Curates of Walsall 1746-1810


Curates of  Walsall from 1746 to 1810.

Extracted from 'The History & Directory of Walsall'
by Thomas Pearce   Published 1813


1746. The Rev. John Nicholls entered, and 
resigned the beginning of the year 1761, and was 
succeeded in 

1761, By the Rev. John Darwall, who was made 
vicar in Sept. 1769, and was succeeded in 

1769, By the Rev. David Davenport, who resigned 
and was succeeded in 

1773, By the Rev. Joseph Barber, who resigned, 
and was succeeded in 

------, By the Rev. Charles Davenport, who died 
about Michaelmas, 1777, and was succeeded in 

Dec. 1777, By the Rev. John Kent, who resigned, 
and was succeeded in 

Dec. 1778, By the Rev. J. S. Rutter, who was 
made vicar in June, 1790, and succeeded in 

1700, By the Rev. William Woodcock, who re- 
signed in December, 1794, and was succeeded in 

Jan. 1795, By the Rev. Jeremiah Ives Day, who 
was appointed vicar's curate in July, 1796, when he 
was succeeded in 

-------, By the Rev. John White Weekes, as lecturer 
or curate of Walsall, and at Lady Day, 1798, he re- 
signed, and was succeeded in 

--------, By the Rev. Charles Kippling, who 
resigned November 24, 1799, and in 

May, 1801, The Rev. Israel Bull, was appointed 
lecturer of Walsall, who resigned the 31st of Dec. 
1805, and was succeeded 

July 27, 1806, By the Rev. John Brown Wright, 
as lecturer, who left Walsall the 21th of January, 
1808 and was succeeded 

March 25, 1808, By the Rev. John Peglar., as 
lecturer, who resigned at Lady Day, 1810.