Upper Arley Muster Roll 1539




Stephen Hill shall provyde a salett.
John Longmere hath a gesturne, splentes, salett, gorgett.
William Brownne hath a gesturn.
Richard Hollwey hathe a byll and shall provide splentes.
Richard Suthall hathe gesturn, salett, splentes and byll.
Thomas Hill hath a byll.
Thomas Grove abull mon shall provide a byll.
Thomas Brownne shall provide a byll and a sword.
Humfre Grove shall provyde a bow.
William Cowall shall provyde xx arrowes.
Henry Nasshe shall fynd the iiijth part of a hors.
John Goode shall fynd the iiijth part of a hors.
William Goode hath a bow and arrowes.
John Brownne junior shall fynd the iiijth part of a hors.
Richard Longmeyre, Thomas Nasshe, Thomas Brownne and Henry Nasshe, thes iiij shall fynd a hors.
William Grove shall provide sword and dager.
Thomas Perryns shall provide a gorgett.
Thomas Wheler shall provide splentes.
Henry Shenton, William Smyth, thes ij a salett.
Richard Hackefott hath a bowe.
John Sowthall hathe salett and splentes.
Richard Lowe hath a byll.
Humfrey Cowper hathe a bowe.


Transcribed by Mike Harbach 2021