Kelly's Directories of Staffordshire

The series of directories produced by Kelly & Co were originally published in volumes covering several counties until the late 1920s, however many of these multi-county editions have been split and rebound as single county volumes by libraries and booksellers and it is now common to find early editions covering Staffordshire only although the 1850 volume was originally published as 'The Post Office Directory of Birmingham with Staffordshire and Worcestershire' and subsequent volumes were published as 'Kelly's Directory of Birmingham, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire'

Kelly's Directories covering Staffordshire were published in the following years:
1850  1854  1860  1864  1868  1872  1876  1880  1884  1888  1892  1896
1900  1904  1908  1912  1916  1921  1924  1928  1932  1936  1940

In addition to the volumes listed above which covered the whole county an earlier Kelly's Directory of Birmingham and Warwickshire published in 1845 also included the southern part of Staffordshire only.