Bromley Pagets Hearth Tax 1666



The Hearth Tax or chimney-money was a payment to the king of 2s. on every hearth " in all houses paying to church and poor," first levied in 1662. It was repealed in 1689, although it was producing £170,000 a year, on account of its unpopularity, the tax being especially obnoxious because of its inquisitorial 

Bromley Pagets Constablewicke. Hearthes Chargeable. 

John Kesterton One 

Thomas Allen One 

Thomas Meate One 

Richard Baxter One 

Elizabeth Knowles One 

Robert Davies One 

Edward Godwin Three 

Samuell Cope One 

Thomas Powell  Two 

John Gymson One 

Edward Hickson One 

Edward Barker Two 

Thomas Bomford One 

John Adbaston in the Lane One 

Thomas Barker One 

William Wilson, late Tho. Rodes One 

John Muskett One 

John Whittworth One 

Mr. Richard Clarke Foure 

Richard Goodwyn One 

John Adbaston One 

Widdow Kempe Two 

John Dymmocke Two 

James Badkins One 

Richard Tooth One 

Robert Barrowe Foure 

Richard Egginton One 

John Tooth One 

Thomas Johnson Foure 

William Sutton, formerly Mr. Beardmore Foure 

Samuell Mynors One 

Elias Lansdale for Taylors house One 

Thomas Bratt Three 

John Baggaley One 

Walter Vpford Foure 

Nicholas Whiston, formerly Geo. Scarratt Two 

Robert Webbe One 

Roger Knight One 

George Scarratt One 

Tho. Goodwin, formerly Widdow Goodwin One 

Thomas Dutton Three 

Thomas Ault One 

Edward Malkin One 

Richard Naylor Two 

Walter Andrewes Three 

Mr. Mott, formerly Tho. Harvey Two 

George Trigge Two 

Walter Toone, formerly John Barlow Three 

Ralph Adin One 

Widdow Taylor One 

William Sutton, formerly Mr. Mott Two 

Herbert Bache Two 

Thomas Bakewell Two 

Richard Hall One 

Thomas Wright Two 

Walter Warner Two 

William Hall Three 

Thomas Norres, gentleman Five 

Edward Whistons Foure 

John Bettson Two 

Robert Dunne   One 

John Burrowes    Two 

Thomas Hall One for one too many by mistake 

William Worrall One 

William Hunt Two 

Henry Pratty for 2 houses Foure 

Thomas Cooper One 

Richard Pixley One 

John Marshall and Robert Fisher One 

Robert Edasome Two 

Eliz. Milward One 

Walter Litten Two 

Thomas Wilkes Two 

Mr. Thomas Buckland Two 

Richard Harvey One 

Richard Merry One 

William Baggaley One 

Robert Rowley One 

Hugh Machin One 

Elizabeth Carter One 

Richard Hurst One 


In the Parke. 

Henry Cottrell, formerly Tho. Kent Three 

George Preston Two 

George Feildhouse Two 

Mr. Alcocke Three 

John Smallwood Two 

Thomas Kent Two 

John Goodwyne One 

Thomas Wall One 

Richard Yates One 

Widdow Adbaston One 

Walter Keeleing One 

Symon Meakin One 

George Hempe One 

Richard Sparkes One 

Matthew Button One 

Thomas Allsopp One 

Anne Smallwood One 

                                                            Total 163


[Bromley Pagetts Constablewicke.] 

These following are certified for not to bee chargeable according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 

Hugh Cheatam               Elizabeth Button 

William Massey              Widdow Sheppard 

George Bankes              Mary Nixon 

William Evans               John Scarratt 

Widdow Cardin              Edward Wetton 

William Lawrence          Widdow Batkin 

William Browne             Widdow Wildbloud 

Richard Woodward       Widdow Corden 

Edward Cole                 Zachary Litten 

Widdow Smith              Stephen Fletcher 

John Hill                       George Attkins 

Widdow Durance         Widdow Wattson 

William Williamson      Widdow Scarratt 

Widdow Lancaster       John Royley 

Michaell Lawrence      Jane Robinson 

Anthony Heeley           Mic, Scarratt 

Joseph Salte                Hugh Scarratt 

Frances Martin            Widdow Ashley 

John Nabbs                George Bett 

Edward Tomlinson      Richard Lynes 

Roger Bakewell 


By Nath. Mott,       Minister il  Idem

Tho Norris William Sutton and John Browne, Churchwardens. 

Allowed by : E. Bagot and W. Chetwynd Justices of the Peace 

                  : William Worrall and John Dymmocke       Constables ibidem