IGI Batch Nos for Surrey


IGI Batch Nos for Surrey


  1. Where a Batch No. is shown as B.No. it is what is noted in the IGI records and I have not checked to see what other prefixes work with it, it could be any or all of them i.e. C-M-P-etc.
  2. The Metropolitan London designation is mainly for the Greater London boroughs but I may have got a couple wrong. They keep adding them.
  3. If anyone should find any mistakes please let me know I can then correct them.
  4. If you can help with filling in the name of the Church I would most appreciate it.
  5. I am also attempting to make up an Index of all Surrey Churches past and present inc. their histories and Incumbents, and also including a picture of each. So if SKS out there has any photos of your local Church that you can scan and send to me, I would much appreciate it. I am intending to try and develop my own Web page that would then be freely available to anyone. Going to take some time though.

John Harvey


Rural Surrey

AbingerM 013371/2/3 
AbingerC 013371/2/3 
AbingerP 013371 
AddingtonC 109982 
AddingtonM 109982 
AddingtonM 014171 
AddingtonP 014171 
AddlestoneC 067901St.Paul
AddlestoneM 067901St.Paul
AlburyC 017111/2/3/4 
AlburyF8633031 S.No.10 
AlburyC 017112/3/4 
AlburyM 017111/2 
AlburyP 017111 
AlburyC 084801The One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church
AlburyF.No.8633031 S.No.10 
AlfordC 067911/2/3 
AlfordM 067911/2/3 
AshC 014352 
AshM 014351/2 
AshP 014351/2 
AshteadC 067921/2/3 
AshteadM 067921/2/3 
BagshotJ 147881 
BansteadC 013721/2 
BansteadM 013721/2 
BansteadP 013721 
BeddingtonM 132711/2 
BeddingtonC 132711/2 
BeddingtonP 013311 
Beddington with, WallingtonC 132711 
Beddington with WallingtonM 132711 
Betchworth BrockhamC 092871Baptist
BetchworthC 067941 
BetchworthM 067941 
BisleyC 135242 
BisleyM 135241/2/3 
BisleyJ 135241 
BletchingleyC 017101 
BletchingleyM 017101 
BletchingleyP 017101 
Bookham (Great)C 069763 
Bookham (Great)M 069763 
Bookham (Little)B.No.017181 
Botleys and LyneNo Index 
BramleyC 067951/2/3 
BramleyM 067951/2/3 
BrockhamC 092871Baptist
BucklandM 013581/2 
BucklandJ 013581 
BucklandP 013581 
BurstowC 067971 
BurstowM 067971 
ByfleetC 067971St.Nicholas
ByfleetM 067971 
CamberleyNot Indexed 
CapelC 014721/2 
CapelM 071472 
CarshaltonC 008551/2/3 
CarshaltonM 008551/2/3 
CaterhamC 012291/2 
CaterhamM 012291/2 
ChaldonC 008861 
ChaldonM 008861 
ChaldonC 046061 
CheamB.No. 014721 
ChelshamC 014181/2/3 
ChelshamM 014181/2/3 
ChertseyC 067981/2 
ChertseyM 067981/2 
ChessingtonC 008643 
ChiddingfoldC 067991 
ChiddingfoldM 067992 
ChiddingfoldM 067991 
ChilworthB.No.037801St.Martha on the Hill
ChipsteadC 014131/2/3 
ChipsteadM 014131/2/3 
ChobhamC 055361/2/3/4St.Lawrence
ChobhamM 055361/2/3/4St.Lawrence
ChobhamJ 055363St.Lawrence
ChobhamK 055363St.Lawrence
Clandon (East)C 104882/3 
Clandon (East)M 104881/2/3 
Clandon (West)C 135261 
ClaygateC 132741 
CobhamM 037841 
ColdharbourC 109791 
ComptonC 068001 
CranlieghC 008872 
CranlieghP 008871/2 
CrowhurstC 008951/2/3/4 
CrowhurstM 008951/3/4 
CuddingtonNot Indexed 
Ditton (Long)C 006972 
Ditton (Thames)C 040591 
Ditton (Thames)F.No.7108405 S.No.96 
Ditton (Thames)F.No.7104822 S.No.86 
Ditton (Thames)M 040591 
DorkingC 074071/2/3 
DorkingM 074071 
DunsfoldC 109901 
DunsfoldM 109901 
EffinghamC 008221 
EffinghamM 008221 
EghamC 098921/2/3/4 
EghamM 098921/2/3 
EghamJ 098922/3 
EpsomB.No.084891Church St. Independent
EpsomB.No.094901Little Chapel Independent
EsherC 069711/2 
EsherM 069711 
EsherC 069711 
EwhurstC 069722 
EwhurstM 069722 
Farleigh or FarleyB.No.013541/2/3 
FarncombeNot Indexed 
FarnhamC 069731/2 
FarnhamM 069731/2 
FetchamP 006471 
FetchamM 006471 
FrenshamM 069743 
GodalmingC 013331/2/3 
GodalmingM 013331/2/3 
Gumshall with Felday & EwhurstB.No.084971Independent
GrafhamNot Indexed 
GuildfordC 013361/2Holy Trinity
GuildfordM 013361/2Holy Trinity
GuildfordP 013361/2Holy Trinity
GuildfordM 109891St.Nicholas
GuildfordB.No.084961Black Horse Lane
GuildfordB.No.084941New Chapel Independent
HambledonC 037941 
HambledonM 037941 
HascombeC 135282 
HascombeM 135281/2 
HaslemereC 013481 
HaslemereM 013481 
HaslemereP 013481 
HaslemereC 084981Independent
HatchfordNot Indexed 
HeadleyC 132702 
HershamC 147892St.Peter's
HershamM 147891St.Peter's
HorsellC 037972 
HolmwoodC 132631 
HolmwoodM 132631 
HorleyC 069772/3/4/5/6/7St.Bartholomews
HorleyM 069772 
HorsallM 037972 
Horsley (East)C 019924 
Horsley (West)B.No.040391 
KingstonC 015492/3 
KingstonM 015493 
KingstonP 015491 
LeatherheadC 069781 
LeighC 131551 
LimpsfieldC 006992 
LimpsfieldM 006922 
LimpsfieldP 006921/2 
LimpsfieldF.No.7032803 S,No.83 
Long CrossNot Indexed 
MersthamC 014112 
MerrowC 109881 
MerrowM 109881 
MertonC 109851 
MilfordM 109781 
MitchamC 071521/2 
MitchamM 071522 
Molesey (East)M 004571 
Molesey (West)B.No.004581/2/3St.Peter's
MortlakeC 013351/2 
MortlakeM 013351 
MortlakeB.No.085021Non Conformist
MordenC 014151/2 
MordenM 014151 
NewdigateC 069801 
Norwood (Lower)B.No.085032Independent
Norwood (West)C 015561St.Luke
NutfieldP 015341 
OckleyC 109911 
OakwoodC 013392 
OckhamC 014491/2 
OckhamP 014491 
OckleyM 109911 
OttershawNot Indexed 
OxtedC 015353 
OxtedP 015353 
Peper HarowC 055701/2 
PetershamNot Indexed 
PirbrightC 039461 
PirbrightM 039461 
PuttenhamC 014282/3 
PyrfordC 055713 
PyrfordM 055713 
ReigateC 054701 
RedhillC 132731 
RedhillM 133731St.John
RichmondC 013343St.Mary Magdalene
SealeNot Indexed 
Send and RipleyM 109871 
Send and RipleyJ 109872 
ShalfordC 013741/2/3/4 
ShalfordM 013741/2/3/4 
Sheen (East)B.No.147901 
ShereM 013773 
ShereC 013774 
ShirleyNot Indexed 
Stoke D'AbernonP 013471 
Stoke-next-GuildfordM 014033/4 
Stoke-next-GuildfordP 013471 
Stoke-next-GuildfordP 014031 
SurbitonM 145212 
ThursleyC 055852 
TitseyC 014141/2 
TitseyM 014141 
Walton-on-ThamesC 040381St.Mary's
Walton-on-ThamesM 040381St.Mary's
Walton-on-the-HillC 013712 
WarlinghamC 014191/2/3 
WarlinghamM 014191-3 
WeybridgeP 015211St.James
WeybridgeF.No.170878 P.No.147 R.No.7094 
WeybridgeF.No.170563 P.No.718 R.No.24065 
WindleshamC 017341/2/3 
WindleshamM 017341-3 
WisleyC 055232 
WisleyM 055232 
WitleyC 040651 
WitleyM 040651 
Woking040671St.John the Baptist
WonershC 055921/2/3 
WonershM 055923 
WorplesdonB.No.085111Penny Hill & Normandy Chapels Independent
WottonP 013381 
WottonC 013383 

Metropolitan Surrey

BarnesB.No. 067931 
BatterseaC 015551St.Mary's Church Rd.
BatterseaP 015551St.Mary's Church Rd.
BermondseyB.No.096411Ebenezer Chapel, Neckinger Road, Ind.
BermondseyC 096401Jamacia Row Independent
BermondseyC 096421Southwark Chapel, Long Lane
BermondseyM 006031St.James, Thurland Road
BermondseyP 006031St.James, Thurland Road
BermondseyP 015521St.John Horseleydowns, Church Street
BermondseyC 008221/2St.Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey Street
BermondseyM 008221St.Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey Street
BermondseyM 001581/2St.Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey Street
BermondseyP 001581/2St.Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey Street
BermondseyP 015551St.Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey Street
BermondseyC 022721/2/3/4/5/6/7/8St.Olave Bermondsey
BermondseyC 049641St.Olave Bermondsey
BermondseyP001582St.Olave Bermondsey
BermondseyC 048311Tanner Street, Workhouse
BermondseyC 084851Independent
Brixton HillB.No.084811Wesleyan Methodist
BrixtonNot IndexedSt.Mathew
CamberwellC 046031Albany Chapel Ind.
CamberwellC 019991Christ Church
CamberwellP 019991Christ Church
CamberwellC 096561Grove Independent
CamberwellC 096551Mansion House Ind.
CamberwellC 096541Marlborough Ind.
CamberwellC 097571Peckham Hanover Chapel Independent
CamberwellC 098071Peckham Stafford St., Wesleyan
CamberwellP 020011St.George Wells Way
CamberwellM 006061/2/3St.Giles
CamberwellP 006261/2St.Giles
ClaphamC 092891Baptist
ClaphamC 001774Holy Trinity, Clapham Common North Side
ClaphamM 001576Holy Trinity, Clapham Common North Side
ClaphamC 058451/2Holy Trinity, Clapham Common North Side
ClaphamM 058451/2Holy Trinity, Clapham Common North Side
ClaphamC 084851Park Road Independent
ClaphamC 001776St.John the Evangelist
ClaphamM 001575St.John the Evangelist
ClaphamC 084841Independent, Chapel Park Road
CroydonK 154041 
CroydonJ 154041 
CroydonC 098651/2/3/4/5/6/7St.John the Baptist
CroydonK 098652/6St.John the Baptist
CroydonJ 098652/6St.John the Baptist
CroydonC 154714/5/6/7St.John the Baptist
CroydonM 198651/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9St.John the Baptist
CroydonJ 154715St.John the Baptist
CroydonK 154715St.John the Baptist
DeptfordP 001622St. Nicholas
DeptfordC 006302St. Paul
LambethC 097321Wesleyan China Terrace
LambethC 096501Independent Holland Chapel Brixton Road
LambethC 097311Independent Kennington
LambethC 069791Workhouse Renfrew Rd.
LambethC 098041Wesleyan Southville Chapel Wandsworth Rd.
LambethM 099211St.Andrew
LambethC 099221St.Ann
LambethM 099221St.Ann
LambethC 042321/2St.John the Evangelist
LambethM 042321/2St.John the Evangelist
LambethC 006683St.Mary
LambethC 055762/3St.Mary
LambethP 066281/2St.Mary
LambethC 097911Independent, Stockwell New Chapel
LambethC 096491Trinity Chapel Brixton, Lady Huntingdon
LambethC 097301Independent Vauxhall Chapel Kennington Lane
LambethC 097331New Jerusalemite, Waterloo Road
MertonC 109851 
NewingtonP 019971All Saints Aden Grove
NewingtonC 039391Holy Trinity
NewingtonM 039391Holy Trinity
NewingtonC 055631/2St.Mary Church Street
NewingtonM 055631/2St.Mary Church Street
NewingtonP 020041St.Mary Workhouse
NewingtonP 020051St.Mathew
PutneyB.No.085051St.Mary Independent
RichmondC 013341/2/3St.Mary Magdalene
RichmondF.No.7318010St.Mary Magdalene
RichmondB.No.017771St.Elizabeth, Roman Catholic
RichmondB.No.085061Vineyard Independent
RotherhitheB.No.097781Albion Street, Wesleyan
RotherhitheC 019981All Saints
RotherhitheM 019981All Saints
RotherhitheC 021131Christ Church
RotherhitheM 021131Christ Church
RotherhitheC 023161Holy Trinity
RotherhitheM 023161Holy Trinity
RotherhitheC 006251/2/3/4St.Mary
SouthwarkC 098111Baptist Church, Goat Yard, Carter Lane
SouthwarkM 098111Baptist Church, Goat Yard, Carter Lane
SouthwarkC 098141Baptist Church, Maze Pond
SouthwarkC 098021Independent Calvinistic, Beresford Road
SouthwarkC 020701/2/3Christ Church
SouthwarkC 040801/2/3/4/5/6/7Christ Church
SouthwarkM 040801Christ Church
SouthwarkP 020701Christ Church
SouthwarkC 037181Baptist ,Christ Church St.
SouthwarkC 098091Baptist ,Christ Church St.
SouthwarkC 037191Colliers Independent Church
SouthwarkC 022441/2/3/4/5/6/7St.George the Martyr, Borough High Street
SouthwarkM 022441/2/3/4/5/6St.George the Martyr, Borough High Street
SouthwarkM 031551St.George the Martyr, Workhouse
SouthwarkC097421St.Georges London Road. Independent
SouthwarkP 015523/4St.John
SouthwarkC 020021St.John Walworth
SouthwarkC 055171St.Jude
SouthwarkM 055171St.Jude
SouthwarkP 020041St.Mary, Newington Workhouse
SouthwarkP 020051St Mathew Newington
SouthwarkC 022721/2/3/4/5/6/7/8St.Olave
SouthwarkP 006311St.Olave
SouthwarkM 022721/2/3/4/5St.Olave
SouthwarkP 006311St.Olave
SouthwarkB.No.097051Guildford Street, Independent
SouthwarkC 058471St Paul, Westminster Bridge Rd.
SouthwarkM 058471St Paul, Westminster Bridge Rd.
SouthwarkC 055181/2/3St.Saviour
SouthwarkM 055181St.Saviour
SouthwarkC 058411St.Saviour Workhouse
SouthwarkC 097841St.Thomas Presbyterian
SouthwarkP 015601St.Thomas, St.Thomas Street
SouthwarkC 097171Union Chapel Parish ST., Horsledown
SouthwarkC 096851Presbyterian Church, Crutched Friars & Southwark
SouthwarkB.No.096651Collier's Rents White Street, Independent
SouthwarkB.No.097011Globe Alley, Independent
SouthwarkB.No.097511Newington Butts Primitive Methodist
SouthwarkB.No.097951Surrey Chapel Blackfriars Road, Lady Huntingdon
SouthwarkB.No.097991Trinity Street, Irvingite
SouthwarkB.No.098001Union Street, Independent
SouthwarkB.No.098011Walworth Lock's Field,, York Street ,Independent
SouthwarkB.No.098031Walworth Wesleyan
Tooting GraveneyB.No.056081 
WalworthC 098011Walworth Locks Field Chapel Independent
WalworthC 020061St.Stephen
WalworthP 020061Walworth St..Stephen
WalworthB.No.092911Bridge Field Baptist
WandsworthC 019011All Saints, Wandsworth
WandsworthP 019011All Saints, Wandsworth
WandsworthC 021621St.John, Wandsworth