Members of Parliament for Staffordshire 1542-1815




1542. John Dudley and Philip Draycot, Knts. 

1547. William Paget and John Harcourt, Knts. 

1552-3. William Devereux and Walter Aston, Esqs. 

1553. Thomas Giffard, Knt. and Edward Littleton, Esq. 

1554. John Draycot, Knt- and Thomas Gray, Esq. 

1554-5. Thomas Giffard and Edward Littleton, Knts. 

1556. Brian Fowler and Francis Meverell, Esqs. 

1558. Ralph Bagnall Esq. and Simon Harcourt, Knt. 

1563. Simon Harcourt and John Gray, Esqs. 

1571. John Gray and Thomas Trentham, Esqs. 

1572. John Fleetwood and Thomas Whorwood, Esqs. 

1585. Edward Dudley and Edward Leigh, Esqs. 

1586. John Gray and William Basset, Esqs. 

1588. Walter Harcourt and Thomas Gerard, Esqs. 

1592. Walter Harcourt and Christopher Blount, Knts. 

1697. Edward Sutton, alias Dudley, Esq. and C. Blount Knt 

1601. Thomas Gerard and John Egerton, Knts. 

1603. Edward Littleton and Robert Stanford, Knts. 

1614. Edward Littleton and William Bowyer, Knts. 

1620. William Bowyer, Knt. and Thomas Crompton, Esq. 

1623. William Bowyer and Edward Littleton, Knts. 

1625. Simon Weston, Knt. and William Bowyer, Esq. 

1628. Harvey Bagot and Thomas Crompton, Knts. 

1640. Edward Littleton, Bart, and William Bowyer, Knt. 

1640. Edward Littleton, Bart, and Harvey Bagot, Knt. 

1653. George Bellot and John Chetwood, Esqs. 

1654. Charles Wolseley, Bart, and Thomas Crompton, Esq. 

1656. C. Wolseley, Bart. Thos. Crompton and Thos. Whitgrave, Esqs. 

1658-9. Thomas Whitgrave, Knt. and Thomas Crompton, Esq. 

1660. Edward Bagot and William Snead, Esqs. 

1661. Sir Thomas Leigh and Sir Randolph Egerton. 

1678. Sir Walter Bagot and Sir John Bowyer. 

1681. The same, The same. 

1685. The same, and Edward Littleton, Esq. 

1688. The same, and John Grey, Esq. 

1690. The same, The same. 

1695. Henry Pagett, Esq. The same. 

1698. Edward Bagot and Henry Pagett, Esq. 

1701-2. The same, The same. 

1705. The same, The same. 

1708. Sir John Wrottesley, The same. 

1710. William Ward and Charles Bagot, Esqs. 

1713. Henry Vernon and Ralph Sneyd, Esqs. 

1714. William Ward, Esq, and Lord Pagett. 

1722. W. Leveson Gower, Esq. The same. 

1727. The same, and Sir Walter Bagot. 

1734. The same, The same. 

1741-7. The same, The same. 

1754. William Bagot and Henry Thynne, Esqs. 

1761. Right Hon. Lord Grey and Win. Bagot, Esq. L.L.D. 

1662. The same, The same. 

1763-8. The same, The same. 

1778  Sir Wm. Bagot, and Sir John Wrottesley, Barts. 

1782. Sir J. Wrottesley, Bart, and Viscount Lewisham. 

1793. Lord Granville Leveson Gower, and Sir Edward Littleton, Bart. 

1796. The same, The same. 

1802-7. The same, The same. 

1812. The same, Edward J. Walhouse, Esq 

1815. Right Hon. Earl Gower, The same (now Littleton)


Extracted from A Topographical History of Staffordshire by William Pitt (1817)