Stone Hearth Tax 1666



The Hearth Tax or chimney-money was a payment to the king of 2s. on every hearth " in all houses paying to church and poor," first levied in 1662. It was repealed in 1689, although it was producing £170,000 a year, on account of its unpopularity, the tax being especially obnoxious because of its inquisitorial 


Stone Constablewick with its Hamletts.  Hearthes Chargeable.


Mrs. Anne Bellott Seaven 

Mr. Roger Porter Nyne 

Mr. Robert Porter Three 

Thomas Porter Two 

John Heath Five 

Thomas Ibson One 

John Greatebach One 

Thomas Marten One 

Thomas Degge One 


Stoake per Stone. 

John Hunt One 

Thomas Bromley One 

John Moore One 

Richard Whewall One 


Stone Towne. 

Thomas Crompton, Esquire Twelve 

Francis Collyer, Esquire Eight 

Margrett Moreton One 

James Bayley One 

John Asbury Two 

Henry Hatrell Two 

John Sillitoe One 

Richard Jenninges Three 

John Cocknage Two 

John Bucknall One 

Thomas Jenninges Sixe 

Richard Bradbury One 

Thomas Vaughton Fifteene 

James Till Two 

Thomas Chadwicke Twelve 

Margrett Whittmore Two 

John Whittacres Foure 

Edmund Rathbone Eight 

John White Three 

Thomas Keeleinge One 

Edward Daye for 2 houses Foure 

Thomas Palyn Two 

George Skellatt One 

Thomas Hamersley Foure 

Humfrey Hunt One 

Olliver Richardson One 

Thomas Pye [?] One 

William Wright Two 

Francis Henne Two 

Robert Atkinson One 

Richard Pye One 

John Parsons Three 

Edward Rawlins Two 

William Picken Two 

John Parker One 

John Robbinson One 

James Robbinson One 

George Willatt One 

John Rawlins One 

John Johnson One 

Thomas Sanders One 

Thomas Leese Two 

Richard Cheaney One 

Thomas Dixon One 

John Lownes One 

Mrs. Burchall Foure 

Mrs. Leigh Three 

Richard Beech Foure 

Richard Wildblood & George Tompson Three 

John Hawkins Three 

Jane Leese One 

Thomas Shelley Three 

William Whitehurst One 

Thomas Withringes One 

William Vernon Two 

William Bayley Three 

John Austen Sixe 

Ralph Smith Nyne 

Judith Meare One 

Richard Home Two 

James Challenor One 

Thomas Emery One 

James Vallentine Two 

John Sale One 

William Russell One 

Ellenor Sale One 

Walter Ward   One  and for another house   One

                                                                               Total 215

These following are certified for not to bee Chargeable according to the Acte as 

Widdow Gryme 

Randle Forrest 

Richard Kirbye 

Ralph Parkes 

Robert Morrey 

Richard Hawley 

George Parker 

Thomas Knott 

Thomas Austen 

Ralph Blakeley 

John Lowe 

Cristopher Lockett 

Widdow Brooke 

Catherine Highfeild 

William Hollins 

William Chamberlyne 

William Tyler 

William Oton 

George Wiggen 

Mary Fodge 

Thomas Moule 

John Walker 

William Jeanes 

John Welch 

George Sanders 

John Pattricke 

Ellen Finney 

Peter Goddard 

Widdow Claye 

John Dayntrey 

Widdow Dixon 

Richard Dixon 

John Dixon 

John Pye 

Thomas Woodfent 

Richard Cheney 

Symon Twist 

Widdow Moore 

William Richardson 

Thomas Williams 

John Cooke 

Richard Bromley 

Richard Moule 

Ellen Cooke 

Widdow Hockley 

Nicholas Bromley 

Thomas Matthewes 

William Baker 

George Pottes 

William Russell 

William Skellett 

Widdow Bould 

Thomas Gibbons 

Anne Whittacres 

John Hatten 

William Sympson 

Hugh White 

William Abell 

James Dawson 

Widdow Gretewood 

Widdow Dunne 

Widdow Edwin 

Edward Dudley 

Thomas Asbury 

John Whittacres 

Widdow Boult 

Judeth Meare 

William Wood 

William Baggaley 

Jane Sudney 

John Sale 

John Asbury 

William Massey

Ralph Clowes 

Glovers house

John Gray 

Anthony Button

John Preston 

Robert Sanders

John Leese 

William Bordman

Thomas Murrall 

Thomas Pakeman

John Marten 

Hugh Preston

John Palyn 

Widdow Bill

George Asbury 

Thomas Willatt

Thomas Jackson 

John Hadyett

Widdow Austen 

Widdow Ditchfeild

Vrsula Ireland 

Thomas Tittley

John Flemminges 

John Tomlison

James Dent 

Thomas Dakin

John Dakin 

Anne Dane

Thomas Pott 

William Picklin

Thomas Bould 


By James Hancocke,     Minister ibidem. 

Allowed by : 

George Parker, George Digby    Justices of the peace, 

By John Whittacres   Tho. Chadwick   Constables.