Pigot's & Slater's Directories of Staffordshire

James Pigot produced Pigot & Co's national directories in various combinations of counties and towns. Although some of his earlier directories include some Staffordshire towns (eg. the 1814/15 edition includes Leek and the 1816/17 edition includes Wolverhampton) the first edition with a specific Staffordshire section was the 1822/23 edition.

Other editions with a Staffordshire section were the 1828/29, 1835 & 1841/42 editions which were published in various combinations with other counties and sometimes re-issued in intervening years with a new date but the same information.

Following Pigot's death in 1843 his business partner, Isaac Slater took over publication of the directories. Editions of Slater's Directories with Staffordshire sections were published in 1850 and 1863.

In addition to the volumes listed above which covered the whole county he published in 1852 'Slater's Classified Directory of the Manufacturing District Fifteen Miles around Birmingham, including Worcester and the Potteries' which includes many Staffordshire towns.