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The Book of Porlock


Dennis Corner

Halsgrove Press, Tiverton (1999), ISBN 1841140392

Index provided by Bob Sanders

NOTE: Bold type indicates an illustration

"An Exploration of Exmoor" by John Lloyd Warden Page111
"Butcher Dick"91
"Devilry with the Doones" - play 1953143
"Feast of July" by H.E.Bates105
"History of Somerset" by Collinson (1791)29
"History of the Hundred of Carhampton" by Savage29
"The History of Part of West Somerset" by Healey19
Abbeyfield29, 155
Abbeyfield House81
Acland family17, 50, 88, 111
Acland, Sir Richard17, 111
Adams, Maria56
Advertisements for Porlock businesses42
Alcombe, Dunster Lodge19
Alderman's Barrow9
Aldin, Cecil81
Ale Houses & Inns74 - 79
Ale taster (Manorial official)15
Alfred the Great, King11
Allen, A137
Allen, Ronnie140
Allerford Laundry, The - Advert42
Allerford pack horse bridge69
Allerford School53
Allerpark - field156
American army on Exmoor123
Anchor horse bus96
Anchor Hotel, Porlock Weir96
Anchor Inn, Porlock Weir76
Anglo-Saxon Chronicle11
Annual fairs11
Archers and lancers from Porlock district45
Army huts9
Arnold family87
Arnold, Brian54
Arnold, Charlie127
Arnold, Elden129
Arnold, Elden E - Advert42
Arnold, Governess52
Arnold, Harry40
Arnold, Maude52
Arnold, Mrs C.119
Arnold, Mrs S. (Governess)119
Arscott, Charlie127
Arscott, Harry127
Arscott, Leslie127
Arscott, Raymond127
Arscott. Bernard127
Ash (farm)21
Ashley Combe62
Ashley Combe - crash of a Halifax Bomber at123
Ashley Combe Estate17
Ashley Combe House17
Ashley Combe House17
Athelney, Abbot of111
Austin car used as taxi38
Awdry, Mrs119
Baber, Cyril134
Bailiff's Rolls21, 155
Baker, John of Stoke Pero75
Baker, R (private - Somerset Light Infantry)122
Baldwin, Bishop of Exeter11
Baldwin, Stephen140
Bampfyld family81
Bampfyld, Copplestone Ware, of Hestercombe81
Band of Hope125
Banksia House, Bossington84
Baptist services in Porlock48
Bardsey Island45
Barley growing - World Championship21
Barn End24 & 25
Barney, Cilla145
Barry, South Wales151
Bartlett, Miss52
Barwick, Clifford118
Bass, Jim100
Bass, Lily54
Bass, Sid54
Bass, Sid senr133
Bass, Sidney118
Battle of Hastings11
Beach Cottage102
Beaumont, Checkland, M.B. (Lieutenant)122
Beggar's Knap9
Bellringer, Gilbert127
Bellringer, Gordon134
Bernard, C.H.T. - Advert42
Berry Castle10
Berry Castle Combe9
Billiards & Cricket135
Binding, Christopher56
Binding, E.J. (private - Somerset Light Infantry)122
Binding, Neil56
Binding, Neil141
Binding, R137
Binding, Roy48
Binding, S137
Birchanger Farm21, 111
Bishop of Taunton53
Black Barrow9
Blackford family111
Blackmore, J (private - Somerset Light Infantry)122
Blackmore, Janet143
Blackmore, Jim60
Blackmore, Jim38
Blackmore, Jim 1920s29
Blackmore, R.D.12, 155
Blackmore, Ron135
Blackmore, Una54
Blackmore's Cycle Shop29
Blacksmiths & farriers at Doverhay Forge 191143
Blathwayt family17
Blathwayt, Mr.17
Blathwayt, William - Secretary at War to King James II17
Blathwayt, William, junior10, 15
Blathwayt, William, senior10
Blathwayt, William, widow of17
Blizzard of 197863
Bloys, Grant56
Bloys, Grant141
Blue Motors65
Blue Ribbon Mission125
Blunt, Molly48
Bodman, C137
Bodman, P137
Bond, Bill52
Bond, Jim38
Bond, Lizzie52
Bossington9, 13, 111 - 117
Bossington - ancient walnut tree112
Bossington - hay cutting7
Bossington - history111
Bossington Beach113
Bossington Beach - lime kiln29
Bossington Chapel115
Bossington Farm21
Bossington Farm - threshing wheat22
Bossington Hill - view from116
Bossington Lane9, 19, 81
Bossington lime kiln59
Bossington, workmen at c.1880117
Bowden, H (private - Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry)122
Bowen, Albert52
Bowen, Charlie52
Bracey, J135
Bracey, John134
Bracey, L134
Bratton near Minehead17
Braund, Julie143
Bray, Donald43
Bray, Ena54
Bray, Iris54
Bread weigher (Manorial official)15
Brewster Sessions75
Brice, Rev John31
Brick and tile making at Porlock Weir29
Bricknell, William76
Bridge House88
Bridge House92
Bridgewater, Kevin56
Bristol Channel11
Bristol Channel Pilot Cutters (1998)109
Bromham family87
Bromham Farm21, 31
Bromham, Bill40
Bromham, Mabel52
Bromham, W132
Bromham, William40
Bronze Age9, 59
Brooks, Ada54
Brooks, Charlie118
Brooks, Gilian56
Brooks, Mr. - Headmaster55
Brooks, Mr. - Headmaster52
Brown Bros, - bulders51
Brown William - builder48
Brown, Hilda54
Brown, M137
Brown, Mrs M136
Brown, Reg127
Brown, Susannah56
Brown, W135
Brown, W & Sons - builders (advert)51
Bryant, A135
Bryant, Adrian134
Bryant, Adrian141
Bryant, Annette56
Bryant, Linda54
Bryant, Lisa56
Bryant, Theresa56
BSA motorbike & sidecar used by Burgess' for deliveries39
Buckingham family of Picket Stones Farm, Simonsbath28
Bungalows, High Bank55
Bunting, Revd.67
Burge, Andrew56
Burgess family87
Burgess, Albert127
Burgess, Clifford133
Burgess, Clifford - 191439
Burgess, Isaac - 191439
Burgess, Isaac's bakery41
Burgess, Lily54
Burgess, Miss F.119
Burgess, Miss K143
Burgess, P132
Burgess, Tom40
Burgess, W.I.40
Burgess, Winifred & Katie70
Burgess' baker's shop, Porlock28
Burgess' first shop39
Bushen family87
Bushen Bob52
Bushen George54
Bushen George40
Bushen, "Birdie"54
Bushen, George100
Bushen, George118
Bushen, Joan54
Bushen, Tom40
Buttyard - field156
Cameron, Audrey56
Camplen, Revd. Thomas75
Cape, F134
Cape, F135
Cape, Fred54
Cape, Fred134
Cape, Joan54
Cape, Joan48
Cape, Maria's grocer's shop41
Cape, Miss N143
Cape, Nancy54
Cape, Rosemary (nee Gibbons)128
Cape's grocer's shop, Porlock34
Cape's grocer's shop, Porlock28
Carew family81
Carew, Thomas75
Carhampton Hundred9
Castle Hotel, Porlock29, 75, 79, 155
Castle Hotel, Porlock30
Castle Inn, Porlock74
Castle Inn, Porlock76, 155
Castle Inn (advert for sale of)77
Celebration Arch for Queen Victoria's Jubilee48
Central Garage (advert)69
Central Garage, Porlock 1920s38
Central Garage, Porlock30
Centre of Porlock village c 190241
Centre of Porlock village - undated34
Chadwyck-Healey, Sir Charles E.H.156
Chadwyck-Healey, Sir Charles19
Chantry at Porlock endowed by Sir John Harrington45
Chantry Cottage, The Drang75
Chantry Cottage, The Drang84
Chapel of the High Cross53
Chapel, The (Methodist)155
Charcoal making29
Charles II, King31
Charles, Clifford72
Chibbett family87
Chibbett, John of Luccombe75
Chibbett, Walter133
Chilcott, D134
Chilcott, Karen56
Chimney Cottage88
Chiswell, Bill118
Chiswell, Christopher56
Chiswell, Lottie54
Church & Chapel44- 52
Church clock at St.Dubricius church45
Church rate83
Clark, Miss119
Clark, Mrs119
Clements, George128
Clifford, Hon. Rollo17
Clifford, Mr. of Hacketty Way House19
Clothier, Mrs C143
Coastal erosion59
Coates, Captain105
Coles, G.H. (Corpl - Som LI)122
Coles, Nelly54
Collins, Bill129
Comer, Jack54
Comer, Mrs119
Comer, Mrs119
Conygar - field156
Conygar Tower, Dunster81
Cook, Alf129
Cook, Bill129
Cooksley & Huish, Messrs. - restoration of church by45
Cooksley, Albert100
Cooksley, Arthur147
Cooksley, Barry56
Cooksley, Basil54
Cooksley, Colin48
Cooksley, Dawn56
Cooksley, Frank142
Cooksley, George100
Cooksley, Ivor56
Cooksley, J132
Cooksley, Jim127
Cooksley, John81
Cooksley, M135
Cooksley, Peggy54
Cooksley, S132
Cooksley, Sam60
Cooksley, Tom52
Co-operative Holidays Association19
Corner, Annette56
Corner, D141
Corner, Dennis129
Corner, Dennis140
Corner, Dennis141
Corner, Malcolm56
Corner, Malcolm141
Coronation Day 1953142
Coronation Fete 1953142
Cottage Hotel, Porlock Weir17
Countyman Restaurant, The - 199949
Countywide Holidays Association19
Court Leet - Porlock Manor15
Court Place155
Court Place Farm21, 83
Court Place Farm26
Court, Bill40
Court, Herbie54
Court, Jim40
Court, Vincent56
Courtenay, Edward, 3rd Earl of Devon45
Coward, Nick56
Cowlease - field156
Coy Barn, The156
Crane, Harry129
Creech family87
Creech, William75
Cricket Club125
Cricket Field125
Cridland, Andrew56
Cridland, Andrew141
Cridland, Dawn56
Culbone9, 17, 19, 66
Culbone Church9, 83
Culbone Combe9
Culbone Inn9
Culbone Stables63
Culbone Stone9
Culverwell & Hawkins, Minehead - pharmacy78
Cycle shop, Porlock28
Daish, John54
Danish invasions11
Dascombe, D135
Dascombe, Derek134
Dascombe, Derek141
Dascombe, Mrs G135
Dascombe, Tony134
Dascombe, Tony140
Dascombe, Tracey56
David, Simon141
Davies, L132
Davis, Richard - Preventive Officer at Porlock31
Daymond, Betty54
Daymond, Doreen54
Daymond, Ephraim133
Daymond, Ephraim135
Decoy, The156
Delbridge, Gordon127
Delbridge, Raymond127
Democrat - ketch105
Description of Porlock Parish9
Devereux Well, Harcombe10
Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria47
Dissolution of the Monasteries111
Doddimead, Pauline56
Doddimead, Peter56
Domesday Survey9
Donkey Derby146
Doone Valley83
Doone, Carver149
Doone, Lorna149
Douglas, Admiral - married the widow of William Blathwayt17
Doverhay9, 12, 89, 156
Doverhay Down9
Doverhay Farm31
Doverhay Farm86
Doverhay Farm, cattleyard25
Doverhay Farms24 & 25
Doverhay Farms and Inns156
Doverhay Forge - 191143
Doverhay Garage 193438
Doverhay Hill70
Doverhay orchard152
Doverhay Place19
Doverhay Place12, 19
Dovery9, 15
Dovery - house which stood on the site of the car park18
Dovery Court or Manor156
Dovery Manor19
Dovery Manor before 1893/418
Dovery Manor reading room125
Dovery Reading Room (advert)51
Down, Tom54
Down, Tom134
Doyle, Thomas75
Dragon Inn75
Dunn's Court95
Dunster Lodge, Alcombe19
Dunster market29
Dyer, Bill52
Dyer, Dave127
Dyer, Dave40
Dyer, Ethel52
Dyer, Mary52
Dyer, Maud52
Dyke family111
Dyrham Park near Bath17
Early History11
Eastcott Farm21, 22
Edge, S.F.65
Edward I, King17
Edward the Confessor, King11
Edward VII, King83
Edwards, Lionel81
Ellis, Henry125
Elsworthy, Jack54
Elsworthy family87
Exeter District (Wesleyan) Education Committee53
Exeter, Baldwin, Bishop of11
Exford Road9
Exmoor Horn sheep20
Exmoor Horn Sheep Breeders' Society20
Exmoor Ramblers33
Fair, annual11
Falvey, John76
Falvey, Robert76
Farmer, Jack100
Farmer, Jack118
Farming12, 31
Farrant, Jeff118
Ferris, Avis48
Ferris, Donald140
Ferris, Doreen54
Ferris, Dorothy48
Ferris, Gwen54
Ferris, Sid118
Fields, The156
Filter Station9
Filtness, Harry140
Fire at Porlock60
Fisher, Ethel52
Fishing boats at Porlock Weir107
Fitz Roges family45
Fitzroges, Sir Simon155
Flat Holm11
Floods of 196061
Floyd, "Pudden"80
Floyd, "Pudden"86
Floyd, A132
Floyd, Alf40
Floyd, Alf senr129
Floyd, Alfie54
Floyd, Andrew141
Floyd, Eileen48
Floyd, Gordon60
Floyd, Johnny - donkey cart c 190030
Floyd, Katrina56
Floyd, Maureen143
Floyd, Mrs J143
Floyd, William76
Floyd, William82
Floyd, William (carrier)82
Floyd's Department Store, Minehead43
Ford, George76
Ford, Thos75
Forest Hall - sailing vessel65, 150
Forester's Feast Day (2 July)53
Foresters, The Ancient Order of125
Foresters, The Ancient Order of130
Forster, Jack135
Forster, Mrs J143
Forsyth, Ted72
Fowey, John75
Fowey, Nicholas75
Fowler, Nellie52
Fox and Fowlers (brewers)32
Foy, Nicholas75
Frank, Joan, widow - elected Tithingman15
Franks, John75
Frazers (house)85
French, Fred87
Fry family87
Fry, Hannah56
Fry, John75
Fry, John76
Fry, John10
Fry, Simon56
Fry, Simon141
Fry, William - Overseer of the Poor83
Furzeland Rd61
Fyffe, Miss119
Gables, the - old property in the Drang, Porlock14
Gass, Lady (Chairman of Exmoor National Park)53
Gibbons, Bert118
Gibbons, Mandy56
Gibbons, Maureen56
Gibbons, Peter142
Gibbons, Peter26
Gibbons, Shirley56
Gibbons, Sid118
Gibraltar Cottages102
Giles, John75
Gill, Christian75
Glanville, C136
Glanville, Clifford129
Glanville, Clifford48
Glanville, Ivor140
Glasso, Bill118
Goddard, J.P.76
Gooding, Ada52
Gooding, Annie52
Gooding, Ernie52
Gooding, John75
Gooding, Marion48
Gould family81
Gould, Alex Carruthers81
Gould, Francis Carruthers80
Gould, Penny143
Gould, Sir Francis Carruthers81
Gould, Virginia143
Graddon, M134
Grandfield, "Sonny"54
Grandfield, Albert60
Grandfield, Donald54
Grandfield, K135
Grandfield, Ken60
Grandfield, Nigel141
Grant, Robin140
Green, D137
Griffiths, Matthew56
Guiness, Frazer56
Hacketty Way House19
Hadden, Norman81
Hadley, W.R.136
Hadley, W.R.137
Hall, Fred81
Hall, George129
Hall, Leonard143
Hall, Robert15
Ham Hill near Montacute50
Hammett, Ben73
Hammett, Seymour56
Hammond, Ros145
Hancock, Florrie54
Hancock, Winnie54
Harbour Stores101
Harcombe - Devereux Well10
Harding, Annie52
Harding, Bessie52
Harding, Charlie52
Hardings Motor Coaches65
Hardy's motor coach68
Hare Path Foot10
Hare Path Head10
Harold Godwinson, King of England11
Harrington Chantry156
Harrington Monumental Inscription156
Harrington, Lady155
Harrington, Lady Elizabeth45
Harrington, Sir John, 4th Baron Harrington45
Harris, Tom118
Harvest Home (12 September)53
Haw, Graham145
Haw, Katherine146
Hawkcombe12, 21, 45, 59, 61
Hawkcombe Head83
Hawkcombe in the early 1900s - view13
Hawkcombe Mill31
Hawkcombe Mill29, 155
Hawkcombe View25
Hawkcombe Woods9
Hawkes & Risdon (advert)77
Hawkins, Betsy54
Hawkins, Charlie52
Hawkins, Charlie54
Hawkins, Em52
Hawkins, J132
Hawkins, Matthew56
Hawkins, Mr.70
Hawkins, Nicholas141
Hawkins, Nicholas - labourer48
Hawkins, Tommy100
Hawkins, William100
Hawknest Wood81
Hay cutting - Bossington7
Haymaking at Sparkhayes Farm - 1920s23
Heal, Arthur - huntsman83
Healey's Bungalows24
Heasman, Charlie48
Hendy, E.W.81
Henrie, Jane - Drapers shop53
Henry Rogers Charity125
Henry V, King45
Hensley, Joyce54
Hensley, R. (private - Som LI)122
Hensley, Rev John48
Herring fishing at Porlock Weir31
Hestercombe House81
Heywood, A134
High Street74, 83, 88-91
High Street12, 48
High Street c.192041
Higher Doverhay Farm21
Higher Doverhay Farm24, 25
Hill, George118
Hills, Matthew141
HMS Porlock Bay123
Hobbs, Archie52
Hobbs, Charley40
Hobbs, Dick100
Hobbs, Dick40
Hobbs, F (driver - RASC)122
Hobbs, H.A. (private - Somerset Light Infantry)122
Hobbs, John76
Hobbs, Mabel52
Hobbs, Perc52
Hobbs, Wilf100
Hobbs, Wilfred52
Hogg, Simon56
Hogg, Simon141
Holcombe Rogus19
Hole family87
Hole, John10
Holloway, Kitty52
Holnicote Estate17
Holson, William15
Home Guard123
Hook, Rev Walter45
Hooper, Donald20
Hooper, F132
Hooper, Frank40
Hooper, Stan118
Hooper, Victoria56
Horden, Nurse119
Horn, Mary76
Horner Green75
Horner River10
Horner Water113
Horner Water pack horse bridge69
Horrobin, Jim - blacksmith43
Horse bus31
Hotels & guest houses31
House of Commons enquiry into Education 181853
Houses around Porlock church156
Howe, Ephraim40
Hudson, Thomas of Dunster81
Hughes, Revd Phillip129
Huish family87, 90
Huish, A.J. (private - Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry)122
Huish, Agnes52
Huish, Bert129
Huish, Bill135
Huish, builders of Hacketty Way House19
Huish, C.G. (private - Devon Regt)122
Huish, D.J. - tobacconist & confectioner90
Huish, Dick100
Huish, Fred100
Huish, G.76
Huish, George40
Huish, Jack52
Huish, Jack - sweet shop49
Huish, James100
Huish, James & Sons - Advert42
Huish, Jim60
Huish, John83
Huish, Mrs E143
Huish, Nicholas100
Huish, Robert100
Huish, Sid52
Huish, Ted52
Huish, Ted100
Huish, Ted133
Huish, Walter100
Huish, William100
Huish's Undertakers38
Hunting31, 83
Huntley, Reg118
Hurlestone Point113
Hyde, Barbara48
Inn Keeper (Rose & Crown)31
Inverdargle - tanker on fire near Porlock Weir123
Ireland, C.W.136
Ireland, Cecil133
Ireland, Michael140
Ireland, Michael147
Irene - ketch105
Italian Gardens - Ashley Combe House17
Jacob, Giles - Steward of the Manor of Porlock15
James I, King29
James II, King17
James, G of Minehead38
Jan Ridd12
John, Miss B.119
John, W.F. (Chief Yeoman Signaller - HMS Lion)122
Johns, Claire56
Jones, Elizabeth75
Jones, Gregory15
Jones, L136
Jones, Mr. of Lynton151
Jones, Philip125
Jones, William76
Joulers (herring dealers)31
Joyce, Patrick118
Keal, Alf118
Keal, Alfie141
Keal, Bill118
Keal, Michael56
Keal, Michael141
Keal, Raymond118
Keal, Stephen56
Keeling, Emma56
Keeling, M137
Kent family87
Kent, Fred118
Kent, Fred134
Kent, Fred - blacksmith43
Kent, John75
Kevan, Mrs S150
Kevan, Mrs S (Headteacher)53
Killerton, near Exeter17
King, Lord (8th Baron Lovelace)17
Kingdon (?), James - Bailiff of Carhampton66
Kingdon, Herbert118
Kisby, Julia56
Kitnor family87
Kitnors, Bossington114
Knight, David76
Knight, Hedley40
Ladd, Maurice60
Lamacraft, Kate56
Lane Head Cottages102
Langrish, Vivian118
Latham, Edward76
Laurels, The74
Leach, Angela56
Leach, Nichola56
Leach, Peter118
Leader, Ann56
Lear, A - butcher's shop36
Leather craft shop, West Porlock95
Leisure & Rural Pursuits124 - 147
Lethaby, Francis128
Lethaby, Francis140
Lethaby, Ted72
Lewis, Rt Revd Richard, Bishop of Taunton53
Lewry, John15
Ley, Arthur105
Ley, Darren141
Ley, Preston senr110
Ley, Preston senr.105
Ley, Raymond141
Lifeboat - Overland Launch 1899150-151
Lifeboat, Lynmouth - Louisa150
Lime burning29
Limesi, Ralph de111
Linen Drapers31
Lister, Rev Glynn (methodist minister)87
Littley (?), John - Bailiff of Carhampton66
Llandaff Cathedral45
London to Lands End Motor Trials65
London to Lands End Motor Trials70
Long, Mrs H143
Loring, Sir Nigel11
Lorna Doone (R.D.Blackmore)12
Lorna Doone Centenary Celebrations147
Lorna Doone Hotel77, 131
Lorna Doone Hotel49, 74, 156
Lorna Doone, (Inn)76, 86
Lorna Doone Landmarks148
Lorna Doone Private Hotel (advert)77
Lorna Doone stagecoach65
Lovelace Centre53
Lovelace family17
Lovelace, Earl of48, 156
Lovelace, Lady Mary - Countess81
Lower Doverhay Farm c.190724
Lowerbourne House49
Lowerbourne House 192030
Lowerbourne Water15
Lucat Tillage10
Luccombe9, 19, 156
Luccombe - iron ore from29
Lucott Cross9
Lucott fields9
Lushmore, E56
Luxton, Miss119
Lynmouth floods59
Lynmouth Lifeboat62, 65, 150
Lynn, J136
Lynn, J137
Lynton to Minehead Stagecoach64
Lytton, Earl of17
Manley, grocer101
Manley, H101
Manley, Victor E101
Manley, Victor E - advert101
Manor of Dovery (Doomsday)19
Manor of Porlock19
Map - Porlock Parish Boundary8
Map of Porlock area95
Marathon race 1908131
Market, Thursday11
Marley, David48
Marley, Janice48
Marley, Elizabeth125
Martin, Ken54
Mascot Motor Coaches65
Maskell, Bert134
Maskell, Dan134
Master Pook12
McCoy, M137
McCoy, Mr & Mrs - Saddlery & Leathercraft - 198737
Meacham, N.V.136
Meacham, N.V.137
Mead, Jack118
Memorial to crew of US Liberator aircraft123
Memories of Village Life82-93
Merson, Miss M136
Mesne Stream156
Methodism in Porlock - history of48
Methodist chapel - first built in Porlock48
Methodist Chapel - laying of foundation stone50
Methodist Chapel - modern48
Methodist Chapel - opening - 192751
Methodist Chapels at Porlock50 - 51
Methodist services in the 19th century48
Methodist Youth Club outing to Appledore 194848
Middleton, Alice52
Middleton, Bessie52
Middleton, Brian128
Middleton, Brian140
Middleton, Fred118
Middleton, Gwen54
Middleton, Michael40
Middleton, Rita54
Middleton, Robert40
Mill pond85
Mills, Nellie54
Minehead Fire Brigade60
Moggridge, Jack - blacksmith95
Mogridge, Grace59
Moles, Nicola56
Moles, Tina56
Moore, Bob127
Moore, Dick133
Moore, Jim40
Moore, Mr. - thatcher c.191021
Moore, Tom134
Moore, W (private - Welch Regt)122
Morris, Lisa56
Morris's Directory of Somerset & Bristol - 187211, 53
Morrish, Dr. L.105
Motor coaches31, 65
Motoring Days67
Motoring Sport & Leisure70
Munnings, Sir Alfred81
Munt, Rev Cyril53
Myrtles, The33
Nancekivell, Jacqueline56
Nancekivell, Sarah56
Nation, Amanda56
Nation, Derek56
National Trust17, 111
Netherlands - field156
New Place, building of19
New Place, Porlock12
New Place, Porlock13
Newlyn School of artists81
Nichols family87
Nichols, C. & Son - Advert42
Nichols, Charlie60
Norman Conquest11
Norman Frank93
Norman, Ivy54
Norman, Jim127
Norman, Jim - blacksmith43
Norman, John54
Norman, John127
Norman, John40
Norman, Mary54
Norman, Mrs T143
Norman, Ted127
Norman, Ted40
Norman, Tom129
Norman, Tom - blacksmith43
Norman, Tommy127
North, Mr125
Northcott, John15
Noyce's shop, Porlock28
O'Kell, Mrs Doreen140
Oare9, 19
Oare Church149
Occupations at Porlock 179431
Old Bank, Porlock44
Old Bank, The (inn)32
Old folks party in Parson St. c.1870139
Old Lane9
Old Parson Street82
Old Rectory, Porlock45, 155
Old School83, 155
Oldman's Burrough10
Orchard House, Bossington112
Orchard, Miss119
Orchard, William - substitute Tithingman15
Organ, E (Miss)56
Oyster Perch (house)31
Oyster Perch. Porlock Weir99
Oyster Perching31
Oysters at Porlock Weir31
Pall Mall & Westminster Gazette81
Palmer, Arthur54
Palmer, B141
Palmer, John15
Palmer, Joyce54
Palmer, Lily54
Palmer, Mick26
Palmer, Neil56
Parfitt, Revd, Diocesan Education Officer53
Parish Church Sunday School outing c.196044
Parish Council elections83
Parish Council Office53
Parks, The155
Parsmore, John - appointed bread weigher15
Parsmore, John, junior15
Parson Street47, 61, 92, 130
Parson Street48, 74
Parson St. reading room125
Parson's Mill10
Parsonage Farm9
Parsonage Mill155
Parsons Hill90, 155
Parsons, Bill (Captain)118
Passmore, Mr. (curate c.1818)53
Patterson, J150
Pearson, Shaun141
Pebble ridge59
Peck, Miss A (Commandant)119
Peck, General (Major General Sir Arthur Wharton Peck)122
Peel, Mrs K143
Peep Out Cottage, Hawkcombe45
Pengelly, Mary54
Pengelly, Susie54
Percival, Edward - head gardener to Mr Blathwayt 191917
Percival, Jack54
Perkins, Alan140
Perkins, Alan48
Perkins, Blanche19
Perkins, Captain/Major19
Perkins, Charlie52
Perkins, Clifford52
Perkins, Dawn127
Perkins, Ewart52
Perkins, Ewart127
Perkins, Ewart133
Perkins, Geoffrey140
Perkins, Geoffrey142
Perkins, H132
Perkins, Harry133
Perkins, Harry133
Perkins, Honour52
Perkins, J132
Perkins, James76
Perkins, James76
Perkins, John76
Perkins, John133
Perkins, John133
Perkins, John143
Perkins, John - tailor's shop at Lowerbourne35
Perkins, Lionel133
Perkins, Miss D.119
Perkins, Raymond127
Perkins, Raymond141
Perkins, Trevor127
Perkins, Trevor143
Perkins, V135
Petherbridge, W133
Phelps family81, 87
Phelps, Abraham15, 75, 81, 155
Phelps, Henry - physician & surgeon31
Phelps, John10
Phelps, Richard81
Picket Stones Farm, Simonsbath28
Piggy in the Middle restaurant131
Piper, Anita54
Piper, Bill135
pit props - export of from Porlock Weir29
Pitt Farm21
Pitt Farm26
Plenty, M134
Plymouth & Exeter District, Methodist48
Plymouth, evacuees from19
Pocock, Birdie52
Pocock, Frank65
Pocock, Frank40
Pocock, Hedley52
Pocock, Hedley127
Pocock, Hedley40
Pollard, Arthur54
Pollard, Arthur72
Pollard, Bill52
Pollard, Bill40
Pollard, Bill - advert for Capstan Cigarettes99
Pollard, D. - Advert42
Pollard, Dorcas52
Pollard, Ernie129
Pollard, Ernie48
Pollard, Henry96
Pollard, J134
Pollard, James83
Pollard, Jim52
Pollard, Jim30
Pollard, Ken54
Pollard, N. (Private - Som LI)122
Pollard, Noah52
Pollard, Noah "Nobi"54
Pollard, Noah Henry83
Pollard, William - receipt from John Red106
Pollard, William (Fiddler)98
Pollard, Winnie52
Pollard's Garage93
Pollard's Garage, Porlock30
Poole family87
Poole, Charity76
Poole, Hugh76
Pools Wood31
Poor House83
Popham family81
Porlock - street scene in the 1950s30
Porlock - Tithe Map - 184016
Porlock (centre of the village)28
Porlock (town centre)87
Porlock Band124, 127
Porlock Band - list of members 1875126
Porlock Band - rules126
Porlock Beach9
Porlock Beach - crash of shot down German Junkers 88 at123
Porlock Billiards Team 1960135
Porlock branch of TocH47
Porlock Café, The129
Porlock Café, The - Avert42
Porlock Caravan Park13
Porlock Carnival 1994145-146
Porlock Club Day (6 July)53
Porlock Cricket Team c.1960135
Porlock Dance Band128
Porlock Drama143
Porlock Electricity Supply Co.29
Porlock Fair (12 October)53
Porlock Fire Brigade c.194560
Porlock Football Team 1899132
Porlock Football Team 1908133
Porlock Football Team 1920/21133
Porlock Football Team 1974/5134
Porlock Football Team c.1960134
Porlock Girl Guides81
Porlock Hill45, 63, 64, 66
Porlock Hill65, 71
Porlock Home Guard at Court Place 1944118
Porlock Horse Show146
Porlock in Business31-44
Porlock in the 1990s - view13
Porlock in Wartime119
Porlock Information Centre53
Porlock Manor11
Porlock Manor - Boundaries - 170910
Porlock Manor - Court Baron - 170910
Porlock Manor - Court Leet15
Porlock Manor - Court Leet - Election of officers15
Porlock Manor Court21, 155
Porlock Manor Court Book 1705 - 17 (extract)15
Porlock Manor Estate17
Porlock Manor Mill155
Porlock Market Cross155
Porlock Market Place155
Porlock Marsh59, 81
Porlock Marsh62
Porlock Methodist Church47
Porlock Methodist Sunday School Anniversary c.195049
Porlock Moor - crash of a Liberator aircraft at123
Porlock Museum14, 19
Porlock National School53
Porlock New School53
Porlock New School58
Porlock Newsagency 199930
Porlock Old School53
Porlock Old School58
Porlock Parish Council19, 156
Porlock Pound15
Porlock Reading Room (Billiards & Snooker Club)47
Porlock Revels 1969147
Porlock School 190055
Porlock Scouts 1944140
Porlock Scouts 1950141
Porlock Scouts 1981141
Porlock Shambles15
Porlock Snooker Club19
Porlock Street plan154
Porlock Tannery29
Porlock Tannery12
Porlock Tannery as barracks for British & American soldiers123
Porlock to Minehead road63
Porlock Toll Road62
Porlock Toll Road63
Porlock Town Mill29, 155
Porlock VAD 1914119
Porlock Village Club125
Porlock village in the early 1900s - view12
Porlock Weir9, 12, 17, 59, 95 - 109
Porlock Weir97, 103
Porlock Weir - fire on oil tanker near123
Porlock Weir - harbour97, 107
Porlock Weir - history & trade of the harbour29
Porlock Weir - inner harbour108
Porlock Weir - lime kiln29
Porlock Weir Dame School53
Porlock Weir reading room125
Porlock Weir Scouts 1935140
Porlock Weir, Porlock & Minehead Motor Service Co. Ltd.65
Porlock Weir, Porlock & Minehead Motor Service Co. Ltd. (advert)69
Porlock Women's Institute c.1932143
Post Office48
Post Office, old36
Post Office, Porlock35
Post Office, The - 199936
Pound - Porlock15, 155
Powell, Catherine75
Powell, Jim14
Powell, Jim - Town Crier6
Powell, Joan75
Powell, John75
Powell, Thomas75
Powells field125
Pownde Park - field156
Prescott, Malcolm56
Price, Ann56
Prideaux, Scott141
Prideaux, Shane56
Priet's House, The156
Principal Properties in Porlock17
Prior of Taunton's Wood10
Priory, Revd Barry150
Priory, Revd Barry, Rector of Porlock53
Priscott, Mrs119
Prominent People80-81
Pugsley, ?100
Pugsley, Bill133
Pugsley, Bill140
Pugsley, Bob133
Pugsley, E. (sapper - Royal Engineers)122
Pugsley, Ernest133
Pugsley, Ernie140
Pugsley, Joan54
Pugsley, Mrs Bill119
Pugsley, Robin127
Pugsley, Ruth54
Pugsley, W132
Pulsford, Ann76
Pulsford, Annie52
Pulsford, Henry76
Pulsford, John76
Pulsford, Mrs76
Pulsford, William76
Purvis, John56
Purvis, Marie56
Purvis, Philip56
Quartley, Walter40
Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee 1978145-146
Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee 1897144
Queen Victoria's Jubilee48
Radford, Ralph127
Railway at Minehead31
Randle, Henry75
Rawle family87
Rawle, Bob52
Rawle, Bob133
Rawle, Cecil119
Rawle, Douglas54
Rawle, E.J.29
Rawle, Florrie54
Rawle, Francis54
Rawle, George133
Rawle, George50
Rawle, Harry118
Rawle, Harry133
Rawle, P134
Rawle, Patsy54
Rawle, Sam52
Rawle, Sam54
Rawle, Sam134
Rawle, Sid118
Rawles, Edith52
Rawles, Jean54
Reading Room103, 125
Real McCoy Saddlery55
Recreation & Sporting Grounds136
Recreation Ground Pavilion 1978137
Rectory Manor, Porlock45
Red Cross cooks119
Red Deer stagecoach65
Red Rose Cottage72, 93
Red, John106
Redicombs Head10
Reed cutting on Porlock Marsh c.198521
Reed, Gordon54
Reed, T132
Reeves, O137
Regal Theatre, Minehead c.1932143
Rew, Edith54
Rew, Ernest119
Rew, Ethel54
Rew, Jack54
Rew, Sarah76
Rexworthy, Alice52
Rexworthy, Sally52
Reynolds, Sir Joshua81
Rice, Peter141
Rice, Peter48
Richards, Ann56
Richards, Brian128
Richards, Dudley118
Richards, Freda54
Richards, John56
Richards, Paul56
Ridd, Jan (John)12
Ridd, John149
Riden family87
Ridler, Anne (Dorie)24
Ridler, Annie52
Ridler, Bill140
Ridler, Christopher53
Ridler, Christopher76
Ridler, Clara24
Ridler, David - harvesting25
Ridler, David - Overseer of the Poor83
Ridler, David (late 1920s)23
Ridler, David, junior24
Ridler, David, senior at Higher Doverhay Farm24
Ridler, Dick91
Ridler, Dick100
Ridler, Dick140
Ridler, Dorie (late 1920s)23
Ridler, Elizabeth Ann24
Ridler, Ernest127
Ridler, Ethel52
Ridler, Gilbert133
Ridler, H.W. (gunner - RGA)122
Ridler, John15
Ridler, John - Boot & Shoe shop c. 191037
Ridler, Leslie141
Ridler, Leslie48
Ridler, Lizzie52
Ridler, Michael76
Ridler, Monica54
Ridler, Sylvia24
Ridler, William15
Ridler's Boot & Shoe Shop55
Riley, J (Corpl - D of Cornwall LI)122
Robber's Bridge149
Robber's Bridge9
Roberts, J.J. - painter & decorator (advert)51
Roberts, Jack133
Robjohn, V.G. - Advert42
Rockford Cottage62
Roger son of Nigel11
Rogers, Harold60
Rogers, Harold48
Rogers, Harold - blacksmith43
Rogers, Henry125
Rogers, Isabella19
Rogers, J (private - Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry)122
Rogers, Margaret54
Rogers, Sir Simon, Lord of the Manor of Porlock c.130019
Rogo, John son of155
Rook, Cecil52
Rook, Herbert52
Rook, Herbert125
Rook, Mrs119
Rook, William76
Rose & Crown Inn75, 82
Rose & Crown Inn76, 155
Royal Engineers83
Royal Engineers (58 Company)123
Royal Engineers (65 Company)123
Royal Engineers (88 Company)123
Royal Oak Inn74
Royal Oak Inn76, 156
Rugby football125
Saffin, John15
Sage, George 194227
Sage, Reg54
Sage, Reg127
Salter, David140
Saltern at Porlock Weir104
Sanctuary Cottage 199932
Sandford, Major118
Savage, James81
Scarlet Pimpernel Motor Coaches65
School Yard c.191053
Schoolchildren - 192654
Scott, Fred129
Scott, Revd Ebenezer129
Scudimore, Lorna143
Sea View c.190014
Searchlight Battery9
Second World War123
Sedgebeer, Fred40
Sedgebeer, Mrs A143
Selby, Mrs119
Selworthy9, 19
Selworthy Parish Council111
Shambles - Porlock15
Shaplen, John75
Sheppard, D134
Ship Inn67
Ship Inn155
Ship Inn (advert)69
Ship Inn c 192033
Ship Inn, Porlock64, 78
Ship Inn, Porlock45, 75, 76, 125
Ship Inn, Porlock Weir75, 76
Ship Inn, Porlock Weir (advert)77
Shopland, Vanessa56
Simons, John15
Sizer, G134
Sizer, P136
Sizer, P137
Slade, Alf100
Slader, Albert127
Slowley family87
Smart, Mrs119
Smart, Revd J.A.118
Smart, Revd J.A.133
Smith, Arthur133
Smith, Edwin131
Smith, Edwin133
Smith, Elizabeth76
Smith, John140
Smith, Miss (student teacher)56
Smith, Miss K.B.77
Smith, Nicholas76
Smith, S.G. - Advert.42
Smith, Sid52
Smith, Sidney133
Smith, T135
Smith, T. & Son - Advert42
Smith, Thomas76
Smith, Tom134
Smith, Tom - saddler's shop49
smugglers11, 31
Snell, Harry52
Snell, Martin52
Snell, Mrs119
Snell, Rffie52
Snow family87
Snow, John76
Snow, John - cordwainer48
Snow, Nicholas48
Somerset Inn156
Somerset Light Infantry, Band of138
South Wales29
Southey, Robert - Poet Laureat155
Sparke family87
Sparke, John10
Sparke, Lawrence10
Sparke, Lawrence - Tithingman15
Sparke, William15
Sparkes, Mrs.48
Sparkhayes10, 17, 59. 156
Sparkhayes camp146
Sparkhayes Farm21, 23
Sparkhayes Farm - Malt House27
Sparkhayes Farm c.198027
Sparkhayes Farm c.199027
Sparkhayes Farm, old cow shed and cider house27
Spakhayes Lane48, 49, 61
Sparkhayes Lane62
Sparks, Abraham76
Sparks, Abraham jnr156
Sparks, J137
Sparks, Jim60
Sparks, Jim senr133
Sparks, John127
Sparks, Martin56
Sparks, T136
Spit and Gridiron - ale house12
Splat Barn155
Spurrier family87
Squire, Mrs M143
Squire, R135
Squire, Reg60
Squire, S. (private - Som LI)122
Squire, Sid60
Squire, Sidney40
St.Dubricius Church155
St.Dubricius Church - drawing 183946
St.Dubricius Church - part of spire lost in a gale45
St.Dubricius Church - Restoration of45
St.Dubricius Church 199945
St.Dubricius Church before 189747
St.Dubricius Church Sunday School138
Staddon, Tom40
Staddons Motor Coaches65
Stag hunt129
Stagecoach31, 65
Steamers at Porlock Weir31
Stenner family84
Stenner, B. (private - RASC MT)122
Stenner, Elijah (senr)53
Stenner, Elijah jnr84
Stenner, Elijah snr84
Stenner, Flora84
Stenner, Frank52
Stenner, George76
Stenner, Miss D143
Stenner, Mrs Eliz.76
Stenner, Owen54
Stenner, Owen134
Stenner, Richard43
Stenner, Robert76
Stenner, Robert86
Stenner, Ruth84
Stenner, Samuel S, greengrocer, c 192033
Stenner, Sid105
Stenner, Vera c 192033
Stenner, Violet93
Stenner, Violet48
Stenner, Winifred84
Stenner. Violet72
Stenner's Bakery138
Stenner's Bakery delivery motorbike & sidecar - 193239
Stenner's newsagency & greengrocers shop, Porlock28
Stent Hill Tumulus9
Stevens family87
Steevens, Alex.15
Stevens, ?136
Stevens, John75
Stevenson, E137
Stodden, William15
Stoke Pero9, 19
Storey, K134
Storey, Ron134
Stripling, John75
Stuckey, David134
Stuckey, Fred54
Stuckey, Fred134
Stuckey, G.E. (private - Som LI)122
Sturts Foot10
Submerged forest in Porlock Bay59
Sudds, Maxine56
Sully, Charlie60
Sully, Emma56
Sully, Erica56
Sully, Ernest118
Sully, Justin141
Sully, R (private - London Regt)122
Sully, S134
Sully, Tom54
Sully, Tom118
Sunday School, Methodist48
Suthers, Leghe81
Sutton, Rev Neville48
Sydenham family111
Takle, John83
Tame, Bill118
Tamlyn, Mr - Minehead architect51
Tancock, Bert118
Tancock, Gilbert140
Tank firing range at North Hill, Minehead123
Tannery bark shed 1920s40
Tannery, Porlock12
Tannery, The83, 155
Taylor family87
Taylor, James75
Taylor, John, junior15
Temperance Movement125
Temperance Tea125
Tennis courts136
The Merry Makers128
Thomas, Bill118
Thomas, Bill senr118
Thomas, John75
Thorn, John15
Thorne, John145
Three Cups Inn, Dunster75
Three Horse Shoes Inn74
Three Horse Shoes Inn76, 125, 156
Thursday market11
Tidal Wave59
Timber Corps123
Tithe Map 184053
Tithe Map of Porlock - 184016
Titley, A.G. (Lieutenant - West Yorkshire Regt)122
TocH party c.1970139
Tourism - beginning of31
Town Crier - Jim Powell6
Trades, Shops & Businesses29
Travel & Transport65-73
Travel to work patterns31
Tremaine, Alex141
Trevelyan, Sir George75
Triton, tug62
Troops on manoeuvres on Exmoor123
Trueman, Christine136
Tucker, Charmain56
Tucker, Jack134
Tug-of war, Scouts c.1900146
Uppastyle - field156
Urry, Jacky56
Vale, Revd David, Methodist Minister53
Vaughan, William - Sheriff of Somerset 181266
Vencombe Water10
Victoria Church Room , Porlock47
Victoria Reading Room - Advert42
Victoria, Queen47
Victoria, Queen - Diamond Jubilee45
Victoria, Queen - Jubilee48
Victuallers licences75
View of Hawkcombe in the early 1900s13
View of Porlock in the 1990s13
View of Porlock village in the early 1900s12
Villes Lane63
Villes Lane9
Villes Lane c.197524
Vine Tree (house)89
Volunteers (Napoleonic Wars)74
Vowles, Alfred153
Voysey, Charles - architect17
Wales, Prince of (King Edward VII)83
Wallace Harding Car Body Repair Shop38
War Memorial122
Ward, A134
Ward, A. (private - Som LI)122
Ward, Alice52
Ward, Arthur118
Ward, Arthur134
Ward, Herbert52
Ward, Sid54
Ward, Sid39
Warman, Walter76
Warner, Elsie52
Wassailing song - traditional152
Wassailing the Orchard c.1910152
Watts, Marmie40
Waverley - paddlesteamer109
Wearth Wood10
Weather conditions, extreme59-64
Webb, Henri118
Webber family87
Webber, Charlie40
Webber, Henry15
Webber, Hugh (Lieutenant)118
Webber, James - Waterloo veteran125
Webber, John15
Webber, John - appointed leather searcher for the fair15
Webber, Mary52
Webber, Reg54
Webber, T134
Webber, Tim127
Webber, Tom40
Weir Water9
Wells Quarter Sessions 162659
Wescott, Carol147
Wesleyan Chapel, old c.191449
West end of Porlock village c 196034
West Luccombe Quarry19, 50
West Porlock9, 12, 95 - 109
West Porlock94
West Porlock - new house built by Mr Blathwayt 191917
West Porlock Steep104
West Somerset coastline11
West Somerset Cup 1908133
West Somerset League Shield134
West Somerset Methodist Circuit48
West Somerset Rural Life Museum53
West Somerset Yeomanry120 - 121
Westcott (farm)21
Westcott, Archie52
Westcott, C - fishmonger & greengrocer36
Westcott, C - fruiterer c 196034
Westcott, Cecil52
Westcott, Cecil118
Westcott, David20
Westcott, David26
Westcott, Ernest67
Westcott, Ernest133
Westcott, Ernest at Eastcott Farm c.194822
Westcott, Lily54
Westcott, T132
Westcott, Tom133
Westcott, Tom133
Westcott, Tracey56
Western National Bus Co.65
Wheat threshing at Bossington Farm22
Wheatpark - field156
Wheeler & Clatworthy76
Whit Monday fete125
White family87
White Horse Inn75
White, Francis118
Whitticker, Nancy52
Whitticker, Queenie52
Whitticker, Wilson52
Whortleberry House85
Wilde, Michael56
William II, King17
Williams, Anita56
Williams, Bill127
Williams, Bill129
Williams, Bill141
Williams, Bob54
Williams, Evan15
Williams, G134
Williams, George127
Williams, George141
Williams, Lester56
Williams, Neil56
Williams, Tho.15
Willicombe, Damon141
Willicombe, Fred52
Willicombe, Fred118
Willicombe, Glyn54
Willicombe, Jason141
Willis, J.W. - drapers & grocery shop35
Williton Union (workhouse)11, 83
Wilson, Jim118
Winicombs Foot10
Winsford Land Charity125
Winter, Mary - wife of William Blathwayt17
Wise, John15
Woodcocks Ley Farm9
Woodger, Miss (schoolmistress)53
Wooton Courtenay - iron ore from29
World War II9, 19, 21
Worthy Farm, Porlock Weir26
Worthy Manor17
Ye Olde Cottage, Villes Lane12
Yeandle, Bill52
Yeandle, Bill118
Yeandle, Bill127
Yeandle, Charley40
Yeandle, Frank38
Yeandle, Fred52
Yeandle, Gerald134
Yeandle, Grace143
Yeandle, Mabel52
Yearnor9, 17
Yearnor (farm)21
Yearnor Mill29

Brian Randell, 23 Jul 2001