Bibliography of Staffordshire

A list of general works on Staffordshire. Works relating to individual locations within the county can be found on the appropriate parish pages.

A History of Staffordshire
by MW Greenslade & DG Stuart.
Published by Phillimore & Co Ltd, Chichester, W Sussex, 1998 (3rd Edition).
ISBN 1 86077 071 1

The King's England. Staffordshire
edited by Arthur Mee.
Published by Kings England Press, Carlton, S Yorkshire, 1994 (New Edition).
ISBN 1 872438 09 1
(First published 1937 by Hodder & Stroughton Ltd)

Shire County Guide, Staffordshire
by Peter Heaton.
Published by Shire Publications Ltd, Princes Risborough, Bucks, 1991 (2nd Edition).
ISBN 0 7478 0113 4

by Vivian Bird.
Published by Batsford, 1984.

by Phil Drabble.
Published by Hale County Books, 1948.

A Survey of Staffordshire
by Sampson Erdeswick.
Published by JB Nichols, 1844.

The Natural History of the County of Stafford
by Robert Garner.
Published by John Van Voost, 1844.

Victorian & Edwardian Staffordshire from Old Photographs
by Pamela Murray & Robert Frost.
Published by Batsford, 1997.

Staffordshire & the Black Country
by Michael Raven.
Published by Michael Raven, 1988.

by WB Smith.
Published by Cambridge University Press, 1915.

Staffordshire Within Living Memory
by Staffordshire Federation of Women's Institutes.
Published by Countryside Books, Newbury, 1992.

Staffordshire. A Shell Guide
by Henry Thorold.
Published by Faber, 1978.

Great Men of Staffordshire
by Laurence Meynell.
Published by Bodley Head, 1955.

The Natural History of the County of Staffordshire
by Robert Plot.
Published Didsbury, 1686.
Reprinted EJ Morton, 1973.

History of the Staffordshire Potteries
by Simeon Shaw.
Published New York, 1829.
Reprinted Beatrice C Weinstock, 1968.

Memorials of Old Staffordshire
by Rev W Beresford.
Published by George Allen, 1909.

Historic Staffordshire
by R Dent & J Hill.
Published by Midland Educational Co, Birmingham, 1896.

The Tame Mills of Staffordshire
by D Dilworth.
Published by Philimore, 1976.

A Topographical & Historical Description of the County of Stafford
by Rev Mr Nightingale.
Published by Serwood, Neely & Jones, 1820.

Industrial Archaeology of Staffordshire
by R Sherlock.
Published by David & Charles, Newton Abbot, 1976.

A History of Printing in North Staffordshire
by A Rotherham & M Steele.
Published by North Staffs Polytechnic, 1975.

The Rise of the Staffordshire Potteries
by John Thomas.
Published by Adams & Dart, Bath, 1971.

The Folklore of Staffordshire
by John Raven.
Published by Batsford, 1978.

Staffordshire Curiosities & Antiquities
by FW Hackwood.
Published Handsworth, 1905.

The Staffordshire Landscape
by DM Palliser.
Published by Hodder & Stoughton, 1976.

Staffordshire Poets
by CH Poole & R Markland.
Published by N Ling, Lytham, 1928.

A Military Bibliography of Staffordshire

Bibliotheca Staffordiensis by Rupert Simms.

Old Parish Boundaries of Staffordshire by Tim Cockin.

The Victoria History of the Counties of England. Staffordshire Volumes

Collections for a History of Staffordshire. Indexes to the series