Kings Bromley Muster Roll 1539




John Goodhed able man a bowman. 
John Hygges able man a bowman. 
Roger Bee able man a bowman. 
Henry Cauke able man a bowman. 
Wylliam Froddeswall able man a bowman. 
Robert Alen Cunstable able man with a salet byll. 
Rychard Wodward able man with Jesturn salet splenttes. 
Thomas Bromley able man a byllman. 
John Stocdale able man with gesturn salet splenttes byll. 
Robert Comlache able man a bylman. 
Harre Coper able man with salet a byll. 
William Sotton able man with horsse gesturn salet splenttes a byll. 
John Aldrett able man. 
Thomas Nyghttynale able man. 
John Atkynes able man. 
Wylliam Laxter able man with a byll. 
Edmund Knol' able man with a byll. 
Roger Mott able man. 
Thomas Lysatt able man. 
Rychard Bassett able man with byll. 
Thomas Benett able man. 
Thomas Lovatt able man with salet. 
Robert Darbe able man. 
Thomas Trytylbonke able man. 
Robert Caryer able man with a byll. 
James Smyth able man with a byll. 
Thomas Wodward makes a salet. 
Thomas Chare makes a Jesturn. 
John Crosse sen. makes a salet. 
Rychard Heth makes salet a byll. 
John Crosse makes a salet splenttes 
William Oley makes a byll. 
Thomas Lenton makes Jesturn salet splenttes Gorget. 
Humfrey Lynton makes a salet byll. 
John Recsford makes a byll. 


Transcribed by Mike Harbach 2021