Collections for a History of Staffordshire


Collections for a History of Staffordshire is an ongoing series of publications containing a wealth of material relating to the county. The series commenced in 1880 and is published by the Staffordshire Record Society which was known as the William Salt Archaeological Society prior to 1936.
Volumes were usually (but not always) published annually and four different numbering systems have been used during the lifetime of the project.
The First Series was denoted by Roman numerals and date as follows:
Vol I, 1880 through to Vol XVIII, 1897
The Second Series was known as the New Series (NS) and was denoted by Roman numerals and date as follows:
Vol I (NS), 1898 through to Vol XII (NS), 1909
The Third Series was denoted by date only as follows:
1910 through to 1951
The Fourth Series was denoted by date and Roman numerals as follows:
4th Series, Vol I, 1957 through to Vol XIX, 1999 (ongoing)

Index to the First Series

Vol I, 1880
Pipe Rolls of 1130 and 1155-1189, Latin Text and Notes, Liber Niger of 1166
The Register of Bishop Roger de Norbury, 1322-58
History of Blymhill

Vol II, 1881
Pipe Rolls of 1189-1216, Latin Text and Notes
Staffordshire Cartulary
Arms taken in the Visitation of 1663-4
History of Blymhill

Vol III, 1882
Plea Rolls of 1189-1216
Final Concords of 1189-1216
Staffordshire Cartulary
The Visitation of 1583
The Wasteneys Family

Vol IV, 1883
Plea Rolls of 1216-72
Final Concords of 1216-72
Ronton Priory Cartulary
History of Church Eaton

Vol V, Part I, 1884
Hundred Rolls of 1255 and 1275
Burton Abbey Cartulary
Pleas of the Forest 1262, 1271, 1286, 1300

Vol V, Part II, 1884
Visitations of Staffordshire 1663-64

Vol VI, Part I, 1885
Plea Rolls 1272-94
Stone Cartulary
Plea Rolls 1218-38

Vol VI, Part II, 1885
Capitular Muniments at Lichfield

Vol VII, 1886
Plea Rolls 1294-1307
Subsidy Roll of 1327
History of the Swynnerton Family

Vol VIII, 1887
Military Service of Staffordshire Tenants 1230-1374
Cartulary of St Thomas, Stafford
History of Castle Church Parish

Vol IX, 1888
Assize and King's Bench Rolls 1307-27
Fine Rolls 1307-27
The Barons of Dudley

Vol X, 1889
Coram Rege Rolls and Pleas of the Crown 1307-27
Subsidy Roll of 1332
Younger Branches of Sutton of Dudley

Vol XI, 1890
Plea Rolls 1327-41
Final Concords 1327-1547
Cartulary of Trentham Priory

Vol XII, 1891
Plea Rolls 1341-59
Final Concords of mixed counties, including Staffordshire 1485-1558
Final Concords 1558-59
Supplement to the History of Blymhill

Vol XIII, 1892
Plea Rolls 1360-87
Final Concords 1559-73

Vol XIV, 1893
Coram Rege Rolls 1327-83
Final Concords 1573-80
Military Service of Staffordshire Tenants 1377-99
History of Weston-under-Lizard

Vol XV, 1894
Plea Rolls 1387-1405
Final Concords 1580-89
Muster Roll of 1640

Vol XVI, 1895
Staffordshire, extracts from Cheshire Plea Rolls 1327-1413
King's Bench and Coram Rege Rolls 1377-1413
Final Concords 1589-1603
Rydeware Cartulary

Vol XVII, 1896
Plea Rolls 1413-35
Final Concords of mixed counties, including Staffordshire manors 1558-88
The Poll Tax, Hundreds of Offlow and Cuttlestone 1379-81
Shenstone Charters

Vol XVIII, 1897
Final Concords of mixed counties 1588-1603
Final Concords of mixed cities 1558-1603
Final Concords of Staffordshire 1603-07
Military Service at Calais and Crecy

Index to the Second Series

Vol I, (NS), 1898
The Gresleys of Drakelowe

Vol II, (NS), 1899
History of Weston-under-Lizard

Vol III, (NS), 1900
Final Concords 1607-12
The Swynnertons of Eccleshall and Chell
Plea Rolls 1435-60

Vol IV, (NS), 1901
Final Concords of mixed counties touching Staffordshire 1603-25
Final Concords of Staffordshire 1613-17
Plea Rolls 1456-74
Muster Roll for Offlow Hundred 1539

Vol V, (NS), 1902
The Gifford Family
Muster Roll for Cuttlestone and Pirehill Hundred 1539

Vol VI, Part I (NS), 1903
Final Concords 1615-19
Muster Roll for Seisdon and Totmanslow Hundreds 1539
Plea Rolls 1474-85
Inventory of Church Goods 1552

Vol VI, Part II (NS), 1903
History of the Wrottesley Family

Vol VII, (NS), 1904
History of the Family of Okeover
Final Concords 1618-22
Early Chancery Proceedings 1377-1509

Vol VIII, (NS), 1905
Register of Bishop Roger de Stretton 1360-85

Vol IX, (NS), 1906
Chancery Proceedings 1560-70
Sir James de Audley, KG, and the Audley Family
The Burton Abbey Surveys
Cartulary of Dieulacress Abbey

Vol X, Part I (NS), 1907
The Tenure of Draycot-under-Needwood
Final Concords 1622-25
Star Chamber Proceedings, Henry VII & Henry VIII
Forest Tenures of Staffordshire
Alrewas Court Rolls 1259-61

Vol XI, (NS), 1908
History of the Bagot Family
The Place called Monetville in Domesday
The Inquests on the Staffordshire Estates of the Audleys 1273-1308
Reviews of the PRO Publications 1350-4, 1405-8, 1429-41

Vol XII, (NS), 1909
Chetwynd's History of Pirehill Hundred, Part I

Index to the Third Series

Vol 1910
Star Chamber Proceedings 1516-49
Alrewas Court Rolls 1268-73
History of the Lane Family
Notes on Staffordshire Visitation Families

Vol 1911
Final Concords 1272-1327
Inquisitions Post-Mortem 1242-1327
The Testa de Nevil 1212-1316
Staffordshire Cartulary 1200-1327

Vol 1912
Star Chamber Proceedings 1498-1553
Review of the Lists and Indexes of the PRO
The Early Swynnertons
Staffordshire Sheriffs, Escheaters and Justices

Vol 1913
Inquisitions Post-Mortem 1327-66
Notes on the Manors of Aston & Walton, near Stone, in the 13th and 14th Centuries
A Newcastle Cartuary of the Early 14th Century
Early Rolls of Arms and Armorial Seals of Staffordshire

Vol 1914
Chetwynd's History of Pirehill Hundred, Part II

Vol 1915
Staffordshire Incumbents and Parochial Records 1530-1680

Vol 1916
Will of Wulfric Spot
Stafforshire Pre-Conquest Charters
Early Staffordshire History
The Burton Abbey 12th Century Surveys
The Watling Street in Staffordshire

Vol 1917-8
Staffordshire Parliamentary History Vol I, 1213-1603

Vol 1919
History of Blithfield
Gregory King's Notebook
The Staffordshire Hidation

Vol 1920
Staffordshire Parliamentary History Vol II, 1603-1780, Part I

Vol 1921
Calendar of Salt MSS
Hearth Tax for Pirehill Hundred 1666

Vol 1922
Staffordshire Parliamentary History Vol II, 1603-1780, Part II

Vol 1923
Shenstone Charters from the Oseney Cartulary
Forest Pleas in the Pipe Rolls of 1166-67
Note on Betley Morris Dance Window
Some Unidentified Domesday Vills
Some Ridware Armorial Glass
Hearth Tax for Seisdon and Offlow Hundreds 1666

Vol 1924
Lichfield Magnum Registrum Album

Vol 1925
Notes on Arblaster, Hevenningham, and Draycote Families of Staffordshire
Hearth Tax for Totmonslow Hundred 1666

Vol 1926
Two Early Staffordshire Deeds
Chancery Proceedings (D to H) 1558-1579
Ancient Earthwork at Huntley, near Cheadle
A Register of Staffordshire Wills 1553-1583

Vol 1927
The Stafford Mint under Henry II
The Staffordshire Quarter Sessions Roll for 1586
Hearth Tax for Cuttlestone Hundred 1666
Report on Roman Camp at Wall Heath, Kingswinford
Gnosall Lawsuit 1395

Vol 1928
Calendar of Lord Hatherton's Charters
Deeds at the Wodehouse, Wombourne
Will of Wulfric Spot

Vol 1929
The Staffordshire Quarter Sessions Rolls, Vol I, 1581-1589

Vol 1930
The Staffordshire Quarter Sessions Rolls, Vol II, 1590-1593

Vol 1931
Enclosures of Open Fields and Commons
Chancery Proceedings, 1558-1579 (H to P)
The Walsall Ship Money Papers 1635-6
Index of Wolverhampton and Tettenhall Marriage Bonds

Vol 1932
The Staffordshire Quarter Sessions Rolls, Vol III, 1594-1597

Vol 1933, Part I
Staffordshire Parliamentary History, Vol III, 1780-1841

Vol 1933, Part II
The Mainwarings of Whitmore

Vol 1934
Walter Landor, 1698
Wolseley Charters
Transport in the 18th Century

Vol 1935
The Staffordshire Quarter Sessions Rolls, Vol IV, 1598-1603

Vol 1936
Lichfield Hearth Tax
Coats of Arms in Stoke Church
Rowley Regis Rent Roll
Gnosall Poor Law Records
Hopton Heath Battle
Ashley Church and Sir David ap Kenric

Vol 1937
Burton Cartulary

Vol 1938
Elizabethan Chancery Proceedings Series II, 1558-1579
An Account of Briefs Collected in Bilston Chapel, 1685
Report on the Roman Villa at Engleton, near Brewood

Vol 1939
Lichfield Cathedral Chancellors
Calendar of the Marquis of Anglesey's Longdon, Lichfield, and other Staffordshire Charters, formerly at Beaudesert
King James II's Proposed Repeal of the Penal Laws and Test Act in 1688, his Questions to the Deputy Lieutenants and Magistracy of Staffordshire and their Answers
Some Charters and Records of the Priory of the Black Ladies of Brewood
Medieval Timber Houses in Sedgley, Brewood, Walsall and Willenhall

Vol 1940
Staffordshire Quarter Sessions Rolls, Vol V, 1603-1606

Vol 1941
A Handlist of English Enclosure Acts and Awards, Staffordshire
Additions to Grazebrook's 'The Barons of Dudley'
Chetwynd Papers in the William Salt Library
Militia Roll for Pirehill Hundred, c1685
A Bundle of Walter, Lord Aston's Letters, 1671-3
Some Letters from the Civil War in South Staffordshire
Ciliv War Documents from Rugeley
Subsidy Roll for Pirehill Hundred, 1640
An Audley Charter and its Seals

Vol 1942-43
A Descriptive Catalogue of the Staffordshire Views Collection in the William Salt Library

Vol 1944
Parrott's Audley Survey, 1733
Audley Terrier, 1708

Vol 1945-46
History of the Manor of Tyrley

Vol 1947
Staffordshire Jurors Book, 1748
Cannock Chase Mining Cause, Mr Justice Talfourd's Record in Verse
Partition of Cheadle Grange
John Flower Sketches in William Salt Library

Vol 1948-49
Staffordshire Quarter Sessions Rolls, 1608-1609

Vol 1950-51
Elias Ashmole and the 1685 Lichfield Election
William Baker of Audlem, Architect
Crop Returns for Staffordshire, 1801
Downfall of Gower Interest in Staffordshire Boroughs
Growth and Function of Lichfield
Brick House Colliery in Rowley Regis

Index to the Fourth Series

4th Series, Vol I, 1957
The Parliamentary Committee at Stafford, 1643-1645

4th Series, Vol II, 1959
Staffordshire Gentry, 1662-1663
Staffordshire Recusants, 1657

4th Series, Vol III, 1960
The Registrations of Dissenting Chapels and Meeting Houses in Staffordshire, 1689-1852

4th Series, Vol IV, 1962
The Cartulary of Tutbury Priory

4th Series, Vol V, 1969
Probate Inventories of Lichfield & District, 1568-1680

4th Series, Vol VI, 1970
Some Staffordshire Poll Tax Returns
Church Lighting in Staffordshire since the Reformation
Staffordshire Quarter Sessions, Archives and Procedure in the Earlier 17th Century
Shugborough, the End of a Village
Steam-Engine Bache, 1670-1712
The Struggle for the Lichfield Interest, 1747-68
Sir Edward Littleton's Fox-Hunting Diary, 1774-89
William Moreton of Willenhall
Joshua Drewry and the First Stafford Newspapers
The Pledge of Patriotism, Staffordshire and the Voluntary Contribution, 1798
Stebbing Shaw and the History of Staffordshire
A Biography of the Writings of S.A.H. Burne

4th Series, Vol VII, 1973
Bishop Geoffrey Blythe's Visitations, c1515-1525

4th Series, Vol VIII, 1976
A List of Families in the Archdeaconry of Stafford, 1532-3

4th Series, Vol IX, 1979
Roman Catholicism in Elizabethan & Jacobean Staffordshire
(Documents from the Bagot Papers)

4th Series, Vol X, 1980
Visitations of the Archdeaconry of Stafford, 1829-1841

4th Series, Vol XI, 1982
The Staffordshire Historians

4th Series, Vol XII, 1984
A Map of the County of Stafford by William Yates, 1775
(map published in six sections in slip-case with introductory booklet)

4th Series, Vol XIII, 1988
The 1260 Staffordshire Tallage Assessment
The Guild of St Mary & St John the Baptist, Lichfield: Ordinances of the late 14th Century
Lichfield Chapter Acts, 1433-1461
Supplements to Bishop Blythe's Visitations
The Gentry of Staffordshire, 1662-63, Additions to the List
The Turnpike Network of Staffordshire, 1700-1840. An Introduction & Handlist of Turnpike Acts
William Yates' Map of Staffordshire, 1775. Further Comments
Jonathan Wilson's Account of the Parish of Biddulph, 1791

4th Series, Vol XIV, 1990
T.P. Wood's Staffordshire
- A selection of drawings by Thomas Peploe Wood
from the Staffordshire Views in the William Salt Library

4th Series, Vol XV, 1992
Staffordshire Assize Calendars 1842-1843

4th Series, Vol XVI, 1994
A Rental of the Borough of Burton, 1319
A Staffordshire Quarter Sessions Fine Book, 1572
Matthew Cradock's Book of Rememberance, 1614-1615
The Stoke-upon-Trent Parish Listing, 1701

4th Series, Vol XVII, 1996
The Staffordshire Reports of Andrew Thompson to the Inclosure Commissioners, 1858-1868:
Landlord Investment in Staffordshire Agriculture in the Mid-Nineteenth Century

4th Series, Vol XVIII, 1999
The Forests of Cannock and Kinver: Select Documents 1235-1372

4th Series, Vol XIX, 1999
Staffordshire Histories. Essays in Honour of Michael Greenslade:
Leek before the Conquest
The Architecture & Romanesque Sculpture of Tutbury Priory
A Medieval Staffordshire Fraternity : The Guild of St John the Baptist, Walsall
'Behaving Badly' : Lichfield Women in the Later Middle Ages
Adbaston Churchwardens' Accounts, 1478-1488
Fire on the Chase : Rural Riots in 16th Century Staffordshire
The Defection of William, Fifth Baron Paget, June 1642
Quaker Poor Relief in Staffordshire to the Mid-Eighteenth Century
'The Man from Shropshire'
Dickens at Stafford, April 1852
Childhood & Sudden Death in Staffordshire, 1840-1870
Agricultural Land Use & Cropping in Staffordshire, 1840-1870

4th Series, Vol XX, 2004
Three Thirteenth and Fourteenth Century Surveys of Burton Abbey Manors

Select Documents for the Medieval Borough of Burton upon Trent

An Alrewas Rental of 1341

Two Lists of Unbeneficed Clergy in the Archdeaconry of Stafford in 1406

Extracts from a Fifteenth Century Lichfield Cathedral Chapter Act Book

4th Series, Vol XXI, 2007
The Civil War in Staffordshire in the Spring of 1646 :Sir William Brereton's Letter Book 

4th Series, Vol XXII, 2009
Staffordshire Glebe Terriers 1585-1884: Part One Abbots Bromley to Knutton

4th Series, Vol XXIII, 2009
Staffordshire Glebe Terriers 1585-1884: Part Two Lapley to Yoxall

4th Series, Vol XXIV, 2010
Criminal Cases on the Crown Side of the King's Bench :Staffordshire 1740-1800

4th Series, Vol XXV, 
The Letter Book of Henry, Lord Stafford

Planned Future Volumes

Volumes planned for the future include:
The Quarterly Meeting Minute Book 1672-1743 of the Society of Friends in Staffordshire
The Croxden Chronicle
Documents Relating to Staffordshire Inclosures