Acton Trussell in 1817


Description from A Topographical History of Staffordshire by William Pitt (1817)


Acton-Trussel is a township of Baswich, about half-way between the parish church and Penkridge. The Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal passes along the side of this township; the soil is a good gravelly loam, with meadows on the banks of the Penk. It joins Teddesley on the south, and Bednal on the east. The population in 1811 was 271; namely, 128 males, and 143 females. The chapel of ease is dedicated to St. James.

Bednal, another township of Baswich, lies between Acton-Trussel and Cannock-heath. The population is 89 males, 100 females, total 189 persons; all of whom, except one family, are employed in agriculture. The land is a mixed gravelly loam. The Chapel of ease is dedicated to All Saints.

The Rev. Mr. Peploe, a man remarkable for the humility and simplicity of his manners, officiated as curate at both these places for many years. Having a large family to support, he has been known to do extra-duty at Bushbury on Sundays, and to walk thither and back, a distance of full twenty miles. When the late Sir Edward Littleton went to London, Mr. Peploe frequently came to Teddesley during his absence by desire of the Baronet, who thought the presence of a clergyman might keep the servants in order. However humiliating this office may appear, it was attended with the most beneficial effects, for the servants were so regular and well-behaved, that Sir Edward seldom dismissed any of them.