Wellington Baptisms 1683-1812



Transcription by Roy Parkhouse
Email: roy[at]parkhouse.org[dot]uk

surnameforename(s)baptism dateother information
Cooper*-- Feb 1729s John
CooperAnn07 Mar 1735d William
CooperAnn25 Jun 1696d William/Prewdence
CooperAnne04 Dec 1720d William
CooperAnstis25 Mar 1727d William, Buckland
CooperBetty16 Jun 1765bbd Amy
CooperElisabeth02 Oct 1703d William/Prudence, breaker
CooperElizabeth-- Nov 1690d John/Thomasin
CooperElizabeth07 Feb 1766d William/Lucretia
CooperElizabeth06 Apr 1750d William
CooperElizabeth04 Aug 1723d William
CooperElizabeth15 Apr 1739d William/Elizabeth
CooperGrace27 May 1784d Thomas/Elizabeth
CooperJohn08 Apr 1694s John/Tomzin
CooperJohn03 Jun 1750s Nicolas
CooperJohn09 Jun 1765s Joan, wd
CooperJohn05 Nov 1756s William
CooperJohn25 Dec 1780s Thomas/Elizabeth, 5 yr
CooperLucretia11 Apr 1748d William
CooperMary25 Dec 1780d Thomas/Elizabeth, 9mn
CooperMary06 Jul 1729d William
CooperMary03 Mar 1793bbd Sarah
CooperNancy07 Dec 1800d William/Betty, bn 23 Nov 1800
CooperPrudence09 Apr 1702d William/Prudence, weaver
CooperSarah03 Jul 1752d William
CooperSarah19 Feb 1775d Thomas/Elizabeth, 1 yr
CooperSarah12 Sep 1744d Nicolas
CooperSusanna19 Feb 1775d Thomas/Elizabeth, 4 yr
CooperThomas18 Sep 1768s Thomas/Betty
CooperThomas20 Sep 1762s William
CooperThomas25 Dec 1791s William/Hannah
CooperThomazin22 Nov 1701d John/Rebecca, weaver
CooperUrsula31 Aug 1759d William
CooperWilliam01 Jun 1768s William/Lucretia
CooperWilliam05 Jan 1754s William
CooperWilliam25 Dec 1766s Thomas/Betty
CooperWilliam06 Sep 1693s William/Prudence
CooperWilliam27 Dec 1778s Thomas/Elizabeth
CooperWilliam19 Jun 1795s William/Elizabeth, bn 31 May 1795
CooperWilliam05 Apr 1747s Nicolas
Coram @ SladeEdward09 Jul 1706s Edward, laborrer, ?sname
Coram or CurramWilliam20 --- 1699s John/Christian
CoramAgnis06 Oct 1723d Edward
CoramAnn11 Mar 1808d Arthur/Grace, bn 22 Dec 1792
CoramAnthony21 Apr 1747bbs Ann
CoramArthur01 Oct 1786s Arthur/Grace, W Buckland, bn 22 Aug 1785
CoramBetty20 Oct 1751bbd Faith
CoramBetty24 Oct 1756bbd Mary
CoramBetty14 Jul 1739bbd Elizabeth
CoramBetty20 Apr 1767bbd Patience
CoramElizabeth11 Mar 1710d Arthur/Mary
CoramElizabeth27 Jan 1733d John
CoramElizabeth04 Jan 1712d Henry/Faith
CoramJames23 Mar 1739s James
CoramJames01 Apr 1718s Edward/Susanna
CoramJames21 Apr 1771s John/Joan
CoramJames14 May 1710s Henry/Patience
CoramJames18 Sep 176823 yr
CoramJane21 Sep 1702d Robert/Jane, shoemaker
CoramJoan14 Jun 1721d William/Elizabeth
CoramJoan31 Aug 1718d Henry/Patience
CoramJoannah29 Oct 1738d Thomas, W Buckland
CoramJoh06 Nov 1709s Robert/Mary
CoramJohn02 Mar 1712s Edward/Susanna
CoramJohn01 Jun 1777s John/Joan
CoramJohn14 Sep 1738s John
CoramJohn25 Dec 1782s Arthur/Grace
CoramJohn26 Dec 1709s Edward/Susanna
CoramJohn27 Nov 1742s John, W Buckland
CoramLydia23 Oct 1743bbd Joan
CoramMary01 Feb 1793bbd Betty
CoramMary05 Feb 1720d Henry/Patience
CoramNathan02 May 1779bbs Elizabeth
CoramRichard19 Sep 1709s William/Mary, W Buckland
CoramRobert07 Mar 1779s John/Joan
CoramRobert18 Dec 1715s Henry/Patience
CoramSamuel13 May 1749s James, 6 yr 2 mn
CoramSarah12 Jul 1752d John
CoramSarah11 Jul 1802d John/Ann, bn 09 Oct 1801
CoramTasey19 Jan 1726d Herey
CoramThomas25 Apr 1741s John
CoramWilliam24 Jun 1781s John/Joan
CoramWilliam02 Feb 1700s William/Sarah
CordwentAnn12 Feb 1769d Thomas/Hannah
CordwentBetty12 Feb 1769d Thomas/Hannah
CordwentJohn30 Aug 1772s Thomas/Hannah
CordwentMary05 Nov 1760d Thomas
CordwentSamuel06 Mar 1763s Thomas
CordwentSamuel25 Dec 1809s Thomas/Mary, bn 18 Dec 1803
CordwentThomas25 Dec 1809s Thomas/Mary, bn 08 Feb 1807
CoreamJohn27 Oct 1684s Henry
CorlverwellGrace24 Mar 1707d Robert/Jane
CorneliusAnn05 Nov 1784d Thomas/Mary, bn 26 Nov 1781
CorneliusBetty05 Nov 1784d Thomas/Mary, bn 17 Dec 1779
CorneliusEdward05 Nov 1784s Thomas/Mary, bn 18 Apr 1778
CorneliusEdward14 Oct 1751s Samuel
CorneliusElenor11 Jun 1760d Samuel
CorneliusJohn23 Jun 1749s Samuel, sojourner
CorneliusMaria01 Jun 1789d Thomas/Mary, bn 01 Jul 1788
CorneliusMary05 Nov 1785d Thomas/Mary
CorneliusMary22 Aug 1756d Samuel
CorneliusMary05 Nov 1784d Thomas/Mary, bn 20 Feb 1784
CorneliusSamuel18 Oct 175032 yr
CorneliusSamuel05 Nov 1784s Thomas/Mary, bn 13 Apr 1775
CorneliusSarah23 Nov 1763d Samuel
CorneliusSarah05 Nov 1784d Thomas/Mary, bn 01 Jun 1773
CorneliusThomas18 Oct 175034 yr
CorneliusThomas03 Jun 1747s Samuel, sojourner
CorneliusWilliam24 Feb 1754s Samuel, a sojourner
CornerAgnes18 Nov 1770d Richard/Elizabeth
CornerElizabeth20 Mar 1772d Richard/Elizabeth
CornerElizabeth21 Jan 1810d John/Mary, bn 21 Jul 1809
CornerElizabeth03 May 1799d Richard/Ann, bn 28 Sep 1798, Culmstock
CornerJames22 Oct 1760s Richard
CornerJoseph08 Jan 1769s Richard/Elizabeth
CornerMaria27 Sep 1812d John/Mary, nee Hutchings, woolcomber
CornerRichard30 Sep 1774s Richard/Betty
CornerSarah08 Jan 1769d Richard/Elizabeth
CornerWilliam11 Aug 1765s Richard/Betty
CorneySarah29 May 1772d George/Susanna
CorramAgnis09 Jul 1697d Robert/Jane
CorramJohn03 Jun 1695s Robert/Jane
CorramMari08 Aug 1686d Henry
CorramMary24 Feb 1696d Edward/Susana
CorramRobert04 Mar 1698s Robert/Jane
CorramSarah24 Sep 1693d Henrey/Elizabeth
CorramSarah24 Aug 1707d Robert
CorramSusanna17 Feb 1701d Edward/Susanna, labourer
CorramSusannah12 Jun 1704d Edward, laborrer
CorramWilliam05 Feb 1698s Edward/Susanna
CorrickJohn05 Jan 1800s Edward/Margaret, bn 15 Oct 1799
CorumHenry15 Jan 1715s Edward/Susana
CosinsAndrew22 Jun 1800s John/Joan, nee Cross, bn 16 May 1800
CoswayAnn16 Jan 1807d Philip/Ann, bn 29 Jun 1804
CoswayGeorge Pasmore29 Dec 1799s John/Sarah, bn 30 Nov 1795
CoswayGeorge07 Feb 1812s Philip/Ann, nee Jordan, bn 10 Aug 1810
CoswayMaria27 Jan 1809d Philip/Ann, bn 28 Sep 1808
CoswayMary Ann25 Aug 1793d John/Sarah, 8 wk
CoswayPhilip16 Jan 1807s Philip/Ann, bn 26 Oct 1806
CoswaySarah21 Jan 1803d Philip/Ann, bn 05 Jul 1802
CoswayThomas29 Dec 1799s John/Sarah, bn 16 Mar 1798
CoswellAnn28 Mar 1730d John
CottellLydia05 Feb 1809d Henry/Lydia, bn 22 Jan 1807
CottellMartha27 Oct 1811d Henry/Lydia, nee Scott, sawyer
CottellMary09 May 1802d Henry/Lydia
CottellWilliam09 May 1802d Henry/Lydia, bn 15 Apr 1802
CottellWilliam05 Feb 1809s Henry/Lydia, bn 19 Jan 1809
CotterellJames09 Aug 1807s John/Jane, bn 22 Jul 1807
CottleJohn17 Mar 1799s Henry/Lydia, bn 23 Mar 1799
CottonAnn16 May 1785d John/Joan
CottonSarah16 May 1785d John/Joan
CottrellAnn11 May 1810D John/Jane, bn 26 Apr 1810, carpenter
CottrellJohn12 Feb 1809s John/Jane, bn 24 Jan 1809
CottrellMartha19 Feb 1796d Henry/Lydia, bn 25 Mar 1795
CouchThomas04 Jan 1799s William/Mary, bn 12 Dec 1798
CoulbourneJames24 Apr 1709bbs Mary
CourhamJohn11 Jul 1708s Henery, labourer
CourtissJohn03 Nov 1754s William, a sojourner
CourtnissAnn19 Dec 1756d William
CousinsAnn Julia23 Jun 1793d William/Mary, bn 06 Jul 1792
CousinsHerbert21 Jul 1799s William/Mary, bn 23 Mar 1799
CousinsJohn23 Aug 1795s William/Mary, bn 14 Aug 1794
CousinsWilliam20 Jun 1790s William/Mary
CrazeBetty03 Mar 1769d John/Amy
CrazeFrancis17 Jun 1772s John/Amy
CrazeJohn01 Jan 1766s John/Amy
CrazeMary28 May 1776d John/Amy
CrazeMary28 Dec 1767d John/Amy
CrazeThomas13 Jun 1770s John/Amy
CrazeWilliam24 Oct 1788s William/Mary, Bridgwater
CrazeWilliam01 Jan 1765s John/Amy
CreaseBetty22 Sep 1758d James
CreaseJames08 Dec 1749s James
CreaseJohn11 Jun 1753s James
CreasePolly27 May 1751d James
CreaseSarah29 Jun 1764d James
CreaseWilliam01 Mar 1761s James
CriddleHannah07 Jul 1799d Robert/Frances, bn 24 Apr 1799
CroakamJohn22 Apr 1707s Thomas
CroassAnn12 Nov 1699d Thomas/Margrat
CrockerBetty21 Jul 1723d John/Mary
CrockerJoane16 Dec 1737d William
CrockerJohn07 Apr 1739s William, smith
CrockerJohn08 May 1812s William/Ann, bn 22 Apr 1812, mason
CrockerMaria08 May 1812d William/Ann, nee Cornelius,bn 28 Jul 1805
CrockerMary17 Feb 1733d John
CrockerThomas31 Jul 1726s John
CrockerThomas08 May 1812s William/Ann, bn 03 Feb 1810, mason
CrockerThomas05 Dec 1731s John
CrockerThomas22 Jul 1748s William, Milverton
CrocombGrace13 Jan 1703d Thomas/Elisabeth, comer
CrocombeJohn26 Sep 1702s Thomas/Elisabeth, weaver
CrocombeJohn16 Dec 1757s John, W Buckland
CrokamFrancis05 Nov 1750s John, W Buckland
CrokamSarah25 Oct 1754d John, W Buckland
CrokehamMary10 Feb 1708d Thomas/Elizabeth
CrooMary15 Mar 1733d Richard, officer of Excise
CrookJohn15 May 1767s William/Sarah
CrookRobert09 Feb 1770s William/Sarah
CrookSarah30 Apr 1773d William/Sarah
CrookWilliam31 May 1765s William/Sarah
CrookeAnn28 May 1787d Richard/Mary, 12 yr
CrooseJohn08 Nov 1695s John, of West ?
CroossRebecca16 Jul 1699d John/Rebecca
CroseMargarett07 Oct 1705d John, laborrer
CroseWilliam02 Jul 1704s John/Rebecka
CrosmanHugh19 Feb 1687s Henry/Dorothy
CrosmanMari31 Oct 1685d Henri/Dorothy
Cross 05 Feb 1792d Benjamin/Grace
CrossBetty13 Mar 1780d John/Alice
CrossElizabeth08 May 1791d John/Mary, bn 06 Sep 1790
CrossElizabeth11 May 1760d Simon
CrossJames08 Dec 1731s John
CrossJames11 Oct 1795s Benjamin/Grace, bn 27 Sep 1795, nee Sayer
CrossJames26 Dec 1750s Joshua, a sojourner
CrossJames30 Nov 1800s Benjamin/Grace, bn 1011800, husbandman
CrossJoane26 Jul 1707d George
CrossJohn10 Jun 1810s Benjamin/Grace, bn 25 May 1810,husbandman
CrossJohn25 Apr 1802s Joseph/Betty, bn 02 Apr 1802, W Buckland
CrossJohn21 Jan 1759s James
CrossJohn23 Feb 1794s John/Mary, bn 17 Jan 1794, nee Burford
CrossJoseph20 Apr 1707s John
CrossMary15 Apr 1810d Joseph/Betty, bn 26 Mar 1810, carpenter
CrossMary26 May 1758d James
CrossMary27 Dec 1742d John
CrossNoah15 Aug 1750bbs Susanna
CrossRebecca11 Jul 1806d William/Mary, bn 15 Sep 1785
CrossRobert21 Dec 1700s John/
CrossSamuel21 Apr 1727s John
CrossSarah01 Oct 1797d Benjamin/Grace, nee Sayer, husbandman
CrossSusanna01 May 1756d Nicolas, W Buckland
CrossThomas24 Nov 1793s Benjamin/Sarah
CrossWilliam26 Jul 1807s Benjamin/Grace, bn 09 Jul 1807
CrosseJohn04 Mar 1719s John/Elizabeth
CrotherElizabeth07 Jan 1727d John
CrowRichard29 Jan 1736s Richard
CrowRobert09 Apr 1732s Richard
CulverwelRobert24 Feb 1712s Robert/Jane
CulverwellHonor01 Dec 1730d William
CulverwellHonor06 Sep 1728d William, Upottrey
CulverwellJames27 Feb 1715s Robert/Jane
CulverwellJane31 May 1734d John
CulverwellJane26 Jan 1718d Robert/Jane
CulverwellJohn13 Jan 1737s John
CulverwellJohn15 Aug 1744s John
CulverwellJohn30 Oct 1705s Roben/Jane, Crech Sant Mykell, joynner
CulverwellMary02 Jul 1710d Robert/Jane
CulverwellRobert06 Apr 1752s Thomas
CulverwellSarah03 Oct 1740d John
CulverwellSarah07 Dec 1750d Thomas
CulverwellThomas20 Dec 1723s Robert
CulverwellThomas25 Dec 1753s Thomas
CulverwellWilliam24 Aug 1721s Robert/Jane
CummingsJohn26 May 1787s Anthony/Ann
CunnibeareWilliam19 Oct 1683s John/Elizabeth, junr
CurramEdward23 Mar 1706s Edward
CurtessBetty26 Dec 1772d William/Betty, 3 yr
CurtessMary26 Dec 1772d William/Betty, 2 yr
CurtisElizabeth26 Oct 1806d Edward/Joanna Ruse,nee Harvey,labourer
CurtisJohn03 Apr 1803s Edward/Joanna, bn 10 Mar 1803
CutlerAnn07 Nov 1752d John, a sojourner