The Railways of Staffordshire 1872


STAFFORD AND UTTOXETER RAILWAY, a railway in Staffordshire; from the Northwestern at Stafford, northeastward, to the North Staffordshire at Uttoxeter, with a branch to Colwich. It is 13 miles long, and was authorized in 1862. 

STAFFORDSHIRE (North) RAILWAY, a railway system in Staffordshire, Cheshire, and Derbyshire; mainly from Burton-on-Trent, through the centre of Staffordshire, to Macclesfield and Crewe; but including various branches or subordinate lines, together with canals. It was incorporated by three separate acts in 1846; it had consolidations and extensions under acts from 1847 till 1867; it comprised, in the latter year, 156 miles of railway and 118 of canal; and it showed, at 30 June 1867, a capital expenditure of £5,070,344. 

STAFFORDSHIRE (South) RAILWAY, a railway system in the S of Staffordshire; through the Black country, with branches. It was incorporated, in 1846, by amalgamation of the Staffordshire Junction and the Trent Valley, Midland, and Grand Junction; it had, in 1865, a productive extent of 36 miles; it showed, in that year, a capital expenditure of £1,672,000; and it is leased to the Northwestern. 

TRENT VALLEY RAILWAY, a railway in Warwick and Stafford; forming part of the Northwestern system, and made to shorten the route of that system in the central part of its main line. It leaves the main line at Rugby; goes north-westward, past Nuneaton, Atherstone, Tamworth, Lichfield, and Rugeley; aud rejoins the main line at Stafford. It is 49 miles long, and was opened in 1847. A station on it, at the intersection of the North Staffordshire line, 1 mile ENE of Lichfield, bears the name of Trent Valley Junction station. 

WOLVERHAMPTON AND WALSALL RAILWAY, a railway in Staffordshire; from Wolverhampton 6 miles eastward to Walsall, together with a branch of 5 mile in Wolverhampton. It was authorized in 1865; and was allowed extension of time for completion in Aug. 1867. 

[Description(s) from The Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales (1870-72) - Transcribed by Mike Harbach ©2020]