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Help and advice for Wellington Baptisms 1683-1812

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Wellington Baptisms 1683-1812


Transcription by Roy Parkhouse
Email: roy[at][dot]uk

surname forename(s) baptism date other information
Edwards Elizabeth 11 Aug 1709 d George/Debora
Eliston William 03 Dec 1738 s Edward Gills, labourer
Ellis John 06 Feb 1701 s John/Grace, officer of Excise
Ellis Thomas 03 May 1707 s John
Elson John 10 Apr 1757 s John
Elson William 26 Dec 1759 s John
Elway Ann 22 Jun 1750 d John, a sojourner
Elway James 10 May 1761 s John
Elway John 11 Nov 1754 s John
Elway Mary 05 Apr 1752 d John
Elway Thomas 28 Nov 1756 s John
England Elizabeth 01 Jun 1773 d Francis/Elizabeth
England John 05 Jan 1784 s Francis/Elizabeth, Ninehead
England Martha 03 Apr 1782 d Francis/Elizabeth, Ninehead
England Sarah 06 May 1810 d John/Sarah, bn 24 Apr 1810, carpenter
England William 25 Jun 1809 s John/Sarah, bn 07 Feb 1809
Eristi Ann 13 Jun 1727 d Henery
Escott Ann 05 Jun 1763 d Thomas
Escott George 24 Feb 1760 s Thomas
Escott Hannah 21 Aug 1765 d Thomas/Mary
Evans Ann 24 Dec 1786 d Cornelius/Mary
Evans Ann 28 Sep 1740 d John
Eveleigh John 02 Oct 1803 s Robert/Sarah, bn 16 Sep 1803
Eveleigh Robert 25 Dec 1766 s Richard/Mary
Eveleigh Robert 09 Feb 1806 s Robert/Sarah, bn 24 Jan 1806
Eveley Ann 12 Aug 1759 d Richard
Eveley Sarah 13 Jun 1756 d Richard
Evens Chatarn 21 Jul 1728 d John
Evens Mary 11 Jan 1735 d Silas
Everleigh William 04 Jan 1801 s Robert/Sarah, bn 13 Dec 1800
Everly Mary 07 Mar 1762 d Richard
Every John 18 Nov 1717 s John/Margaret
Evins Betty 15 Nov 1730 d John
Evins Honour 11 Feb 1732 d John
Evons Danniell 06 Apr 1684 s John/Mary?
Evry John 20 Apr 1740 s Henry/Elizabeth
Ewings John 21 Mar 1800 bbs Mary, wkho, 3 mn
Ewings Thomasin 15 Apr 1754 d George, a sojourner