Sundries

Cole William, Minehead
Dallyer Ambrose, Dunster
Escott Isaac (and stocking manufacturer) Dunster
Jervis J. R., Minehead
Langdon Henry, Minehead
Lettey William, Dunster
Lewis Elizabeth, Dunster
Needs John, Quay
Ridler Michael, Allcombe
Standerwick Charles, Minehead
Symons William (and stamp distributor) Dunster
Warren Samuel, Dunster
Wicklen Susan, Quay
Williams Sarah Pearse, Minehead
Winter Robert, Minehead
Withycombe William, Carhampton


Bennett John, Dunster
Carpenter James, Minehead


(See also Taverns and Public Houses)
Duke of Wellington, John Powell, Minehead
Feathers, Ann Jones, Minehead
Luttrell Arms, Wm. Payne, Dunster


Palmer Edwin, Minehead
Williams George, Minehead

Lime Burners

Hole William, Minehead
Williams John, Minehead

Linen Drapers
See under the head Grocers, &c


Copp Richard Taylor, Carhampton
Escott Isaac, Dunster
Giles Thomas, Bratton
Greensill John, Minehead
Harvey John, Dunster
Siderfin George, Minehead


Escott Isaac, Dunster
Harvey John, Dunster
Tucker William, Minehead

Milliners & Dress Makers

Alloway & Williams, Allcombe
Geen Ann, Dunster
Radford Mary, Minehead

Painters, Plumbers, and Glaziers

Northcombe Jas, Minehead
Prideaux Wothington Vesey, Dunster
Rawle John & Son, Minehead
Rawle Richard, Dunster


Langdon Martin, Dunster
Wansborough William, Minehead

Stone Masons

Griffiths William, Dunster
Pearse John, Minehead


Abraham Thomas, Dunster
Downing Chas Toogood, Minehead
Gaye William, Minehead
Pearse Francis, Minehead


Leigh Robert (and auctioneer), Minehead


Geen William, Dunster
Harris William, Munster [sic.]
Haynes John, Minehead
Hayward John, Minehead
Langdon Henry (& draper) Minehead
Lettey James, Carhampton
Locke James, Dunster
Lyddon John, Dunster
Morkham Thomas, Dunster
Pearse Amos, Carhampton
Woolcott John, Dunster

Tallow Chandlers

Pitts John, Dunster
Stoate Robert, Minehead

Taverns & Public Houses

Black Boy, Mary Winter, Minehead
Butchers' Arms, Carhampton
Castle, Thomas Hurford, Dunster
Castle, John Rawle, Minehead
Freemsons' Arms, John James, Quay
George, Elizabeth Wood, Dunster
King William, George Escott, Carhampton
New Inn, Ann Jones, Minehead
Queens Head, Thomas Collings, Quay
Queens Head, George Prest, Minehead
Red Lion, Abraham Reed, Quay
Red Lion, James Thomas, Allcombe
Red Lion, Robert Withycombe, Dunster
Ship, John Webber, Quay
White Horse, William Sloman, Dunster

Watch Makers

Lettey James & William, Dunster
Morgan Thomas, Minehead


Escott George, Carhampton
Lettey John, Carhampton


Aplin Robert, fellmonger, Minehead
Curtis Wm, veterinary surgeon, Dunster
Custom House, Minehead - Nicholas Marshall, principal officer; John E. Dugdale, harbour master
Forrest Rachel, beer retlr., Quay, Minehead
Geen William, nurseryman, Dunster
Greenshill John, spirit merchant, Minehead
Grindon Thos., registrar of marrgsm Dunster
Hancock Thomas, supervisor, Dunster
Lucas Thomas, clothes dealer, Dunster
Phillips James, beer retailer, Dunster
Short Wm., serge &c. maker, Minehead
Siderfin John, currier & tanner, Minehead
Slade Robert, tinman & brazier, Minehead
Slade Wm., earthenware dealer, Dunster
Wood John, beer retailer, Dunster
Yeandell William, beer retailer, Allcombe

Coaches From Minehead

To Bridgewater, a Coach, from the Feathers, every morning at seven
To Taunton, a Coach, from Dunn's office, every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday morning at seven

Conveyance by Railway

The nearest railway is Taunton, 23 miles distant, on the line of the Bristol and Exeter Railway, to which station there is a conveyance three days a week as above stated

Particulars of the various Railways are furnished by the Railway Tables.


To Bridgewater and Bristol, John Nation, every Tuesday
To Dulverton, James Wake, every Friday
To Taunton, the Mail Cart, daily, and Henry Clapp, every Tuesday & Friday.

From Dunster
To Bridgewater and Bristol, John Nation, every Tuesday
To Dulverton, John Nation, every Tuesday night
To Taunton, James Wake, every Friday

Conveyance by Water

To Bristol, a sailing Packet, every fortnight

[Transcribed by Phil Mustoe, 8th February 1998]