Burslem Hearth Tax 1666



The Hearth Tax or chimney-money was a payment to the king of 2s. on every hearth " in all houses paying to church and poor," first levied in 1662. It was repealed in 1689, although it was producing £170,000 a year, on account of its unpopularity, the tax being especially obnoxious because of its inquisitorial 


Tunstall Constablewick.  Hearthes Chargeable. 



Mr. Coleclough Three 

Thomas Wedgwood Three 

Thomas Muchell Two 

John Devell One 

Moses Marsh Two 

Gilbert Wedgwood One 

John Muchell One 

Thomas Marsh One 

Francis Foster One 

John Sympson One 

William Steele One 

William Fletcher Two 

John Cartlich Two 

Richard Daniell Three 

Thomas Daniell One 

Anne Daniell One 

William Ward One 

Joane Bourne One 

Ralph Edge One 

Sarah Rogers One 

Ralph Rowley One 

Joane Daniell One 

Thomas Daniell One 

Robert Wood One 

Richard Bourne One 

Thomas Daniell One 

Matthew Sympson One 

William Clowes One 

Richard Lee Two 

William Cartlich One 

John Hurd One 

Thomas Ward One 

Ralph Beech One 

Randle Bagnold Two 

John Bagnold One 

Robert Rowley One 

Aaron Wedgwood One 

Matt Austen One 

Thomas Robbinson One 

George Sympson One 

Moses Wedgwood One 



John Stevenson    Two 

John Stockley One 

William Beech Foure 

Mary Bourne Two 

William Bourne One 

John Gater One 

Richard Lane One 

Thomas Rathbone One 

John Bourne One 

John Coates One 



Edward Baggaley One 

William Bourne Five 

John Bourne   Two 

Richard Baggaley One 

Thomas Coxon One 

Thomas Bourne Two 

Sam. Telright Two 

Thomas Beech Three 

William Stevenson Foure 

Ralph Stevenson One 

Richard Lee One 

Bridgett Malkin One 

John Malkin One 

Stephen Cartlich Two 

John Turner One 



John Burslem Foure 

John Broade Two 

Thomas Baddaley Two 

Henry Ball One 

Richard Cartlich   One 

Richard Beech One 

Mr. Bourne Two 

James Taylor One 

Randle Baddaley One 

Edward Broade One 

Ralph Ridgway Two 

John Taylor One 

Thomas Beech One 

Henry Tunstall One 

Thomas Johnson Foure 

Anne Tagge Foure 

William Baddaley Two 



William Bourne Two 

John Burslem Foure 

Margrett Wood Two 

John Hancocke One 

William Beech One 

Randle Whitehall One 

William Rowley Two 

Robert Bloore One 

Edward Coleclough One 

John Rowley One 

Randle Whitehaugh One 

William Marsh One 



William Tunstall One 

William Dickenson One 

William Dickenson One 

John Baddaley One 

Ralph Hancocke One 

John Broade One 

Richard Rawbone One 

Thomas Coleclough One 

Amy Rattcliffe Two 

Edward Shawe One 

William Wayne One 

Richard Bagnall One 

Richard Taylor One 

John Bagnall One 

Thomas Rowley : One 

John Caulton One 

John Caulton Three 

Randle Poole Foure 

John Kellett Two 

John Twamlowe One 

Thomas Tagge One 

Richard Skerratt One 

Randle Whitehall Two 

John Wood Two 

Ralph Vnion One 

Henry Baker One 

Thomas Turner One 

John Gibson Two 

Robert Bowler Two 

William Dale One 

William Podmore One 

William Bursten One 

Thomas Dale One 



Thomas Rowley One 

Robert Cartwright Five 

William Whitehall One 

William Lane Two 

Ralph Browne Two 

Henry Mountford One 

Francis Ford Two 

Thomas Still One 

William Ford Two 

John Baggaley Two 

Thomas Addams One 

Thomas Keeleing Sixe 

Francis Turner Two 

Richard Frost One 

William Twamlow One 

Richard Tunstall One 

Richard Browne One 



William Hamersley Three 

Randle Kettle One 

Richard Keeleing One 

John Whitehall One 

William Hodgkisson One 

John Burslem Two 

Richard Stomell One 

Walter Hamersley One 

John Swynerton One 

John Walker    One 



John Rowley Seaven 

William Rowley Two 

John Salman Three 

John Milles One 

Thomas Hanson One 

Richard Hambleton One 

John Macclesfeild Three 

Randle Hancocke One 

William Booth One 

John Turner One 

John Astles One 



William Drakeford One 

John Bentley One 

John Hulme One 

Richard Podmore Two 

Ralph Prince Two 

Ralph Prince One 

Thomas Meate One 

Ralph Brassington One 

John Addams One 

Mary Poynton One 

William Burslem Two 

Margrett Wood One 

Widdow Hanley One 

Law. Caulton One 



James Smith Two 

William Rowley of Heycarr One 

Richard Perrey One 

Thomas Bloore One 

John Sparry One 

Thomas Walklate . . One 

Thomas Walklate Two 

Edward Cotton Two 

Edward Allen Two 

Ellen Wood Two 

Thomas Whitehough Two 

Mrs. Sneyd Foureteene 

Margrett Smith One 

Thomas Rowley One 

William Rowley One 

                                     Total   307 

By Thomas Lee,              Constable ibidem