Wellington Baptisms 1683-1812



Transcription by Roy Parkhouse
Email: roy[at]parkhouse.org[dot]uk

surnameforename(s)baptism dateother information
PartidgeJoseph13 Jun 1731s John
PartridgeGeorge24 Mar 1733s John
PartridgeJane03 Sep 1710d John/Elizabeth
PartridgeWilliam21 Feb 1713s John/Elizabeth
ParyJohanna15 Mar 1707d Hugh/Mary
PassonsHugh21 Aug 1692s Hugh/Grace
PassonsMarrkoss06 May 1692d Robertt/Mary, ?fname
PastyCatharine30 Apr 1708d Thomas/Jone, W Buckland, ?sname
PatarichThomas17 May 1724s John
PatchAnn10 Mar 1688d Anthony
PatchMary03 Jan 1687d Anthony/Mary
PatridgeElisabeth13 Jul 1706d John, laborrer
PatridgeHannah08 Mar 1708d John/Elizabeth
PattregeMary06 Feb 1703d John/Elisabeth
PaulDaniel23 Mar 1749s Thomas
PaulJames09 Jan 1740s Thomas
PaulJames01 Jun 1795s Peter/Mary, 22 wk
PaulJohn01 Dec 1805s Peter/Mary, bn 14 Nov 1797
PaulMary01 Nov 1745d Thomas
PaulSamuel01 Dec 1805s Peter/Mary, bn 25 Aug 1800
PaulThomas04 Jun 1743s Thomas
PaulWilliam01 Dec 1805s Peter/Mary, bn 17 Jul 1804
PawlettSarah05 Jun 1737d Sylus
PayneDominico30 Aug 1767bbs Mary
PeaceBetty03 May 1739d Timothy/Mary
PeaceHenry10 Mar 1737s Timothey
PeaceTimothy05 Sep 1736s Timothy
PearceHugh24 Mar 1688s George
PearceMartha21 Mar 1685d Thomas/Marie
PearsSusannah03 Feb 1726d Frances, W Buckland
PearseJohn10 Mar 1793s James/Jane
PearseRichard19 Dec 1686s George/Mary
PeaseThomas08 Jun 1735s Timothy
PeekWilliam09 Feb 1690s Robert/Mary
PenneyBetty20 Jul 1764bbd Mary
PenneyChristopher23 Dec 1683s Christopher/Mary
PenneyJohn20 Apr 1767s John/Betty
PenneyJohn11 May 1761s John
PenneyMary30 Sep 1764d William/Elenor
PenneySarah21 Aug 1745d William
PenneyWilliam12 May 1771s William/Elenor
PennyAnn08 Apr 1765d John/Betty
PennyDiana27 Dec 1784d Thomas/Sarah, Ninehead
PennyDorothy08 Jun 1772d John/Betty
PennyElizabeth-- Sep 1729bbd
PennyGrace08 Jan 1769d William/Elenor
PennyHanna14 Feb 1688d James
PennyJames08 May 1768bbs Mary
PennyJames22 Aug 1687s James/Jane
PennyJames24 Nov 1769s John/Betty
PennyJames08 Jan 1769s James/Mary
PennyJohe03 May 1708s Richard/Charaty, W Buckland
PennyJohn05 Dec 1687s John/Sarah
PennyJohn17 Feb 1782s Robert/Mary
PennyJohn19 Aug 1810s Thomas/Ann, nee Gore, bn 03 Aug 1810
PennyMary07 May 1692d James/Elizabeth
PennyMary04 Feb 1763d John
PennyMary25 May 1746d John
PennySarah25 Dec 1767d William/Elenor
PennySarah17 Feb 1782d George/Mary
PennySusanna21 Sep 1766d James/Mary
PennyThomas11 Oct 1807s Thomas/Ann, bn 26 Sep 1807
PennyWilliam19 Aug 1772s William/Elenor
PerratElizabeth02 Sep 1781d John/Prudence
PerreyJane16 May 1686d Thomas
PerreyMary03 Mar 1692d Hugh/Mary
PerrotSarah23 Feb 1777d John/Prudence
PerrottWilliam23 Apr 1775s John/Prudence
Perry*30 Nov 1700d Robert/Jone
PerryAbraham27 Jul 1735bbs Cathern
PerryAles18 Jan 1701d George/Ann, labourer
PerryAmos26 Dec 1690s Hugh/Mary
PerryAndrew23 Apr 1786s Robert/Mary
PerryAnn04 Apr 1762d William
PerryAnn05 Apr 1801bbd Mary, bn 03 Feb 1801
PerryAnn19 Apr 1772d Richard/Ann
PerryAnn23 Jun 1786d Samuel/Susannah
PerryAnn30 Sep 1688d John/Christian?
PerryAnne09 Feb 1706d John
PerryAnne16 Aug 1718d John/Grace
PerryAnstice26 May 1795d John/Sarah, bn 25 Feb 1795
PerryBethenor18 Jan 1730d Samuel
PerryCatherne13 Nov 1704d John/Prudence, wefer
PerryCharlotte16 Apr 1809d William/Jane, bn 09 Feb 1809
PerryDorithy08 Jun 1696d Abraham/Joan, ?sname
PerryEdward18 Jan 1756s William
PerryEdward11 Jun 1721s John/Grace
PerryEdward26 Feb 1754s William
PerryElizabeth07 Jun 1686d John/Jone
PerryElizabeth03 Dec 1721d Peter
PerryElizabeth25 Dec 1780d John/Sarah
PerryElizabeth28 May 1787d William/Betty
PerryGrace28 Mar 1693d Robert/Jane
PerryHannah04 Apr 1762d William
PerryHannah25 Dec 1781d Samuel/Susannah
PerryHannah28 Jan 1738d Samuel, labourer
PerryHannah31 May 1773d John/Mary
PerryHenry27 Sep 1741s Samuel
PerryHugh18 Jun 1710s Philip/Dorothy
PerryJames19 Oct 1692s James/Joane
PerryJames01 Nov 1746s Peter
PerryJames13 Nov 1692s John/Cristian?
PerryJames19 Oct 1783s Samuel/Susannah
PerryJames24 Apr 1812s James/Elizab, nee Hitchcock
PerryJames29 Jul 1733s Samuell
PerryJams01 Aug 1703s Robert/Jone, sergemaker
PerryJane10 Mar 1799d William/Jane, bn 01 Mar 1799
PerryJoan25 Sep 1689d James/Joan
PerryJoane07 Feb 1694d Robert/Joane
PerryJoane03 Mar 1704d Robert, sergmaker
PerryJohannah07 Jul 1728d Samuel
PerryJohn02 Jun 1747s Thomas
PerryJohn06 Nov 1774s John/Mary
PerryJohn07 Apr 1789s John/Sarah, Parish
PerryJohn06 May 1709s John/Prudence
PerryJohn17 Jul 1715s John/Grace
PerryJohn10 Mar 1744s John
PerryJohn19 Apr 1772s Richard/Ann
PerryJohn22 Sep 1754s Peter
PerryJohn20 May 1793s William/Jane, bn 23 Apr 1793, nee Harkins
PerryJone17 Aug 1700d Thomas/Magdlene
PerryMargaret09 Mar 1760d William
PerryMark18 Jul 1784bbs Betty, wkho
PerryMary08 Jun 1778d John/Sarah
PerryMary15 May 1715d Philip/Dorothy
PerryMary17 Feb 1716d Peter/Honor
PerryMary13 Oct 1805bbd Hannah, wkho, bn March 1805
PerryMary23 Sep 1711d Philip/Dorothy
PerryPeter26 Jan 1752s Peter
PerryPeter15 Apr 1750s Peter
PerryPhilip05 Dec 1708s Philip/Dorothy
PerryPhilipp13 May 1688s Hugh/Mary
PerryRichard27 Aug 1713s John
PerryRobert26 Jan 1749s William
PerryRobertt25 Nov 1696s Robertt/Joane
PerrySamuel15 Aug 1736s Samuel
PerrySamuel20 Mar 1747s William
PerrySarah31 May 1773d John/Mary, 3 yr
PerrySarah27 Nov 1808d Thomas/Sarah, bn 15 Aug 1808
PerrySarah02 Sep 1787d James/Betty, Bellett
PerrySarah08 Jun 1778d John/Sarah
PerrySusanna24 Apr 1812d James/Elizab, bn 11 Jan 1810, blacksmith
PerryThomas06 Apr 1740s John?
PerryThomas25 Dec 1803s William/Jane, bn 03 Dec 1803
PerryThomas06 Jun 1725s Mary
PerryThomas29 Oct 1698s Robert/Joane
PerryThomas09 Aug 1757s Thomas
PerryThomas07 Apr 1789s John/Sarah, 3 yr, Parish
PerryWalter04 Jul 1708s George/Mary
PerryWilliam21 Feb 1796s William/Jane
PerryWilliam08 Feb 1772s William/Betty
PerryWilliam05 Mar 1722bbs Mary
PerryWilliam15 Dec 1751s William
PerryWilliam26 Mar 1696s James/Joane
PerryWilliam16 Jan 1725s Samuel
PetersAnn23 May 1754d John
PetersElizabeth16 Dec 1759d John, sojourner
PetersFrances30 Sep 1762d John
PetersGrace03 May 1701d William/Susanna, mason
PetersJoan27 Nov 1757d John, a sojourner
PetersJohn30 Dec 1716s William/Dorothy
PetersSarah14 Nov 1701d James/Sarah
PetersWilliam26 Apr 1752s John, a sojourner
PettersDorothy16 Dec 1739d John/Dorothy
PettersElinor22 Apr 1705d Jams, soulger
PettersJams06 Oct 1706s William, marson
PettersWilliam24 Mar 1703s William, mason
PhilipsElisabeth16 Feb 1704d Henry/Jane, innkeeper
PhilipsGrace20 Sep 1747d John
PhilipsHannah22 Oct 1780d Thomas/Hannah, 5 yr
PhilipsHenry16 Jun 1751s John
PhilipsHenry28 May 1787s Thomas/Hannah
PhilipsJane07 Dec 1755d John
PhilipsJenny22 Oct 1780d Thomas/Hannah, 3 yr
PhilipsJohn22 Oct 1780s Thomas/Hannah
PhilipsJohn02 Jul 1749s John
PhilipsJohn05 Sep 1714s John/Grace
PhilipsMary15 Jun 1774d John/Sarah
PhilipsMary21 Jul 1717d John
PhilipsMary23 Apr 1809bbd Mary, bn 19 Nov 1808
PhilipsSarah16 May 1779d Thomas/Hannah
PhilipsThomas20 Jan 1754s John
PhilipsWilliam12 Jul 1711s John
PhilipsWilliam31 Aug 1783s Thomas/Hannah
PhillcoteMary03 Jan 1695d John/Ales, ?sname
PhillipsEliza14 Apr 1811bbd Ann, bn 24 Sep 1810
PhillipsGrace26 Nov 1707d John
PhillipsMary10 Jul 1721d John
PhillipsSarah06 Jul 1806d Thomas/Hannah, nee Gore, bn 31 May 1791
PhillipsThomas06 Jul 1806s Thomas/Hannah, bn 19 Feb 1794, labourer
PhillipsThomas08 Jun 1735s Thomas, of ....iford
PierceMary18 Mar 1690d George/Mary
PimSarah21 May 1743d Jone
PineDinah25 Apr 1739d Robert/Ann
PineDoroty29 Nov 1691d Edward/Doroty
PineFrancis19 May 1688s Edward/Dorothy
PineJames-- May 1689s Edward
PineJohn06 Oct 1732s Nathaniel
PineRobert14 Mar 1687s Nathaniell/Grace
PineSamuell10 Oct 1686s Francis/Joane
PineSusanna14 Feb 1690d Thomas/Mary
PineSusannah03 Jul 1685d John/Silvee?
PineThomas13 Mar 1686s Edward/Bridgett
PineThomas27 Feb 1689s Cornelius/Joane
PineyJohn01 Aug 1686s John/Elizabeth
PineyWilliam16 Feb 1726s John, Buckland
PinnJohn22 Jun 1689s John/Alice
Pinney*11 Jun 1738d William
PinneyAnn25 Dec 1801d John/Mary
PinneyElizabeth14 Aug 1803d Thomas/Ann, bn 30 Jul 1803
PinneyElizabeth17 Jun 1686d James/Ann
PinneyElizabeth03 Feb 1726d William
PinneyElizabeth07 Jul 1799d John/Mary, bn 19 Jun 1799
PinneyJames18 Oct 1789s John/Mary
PinneyJohn25 Dec 1801s John/Mary
PinneyMargeret22 Oct 1730d Cristopher
PinneyMary30 Jan 1738d John, gardener
PinneyMary04 Jun 1797d John/Mary, 3 mn
PinneySusannah21 Jul 1689d Christopher/Mary
PinneyThomas20 Dec 1724s William
PinneyThomas20 Sep 1778s John/Elizabeth
PinnyAnne16 Jun 1717d Christopher/Mary
PinnyAnne16 Aug 1719d James/Anne
PinnyChristpher21 Sep 1712s Christopher/Mary
PinnyDinah27 May 1713d Richard/Charity
PinnyDorothy21 Mar 1735d John
PinnyDorothy27 Feb 1730d John
PinnyElizabeth04 Feb 1735d William
PinnyElizabeth16 Dec 1688d John
PinnyJames18 Mar 1741s John, gardener
PinnyJames03 Mar 1722s James
PinnyJames26 Jun 1743s William
PinnyJohn19 Sep 1686s Christopher/Mary
PinnyJohn23 Apr 1710s Christopher/Mary
PinnyJohn23 Jun 1717s James
PinnyJudeth26 Feb 1710d Richard/Charity, W Buckland
PinnySarah24 Jan 1719d Christopher
PinnySarah07 Nov 1731d William
PinnyThomas10 Feb 1715bbs Elizabeth
PinnyWilliam13 Apr 1691s John
PinnyWilliam04 Jan 1740s William
PinnyWilliam21 Apr 1717s William
PinnyWilliam23 Sep 1733s William