Milwich Hearth Tax 1666



The Hearth Tax or chimney-money was a payment to the king of 2s. on every hearth " in all houses paying to church and poor," first levied in 1662. It was repealed in 1689, although it was producing £170,000 a year, on account of its unpopularity, the tax being especially obnoxious because of its inquisitorial 


Milwich Constablewick. Hearthes Chargeable. 

Mr. Edward Aston Five 

Mr. John Crompton Tenne 

Ralph Haselam Two 

Mr. Wylde One 

John Powell One 

Randle Eastwicke One 

Thomas Allen Two 

Thomas Massey One 

William Phillipe Three 

James Kent Two 

James Phillipe One 

William Palin One 

Robert Wattson One 

William Phillipps One 

Joseph Vernon One 

Mr. Crompton One 

John Walter One 


Thomas Hill One 

Mr. Shawe Two 

William Shenton One 

Thomas Tomlinson Two 

James Wollascroft One 

John Hurd for 2 houses Two 

John Marston One 

Thomas Foden Two 

Thomas Middleton One 

John Spooner One 

Francis Warde Two 

Matthew Phillippes One 

Widdow Wright One 

Thomas Browne One 

John Hales One 

William Jenninges One 

William Borrowes One 


Will Lycett One 

John Hasper Two 

George Harvyes Two 

William Hurlbutt Three 

William Heacocke One 

Richard Morry Two 

William Milles One 

Mr. Paul Allen Two 

John Wettwood Two 

Thomas Taylor One 

John Flint One 

Francis Rushton One 

Edward Fenton Two 

Thomas Clarke One 

William Crockett One 

Richard Horderne One 

George Griffen One 

William Horseley, senior   One 

Randle Flint One 

John Griffen One 

Mr. Rich. Home, a voyd house    One 

William Horseley, junior One 

William Bullocke One 

Richard Griffen One 

Thomas Hill One 

                                        Total  90 


These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable according to the Acte as aforesaid (vizt.). 

Thomas Gray                      John Brodhurst, Junior 

Eliz. Allen, vidua                  John Fallowes, Senior 

Richard Phillipps                 John Fallowes, Junior 

William Walter                     Ellen Yates 

Margrett Poulton                 William Ault 

William Bannester              Robert Marsh 

John Parker                       William Griffen 

John Brodhurst, Senior     Joyce Short alias Done 

William Tydy                      John Hitchcok, Senior 

Francis Allen                     John Hitchcock, Junior 

Anne Phillipps, Senior       Thomas Allen 

George Grattwich              Robert Phillippes 

Ralph Bullocke                  Symon Foxe 

Thomas Coape 


By James Shawe, Vicar. 

Robert Home, Churchwarden. 

William Hurlbutt and John Spooner.    Overseers of the Poore

Allowed by : George Parker and George Digby   Justices of the peace.